birthday boy

this was my favorite shot of the evening! while we were waiting for our guests to arrive, we put on music and were having a bit of a dance party. capri and connor LOVE to dance. they especially like to stand in front of the TV (with it off) and see their reflection while they dance. (they aren’t the only ones who do that actually)… lol. i have to say that Connor has the best smile. and he just has no hesitation flashing it around. i love it.
i did make a cute calendar page as well… but i haven’t finished the whole gig.. so maybe i will post that tomorrow. i am having a scenic route blitz! i have always LOVED SR paper… and even more.. the creative mind behind it… and i just unearthed a whole box that i have been looking for! so… i got right to work with this graph paper. they have a whole collection of these background papers, and i just love them. you might spot a little hambly on here.. and some distress…! and even some of tim’s stampers anonymous stamps. tim made me this really cool stamp binder.. have you seen these? Img_7722 Tim Holtz designed this specifically for unmounted stamps. he has a bunch through stampers anonymous… (i saw that he is posting some new stamps on his blog..sneaky). this comes in brown, and of course, knowing me- glammed it up w/ pink paint, bling and a black grunge board ‘h’. (it’s a prized possession!) smile.
it’s cool because… can you see that the zipper comes up on the spine and snaps? well, when you un-snap that, it unzipps completly and lays totally flat while you are working. it’s really cool. i need more of these… they are great for my acrylic stamps as well. you can buy the clear pages that they adhere to for storage. love it. Img_7724
Img_7726 if you look on that page that i have it open to.. that corner swirl stamp is one of my all time favorite stamps! you can see i used it on this page of connor. also, can you spy that july calendar stamp? love that one too..

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