many, many thanks!

It’s FRIDAY! I am ready for the weekend! It has been an amazingly delightful week! all week I have been stalking your photos on instagram watching to see as you have made your way to Michaels stores all over! Thank you to EVERYONE who has posted in the designated hashtag: #HeidiSwappatMichaels – it’s totally made my whole week! what a thrill!! I have totally loved sharing the first week of the 101 ideas! (yes… we have only shared 8 out of 101!!) i hope that you will bookmark that webpage, and check it out every day!

I am so thankful for my amazing team this week!!

Not only have they been out there on facebook, twitter and instagram spreading the word, and interacting with all of you… they have created beautiful projects that I get to share with you for the next 3 months! They were also chit chatting an answering questions during the LIVE webshow, and tweet chats! These girls have been there for me, and sharing their talents so freely. I am SO very grateful for what amazing artists they are, but even more for what kind, loving, supportive women they are. I can’t thank them enough!!

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Rebecca Cross. She is the hardest

working woman that I have ever met! She is positive, determined and she just goes to work. She seriously does the work of 10 people! I love and appreciate her! I can’t leave Barry Cross out… BARRY THANK YOU! he is cool and calm… he just makes sure that everything is going to be ok! I am so fortunate to work with so many truly wonderful and talented people. There has been a lot going on around here and with out the efforts of the Pink Paislee team (yes…all of you!), my wonderful Media Team, my amazing husband- who has had to pick up a lot of the slack around here and my kids who have had to step it up… there would be no pretty stuff to make! I am truly grateful for the wonderful people filling my life!

TODAY I have been invited to demonstrate Color Magic and Color Shine on a local TV show called Studio 5. You might be able to watch it here… if you are a local girl, I will be on at 11am today! tune in if you can! (**wish me luck!)


ENJOY your WEEKEND my friends! I hope you get a chance to Make Pretty Stuff! if you are creating with your Michaels ‘haul’… be sure to post it on Instagram #heidiswappatmichaels and tag me up @hkswapp ! I would LOVE to see it! can i share a comment that just kinda made me SMILE! (thanks kim! you rock)

may you all find a little time to take some photos… tell your stories… and MAKE PRETTY STUFF!

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