baby shower

so much crazyness going on around here! wow… what a wild weekend… and now i am hoppin’ trying to get stuff in order to take off for CKU-a!! so i have been talking up my ‘decorating project’… and i am happy to report that it got done in time for the party! i have some photos of the party, but i haven’t really taken time to photograph the completed room. i have to wait until the right time of day for nice light. i am loving the PINK walls! it came together and i love it. i keep wanting to just sit in there… you have to realize that decorating is not my ‘thing’. i haven’t done any decorating… so this was a real project for me. i went crazy with spray paint… i am posting a photo… it’s not great… but i will go back and photograph different pieces… i really applied my scrapbook knowledge to my home decor! i had fun with it… i didn’t really design a ‘classic’ room… i will probably only love it for like 6 months!

so the motivation to get the job done was the baby shower… eric and i need little deadlines to put pressure on us to it going. i threw it for one of my dear friend’s daughter. it’s her first baby (first grandbaby). this friend of mine helps me to no end with my quincy… my favorite things about the shower:


1. emily and i made the ‘white choc. popcorn’ recipie in the SEASON OF GIVING MM book. it was my first time making it… kris stanger’s recipie… it was SO EASY and SO YUMMY. we used PINK white choc. and put them in little celo baggies – tied w/ ribbon and a monogram button (for baby anna)


2. i created a custom label for regular water bottles… i did find bottles with white tops (dannon brand). these are SO EASY and solved part of the beverage problem… i did wrap some decorative tape around the bottle necks. they turned out so cute. they say “it’s a girl”

3. guest and gift clipboards: everything was pink and green starting w/ the invite… i quickly decorated the clipboards and created a guest register and gift list to keep track of who gave what so rebecca could get thank you’s out after the party.


4. “anna” frames: this was a fun idea… i bought about eight or so frames (the cheapest i could find at walmart) and spray painted them all black (her mom told me that black frames were the plan for her home decor–and i have been totally and completely spray paint happy) then i created little frame inserts on the computer indicating what photo to take and put in the frame! so they said things like “anna and daddy” “anna’s first day” “four generations” etc… they turned out SO CUTE… (and were easy and cheap) YAY! the mommy loved them.


i made yummy quiche, 2 different kinds of salads and served fresh fruit… my friend Leah made delicious sweet breads, muffins and rolls… it was really nice… i had a blast doing it!

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