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Hi there! This is Jen Evans, Heidi Swapp’s social media manager. You may have noticed that Heidi’s blog hasn’t been updated recently. The website has experienced high volumes of traffic and has subsequently been unable to withstand the amount of people visiting daily. Our American Crafts team is working around the clock to get a new website built to handle the traffic demands.


This does not mean that our team has not been crafting and inspiring Heidi’s fans daily! Our media team has been creating daily inspiration for you that we are having them post on their personal blogs, so that we have links to share via Heidi’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


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planning with the new sticker set!


Hey everyone! Maggie here…and I have just one word for you…


September! (OK, 2 words…)

Definitely one of my favorite months. The kids are back in school, the weather is getting cooler, the holidays are just around the corner – what’s not to love?

And with all that’s happening (and is about to happen!), my planner is getting more and more packed! Today I’m sharing how I’m using the new Michaels sticker set in my Memory Planner…


This collection is absolutely PERFECT for using in your planner…those acetate words are amazing – and are so awesome for calling attention to specific days or events…

How I use the new Heidi Swapp sticker set (found at Michaels stores) to decorate my Memory Planner | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

With a huge selection of tags and little notepads (!!!), you will never have to worry about where to make your to-do lists, keep your reminders or jot down notes. And the paperclips and bulldog clips are a MUST for any plannergirl…


Here I used a large Dipped Tag to create a small shopping/to-do list for the week. When it’s time to head to the store I simply have to (remember to…yikes) take the tag with me. I also added a few label stickers to my days…just to dress them up a bit. And a few randomly-placed Word Jumbles add some color…


One of my very favorite things about this Memory Planner are the little pockets on the inside front cover. They are just perfect for keeping extra tags and enamel shape stickers!

How I use the new Heidi Swapp sticker set (found at Michaels stores) to decorate my Memory Planner | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

I think one of the things I love best about this new sticker collection is the incredible variety of products. The huge number of choices available is just awesome…and will definitely have you covered no matter what decorating mood you may find yourself in!

Thanks so much for taking a peek inside my planner…see you soon!

sneak peek! marquee halloween

in my house, the COUNTDOWN to FREE CANDY is ON! yes.. we like Halloween! in this neck of the woods, it’s really more about the candy than it is about scary make up! But my kids absolutely love the holiday decor as much as I do (and significantly less than Eric does)! of ALL the holidays, Halloween is perfect for the LIGHTS of the Marquee Love! right?

Halloween Marquee Love DIY lights by @heidiswapp

The amazing thing about Halloween is that you can really take it in any direction you want! you can do the really scary route (think Adams Family), or Hallowee-Chic (think Pottery Barn!)… and these DIY projects are just PERFECT for whatever your Halloween style is!

Halloween Marquee Love DIY lights by @heidiswapp

SO, up until now, really all we had to play with was LETTERS!  yes… the entire alphabet! and actually, the LETTERS have a million and one possibilities!  I created this EEK for some store signage at Michaels… TO create this look, i used the spider web paper from the Halloween Marquee Love paper pad inside the letters. I painted the outside of the letters with orange acrylic paint, and then i used the chunky silver glitter on the inside edges! (I love how the glitter totally amplifies the glow!)   NOW… with only a short 60 days until Halloween, now we have several spooky shapes for your LIGHTED pleasure!

Halloween Marquee Love DIY lights by @heidiswapp

This ghost… seriously the cutest! We did something kinda unique with these shapes… we actually die cut details into the inside – so you can actually see through the eyes on the ghost, the skull and the pumpkin (which also means you could do some fun stuff with layering behind!)

Halloween Marquee Love DIY lights by @heidiswapp

All i did to decorate this ghost is add white glitter paper (from the paper pad)  inside the shape. I traced the template that is included with a pencil and cut it out. super easy and quick!


Jack-o-lanterns are no strangers to LIGHTS! i used the orange acrylic paint on the outside and inside edges of this pumpkin, and cut out a piece of orange glitter paper for the inside. I then traded my clear lights which are included for the orange bulb caps that are sold separately! looks perfect! This time i used the new LIME green glitter for the stem! As you can see, i didn’t stop there… and i used a sharpie to doodle words and halloween phrases on the outside edges! So much fuN!

I have to share what Maggie Massey did with the new SKULL shaped Marquee Light:

i love how she added the wood looking paper on the inside to give it a really distressed look! and how do you like those PURPLE lights?

here’s what they look with the lights out:

pretty spooky!


Check out how Maggie used the purple glitter tape on the inside edges and the Spider Web 2″ tape on the outside edges…

this is what they look like right off the shelf… just white and ready to be decorated~!

There is a new 8×8 paper pad with fun Halloween patterns, as well as one that is all glitter paper to match!  You can also find new Halloween colors of chunky glitter, and lots of different styles of Halloween tapes in prints that coordinate with the paper pad, and also glitter tapes.

Halloween Marquee Love DIY lights by @heidiswapp

the purple glitter looks awesome with the lights on or off!

Halloween Marquee Love DIY lights by @heidiswapp

i couldn’t resist poking some little holes in the bat and hanging him from a dead tree branch! I even added some alpha stickers inside for some extra “BOO”

alright… what are you going to make?!? I get SO EXCITED when i see projects around social media using my products! ESPECIALLY these super fun Halloween shaped Marquee lights! take a look what i spotted just today!

This one came from one of my favorite feeds: Whipperberry (you have to go and follow her)… she actually posted another image that i love to – so go and check her out so you can see her “Pumpkin-lope”…

I just found this feed… and i was immediately in love with her creations: LOVETHEDAY

This right here is a girl after my own heart! just FAB!!

This last one comes to us from my very own team lead… Jennifer Evans (Createoften).  and She used a lightbox to trace the word “Harvest” onto the center of the pumpkin!


OK… hopefully your mind is spinning with inspiring ideas for making your HALLOWEEN light up! I can’t wait to see! be sure to tag me @heidiswapp and also #hsmarqueelove on social media so that i can take a peek at your frightfully spooky creations! Click here to see all the Halloween Marquee products! 


Are you a lister?

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of The Reset Girl, right?

Well, if not, then today’s your lucky day…

Cori Spieker, aka The Reset Girl, is a major player in the planner/list-making phenomenon that’s sweeping the creative world…and she’s pretty awesome.

Every month Cori presents a listing challenge – i.e. a set of journal prompts to complete throughout the month. It’s a fantastic way to document the things about you you may never think to record (she even has a Junior Listers set of prompts that are perfect for the lister-in-training!), and not only is it a perfect way for newbie crafters/journalers to get started, it’s also a super-cool way to create a little something every day.

Here are just a few of the prompts Cori offered for August:

*People who bring a smile to my face

*Recess memories

*When I was 16…

So fun, right?

OK, I’ll give you a little bit more information on how to find Cori and her challenges (and YouTube Channel, Instagram, SHOP! and class) in a minute…but I want to share an album I created especially for my August lists…

My August 2015 #listersgottalist Album...@HeidiSwapp Mixed Media meets @TheResetGirl by @MaggieWMassey

Now, over the past year or so, I’ve started a number of different challenges like this. And I will admit to never having finished a single one. You know…life gets in the way /the little notebook I’m using for my lists makes its way to the bottom of THE PILE/I lose my prompts/whatever. But when Cori started her challenge back April I was determined to stay on task. And guess what? This month (August) I actually finished a challenge! What? I know! I’m so excited!

So here are some things I’ve learned over the past few months about myself and my list-making abilities…

1. I need to keep things simple. Like siiiiiiimple. If I put too much pressure on myself to make things pretty I won’t finish.

2. I need to get things set up in advance.

3. I need to allow myself to not go in order.

4. I need to allow myself to not have to be poetic, overly wordy or even interesting.

5. I need to keep my list book/album/sheet in plain view…like in the kitchen…where I spend so much time…so I can finish a list or two while I’m cooking.

So, taking all that into consideration, I set about creating a special place for this month’s lists. I started with one of Heidi’s Mixed Media Cinch Kits…

My August 2015 #listersgottalist Album...@HeidiSwapp Mixed Media meets @TheResetGirl by @MaggieWMassey

…and jazzed up the cover with some white acrylic paint, a pin-dot stencil & some Silver Metallic Texture Paste.

My August 2015 #listersgottalist Album...@HeidiSwapp Mixed Media meets @TheResetGirl by @MaggieWMassey

Then I simply glued one of the wood words from the brand new Michaels’ sticker collection to the cover. It was already painted black, so I didn’t need to do a single thing to it to make it perfect.

I knew I would need more listing space than the album as-is would provide so I cut some patterned paper (from the Hello Beautiful collection) down to 10×8, folded  it in half and added that as well. (I adhered the open ends of each page, punched holes with my Cinch and inserted the new page into my album folded side out).

OK…so once I had my album all ready to go I figured the easiest way to stay on track was to use little Project Life cards (I chose my cards from the new Prismatic kit) for each of my lists (I’ve seen Cori do this, and I think it’s a brilliant idea). I grabbed a stack of cards, used some of Heidi’s new puffy stickers to number each one and set them near my album. I created my lists whenever I had a minute…and when I was done with each one I just popped it into my album.

It worked BEAUTIFULLY for me! The small size of the cards made me feel less pressure than an entire blank sheet would have because I didn’t feel like I had to write tons and tons and tons to fill up the page. 2 cards fit well on each page…and when they were adhered I added a strip of washi and a sticker or two and called it a day. I was really focusing on getting my lists done…not making the pages beautiful…so I allowed myself to completely under-embellish. Man, that felt good.

Here are a couple examples of what my pages look like…

My August 2015 #listersgottalist Album...@HeidiSwapp Mixed Media meets @TheResetGirl by @MaggieWMassey

See! Not much decoration at all…easy peasy.

My August 2015 #listersgottalist Album...@HeidiSwapp Mixed Media meets @TheResetGirl by @MaggieWMassey

I even added a photo! I like the way it fits right in…and I think I may go back and add some more.

*To see the rest of my August album pages, visit my blog HERE*

My August 2015 #listersgottalist Album...@HeidiSwapp Mixed Media meets @TheResetGirl by @MaggieWMassey

With all the added pages and cards my album got nice an chunky as the month went on. I just love to look at this side-view! OH! FYI – I did have to substitute a larger Cinch coil for the one that came with the kit…

My August 2015 #listersgottalist Album...@HeidiSwapp Mixed Media meets @TheResetGirl by @MaggieWMassey

I love that I actually finished this month’s Listers Gotta List challenge! I may go back and add a little more to my lists…and I may even go back and embellish a bit more. But I’m really happy with what I have – so if I never get around to adding to it, I’m OK with that.

It’s free to join the Listers Gotta List challenge, and there is tons of inspiration available (by searching the hashtag #listersgottalist) if you’re unsure of how to start. You can find Cori and links to all of her social media outlets by clicking HERE (theresetgirl.com). I highly suggest you give Cori’s challenge a try…there are no rules…you are in charge…you make it exactly the way you want it and you take from it what you wish. Who knows? You may even learn a little something about yourself….

Now go get to listing!

SUPPLIES: Project Life Core Kit Prismatic Edition, Puffy Number Stickers Black & White, Puffy Number Stickers Pink, Puffy Number Stickers Gold, Wood Words Today, Washi Tape Pack Mint, Washi Tape Pack Pink, Washi Tape Pack Gold, Washi Tape Pack Silver, Washi Tape Pack Black & White, Teal Glitter Alphabet Stickers, Paper Clip Flags Black & White, Glitter Puffy Alphabet Stickers Gold, Word Jumbles Mint Gold, Frames Glitter Bright, Bulldog Clips Pink, 6×6 Stencil Dot, Silver Metallic Texture Paste , Heidi Swapp Cinch Machine, Memory Planner 12×12 paper pad , Cinch Album Kits Chipboard Ticket

celebrate with color and michaels stickers

Celebrate a scrapbook story with new colorful Michaels Stickers from Heidi Swapp. @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

By now you have heard all the hype about the new Michaels Stickers set? Because if you have not, stop now! Go back. Read the past three blog posts here on Heidi Swapp’s blog and check out all the colorful goodness. Jamie here, and I am IN LOVE with this new collection of washi and word stickers and labels! It’s just totally my thing. Sort of like raw materials to work with. Plus words! Oh yeah…this is good. This is real good.


Celebrate a scrapbook story with new colorful Michaels Stickers from Heidi Swapp. @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Today I just had to show off a recent layout using this new line of colorful happiness.


Celebrate a scrapbook story with new colorful Michaels Stickers from Heidi Swapp. @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

For this story of this little 5-year old’s antics, I started out with a piece of watercolor paper so that I could add a bit of Mixed Media Texture Paste.


Celebrate a scrapbook story with new colorful Michaels Stickers from Heidi Swapp. @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

The Teal Texture Paste complements the mint and teal stickers beautifully. I just added some random polka dots with the 4×4 stencil and it made for me a great canvas to allow those stickers to tell this story.


Celebrate a scrapbook story with new colorful Michaels Stickers from Heidi Swapp. @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

What I think really gets me is all the sweet pieces perfect for layering and adding depth and dimension. I love that! Seen here is a cluster of Labels and Notepads plus Teal Glitter Alphas and washi and enamel shapes. Color me happy!


Celebrate a scrapbook story with new colorful Michaels Stickers from Heidi Swapp. @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Before I go I wanna share one little embellishment tip with you.


Sticker collection by @heidiswappThese word stickers are so the best stickers ever. They are translucent and you will be seeing them almost everywhere on my projects for a while. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Celebrate a scrapbook story with new colorful Michaels Stickers from Heidi Swapp. @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Here is the tip: if you want to embellish these on a clip with tags and labels, but don’t want the sticky, stick the word sticker to a piece of vellum. Trim away the excess vellum, and you have the advantage of a clear tag that clips perfectly and stays translucent all at the same time. You can thank me later.

My challenge to you: have fun! grab a few of these new embellishments. Mix them in with your current stash. Give some away in a pocket swap. And have fun with the new color sticker set from Michaels Stores.


Supplies: Michaels Stickers: Black and White Acetate Words. Black and White Washi Tape. Teal Glitter Alpha. Mint Gold Word Jumbles. Black and Gold Notepads. Teal Label Stickers.  Teal Glitter Enamel Shapes.  Dipped Tags: Blues.  Bull Dog Clips: Greens.  Mixed Media: Teal Mettalic Texture Paste. 4×4 Insta Patterns Stencil Set



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