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welcome back to another day celebrating cards! Saturday is World Cardmaking Day and Maggie Massey reminds us today that cards be used in special ways. cards can be used to create a keepsake! this last weekend media team members Maggie and Sarah had a beautiful scrapbooking event. i had a blast looking at both their photos on Instagram! can you believe that their event was on Saturday and Maggie already has those beautiful photos printed and inside a mini book in only two days?!! that’s how easy it is to print your photos from your phone and Maggie shows us how!

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday



Well hello, everyone!

So excited to be here today sharing some of my very favorite photo apps to use with Instagram!

And not only that! We’re going to go from photo editing, to posting, to printing, to creating…yay!

Let’s get started…here are the apps I’m using the most lately…

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards  @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday How many of you already use Dropbox (or something like it)?

I really hope every single hand out there went up…because it’s awwwwesome. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that can hold EVERYTHING you need it to hold…photos, documents, videos, everything. And it has made my life sooo much easier. Seriously. No joke.

Dropbox is available for download (free!) to your computer (in fact, downloading it to your PC or Mac is a must before you get the app)…your smartphone (both Android & Apple) and your tablets…and it works seamlessly between all of your devices.

It’s ridiculously easy to use…and you can share folders or images with your friends and family just by inviting them via a link. You can create different folders and save your photos directly to those folders.

Download the app to your phone or tablet and you can now access the folders from virtually anywhere!

So, how do I use this app along with Instagram? Here’s what I do… When I want to post a photo to Instragram that I’ve taken with my “good” camera…my DSLR…I simply upload the photo to my computer, edit it, and save it to Dropbox. Then I can open the same photo from my phone and post in IG. What?!?! So awesome! And truly, I don’t know what I would do without this app. I use it for ALL of my documents. It keeps my computer free and clean (which keeps it running smoothly) and I have access to EVERYTHING from wherever I am.

OK…now that I have my photos in Dropbox, what’s my next step?

Snapseed is one of the absolute best basic editing apps I’ve found. I LOVE the exposure and brightening capabilities and it’s really so user-friendly. It’s available for both Android and Apple and can work on your tablets, too! I open the photos I’ve taken (and stored in Dropbox) in Snapseed, brighten them (or increase the exposure…I kinda like my photos to be slightly blown-out)(1), crop them (either into a square…perfect for IG…or into a 3×4)(2) and re-save them to my Gallery. Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloTodayNow there are a lot of times I want to post a photo to IG, but I don’t want to have to crop it into a square…I really want the entire photo to show. This is where the app A Beautiful Mess comes in. Now, I’m sure there are a number of apps that will do exactly what I’m about to show you…but I love A Beautiful Mess. It’s clean & pretty and super-easy to use.

When you open the ABM app you will see you have a choice of making a collage or using a single (“solo”) photo (1). You can scroll through your recent photos right on the app…or you can open your entire gallery and choose the photo you’d like to use (2). Once you have your photo open, you can pinch your fingers (open or closed) to change the size of the photo to fit within the square provided. If you choose to decrease the size of your photo so that you can fit the entire image into the frame, you will notice that you now have white space above and below your image. Call me crazy…but I love the way this looks (3). Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday OK…now that your photo is edited, you can open it and post it to Instagram! Yay!

Now…the fun part. The printing.

I know this is not news…but I definitely think it bears repeating. For printing Instagram photos quickly and easily, I think Walgreens has the very best app. You simply download the app (from either iTunes or Google Play), open it up, click on “PHOTO,” then “INSTAGRAM,” open your IG account and choose the photos from your feed you’d like to have printed. Individual prints are only $.39 and are ready within an hour (they’ll even text you when they’re done). PLUS, Walgreens has photo coupons ALL the time…and you can use the codes right on your phone to save on your printing. I know there are apps out there that may do a better job of printing from IG… BUT, for speed and ease, you really can’t beat Walgreens.

OK…now we have some printed photos…let’s make something! I recently had some of my IG photos printed at Walgreens and I decided I wanted to create a quick little mini-book with them. Aaaaand because I  love when I can get something cool done easily, I decided to use some of my Color Magic cards (remember those??? They’re still available at both Michaels and your LSS) to create my album super-fast.

I grabbed a few of these cards (4, actually), opened them one on top of another, and sewed right down the middle of the stack of cards…easy peasy mini album…no cutting, no measuring, nothing. Some Color Magic, some embellishments, my photos and done.

The photos that I used were full of mint green, pink, coral & white so I grabbed some of my Hello Today stash to help decorate my little album.

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday

Instagram Tips & Color Magic Cards @MaggieWMassey @HeidiSwapp #maggiemassey #HeidiSwapp #MakePrettyStuff #scrapbooking #diy #ColorMagic #HSHelloToday


**Please note that when these IG photos were printed, they included the white space above and below my photo. Now, while I love that look on the phone…in IG…I’m not a huge fan of printed photos with the same white space. So for this album I simply cut these areas off.**

I think one of the coolest things about the pages in this little “album” are that they are perfect size to show off my little IG photos…withOUT any trimming. PLUS, these Color Magic cards can be sprayed with any of the Color Shine colors to create a completely unique and personal project.

A project like this…start to finish, inception to completion…can be accomplished in 1/2 day…including the time it takes to run to Walgreens to pick up your photos. That is my kind of project…git ‘er done.

And how awesome are those apps, right? I love finding things that make my documenting just that much easier…

how beautiful!!! i wish i could have been there with you both, Maggie! the event just looked stunning and so inspiring! i hope that Maggie’s tips and tricks will help you get your pictures printed faster so that you can get to the fun part – MAKING PRETTY STUFF! check out more photos of The Daydream Event here and here.

SUPPLIES: Hello Today EphemeraHello Today 3×4 Pocket Cards, Hello Today Journal Spots, Clear Alphas Teal, Chipboard Stickers Happy, Glitter Stickers Gold, 12×12 Lace Paper Pad, Color Magic Card Set Files, Color Magic Card Set Flags, Color Magic Card Set Heart, Color Shine Seafoam, Color Shine Coral, Color Shine Blush, Color Shine Primrose, Color Shine Gold Lamé OTHER: Silicone Craft Mat, American Crafts Mini Stapler, American Crafts Precision Pen .01

world card making week: project life pocket card

welcome to another monday! i love mondays! it’s a new week with new inspiration!!! today kicks off our World Card Making celebration! Saturday is World Card Making Day and i have asked my team to help me inspire you all week long so you can create some FABULOUS cards this weekend! there is nothing like getting a handmade card in the mail. it shows the person you are sending it to that you care enough to take the time. it is so easy to send a text, email, or message on Facebook but how much more would making someone a RAK card mean to them? Jen Evans is up with our first card showcasing my Color Magic Becky Higgins Project Life Value Kit available at Michaels and Spotlight stores!

Color Magic Project Life Card @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife #hsprojectlife #colormagic

I love getting a handmade card. I love giving them more. Here is a quick and fun way to make a pocket card using Heidi’s new Color Magic Value Kit!


Heidi Swapp Becky Higgins Project Life Color Magic Card Kit (Life is Great 4×6 card, Favorite 3×4 card, Hello Wood Veneer)

White Card Stock

3×4 Polka Dot Stencil

Black Color Shine

Teal Color Shine

American Crafts Twine

American Crafts Gold Zing Embossing Powder

Versafine Embossing Ink

Paper Towels

Washi Tape

Make Pretty Stuff Silicone Craft Mat

American Crafts DIY Shop Mini Stapler

American Crafts Zap! Embossing Heat Gun

1/8″ of double sided tape

Color Magic Project Life Card @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife #hsprojectlife #colormagic


1. Cut two 4×6 cards from white card stock. Trim your Life is Great card along the quote. This will help it fit your pocket card perfect.

2. On your Make Pretty Stuff Craft Mat, lay out a couple of paper towels for easy clean up. Space your washi tape on the 4×6 cardstock and spray it with Black Color Shine. Remove the washi tape and wipe clean with baby wipes. Blot your cardstock with a clean paper towel. Dry with your heat gun.

3. Lay the 3×4 Favorite card on a couple of clean paper towels. Lay the Polka Dot stencil on the card and spray only two times with Teal Color Shine. Remove stencil and wipe clean. Using a clean paper towel, blot the card. Mist your Life is Great quote 4×6 card and then blot. Dry with the heat gun.

4. Clean your space and place a piece of paper on your craft mat. Place the wood veneer on the paper, the paper will help you clean up your embossing powder easily. Ink top of the wood veneer with the embossing ink. Make sure to tap the top of the entire veneer. Pour the gold embossing powder on top of the veneer. Pick up the veneer and set it aside carefully. Pick up the paper and pour the left over powder back in the jar.

5. Use your heat gun to heat the embossing powder. You can tell that the embossing powder is done heating when you see it “melt” on the veneer and change to a bright gold.

6. Putting wrong sides together, use double sided tape along the very edge of the 4×6 stripe card and adhere together, leaving the top open. Slide your quote card inside.

7. Staple the Hello wood veneer to the top of the Favorite Card and tie twine around the front.

8. Glue the 3×4 card to the front of the pocket.

Color Magic Project Life Card @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife #hsprojectlife #colormagic

Now go ahead! Write a note inside and send this to a friend!

Thank you so much Jen!!! get even more #HSProjectLife inspiration like this one with my newest e*ideabook available for FREE right here! see you tomorrow for more card making ideas!

project runway: life is short *be awesome*

glitter isn’t just for girls. i challenged my media team this week to bring on the BLING with my #HSProjectLife Becky Higgins Project Life Glitter Value Kit and not one project disappoints! Sarah Bargo, even with having boys, never says no to glitter. glitter is that girl’s middle name! i LOVE that she took on the challenge and gave this kit a masculine look. take a look and see what i mean!!!

Well hello there! I am having so much fun with Heidi’s new Project Life Glitter Kit! I hope you got your hands on it because it is so sparkly and gorgeous! I so wanted to scrap these pictures of my son to celebrate his love of atv’s,  but I was trying to figure out how to use the glitter kit in a masculine way….. and then I was like duh?! All glitter isn’t super girly! I have been so in love with gold and silver and pink glitter lately that I totally forgot how awesome black glitter looks! It is so sharp looking! Perfect to add an edge to these boy pics!

Glitter Kit by @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

Fancy shmancy!

Here’s what I came up with!

Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife


Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife

(I wanted to incorporate orange into the layout because my son was wearing it and he loves it, so I actually snuck some orange and white star paper from Heidi’s No Limits Collection!)

One thing I love to do while “P-L-ing” is layer cards on top of each other! I trimmed this adorable ampersand card, rounded the corners, then adhered it to the top of the solid white glitter card that has a black border! Perfect way to spice things up a bit!

Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife

Ok. I think it’s safe to say that the striped card is pretty much my favorite card out of the whole kit. You don’t really have to do anything to it, it’s awesome on it’s own! I just added a little fussy cut piece to it…


Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife

The glitter value kit has awesome embellishments in it! I love this pow burst!

Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife

Another thing you can do with PL cards is take the 4×6′s and cut them apart! I trimmed this 4×6 to create a 3×4 with “the story” on it! Just trim, then round the corners!

Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife

Here is the bottom portion of the 4×6 card, I trimmed along the edge and just left a little of the white to add a little zing!

Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife

That’s totally what you thought wasn’t it, lol! Zing!

This adorable hashtag is an embellishment from the glitter kit also, but the letter stickers are from Heidi’s collection at Michael’s! They fit perfectly! That’s what I love about foam stickers, you can bend them to make them more playful or whimsical if needed to create that feel on your project!

Project Life Page by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Glitter Value Kit! #scrapbooking #projectlife

So fun right?! Can’t wait to see what you make with these fabulous Glitter Kits! Don’t forget to link your projects up on Instagram with the #hsprojectlife hashtag woot woot!

Sarah, that orange POPS!!! black and white will always be classic and works with anything! thank you for stepping up to the challenge! 

what about you? are you ready to take on the challenge this weekend and use your Glitter Value Kit (available at Michaels, Spotlight, or in Becky Higgins’ shop which is in stock right NOW!) add a little BLING to your weekend!

Supplies: Favorite Things Core Kit, Project Life Sheer Stickers, Project Life Glitter Value Kit, Project Life Clear Value Kit


make PRETTY pockets week 2

welcome back to another week of my NEW blog series PRETTY POCKETS! for the next 11 weeks i will be sharing 3 different pocket ideas using my #HSProjectLife products a week. that means at the end of the 12 weeks there will be 36 different ideas to help you ‘make pretty pockets’! at the end of each blog post, there will be a FREE printable download so that you can print out the inspiration and have it handy when it is time to get creative! if you missed last week’s, you can find it here along with its download! Jamie Pate is up with three simple but beautiful pocket ideas….

Hey everyone…welcome to week number 2 the Pretty Pocket series. I love these kind of posts. Quick ideas to get your creativity a jump start. Just in time for the upcoming weekend. Hoping these few ideas I have here for you today inspire you to get your pocket-scrappiness on and make pretty stuff.

First up…

The first pocket I want to share  includes the Heidi Swapp Project Life Mini Memory File. O.K. friends…these little files are so adorable. And great little interactive pieces that have so much possibility.

For the front of the file I trimmed out a card from the Glitter Kit, notched the bottom and stapled to the front. A Clear Sticker is a real simple finish to this. I loved using that ‘happily ever after’ to document a story about a life long friend of mine. It just seemed the perfect sentiment.

Add  photo inside. Take the Cherish Clear Stamps and add a few images with black ink. I like to double up that check box lined stamp to add notes and bullet points. A chipboard piece from the Clear Kit finished it all out.

Pocket #2…

Now this pretty pocket is super simple, but I think super lovely. Use the Project Life Vellum and Tags.

Layer vellum over a tag.  Attach with a small piece of washi, and trim the bottom edge if needed. As an extra idea, add a photo under or on the vellum, or journaling under the vellum, or  additional embellishment if you wish. Place in a 3×4 pocket. The glitter tag will be above the pocket a bit and very easily accessible.

Pocket #3…

This pocket may be my favorite. Use the Project Life Instaframe Cards. Embellish the front with a photo and a Glitter Chipboard piece.


create a handmade card stack with other Heidi Swapp Project Life journal cards and attach inside the Instaframe Card. Add journaling to these hidden pages or lots more photos.

The card now slips back into the pocket and the front is exposed to the outside. Super interactive. Super cute.

I pretty much have a crush on all these pretty pocket ideas. Can’t wait to go make even more.


So here’s this week’s POCKET PAGE ideas! I think each one is pretty much yet a lot of fun. And very useful. 3 additional ideas for you to play with and discover even more possibilities. You can also download this little instruction/ idea sheet and hang onto it for when you sit down to create! Click here to download and print!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Project Life: Mini Folders. Roller Date Stamp. Cherish Clear Stamp. Glitter Value Kit. Clear Value Kit. Vellum and Tags. Instaframe Cards. Favorite Things Core Kit.

other: Precision Pen. Black Ink. Mini Stapler.

project runway mini album

there is nothing like taking a trip to Australia – i am always welcomed with such hospitality and love!!!! even better is when i get to spend my time with media team member and friend, Kim Jeffress. i can’t tell you how thankful i am to have her by my side when i visit. last March when i was there for the Spotlight Craft month tour, Kim joined me along the way. i had the opportunity to meet so many of you there and looking at Kim’s mini book today (featuring my #HSProjectLife Becky Higgins Project Life Glitter Value Kit) brings back such great memories!!!

Sometimes there are those events, a mini vacation or memories of a school year that need more than a layout. Today I am sharing a mini album I created for one such event. An event that happened back in March when Heidi visited Australia for the Spotlight Craft month tour.

I had been hoarding this little gold album from We R Memory Keepers for a while now and when Heidi asked me to create a project using the Project Life Glitter Value Kit I thought they would be be perfect combination. I decided I needed to use elements from a few of the PL kits in my mini to really make it shine!

I began with one of the chipboard pieces from the Gold Foil kit and hot glued it to the cover then added a mini frame I  found at Michaels.



To add my ribbon, I adhered one of the 4×6 cards from the Favorite  Things Core kit (that I trimmed slightly) to the front and back covers and adhered my ribbon underneath. I added some fun stamping to complete! I also punched some holes in that glitter 3×4 card and added it straight into my album as an opening page.


Here I stapled one of the Dreamy Ephemera pieces directly to my photo with my tiny attacher!


I wanted to show the cities we visited so I goggled an Australian map and lucky for me I found a yellow one! Once it was printed off I added some stamping from the Hello Today Mini stamps. Opposite  I popped that 3×4  card into one of the 3×4 plastic pockets from the Make Pretty Stuff collection and embellished it quickly with the PL clear stamp set.


Another 4×6 Favorite Things card I trimmed to 4×4. I also punched holes in one of the cards from the Clear Value kit as an overlay for my next set of photos.


Here you can see the Overlay and also see how I used scraps of pattern paper to pop into the tiny pockets. That yellow butterfly comes from the Make Pretty Stuff Ephemera pack!


Adding clear pieces to photos makes for quick and easy embellishments.


It was fun for my sister to come along to one shop visit.


Here I added  a clear flip pocket to the 4×4 pocket to add extra space  adding in some QR codes  as well. More stamping for quick embellishments and that photo is matted on one of the 4×6 Dreamy Core kit cards that I trimmed down.


For my cute shaker pocket I started with one of the frames from the Clear Value kit. I carefully sliced down  the centre of the chipboard frame so I was left with two frames-one with the clear window and one without. Using some scrap clear sheet I adhered it to the windowless frame then sandwiched the two sides back together, slipping some sequins inside. Once the glue was dry I popped it into the 3×4 pocket and added it to my album.


One simple stamp from the PL clear stamps is all that this photo needed.


Inside the scored 4×6 card I added my journaling.


Sheer stickers add some subtle texture.


Time to finally use that ‘fabulous’ Color Pop sticker I have been hoarding! I added it straight onto the plastic pocket!


Another Clear 3×4 card to add an extra element.


I couldn’t help but use that light bulb stamp from the September Skies Clear stamp set, it fitted my photo perfectly. I stapled on a chipboard piece from the Clear Value piece to complete.


This photo is embellished simply with that pretty glitter banner from the Glitter Value kit.


I slipped the mini file folder into the pocket, adhering the back of  it to the card, while the front flap sits outside of the pocket.


I added my journaling inside the File folder.


Glitter chipboard pieces adhered to the photo!


Pretty stamps from September Skies!


To my Dreamy 3×4 card  I added some sheer stickers and Chipboard shapes from the Clear Value kit.


You can see I embossed the card with the 3×4 Star embossing folder to add some texture.


The card lifts up to reveal the photo and journaling hidden underneath.


On the left I trimmed down one of the Glitter 4×6 cards to 4×4 and added my journaling to it. On the right I used another Glitter card and added a strip of the September Skies Washi tape to draw attention to the amazing view in the photo.


More fun stamping!


Hello Today Glitter stickers and Clear ephemera add a touch of elegance to my pockets.


I added my journaling directly onto the Dreamy 3×4 card, that card is one of my favorites!


Here I added one of the Clear Make Pretty Stuff words directly into my pocket.


To complete my album I added my journaling onto the Favorite Things card and adhered it to the pattern paper I had trimmed to size.


I hope I have inspired you to get those photos printed and into an album and add some quick and simple embellishments to create a memory that will last a lifetime!

i just LOVE it Kim!!! we really had so much fun meeting everyone! for those that have been trying to get my #HSProjectLife products at Spotlight stores, make sure to keep checking with your local store! i have seen and heard that shelves are being restocked. stores are taking orders too, if you are still wanting a specific kit. just talk to a store representative from the paper crafting department to see how you can get on that list!


ProjectLife- Glitter Value kit,  Favorite Things Core kit, Dreamy Core kit, Gold Foil Value kit, Clear Value kit, Clear Stamps, Sheer Stickers, Mini Folders,

Star Embossing Folder

Dreamy-Dots pattern paper, Ephemera, Layered Bows, Jumbled Stickers,

Favorite Things- Word Jumble Stickers, Puffy Stickers

September Skies- Clear Stamps

Make Pretty Stuff – 3×4 pockets , Clear Words, Ephemera

Hello Today- Pink Glitter Stickers, Mini Stamps journey

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