beautiful beijing!

so today was beautiful.. sunny, blue skies… spectacular (but HOT).. it’s HOT here… and i am from AZ.. we thought it was AZ hot today… so after church (capri stayed in nursery for the first time, and i got to go to Relief Society… so nice!) and naps(both babies slept 3 hours after church, and i slept right along with them! yay) , we took off into the city to take some photos, and enjoy the nice day. the city has changed so much in the 11 months since we came here… and it’s amazing to see the little details from all the spectacular flowers that have been ‘cross bred’ to withstand the heat and rain… to the new uniforms for the toll booth workers and taxi drivers… maybe you have been watching the news, or the travel channel… maybe even discovery channel about the preparations for the olympics… it’s amazing. it’s so incredible to be here first hand. it’s effecting everyone here so much! it’s really awesome.

i created a little slide show… i am not very ‘technically savvy..’ but you can click on one of the links below and see a few photos a little closer.  most of these photos were just taken out the window of the car..i want to get in a little closer in the next week.

slide show, lets see if it works?!

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View slideshow

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