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Hey Disney Fans… I have a treat for you today! Can you relate to the whole… not being sure where to start when it comes to the photos from a trip to Disneyland? Kim Jeffress is up on the blog today with some super fabulous ideas for mixing in a little Project Life with traditional pages to get it DONE!

I’m finally getting around to scrapping my Disney photos from my family’s trip there almost 18 months ago. Honestly I didn’t know where or how to start because I had so many photos. I still wanted to make a traditional album but the amount of photos was a little overwhelming. When the new Project Life collections came out recently its like a light bulb went off in my head and I finally had a starting place. Today I am sharing how I combine a traditional 12 x 12 page with the Panoramic Photo  Pocket Pages to complete a wonderful memory from our trip.

Oh and be on the look out for some hidden Mickeys on my pages…How many can you count?

I started  my layout with two pieces of Pattern paper from the Favorite Things 12 x 12 Paper pad . I then trimmed one of the Glitter 4×6 cards from the Glitter card Value set and placed it next to my photos.

disneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

I hand cut my title out of scraps of pattern paper and machine stitched it below my photos. I then added in some chipboard pieces and shapes from the Clear Value kit to embellish. I printed my journaling on one of the 4×6 Journaling cards , trimmed it to fit and adhered it down.

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

In my stash I had some chipboard Mickey ears which I spritzed in Black Velvet Color Shine and once dry tucked it under my photo. I finished the page off with some stamping using the Project Life Cherish Clear Stamps and the epoxy word !

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

Now you can see how my pages will sit in my album. The 12 x 12 page on the left with the Panoramic Photo Pocket page on the right.

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

What’s a  Panoramic Photo Pocket page you may ask??

Do you see those extra pockets on the right of the 12 x 12 pocket pages…

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

The  Panoramic Photo Pocket Pages  have an extra 6×12 flap for even more photos and space for embellishments! How cool is that!

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

Close ups of my first page reveal more cards from the Favorite Things Core kit as well that stunning Foil over Lay that can be found in the Foil Photo Pocket Page set. I simply took it out and slipped it into my pocket.

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

I also used some of the Foil Value kit cards ( these might be my favourite ). I simply added another misted chipboard Mickey head in the centre of the card. I also  created my own 3 x 4 Disney card by drawing a Mickey Head with Gold Lame Color Shine on one of the Journaling cards. I also slipped in one of the Clear 3×4 overlay cards from the Over lay Value Kit, I placed it over the Pattern paper for more of an impact.

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

Another view of the extra flap!

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

Turning the Pocket Page over you can see I added in even more photos and embellishments.

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

This card below  originated from the Favorite Things  Core kit with just the bold triangle pattern and the large circle in the centre. I punched two circles from white card , adhered them down to form the ears then  machine stitched over the whole thing to look like it was “meant to be”. You can also spy one more Gold Glitter card from the Glitter Value kit.

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

I added in the QR code for a video I made with my iphone during the performance , adhered over one of the Glitter cards. Lastly I used one of the Clear cards from the Overlay Value kit on top of the 4×6 striped Favorite Things card with some sequins I found at my local bargain shop that looked just like Mickey!

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

A final look again at how my pages will sit in my album.

isneyland @kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #heidiswappfavoritethings

I cant wait to dive in again with more photos from our trip. It’s great to know you don’t need themed embellishments to complete a Disney project like this. Just a few carefully placed circles does the trick!

BTW how many hidden Mickeys did you spot?

I LOVE these HAPPY pages! Clever bits and pieces, in epic Kim Jeffress’ style! JUST BEAUTIFUL! thanks KIM! 


Project Life- Panoramic Photo Pocket Pages , Foil Pocket Pages, Gold Foil Value Kit, Glitter Value Kit, Clear Value Kit, Cherish Clear Stamps,

Gold Lame Color Shine, Black Velvet Color Shine,  Favorite Things 12 x 12 Paper PadColor Pop Friends Epoxy Stickers

project runway – together project life mini album

welcome to THURSDAY – today Sarah Bargo is up with some inspiration using the #hsprojectlife  “GOLD FOIL” value kit. and yes… it’s snazzy. and by snazzy, i mean amazingly beautiful! it really is!  and Sarah, in true Sarah- Style, has created an extremely beautiful and totally EASY to make album that incorporates one of my favorite things: a CLIPBOARD!!  but before i send you on your merry way… can i just say a little something? Can i talk for just a sec to those MOM’s of TEENAGE BOYS!? This whole ‘teenage boy’ thing is something that Sarah and i have in common… here’s my thought- a scrapbook has an amazing way of saying “i love you”.  It says that you care about their interests, and THEM. It says that you love them as much as the younger kids that are still sweet and not well, teenagers.  I believe that one of the hardest thing to do as a parent  is to SHOW love even when you aren’t happy with decisions that are being made by a child.  I say “show love” because of course you LOVE them no matter what. The LOVE is there in your heart- but SHOWING it is the challenge.  I have learned in this last year how valuable a ‘scrapbook’ can be in the parent-kid ‘love language’.  These guys aren’t super easy to scrapbook. They don’t quite have the cute/sweetness they may have had as 4 & 5 year olds. But the goodness is in there.  and it needs to be highlighted and celebrated!  Kids of ALL AGES benefit from scrapbooks or scrapbook pages dedicated to THEM and their achievements. i think that my NOTE today, is a reminder that BIG KIDS (big boys) need to be reminded what their mom’s LOVE about them. They need to be TOLD what is GOOD about them. and a scrapbook is a powerful tool in accomplishing this – cause you know… the scrapbooks don’t lie.  I appreciate this album that Sarah created all about her teenage boys- who are quickly becoming Young Men… and i am sending out a challenge to you mom’s of teenagers… (boys and girls). Don’t stop documenting their stories! and use those photos and stories to remind them of their GREATNESS!  ok…  off my soapbox.. and onto the ‘pretty stuff!’.  

Well hello there paper peeps! Today’s my day for the Gold Foil Runway woohoo! This new set is actually my new addiction. It’s  the Project Life Gold Foil Value Kit by Heidi Swapp. Ummm yeah. It’s my favorite set out of the whole Heidi & Becky PL madness! It is insanely beautiful! When I saw it I just couldn’t believe it! I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it!

Recently I took some fun pics of my boys in front of my moms “umbrella tree.” I saw them doin ninja moves in front of it and I’m like wait a minute… you guys used to walk underneath that thing?! Ugh! Time is fah-lying hellloooo??!! I wanted to group all of these silly pics together into a mini album and I thought the Gold Foil Kit would be perfect for my b&w pics!

So how do you create a mini album with Project Life hmmmm… while keeping it super simple and cute…

Here’s what I came up with;

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Ummm that hello card? With the stripes? My fave. I flipped when I saw it!

(*Note* the wood veneer words that come in the Color Magic Value Kit are so cute! Looks really cool when you heat emboss on them!)

Something I thought was so awesome about the Value Kits is that there are embellishments in them. Just pure awesomeness. Especially the gold foil ones… So beautiful!

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Super fun right!? Ok here’s a really quick flash of a tutorial on how to build the main body of your mini;

Take a little clipboard and a mini memory file that you have in your stash.

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Trim a little off of the left top flap of the file, about an inch or so… this way you can slide the file up into the clip and still open the album! Plus it looks really cute when you can see the paper peeking thru from the back cover!

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Then cover it with paper, poke holes for the binding, and you have yourself a super cool mini album base woohoo!  I just pulled some seam binding through my holes and tied a bow in the front loosely enough so the album would open and close.

Ok now for the pretty stuff! That foil…

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

So the first thing I did to create this little guy was gather all of the pictures and PL cards that I wanted to use, then found the pocket pages that would fit them. I used some 6×8 PL pocket pages and some of the pocket pages from Heidi’s black & white striped chipboard mini album, (I got mine at Michael’s)! And I actually used a few cards from the other kits too, not just the Gold Foil Kit! It’s all good! Then, after I found what I needed, I cut my pocket pages! GASP!!! I did what?! Yep. Cut them. I wanted all kinds of fun little layers of pictures and gorgeous gold foil cards peekin through, so, I cut the sections off of the pocket pages that I wanted!

*Note;* Make sure you cut on the opposite side of the seam, or else your pictures and cards will fall out… not that I know from experience buutttt… ;) also make sure you keep the hole so you have a way to bind your pockets into the album lol! Just sayin…

Here’s a look at the pages so you can see what I mean!

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

A fun way to juice up your pockets? Staple on a few fussy cut pieces from other PL cards! Easy & cute! My little handy dandy American Crafts pink stapler came in quite handy while making this book!

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

The boys always play so nice…

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Seriously. That card with the gold foil polka dots? Ah-mazing.

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

I love the clear gold foil inserts that come in the 12×12 pocket pages! How brilliant is that?! You can move them around where you want them?! Either put them over a pic or just slide them in alone, whatever you prefer!

Project Life Gold Foil Kit mini album by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking

So there you have your super cute chunky layery (real word) mini album all while keeping the simplicity of Project Life! Plus all of the different pockets and shapes and sizes make it so fun to look through!

There are so many fun things you can do with these Project Life cards! You don’t have to just create layouts, think outsiiide the pocket! ;)

What did i tell you!? amazing! fabulous! these boys will change so much in the next 2-3 years… this album will be an absolute treasure! thank you for sharing YOUR awesome Sarah! xoxo


SUPPLIES: Project Life Photo Pocket Pages, Project Life Gold Foil Value Kit, Project Life Color Magic Value Kit, Project Life Clear Value Kit, Project Life Icons Outline Stickers, Project Life Vellum and Tags, Project Life Cherish Clear Stamps, 12×12 Lace Paper Pad, Project Life Favorite Things Core Kit, Project Life Dreamy Core Kit, 6×8 Chipboard Album



Project Life cards + magic medium; VIDEO TUTORIAL!

midweek! already? my younger 3 started school today, and it was a little bit heartbreaking for me. Connor started 1st grade, and he and i will both miss each other tremendously. can he really be that old? Capri was literally jumping out of her skin with excitement as she takes on 3rd grade! and Quincy was off to 8th grade. She told me last night that her goal for this year is: “to be a total nerd, and get straight A’s”.  Nothing could make me happier than for her to focus on nerdiness!   I am a little emotional as i consider this new chapter of all the kids in school – all day.   I have created a new schedule, chore chart, and set some goals. WELCOME to the NEW school year.  Let’s rock this thing

wednesday means NEW episode of Create to Remember… and today on my show i am sharing a little discovery i made using Magic Medium, Color Shine and the BEAUTIFUL watercolor die-cut cards in the Color Magic Value Kit.


if you are BRAND NEW to all things “heidi” … you might not be totally sure what this “color magic” stuff is… but it really is quite magical! The 4×6 cards in this kit have been die cut and printed with a clear “varnish” that resists the COLOR that you add to it… causing it to show WHITE. It’s so cool! check out THIS VIDEO here if you have never seen it in action!  The pristine white, creme and natural elements of this kit are actually So beautiful all by themselves… so if you choose, you can just leave them like this!


but with just a little SPRITZ of color… you can also customize them to coordinate with ANY color, ANY core kit and ANY occasion! which is also kinda magical!

Today’s Create to Remember video tutorial is for those who love the process of a little mix media! if you LOVE some inky fingers… and some creative experimentations! TODAY’s show is just for you!

let me just show you some of the BEAUTIFUL results i got when i was just playing around!

i chose to use colors that were complimentary, and even look good when they mix and blend.  when you look close, you can see that AMAZING texture of the watercolor cards, and it’s SO awesome with the Magic Medium! i played with both the Clear and the Opaque to get different results- but always mixing it with a little color shine first!

Heidi Swapp Color Magic Cards with Magic Medium @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife #hsprojectlife


when looking closely, you can see that the pink – which is the color i mixed with the Magic Medium doesn’t blend with the colors added afterwards, because the Magic Medium LOCKS in the color. When you apply the tinted Magic Medium, be sure to dry it with a heat tool before adding more colors!

each card turned out totally unique. i couldn’t replicate them… it’s almost just this amazing marble-ing result! i even added just a little bit of the dot stencil – love that little detail!


its fun to pull some of the colors out of your photos, and use them to create the pallet for your card- then it will be such an amazing addition to your page!


they also make incredible statement pieces on the front of a card!  can you tell that i had some fun creating these! It’s just so nice to dedicate some time to some  ‘creative PLAY”!

OH.. and just a reminder!! this FRIDAY we will be selecting our 25 LUCKY winners of the cutie phone case that i designed! SO if you haven’t yet entered… get your face in front of the Heidi Swapp Project Life stuff and Michaels and take a SELFIE – tag me (@hkswapp),  Becky Higgins (@beckyhiggingsllc) and @michaelsstores.  Then be sure to also add the hashtag: #HSPROJECTLIFESELFIE   (winners will be announced MONDAY)


project runway – merci project life card

my Gold Foil Value kit is so much fun!!! you just can’t go wrong with a bit of gold!  i have challenged my media team to make something from it and Jamie Pate is up to send her project down the “runway”…

So I have been playing around lately with the Heidi Swapp Project Life Collection…um….loooooove it….(said in a sing song manner). And from all the attention I am seeing around the cyber cropping table, I am a thinkin’ a whole lot of you love it too. I mean are you kidding me??? Gold Foil…Glitter….Canvas…more stamps!!! and can we talk about those little adorable mini cutie Color Shines? It all just makes me a little giddy.

So…can I share with you some thing that is NOT Project Life…can I share a card with you? Say yes, please!

TADA! Yep…it’s the Gold Foil Value Kit turned into a card…with a little help from her friend the Glitter Value Kit. I love glittery friends like that.

I attached 2 3×4 cards, one from the Gold Foil and one from the Glitter set, to a 4×6 card. I wanted that gorgeous ‘merci’ sentiment to peak out over the top of the other two cards. I love how this allows the recipient to look at several cards all at once. It has such ‘bling’ personality. And did I say recipient…oh, funny me…that would require me to actually GIVE this card away…hmm…need to think about that one.

Inside shows how the cards are attached to the main card with a little sandwich technique. Two cards sandwich around a flap that is attached to the back of the  4×6 card so that it does not show. Do ya like?

I took to embellishing each panel as seen:

notched a trimmed 3×4 card

die cut another card to a heart shape

trimmed out a word from a card

and added those fun gold foil dot chipboards pieces. Swoon worthy.

For the other side:

altered a glassine bag to make a pocket

stashed a trimmed down 3×4 card inside

punched a small heart shape and made a tag of it

and lastly made a tag from a Sheer Sticker by attaching to card stock and punching a small hole

All tied up in a bow.

So do ya love it? Hope it inspires you to think outside the Project Life box and make other pretty stuff to give away (or hoard for yourself, cause that’s o.k. too). Just shows that the new Project Life collection is Project Everyday and can inspire your inspiration in many directions.

i DO! i totally am inspired to create some beautiful cards with it! i think whoever receives this one, Jamie, would feel extra special! remember, if you create anything using my new Becky Higgins Project Life kits available at Michaels Stores, take a picture and use the hashtag #hsprojectlife so I can see! 

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Project Life: Gold Foil Value Kit. Glitter Value Kit. Sheer Stickers. Cherish Clear Stamps



project runway heidi style

i hope you had a fabulous weekend! mine was SO full- so much going on. And for our family… it’s the last weekend before school starting up again! and what a wonderful summer we had! do you ever just find yourself with a few extra minutes, and just scrolling through the photos on your phone? The memories of this summer are still fresh! my challenge to YOU is to PRINT those photos and use my newest collection of Project Life to TELL YOUR STORIES! NOW is the time! I have invited my team members to put the Gold Foil Value kit to work … Take a look at the small bits and pieces that Jennifer Evans added to the cards of the gold foil value kit that makes them even more fabulous, (is that even possible!)? 

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife

Welcome to “Project Runway – Heidi Style!” I am first up for this new blog series! Heidi gave us the challenge to use her new Gold Foil Value Kit and I took on a pocket page layout! I am using classic Design A by Becky Higgins Project Life which is the most used design – which means, if you have this kit – you can get this layout done today!

To get this look, I used the following:

2 6×4 Gold Foil Cards

4 3×4 Gold Foil Cards

1 6×4 Dreamy Core Kit Card

1 6×4 Dreamy Core Kit Journal Card


Tips to getting your pages some style without sacrificing time:

1. Use the chipboard pieces as titles on your card. Add your date in chipboard stickers.

JEGoldFoilProjectRunway_3_web_ new

2. Crop part of your photo to add to a 6×4 Core Kit card and let the card be the title for that pocket. Add stickers and stamping to draw your eye to the title. Don’t forget add your journaling too!

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc  #projectlife

3. Fold a journal card in half and add a sticker and stamping to the front. Slice the left side of the pocket with a box knife leaving the very top of the pocket uncut. This will allow your card to slide in easily (since this pocket is top loading).

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc  #projectlife

4. But before you put your card inside the pocket, staple a gold chevron card to the inside! Add QRs to link to videos that tell more of your story!


5. Make this card shine like it should with a matching gold glitter star from the Glitter Value Kit. Just staple it to the Gold Foil 6×4 polka dot card. Then emboss a wood veneer word with black embossing powder to give it a bit of glam! Cut a “blessed label” from a card in the Favorite Things Core Kit! Duplicate cards are perfect for fussy cutting.

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc  #projectlife


6. Add a bit more to this “Adore” card by adding stickers and stamping! Crop your 4×6 photo to 2.5×4 and staple it!



Supplies: Project Life items available at Michaels StoresGold Foil Value Kit, Dreamy Core Kit, Color Magic Value Kit, Glitter Value Kit, Sheer Stickers, Cherish Clear Stamps, Color Magic Resist Stripes Alphabet Stickers, Glitter Stickers Gold, Other: American Crafts Stapler, American Crafts Zing Black Embossing Powder, Black Ink


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