scrapbook generations and september skies

I am so excited to be able to announce some amazing news today!!! my NEWEST collection ‘September Skies’ is shipping to independent and online stores NOW! To help celebrate, Scrapbook Generations has released their newest e*magazine “Create” today featuring my products including September Skies! i am elated that they have invited me and my team to be a part of their unique FREE magazine! SO much work goes into a project of this magnitude! I am so amazed that they do this EVERY MONTH! this feature is a true honor!

Scrapbook Generations Create FREE Digital Magazine Issue 9 Featuring Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @createbysg #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #scrapbookgenerations

If you haven’t heard of Scrapbook Generations, they are an independent scrapbook store that was created by four talented women! Since opening their shop four years ago, they have opened an online shop that ships products around the world, developed a kit club, and began publishing an awesome 200 page monthly digital magazine! Their magazine is filled with amazing inspiration filled with tips, new techniques and it always includes layout, card, and tag sketches to help kick off your creativity. let me just tell you this… TRUE CONFESSIONS: i have never really used a “sketch” to create, and it’s SO MUCH FUN! in fact THIS double page spread was created thanks to SUCH a great sketch! (these are 2 of my FAVORITE papers in the September Skies collection! hello Citron for Fall!)

A big thank you to Scrapbook Generations’ Debbie and Allison for inviting me and my media team to be a part of this amazing digital magazine. Also, thanks to the SG media team for going above and beyond to create beautiful projects! I love them all! I just read through the whole magazine, and i am inspired but the “letter to the editor” as well as all the pages and cards! totally making me want to CREATE!!

as i answered the questions and prepared my contributions for this e*mag, i wound up looking through old scrapbook pages, and i decided to share an old page of each of my kiddos…

I won’t share them all here… you must go READ and SHARE the mag – but this page- my baby. I just love him so much! can he possibly be 7? and in First Grade? he has made my day now for over 7 years!  ok… so GO and take a peek:  Click on this link to read Scrapbook Generation’s Create Magazine and I hope it inspires you to ‘make pretty stuff!” (please share on your Facebook, Twitter and insta!)

getting interactive! pocket pages heidi style

When I saw Jen Evans’ layout that she created for my new Make Pretty Stuff e*ideabook it just made me so happy! i mean look at those pictures of her dear sweet Bethany!!! you just can’t help but smile! but what i love the most about her pages are all the little details that help tell more of Jen’s story of her daughter’s first birthday! it just is so much fun to read and look through! i have asked Jen to tell us some of her little ‘nuggets’ that she added to her page… i hope it inspires you as it has me!

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

I have never felt more comfortable with my artistic self as I was creating this layout for Heidi’s new e*idea book! If you haven’t seen this free (yes, FREE!) magazine you have to check it out! It has almost 100 pages of inspiration including tips and tricks with Heidi’s new Becky Higgins Project Life collection available at Michaels and Spotlight stores!

There are times when my husband gets a hold of the camera and just photographs his heart out. I love him for that – he sees the beauty in the event that he is capturing and I am left with a pile of photos. Each photo helps tell the story more and I can’t leave any out!

This is the beauty of the new Panoramic pages and Heidi Swapp Interactive Project Life products! I was able to get over 20 photos in only two and a half pages of my album! No part of my daughter’s first birthday was left out! In fact, this spread has more in it than my mom had in an entire scrapbook devoted to my own first birthday! Times sure have changed!

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

Here are some tips I used to help me better tell my story…

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

1. Cut a Page Protector. I knew I needed more real estate for my vertical photos, but I wanted to keep the pages in my album looking like they belonged together. So, I took a page protector and cut along the outside seam of the last row of pockets. This gave me that “peek-a-boo” effect I was looking for.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

I kept the cut page clean with photos and 3×4 cards from both the Favorite Things Core Kit and the Gold Foil Value Kit.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife


2. Use a Panoramic Page Protector. These are a genius way to get more photos on a 12×12 page! The one I used flipped up.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

3. Add Mini Folders. The Mini Folders come in a separate package than the kits. They are perfect to fit into the pocket as an added flap – if they can’t fit in the pocket you want it to go in, just use a craft knife to slice the page protector so it will slide in. I cut a label for the front and black embossed a wood veneer word from the Color Magic Value Kit.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

This is where I added a “candid” photo of my daughter opening her presents. Then, I added a QR to link to the video of her doing the same thing. You can follow this great tutorial on adding QRs to your pages.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

4. Add Mini Books. I am so thankful Heidi included these Mini Books in this collection. Two come in a package and I used both on this project! I customized them to match my layout and added the actual journaling and story telling inside them. The smaller one has the guest list, gift list, and details about the decorations.

Chapter 2 Jen Evans 1-12

The larger one tells the story about her homemade cake including the recipe. It was a great way to document why she couldn’t have a traditional cake due to her allergies and add another QR video of her “eating” it.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

Chapter 2 Jen Evans 1-10

Chapter 2 Jen Evans 1-9

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife Back to Back Book Jen Evans_web

5. Create a back to back book to slide into a 3×4 pocket. In every Project Life Core Kit there are 4×6 cards that have score lines down the middle to slide into a 3×4 pocket with the place for you to add extra notes to them. Just fold and slip one end into the pocket with the flap hanging out. I just took this one step further and glued some cards back to back to create more places for photos that didn’t coordinate with my favorite ones or that needed some cropping.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

It also gave me a place to add some “birthday” stamping.

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

Interactive Project Life Pocket Pages @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc @createoften #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

6. Use an Interactive Card. Lastly, I just had to add the turning wheel Interactive Card to my page! It matched perfectly and is oh, so cute! These interactive cards come in a separate package than the kits. This one is a little larger than 3×4 due to the thickness of it and fits better glued on a 4×6 card as I have done here. To customize it, I cut out some of the photos from the index print that comes with my photos when I print them at my local printers. I glued them in a way that as you turn the wheel they peek through. Of course, I left the word “fabulous” alone and as you turn the wheel it lands on “fabulous”. I just love it!

Chapter 2 Jen Evans 1-11

Whether you use just a few or all of these interactive elements on your next Project Life pocket page, I hope it inspires you to get creative in telling your next life story!

i just LOVE all of the little touches Jen has added to just make the perfect picture of her little girl’s party. when reading her journaling and watching the videos, it really feels like I was there too! isn’t that AWESOME?!!! years from now not one part of this special day will be forgotten because Jen has captured it perfectly! If you would like to have the simple directions to this page, visit Michael’s website right here!!! 

hello baby

when a baby comes into the world the only word to describe it is – miracle. those first moments of seeing your baby for the first time are perfect and beautiful… those newborn days are so fleeting that any photograph to bring you back to that moment in time is priceless. Sarah Bargo captured her niece’s baby boy’s first moments after birth and the photos go perfectly with my Becky Higgins Project Life Gold Foil Value Kit available at Michaels and Spotlight stores. here Sarah shares some tips to getting that birth story recorded fast and easy enough for even a new mom!!!

Well hello there paper peeps! There’s been all sorts of excitement here lately! Did you happen to see the new ebook issue of  Make Pretty Stuff?! It’s the Heidi Swapp Project Life edition, and it is fa-bulooouuss!! There is so much inspiration in there! Tons of tips, tricks, and fun ways to use your new #hsprojectlife goodies! Plus something that I think is so cool, is that when you take a group of artists, give them all the same products, the outcome is absolutely amazing! What you end up with is a handful of stories told in totally different but beautiful ways! That to me is the beauty of scrapbooking and memory keeping. Each artist has their own way of documenting and remembering life’s precious little moments! I just think that is so interesting! I feel so blessed to be a contributor to this issue, so thankful to be a part of this amazing group of women!

So today I am going to share one of my projects that was in the ebook! It’s a double page spread using the Dreamy Foil Value Kit (which is my fave!), plus a mixture of some of the items from the other kits. I chose pictures that I took in the hospital when my niece had her sweet baby boy! I captured so many priceless moments! After I saw how well these turned out, I was like man I wish I could go back in time and take pictures of my baby boys as newborns! Especially of their wrinkly little man feet!

Project Life spread by @sarahbargo using the new @heidiswapp #projectlife products! #heidiswapp

The Gold Foil Value Kit is just so beautiful! The soft aqua color against the pops of gold makes me swoon! And the chipboard embellishments that come in it are to die for! As soon as I saw the “adore” card, I knew right away that I wanted to put the clear insert with gold foil confetti  over top of it ;) Pretty much perfect! The clear inserts with gold foil are from the Project Life Foil Photo Pocket Pages. They are amazing because you can remove the inserts and place them in whichever pocket you want to, which is totally brilliant!

I also used some of the gold glitter cards from the Glitter Value Kit, like this “once upon a time” card. It is absolutely adorable! That font is so cute! It looks darling placed over top of a doily and sprinkled with gold stars from the Gold Foil Value Kit!

I wanted to create a fun yet simple way to add an interactive element to my page, so what I did was sliced a 12×12 piece of cardstock in half which left me a 12×6 piece, then scored that piece vertically at 4 and 8 inches. This created an accordion type of pull out page, which I love!

Project Life spread by @sarahbargo using the new @heidiswapp #projectlife products! #heidiswapp


Then you can just slide in the back part into the pocket, and pull the front open! I was able to add 4 extra pictures by doing this, plus it added additional room for my niece to write down her special memories from the day!

Can I just say how much that photo of him yawning cracks me up? I had to put the “hi.” sticker in there, because he’s just so “enthused” to be here lol! He’s like hi. Feed me.


Project Life spread by @sarahbargo using the new @heidiswapp #projectlife products! #heidiswapp

Now I have to make a confession. I’m not typically what they call a “Project Lifer,” and I’ve never really even tried it before, so I was a little nervous at first! But I gotta tell ya. Once you get your little stack of pictures all tucked away neatly in their pockets, and pretty stuff, and journaling, your precious memories documented, all within a 12×12 or 12×24 area? It’s pretty awesome. The finished product is stunning! And so gratifying that you actually sat down and completed something! Quickly! Kinda love it. If you haven’t tried it yet and you’re wondering if you should or not, you definitely should! You’ll love it I promise! ;)

LOVE that idea of creating an accordion to help hold more photos and journaling!!! plus the gold and blue is so classic!!! thank you so much Sarah! new moms, get your photos printed and write your story now because after those sleepless nights, it is too easy to forget those first thoughts of your sweet baby!

Supplies: Glitter Value Kit, Gold Foil Value Kit,  Gold Foil Photo Pocket Pages, Cherish Clear Stamps, Vellum and Tags

september skies: color fever.

i love designing new products from things that inspire me. what i love more is seeing those first projects made with the new papers and embellishments. it makes my heart sing!!! i love getting a chance to just play in my studio using the new products in a way i only dreamed before. now my media team, including team member Lindsay Bateman, has my NEWEST collection ‘September Skies’ in their hands and they make me want to drop everything and create some more!

Hello September! My most favourite time of the year!  Changing leaves, sweater weather and pumpkin baking galore…I mean what is NOT to love?

With all of these fall favourites of mine on the horizon, another one I can add into the mix is the AMAZING NEW release from Heidi Swapp entitled “September Skies“!  Swoon, right?

My creative mojo has definitely been reignited since being first introduced to this collection, so I created this fabulous color fever board below showcasing the beautiful palette and feel that makes up September Skies.

Think moody navy, pops of lime, swirls of coral and grey.  Wood grain and soft pinks.  Bold patterns and designs.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

From this board above, I was inspired to create a traditional 12 x 12 page layout below.

#heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #septemberskies #scrapbooking #colorshine

SO many favourites on this page…where do I begin?

#heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #septemberskies #scrapbooking #colorshine

I decided to build my page around the large photo that I chose to use.  From that point on I had the best time utilizing some of the incredible embellishments that are a part of this line.  The Ephemera pieces are some of my favourites yet! There is such a mix, and the acrylic pieces are SO fun! You can see I layered a ton of those around the edge of my photo. I loved using the fabulous “cool kid” wood veneer shape that I misted with Navy Color Shine.

#heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #septemberskies #scrapbooking #colorshine

Another incredible addition to this collection is the amazing acrylic stamp set.  It is full of fun phrases and words, which you can see that I included directly on my photo by stamping with black archival ink.  I also added stamping into the center of the camera.  The “love it” stamp is probably one of my favourites from the collection.

#heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #septemberskies #scrapbooking #colorshine

#heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #septemberskies #scrapbooking #colorshine

This page only scrapes the surface of what makes the September Skies collection a perfect addition to your stash, especially during this time of year!  I cannot wait to play with even more of the patterns, papers and fun extras that are a part of this line.  So whose inspired to brew up a favourite cup of tea, or sip a yummy pumpkin spice latte and create? Yeah…that would be me!  Love me some September Skies! :)

i LOVE this layout Lindsday and your sweet boy is precious!! September Skies is shipping to local and online scrapbooking stores at the end of the month! talk to your favorite local store and ask them if they have ordered it! i can’t wait to see what pretty stuff you will make!

Supplies: September Skies Brilliance 12 x 12 Paper; September Skies Light Spectrum 12 x 12 Paper; September Skies Ephemera; September Skies Wood Veneer Shapes; September Skies Clear Stamps; Navy Color Shine Other: Black Archival Ink; Navy Archival Ink

new project life e-book! my projects…

i can’t tell you how happy that my new e*ideabook is now available for everyone to read and most of all ‘make pretty stuff’!!! even with almost 100 pages, there just isn’t enough room to share all the little details of those beautiful projects in the magazine. that is why i have asked my team to share some of their favorite tips and tricks from their projects. these little nuggets is what makes each project stand out! Maggie Massey is first with a traditional and pocket page…

As you know, Heidi’s brand new FREE ebook “MAKE pretty STUFF: volume 1 issue 3″, is available and it is all the rage, baby! It centers around her BRAND NEW collection with Becky Higgins Project LifeⓇ and features some of the industry’s most amazing designers…

I am so excited that I was asked to be part of this wonderful undertaking…and I’m so happy to be able to share my projects from the book with you today…


@heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #HeidiSwapp #Project Life #MaggieMassey #scrapbooking #diy Gold Foil Value KitProject #1…

Sooooo, are you surprised that my first project was NOT a Project LifeⓇ spread?

I made this layout with Heidi’s Project LifeⓇ Gold Foil Value Kit and I LOVE it. The colors are just astounding…and gold mixed with Heidi’s handwriting? It just doesn’t get much better. I created this page on plain white cardstock, to which I added a mixture of modeling paste and Teal Color Shine over a polka dot stencil to create my background.

All the little bits and pieces in the Gold Foil Value Kit are so lovely…and the cards perfect for documenting just about everything…

#hsprojectlife #HeidiSwapp #Project LifeⓇ eBook #MaggieMassey #scrapbooking #diy Glitter Value KitProject #2…

Now, just because you don’t “do” Project LifeⓇ doesn’t mean can’t use pocket page protectors.  Sometimes you have an entire story to tell…and 1 layout is just not enough to get it done on. Enter pocket-scrapping…easily & beautifully tell your stories with Project LifeⓇ cards! The finished pages fit perfectly into 12×12 ring binders…and Heidi’s new Panoramic Pocket Pages are seriously brilliant. They are the perfect way to add more photos…without having to completely turn the page! So you can see your entire story easily without having to flip back and forth…

I decided to use my computer to type out my journaling for this spread…my printer has the ability to print on 3″x4″ cards, making telling my story so easy…I simply created a document the same size as my card, adjusted my margins to fit around any graphics on the card I wanted to use, typed and printed as shown in the video below.

#hsprojectlife #HeidiSwapp #Project LifeⓇ eBook #MaggieMassey #scrapbooking #diy Glitter Value Kit

I added a few embellishments right on top of of my page protectors…I love the added dimension and texture…and I feel like they look so much better when they’re not smushed behind plastic…

#hsprojectlife #HeidiSwapp #Project LifeⓇ eBook #MaggieMassey #scrapbooking #diy Glitter Value Kit


And it’s a little hard to tell from the photo…but the little Heart Embossing folder fits perfectly around this glitter heart card…I was able to get a darling, subtle little embossed heart over my stamped sentiments…

As with all of Heidi’s products, this collection is incredibly versatile. And I know I say it in every. single. post I write, but it’s true. And with all of the incredible inspiration you can find in the new ebook, you are sure to find a project (or 2 or 20!) that fits your unique style…

Maggie your layout using the Gold Foil Value Kit is just beautiful!!! that gold gets me every time! i also love your tip on getting your journaling on your 3×4 cards. i love your handwriting, but sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you hand write your story or type it out – the important thing is that you are telling it!


SUPPLIES:  Project LifeⓇ Gold Foil Value Kit (1st project), Project LifeⓇ Color Shine Kit (Teal – 1st project), Project LifeⓇ Sheer Stickers (1st project), 6×6 Polka Dot Stencil (1st project), Project LifeⓇ Cherish Clear Stamps (1st & 2nd project), Project LifeⓇ Interchangeable Stamps (2nd project),  Project LifeⓇ Glitter Value Kit (2nd project), Project LifeⓇ Heart Embossing Folder (2nd project), Project LifeⓇ Vellum & Tags (2nd project)

OTHER: modeling paste, American Crafts Precision Pen .01 Black

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