wanderlust: a layout

today marks a week filled of “just” Wanderlust projects from my team!!! i hope you have been inspired to create a layout or two! Maggie Massey is up sharing a page using some patterned papers and embellishments!

Hey everyone!

Last week the schools in our area had Spring Break…and instead of going on an extended trip, we got together with some freinds and had a little 2-day staycation in the city. There is a super-popular restaurant downtown called Ed Debevic’s…and the kids loved it so much we ended up eating lunch there both days!

They force you to wear these paper hats while you’re there (well, not really…but we all totally did it), so we made sure to snap a few shots.

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #HSwanderlust #scrapbooking #heidiswapp #scrapbook

Polka dots are one of my favorite patterns, and the navy pin-dots on the “Boutique” patterned paper are out of this world! And, because I love mixing patterns, I added a few more designs to my page, too.

But, because the patterns & colors I chose are darker and busier, I added a piece of white cardstock over my dots to tone them down…and I added a white border to my photos so that they were “separated” a bit from the pattern they are attached to. Another quick thing about my photos…the colors in them really didn’t “go” with the colors in the  Wanderlust collection, so I simply changed the photos to black & white…an easy fix.

The Glitter Shaker Embellishment fits just perfectly in my line of photos…it’s placement allows me to use smaller photos without losing balance on the page.

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #HSwanderlust #scrapbooking #heidiswapp #scrapbook

Now, when I’m creating a layout, I usually start by getting all of my papers and photos arranged and glued down. Then I pull out the embellishments I think would look good and I just push them around a while until I like the overall look.

For this page, I knew the “THE good life” gold foil sticker was going to be central focus as soon as I placed it on my page – so I decided to put it smack dab in the middle. Then it was simply a matter of adding a few smaller embellishments to fill up some of the white space that was left.

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #HSwanderlust #scrapbooking #heidiswapp #scrapbook

The gold foil stickers and rub-ons that are available in the collection are perfect finishing touches and I find that I’ve been using them on all of my pages. And a few Color Shine ink blots are always in order…

One final note: after I created this layout and uploaded my photos I happened to notice the amazing Kim Jeffress’ layout from this past Tuesday. I laughed right out loud at how we had used the same colors and embellishments! I love that even though we used the same basic things, our layouts have a different feel and mood. That’s something that always makes me so happy about art…two people can be given the same exact products and can come up with completely different results. So cool.

i love all the sweet details to this page Maggie! the shaker frame and photos are my favorite! if you create a Wanderlust project i would love to see! feel free to upload it to Instagram and tag me @hkswapp #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust so i can see!

SUPPLIES: Wanderlust Patterned Papers – Boutique, Wineberry, Vineyard,  Wanderlust Together Gold Foil Sticker Kit, Wanderlust Memory Wood Veneer, Wanderlust Make Pretty Stuff Flea Market Pouch,  Wanderlust Sparkle & Shine Flea Market Pouch, Wanderlust Glitter Shaker Embellishment, Wanderlust Gold Foil Label Stickers, Wanderlust Puffy Speech Bubble Stickers, Wanderlust Geometric Rub On Foil Kit, Wanderlust Dots Rub On Foil Kit, Color Shine Butter, Color Shine Raspberry

wanderlust: you make me smile

there is so much i love about this page by media team member Jamie Pate. it might be the way she softens my Wanderlust collection. or the way she used the watercolor paper as her title – it just makes me smile too. or if it is the way she captures her son, who is growing right before my eyes in every page she does of him – which, then, reminds me why we do this thing called “memory keeping” in the first place…

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

Something I keep discovering about Heidi’s Wanderlust collection is how versatile the collection is. I have made plenty of projects with the gold and pink and girlie themes. But what this assemblage of goods allows for is turning those colors and hues just right, adding in silver elements, and I can create a little guy page just as easy.

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

Just pulling a few products together made this page possible for me.

Here is what I used:

12×12 Patterned Paper
5×7 Watercolor Paper
Memory Wood Veneer
Arrows Wood Veneer
Sentiments Sticker Foil Kit
Color Shine Patina

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

The page was inspired by the You Make Me Smile Watercolor Paper.

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

It is 5×7 in size, and that prompted the use of a 5×7 photo to give the page balance and a big pop of image.

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

Next was to embellish.

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

I tend to like to keep the Wood Veneer pieces just plain. They definitely take Color Shine beautifully, but the option to leave them plain is always so appealing to me. Another option I took up was to back the Flocked LOVE heart with a bit of pattern paper. It just gave that element a bit more pop.

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

The Foil Sticker Kits came in handy to add a snap of silver. For me this lends a touch of industrial rather than glam. And that’s how I like it.

Wanderlust:You Make Me Happy | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #scrapbook

So while Wanderlust is full of glam and gold and gorgeous hues of pink and salmon, don’t be too surprised that a boy page or two or three can be found in the mix. It will make you smile too.

Supplies: Wanderlust Collection


celebrate with wanderlust

ten years is a big deal. it is definitely a reason to celebrate!! i love how Kim Jeffress created this layout to document her and her husband’s special day and that she included “then and now” photos…

Earlier this year my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. What better way to commemorate this special occasion than to use the glorious Wanderlust collection to create a layout. I pulled out one of my favorite photos from our wedding day and the photo taken on our celebratory dinner at Jamie’s Italian and went about creating my layout.

I couldn’t go past the beautiful Pressed Flowers pattern paper as a base for my layout but I also wanted to add a touch of masculine so I added in a strip of  the reverse side of this pattern paper to the right side then stitched it together with my machine. There was a distracting color on the bottom part of my recent  photo so to hide it I placed on of the Gold Foil label stickers ! A perfect solution.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiiswapp #hswanderlust #diy #scrapbooking

That stunning delicate Lace paper with the floral pattern was the perfect mat for my photo. I adhered my photo down to the Lace paper then added some  adhesive to the two sides and bottom of the Lace paper to create a pocket for my hidden journaling. That Celebrate wood veneer was a perfect touch over my photo.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiiswapp #hswanderlust #diy #scrapbooking

I wanted some pops of gold and pink throughout my layout so I used a variety of the Foil Rub Ons and Stickers to embellish. I think my favorite are those Dot rubons that I rubbed with gold foil. I also used some of the Light Pink Foil from the Minc collection on several of the rubons. I wanted a shot of color so I placed one of the Flocked Acetate shapes at the top of my photo.To add a  touch more masculine feel I added another Wood Veneer arrow below my photo.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiiswapp #hswanderlust #diy #scrapbooking

For my journaling I used one of the plain Watercolor tags and added some more of the Foil rubons then for a personal touch wrote my journaling by hand.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiiswapp #hswanderlust #diy #scrapbooking

I am loving that I  got this memory scrapped as soon as I could, the beautiful Wanderlust was just the perfect match!

congratulations Kim!!! i LOVE the beautiful layers you added on your page – that it looks both feminine and masculine too! here’s to the next ten!!!


Supplies: Wanderlust Pressed Flowers pattern paper, Lace Paper pack, Sentiments Silver Foil Sticker kit, Arrow Wood Veneer,

Celebrate Wood Veneer, Flea Market Pouch Kit, Printed WaterColor Tags, Flocked Acetate Shapes, Dots Rub On Foil Kit,

Gold Foil Label Stickers, Minc Light Pink Reactive Foil


easy as 1, 2, 3! create just for fun journal

when i created my Wanderlust collection i wanted to make something that you could keep with you to journal while you were on your journey – whether it be a physical trip or something you would want to document with at home! there is so much you can do with the Wanderlust journal covers and Sarah Bargo is sharing 3 easy steps to creating your own!

Hello there paper peeps!  I have a little something fun for you to try today, it was so easy and so much fun! Especially if you feel like being a little artsy fartsy but don’t want anything too tricky!

Do you ever notice that you have all of these creative ideas flashing through your mind? And then that fast, woosh! They’re gone. That happens to me all the time! Which is why I love my project today, it’s a journal I created just for those special creative ideas that come and go! I wanted to keep it simple but cute in a handmade style, so here are some supplies I gathered together before I started to play. I find that if you make up your own “kit” it helps you along your merry way, and if you end up not using some of the items, they’re there for your next project!

A handmade journal cover by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the fabulous Wanderlust Collection! #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust #mixedmedia #notebook #journal

I gathered up the new Wanderlust Gold Journal and Printed Cotton Book Cover and came up with this!

A handmade journal cover by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the fabulous Wanderlust Collection! #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust #mixedmedia #notebook #journal

Come on want to make one with me?! Let me show you how!

Easy as 1.- Gather up the new Salmon Color Shine, Opaque Magic Medium, and the watercolor paper that says “Just For Fun!” I mixed up the Color Shine and Magic Medium on my Heidi Swapp craft mat, and also added a little dab of pinky acrylic paint, just for fun ;) Mix them up good! Lay your watercolor paper down onto the cover of your Cotton Book Cover, I put my words on the bottom but you can put them wherever you’d like! Then with a firm pouncing method, dip your makeup sponge down into your paint mixture and then onto the paper, using the paper like a stencil. I have learned the best way to stencil is to add a little paint at a time? Then just keep adding until it’s the right boldness that you want? That usually works pretty good! When you are done with that part, lift the paper off and move onto the stripes! You can also use the paper for a different project!

A handmade journal cover by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the fabulous Wanderlust Collection! #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust #mixedmedia #notebook #journal

Easy as 2.- Now we want to do the same exact thing, only with a different color Color Shine! I chose the Patina, it’s so gorgeous! Lay down your stencil at the top so you have vertical stripes, mix up your Color Shine and Opaque Magic Medium right there on your craft mat, and use the same pouncing method to apply the stripes to your cover! When you are done applying your paint, lift the stencil off and clean it immediately.

A handmade journal cover by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the fabulous Wanderlust Collection! #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust #mixedmedia #notebook #journal

Easy as 3.- Embellish! I wanted my cover to have a “handmade” kinda look because it is going to be filled with grocery lists creative ideas after all, so I knew I wanted to incorporate the white lace! I laid a piece of lace right across the middle at the bottom of the stripes, and adhered it down with Fabri-tac, no sewing necessary woohoo! (unless you want to!) Then using the new Heidi handwriting word dies I cut the word create out of the silver glitter Marquee Love paper pad and glued that down on top of the lace. The rest of the doo dads I just had laying on my desk lol! I’ve been really trying to use up my stash lately, it feels good! I love how the Wanderlust flag clip sticks out of the side, so cute!

A handmade journal cover by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the fabulous Wanderlust Collection! #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust #mixedmedia #notebook #journal

A handmade journal cover by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the fabulous Wanderlust Collection! #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust #mixedmedia #notebook #journal

I hope you played along! This was so much fun to make, and it’s not only cute to carry around but it serves a really special purpose ;) Happy crafting!

this cover is really so much “fun” Sarah!!! now i can’t wait to see all those pages get filled with creative ideas!!!

SUPPLIES: Wanderlust Printed Cotton Book Cover, Wanderlust Gold Foil Journal, White Lace Spool, Salmon Color Shine, Patina Color Shine, Silicone Craft Mat, Opaque Magic Medium


diy charms

it always amazes me how my media team continues to surprise me with every project they make. Lindsay Bateman just took my Wanderlust album to the next level of WOW!!! how fun is this post today?!!

There is nothing I love more in life than accessories.  Seriously it is totally my way to bring life back into something!  It really is amazing how powerful accessorizing can be, and let’s be honest…so much FUN!  So why not take what we typically think of as “accessorizing” with fashion and bring it into our scrapbooks?  Heck yah!  Count me in!   When I found out that Heidi Swapp was releasing absolutely gorgeous charms as part of her Wanderlust collection this past January at CHA I was SO excited.  I could not wait to start adding them into my projects!

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

So today I want to share a very fun, easy and simple way to incorporate these beautiful charms into your projects with a little DIY post.  What is even better is that we can take this accessorizing even one step further and use them with other things that we probably all have in our stash (and/or jewellery boxes) already!  And if not…now is the time to hit up your local favourite stores costume jewellery section.  They have the best treasures in there!

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

So here is a simple supply list that will make creating and adding charms to your mini books and albums super easy!

You will need the following:

Heidi Swapp Wanderlust Charms


Additional costume jewelery charms

Wire Cutters

Needle Nose Pliers (optional, but super helpful)

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

Once you have your supplies, the creative fun can begin!

Step 1: Use your wire cutters to snip open a link of the chain.  You will need to open a link in order to attach it to your album binding.

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

Once you have the link attached to the album binding hook, gently use the wire cutters (or the needle nose pliers preferably) to re-close the link.

Step 2:  Using your wire cutters again, snip off the desired charms off of the costume jewellery.

@heidiswapp @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

Step 3: Using an open link, hook the charms onto the chain binding and re-close the link using the wire cutters (gently), or pliers (preferably).

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

Seriously, so cute right?!?

But wait….we are NOT done.  Now we want to add in the amazing and gorgeous Wanderlust charms.  They are the perfect finishing touch and come with fabulous engraved sayings such as “love life”, “choose happy” and “smile” just to name a few.  What is even better is that the hardest part of this project is complete!  The Wanderlust charms already come with lovely hooks that require no additional tools.  They just clip on, easy peasy!

Step 4:  Choose desired Wanderlust charms and hook them onto your chain in desired places.

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

I bet you never thought it could be this easy, right?

Now…I took my album one step further and added some ribbon misted with Tea and Gold Color Shine.  I adhered the ribbon to my album with my tiny attacher.

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

I used the fabulous wood veneer ‘you are here’ as a title for my cover.  I sprayed this with both Tea and Raspberry Color Shine, achieving a subtle ombre effect.

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

@heidiswapp  @lindsaybateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hswanderlust #hsmediateam #charmbinding #minibook #charms #diy #colorshine

I hope that I have inspired you all to grab some of these incredible charms (and some costume jewellery, pliers and wire cutters) to get busy creating your own custom charms for your albums too!  Accessories have never been so fun!  Or looked so cute!

Supplies: Wanderlust Binder Gold Foil Vintage; Wanderlust You Are Here Wood Veneer; Wanderlust Metal Flag Charms; Wanderlust Metal Arrow Charms; Wanderlust Metal Circle Charms; Wanderlust Hexagon Metal Charms; Tea Color Shine; Raspberry Color Shine; Gold Color Shine Other Supplies: Assorted charms; wire cutters; needle nose pliers; ribbon; tiny attacher

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