Today was that day that I have been afraid of.
And actually, I am sort of surprised that it took this long.
Today was the day that I fear every time that I stand in the middle of a Target (during one of my visits to the states)… and I look around, from the snack foods, by all the drug store choices… back to the electronics, through all the home dec. and necessities… past the toys and over all the shoes and clothes… over all the office, magazine, craft and jewelry sections.. and I think to myself ‘what am I going to wish I had from here???” and while knowing that I can only carry a mere 50lbs a bag, I limit myself.  I ask myself… what CAN’T I live without? As I walk through the store, I mentally categorize things that I need, things I want, things that would be nice, things I would buy if I didn’t have to haul them on an international flight (like a mirror bedside table)…
Today was a ‘home-sick for Target’ day… of the worse kind. Now, like I said, I am not sure why today…there are a few things that could be contributing factors: 1. I am grouchy and Target always makes me happy. Isn’t that weird? Just a little black and white trail mix and a new pair of $3 flip flops. Bliss. 2. It’s Capri’s birthday tomorrow, and it has totally snuck up on me. it would be so great to get in my car (that has nice suspension and a radio that works) and drive the big 5 minutes down the road.. maybe pick up a large diet coke w/ lemon from Sonic.. and grab a cute new outfit for miss capri that would bring out the blue in her eyes for her 2-year-old birthday photo shoot… and while I am at it, a few toys to wrap up; add to that, some cute pink polk-a-dot wrapping paper and a ring pop to tie on top. I would probably need some party supplies… cute paper plates, cups, napkins.. matching plastic cutlery. Certainly, we’d be having a little pool party/bbq… so I’d be picking up a few new pink floaties and maybe even need a new bottle of sunscreen. I wouldn’t be able to resist buying a bunch of candy to put in colorful bowls to spoil everyone’s appetite… I would drive out, feeling SO much better… and the whole experience would only take me ½ hour! Simple.
Ok, I am torturing myself… can you tell?
To make matters worse, today is an ‘even’ day, which means no driving for us. The last number of our license plates is an odd number, so we only are allowed to drive on the odd days. And as I had a few errands to run, I had to do them via taxi, and on foot… and it was so hot and humid…(insert complaints, moaning, gripes) …

Well… I feel better…thanks for listening… I got home, still grumbling… contemplating buying a scooter for the errands that are just that much too far for a bike…and sat down and started blowing up balloons…it turned into a big game…Connor is so in love the balls… and the balloons were just that much better than balls! For kicking, bouncing and chasing… pretty soon, we were all laughing, playing, and having so much fun even without a ‘target run’. I started to take a mental inventory of all that I have to be grateful for…still in effort to spell off my foul mood… and basically… that really works! I found myself realizing that despite the lack of target in my life, I have it pretty dang good. some days I am amazed by how ‘at home’ I feel. I treasure this opportunity, the perspective and the growth in all of us. Of course, it makes me completely appreciate every LITTLE thing… especially the LITTLE things. But that is all good. Convenience is such a blessing, and so lacking here! So take a moment… and appreciate the things that make your life just a little easier!

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