create to remember: diy fabric bookcovers with notebook

Hi, it’s Jen Evans, Heidi’s social media director and team lead back filling in for Heidi this week. If you are anything like me, you have been spending a little time walking up and down the back-to-school section of your local department store. I can’t help it. I love looking at all the notebooks, journals, pencils, and pens. This last week I decided I really needed some new notebooks and journals – but I really could probably make them even cuter. Now, after watching Heidi’s newest ‘Create to Remember’ episode, that she taped last month, I know I can!

DIY fabric book covers with notebook inserts by @heidiswapp

DIY fabric book covers with notebook inserts by @heidiswapp

On today’s episode, Heidi will show you how to customize her Wanderlust Fabric Book covers with some of her Color Shine in minutes! She will also show you how easy it is to make an insert for her notebooks so that you can enjoy those foiled covers every time you open your journal.

DIY fabric book covers with notebook inserts by @heidiswapp

Lastly, Heidi takes it up a notch and shows how easy it is to add a ribbon closure for that beautiful feminine touch! I am looking forward to making several of these for gifts and for myself! What about you?!

memory dex prayer box

Prayer. Wow. What a focus that has been for this heart lately. I have to confess, the volume of prayer that the Heidi Swapp Media Team lifted up during the news of her son Cory was phenomenal. Daily we were praying and sharing our hearts with one another. And continue still. This led to then writing down prayers and even praying portions of Scripture. Which then led to a new desire for me to have those prayers, as well as those people that I want to pray for daily, right in front of me everyday to remind me. Today I share what I came up with because of that need. A Prayer Box stored in a Memory Dex Tray.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

While creating this tray I really focused on the Wanderlust Collection as well as some pieces from the Minc set. If you follow this creative at all, you know how I like to keep things cohesive. The focus was on pinks and gold foil with a little bit of this and that thrown in too.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

This is not a completed project. Actually I still have prayer strips as well as additional photos still on my work table. The idea is to continue this as a work in progress and to add to it, or even take away from it as needed. For now this is as complete as it is. I found that as I created the Memory Dex cards I would have an idea for another card and just kept creating. All the while praying for the photo card that was right in front of me. Often that is the way it is when I am in the creative process.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

The title card is a Watercolor Card layered with a Clear Card that includes Alpha Foil Rub Ons that spell ‘pray’. The Watercolor Card is backed by Wanderlust patterned paper as well as a die cut flower from Flea Market Pouch Make Pretty Stuff Kit. How happy those kits make me.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

The next card in the tray is basically a template for how the rest of the prayer cards go. This card was created by die cutting pattern paper and then vellum and layering that over the paper. A journal card from the Flea Market Pouch is included. I also added a label, a Flocked Acetate and flair. As with all the prayer cards, prayers were printed on cardstock and cut into strips and then adhered to the cards. That element is used over and over again.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

This tray holds plenty of photos too. Family and friends. Not only do I feel the need to have more photos surround me, but to have them in the tray…just a bonus. To look at this little guy of a morning and have his sweet face looking at me will solicit thoughts and prayers focused just on him.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

One card included is an envelope. The Flea Market Pouches include vellum pockets to hold embellishments. That was  punched with the Memory Dex Binder Punch and then layered with a few pieces, including Foil Rub On Alphas and then a prayer card was tucked inside.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

This card is probably my favorite.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

A Clear Card was used as another prayer card. Acrylic paint was swiped across the back (after the protective plastic cover was removed) to highlight the word REMEMBER. A cluster of embellishments were clipped to the top and ta dah! Another card!

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Like I said, I first included family members in my tray. While my kids need to be prayed over daily and often, Mr. Pate has a card too. Let me show you what I did with another Clear Card.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Here’s how to create:
choose a piece of Lace Paper
adhere spray adhesive to one side
layer to back of Clear Card
trim around card
add Foil Sticker triangles plus Hello Wood Veneer plus photo to top of card

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Remember the possiblitiy of creating with any paper or medium using the Tab Dies. More Wanderlust pattern paper was used here to create this card. Butterflies were punched from pattern paper and hot glued in place. A label and Flocked Acetate piece was added to the top. Adding elements to the top of the card gives a lot of interest and texture to the edge of the cards and looks fabulous when all are sitting in the tray.

The creative ideas are endless to create prayer and photo cards for the Memory Dex Tray. Once started, it is sort of hard to stop.

Memory Dex Prayer Box | Heidi Swapp   Using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Tray to create a box full of prayer and photo cards perfect for a desktop remembrance.  @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

That’s why this project is a work in progress and will be added to on an on going basis. It sits sweetly on my desk, opened and ready for me everyday. Prayer is vital to my life to get me through the everyday, not to mention those grieving tragedies that are sure to be part of this journey. So the challenge today: Take some time to write down those prayers. Print photos of your loved ones. And create a place just for them…and for you.

- Jamie Pate

Supplies: Memory Dex: Desktop TrayWatercolor Cards. Gold Foil CardsClear Cards. EnvelopesTab Dies.  Painted Bulldog Clips. Flag Paper Clips. Gold Foil Stickers.

Wanderlust: 5×7 Patterned Paper. Together Foil Sticker Kit. Sentiment Foil Sticker Kit. Memory Wood Veneer. Arrows Wood Veneer. Flea Market Pouch Kits. Acetate Shapes. Arrow Charms. Glitter Shaker Embellishment. Alphas Foil Rub Ons.

Minc: Minc Mini Foil Applicator. Reactive Foil 6″ Gold. Reactive Foil 6″ Light Pink. Icon Stickers


my heart… cory’s story

There is no possible way for me to express the gratitude for the OVERWHELMING outpouring of love that our family has felt since our Cory’s death.  Every comment, and message is a virtual HUG, and very literally strengthened us. THANK YOU my friends. Thank you so much for the prayers – as I know that because of the sustaining power of those prayers, we were able to do what we needed to do… both in working with the Donor team to allow them time to find matches for Cory’s strong and healthy organs, as well as making burial and funeral arrangements. Without the tremendous support of our family and close friends, I don’t know what we would have done. There is no way to adequately thank everyone, so please know that we are SO monumentally grateful.  This has been a defining time in our lives. Here is a link to Cory’s obituatry. This is a LONG post, but I didn’t want to break it up over several posts, so be warned! As I sat in the hospital, the realization that this is now my story, settled in. I didn’t like this story at all. It’s not the story that I imagined for Cory, or my family. However, I am a storyteller. I am a memory keeper, and I am a person who believes that GOOD comes from even the worst situation, if you look for it. This is our story. Today I would like to share this very personal and sweet conclusion to Cory’s journey here on Earth.  I hope that in sharing this, you will be touched by how IMPORTANT memories are, and how critical the photos are to facilitating the memories. A sweet friend of mine offered to come and take photos, and I actually told her no- I didn’t want her to come all this way (from AZ), I didn’t want her to be put out. I figured I could take a few photos, and that would be fine… but she came anyway. I am so deeply thankful for these photos, even though right now they are hard for me to look at, I couldn’t be more grateful I have these to remember. I will be so thankful forever Elizabeth. 

Soon after Cory passed away, the news started to travel very quickly. We were amazed as his friends shared this tragic information lovingly via Twitter and other social media channels. I couldn’t even text the words, let alone say them out loud- so I was actually grateful for this process of distributing the information. Very soon, classmates, friends, teammates were planning a “candle light celebration” of Cory’s life that night in a nearby park.  I was AMAZED the way this came together – the location and times even changed, but somehow (thank you, Twitter) – everyone knew where, and when to gather.  I knew that I wasn’t ready to face anyone at all, but my oldest son, Colton went along with my brother Cameron, BIL Clark and my cousin Taylor. I received a text that over 200 kids were there, I couldn’t believe it.  I wish I could have been there- Colton addressed the crowd, and then asked my brother to say a few words.  Everyone lit candles and stood in a huge circle. Soon, smaller groups were formed, as people shared stories about Cory. My brother was sending me texts as fast as he could, sharing these stories, stories I had never heard. It was then that I got my first glimpse of how deeply Cory had impacted so many – how loved he was.  I am so grateful for those amazing kids- who without prompting, would gather themselves to honor Cory. I will confess, we drove by… it was the most beautiful sight. All the candles lit. I will never forget that.

 I wanted Cory’s funeral to be a tribute and a celebration of his life. As soon as I arrived at the hospital with the ambulance, I knew that we would need to plan a funeral. The weight and despair of this notion was so heavy on my mind and heart for the 3 days we were there; I prayed about who could speak and what songs to sing… but it was so hard to think clearly.  Going to the mortuary was probably the worst part.  I totally hated learning about all the different things you have to think about. I felt like I was just checking the boxes – just going through the motions. I had the worst headache from crying… but in that room, I realized that a funeral can be anything – doesn’t have to be done in a certain way. There are no RULES for funerals. There is no reason that we couldn’t make this our own! I started to make it about CORY, and not about death.   I had this idea that everyone could write on the casket!Cory would love that! We decided to bury his body in his favorite “animal” shirt, and his Sk8-hi vans instead of a suit or tie. (above are my children in their new-in-honor-of-Cory-sk8hi’s.
 We invited his friends to wear “animal shirts” and Vans with crazy socks to the viewing. I wanted people to SMILE. Cory made everyone smile. I didn’t want us to dwell on how his life ended, but rather what his life was full of!  The “animal shirt” was Cory’s thing the last couple years. He found them at a gas station in Cedar City… and every time we went past on our way to AZ, NV or CA, he would pick out a new shirt.  He was known for them. He LOVED their quirkiness, and unique weirdness. Before the funeral, we had people stopping off in Cedar City buying shirts. His best bud even drove down to Cedar City and back (an 8 hour round trip) on the day of the viewing, to get more shirts!I wanted to line the halls of the church with photos of Cory… my sweet friend Chari, owner of Persnickety Prints, practically read my mind. I uploaded hundreds of pics via instagram and their app.  She also blew up some of my favorites and mounted them so I could put them on display. I gathered up all Cory’s “animal shirts” and used them to create a garland.  It didn’t take me long to gather some scrapbook pages, and load up some other keepsakes like rugby balls, and his hockey jersey to place on display. (the above photo was from the lunch afterwards, my friends gathered all the photos and memorabilia up and decorated in the Cultural Hall, and fed us after the graveside service). I had no idea how many people would come – I didn’t know how hard it would be to greet our friends, family, neighbors, community, work friends, Cory’s friends and their families.  Greeting each person individually was one of the hardest thing I have ever done. It was sad. Both Eric and I cried as we embraced everyone along the way. But everyone told me how much they loved seeing the photos lining the walls. SO many people were wearing their animal shirts! It was AWESOME – afterwards, we absolutely loved reading the messages to Cory on his casket.  They were the most heartfelt and precious notes of love and faith and hope.


My sweet friend Becky Higgins made sure that we had 4×4 cards that could be signed with messages, and stories to compile later.  Our hearts were so touched as HUNDREDS of these cards were filled and gathered…

It was amazing. I opted to design the program myself rather than something pre-designed. This is what the program looked like – I wanted it to be simple, and ‘Cory’.

I had felt a strong feeling that I needed to speak at the funeral. Eric and Quincy also wanted to speak –(as I was working on my presentation, I was seriously regretting following the prompting!) Again we were completely overwhelmed with the number of friends and loved ones who came to say goodbye to Cory.  And Ooh, the flowers… The FLOWERS were amazing. The love I felt, we felt, through the flowers was indescribable. I was so thankful, but also felt a little guilty for being given so many beautiful flowers. I was so touched as I read each note, and stunned by who some of the senders were. It was SO HUMBLING to receive such love, genuine concern and support.The morning of the funeral we had an hour to greet more friends. Again, so humbled by many who came such great distances to support.  I was a puddle, so many people that I love so much- all of us so sad. Heartbroken. Questioning. Hurt.  I didn’t know if I could pull it together again to speak. 

The funeral was beautiful, and sweet. Quincy shared an excerpt from one of Corys English assignments – about his animal shirts, in lieu of a eulogy.  Eric spoke, and started by encouraging everyone to dedicate 2 hours a day to turning OFF your phone and making real life connections, with real people! He continued by sharing some funny Cory stories. I had also invited several of his close friends to share their favorite Cory memories.   My brother then spoke, and I asked him to share his thoughts from the candlelight vigil. He talked about LIGHT, and being a light to others; as well as seeking LIGHT, sharing LIGHT… and that CHRIST is the light of the world. It was so perfect.  We invited a few girls to sing “I am a Child of God”… and I was up next. I prepared some photos to share and spoke from my heart about what it means to be a Child of God – unique and special. And how hard it is for moms to let kids grow up, and learn hard things!Cory and I had been in a counseling session just hours before he took his own life – and while it was one of the best sessions we have ever had- certainly a gift to me… he told us that he didn’t want any help. He wanted to be able to do things on his own. He liked to take care of himself, and deal with his problems himself. Figure it out himself.  And while I admired his independence, and responsibility for his choices, as a mom I KNOW, we can’t do this by ourselves. NO ONE CAN.  In my talk, I likened life to RUGBY – we are a rugby family, and as I have learned more and more about the game, the over-arching truth in Rugby is “SUPPORT”. It’s such a team-sport.  The most successful teams are full of the most UNSELFISH players. Players that put their team’s goals higher than their own. It’s what we love the most about rugby.  NONE of us can do this life alone. We are not meant to. This is why we have family, friends, teachers, leaders, mentors, counselors, soul mates, and this is why we have a SAVIOR.  Our good friend Pres. Presbury then shared his testimony of Jesus Christ, and the great plan of happiness and of Forever Families. One thing he said that has been echoing in my mind: Cory’s not gone, he’s just gone AHEAD.  This I know to be true.

My heart will never be the same. I miss him. I love that kid so much. He didn’t want us to know how sad he was. I am constantly wishing I could have said or done something different. I thought we were making progress- I tried to understand.  The fact is that DEPRESSION is real. And it’s horrible. It’s mean, and ugly. It distorts the truth, and it can be so silent. It can be hidden behind beautiful smiles, handsome faces and disguised as normal ups and downs.  I am not sure how, but it must be recognized as MORE than it is. It needs to be taken seriously – talked about, and HELP MUST BE GIVEN, and accepted. It’s not a simple fix. And it’s deeply personal.

 I have accepted that I won’t understand the WHY’s.

I will accept the promise of peace that comes from a loving Heavenly Father, and trust that there is a plan, and that my heart, and my family is KNOWN to Him..

We will keep going.

I will hold this boy in my heart forever. The photos, stories, memories are what I have left now, and I could not be more thankful. I wish I had more! I wish I had more photos.

Life is not supposed to be easy. I am ok with that. I do believe it is  supposed to be BEAUTIFUL. It’s a journey. Along it’s path we learn and grow. That which we learn can be used to bless those around us. I am so thankful for the compassion and empathy shown to our family. And I am thankful for the empathy I have gained. Such great love and service has been shown to our family- it’s most certainly God’s love, giving us what we need to keep going.

If you thought I was passionate about ‘memory keeping’ before, man… you aint see nothing yet!  (insert laughter and smiles). 

My special thanks to those who were Cory’s best friends… the ones who knew him best! Who loved him and supported him… These young men carried Cory for the last time, as they did during his life… at the Skatepark, at school… playing Rugby, hockey… WE LOVE YOU.  They were each so honored to be asked to be “pall buriers” (as Connor called it).

I know so many of you have seen my children grow up, and in that sense you have known Cory. This is why I felt that I needed to share so much. Even though we might not KNOW each other personally, we know each other.We mourn with those that mourn. We feel this wonderful bond that is undeniable. It’s real. I’m partly SO sorry you all have to suffer this with us, and partly SO grateful to have such amazing love and support.   I know this is such a long post (and i could go on and on),  but I wanted to share my heart. It’s my story.

photos out of boxes and on your pages

Heidi has always encouraged us to print our photos and document our lives. It is the core of who she is and it is her passion. Yet, with busy lives filled with family, work, children, and many other obligations that fill up our days it is inevitable that photos are hidden in closets or sitting on our phones still waiting to be printed.


Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

My daughter’s room use to be my studio. It was hard enough for me to move out of that room while I was 6 months pregnant (big belly and all) and even harder for me to clean out the closet as it stored most of my craft supplies. So, I closed the door and did the best thing I thought a pregnant woman could think of – I bought a dresser. Ha! Knowing my daughter would turn two this month, I have been slowly going through the closet trying to purge. Last week, my daughter learned how to open closet doors and I had to spend the entire day going through the what I was now calling “The Black Hole.” I hid all my un-scrapbooked photos in there! There was a lot more than what is photographed above and I realized that it was time to at least get these photos in albums.

Inspired by Heidi’s recent Instagram posts, I separated my photos into several piles. One pile was extra photos that have already been scrapped but that could be used either as special “love letter letter” layouts for my children or placed directly into a photo album for the children to have as their own. Please excuse the belly shot below as it is has been 100 degrees in our house, but I had to grab the camera! When I handed my daughter the album with photos of our family, she immediately was flipping through the pages pointing and saying, “Mamma. Daddy. Brah Brah (brother).” There is nothing more precious.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I took some of the extra photos I have of me and my children and I will be creating layouts that will have hidden love letters to them, like the one below. Also, with the events of two weeks ago, I have really tried to get back to why I love scrapbooking. For me, it isn’t just a way to document my life but it is also a way for me to be the person I was created to be – an artist. I haven’t painted or drawn anything in years. I forgot how relaxing it is for me.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

There is nothing special about the techniques on this page. Anyone can put watercolor on watercolor paper! I mixed my colors with water and painted the center of the watercolor paper. I let it dry before adding Heidi’s texture paste with her new stencil set available at Michaels.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I used Wilna Furstenberg’s flower cutting file with watercolor paper and just brushed the color on. No one needs an art degree to brush one color on the flower and then added a little more color on top and along the sides to add the “shadow”. I let it dry naturally. Enjoying the process is what was fun about this page.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I hope you are inspired to use those photos that are sitting in your closets! It’s time to  enjoy the process of this amazing hobby – scrapbooking!

- Jen Evans

Supplies: 12×12 Watercolor Paper, Watercolor, 6×6 Stencil Set Triangle, Teal Metallic Texture Paste, Cinch Album Insta Kit, Die Cut Color Magic Paper, Wanderlust Wooden Veneer, Wanderlust Painted Binder Clips

Bazzill Basics Paper cardstock, Bazzill Basics Paper 6×6 Kraft Foil Paper Pad, Rhinestones, Starburst Punch, We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape


Photos!  The one tangible thing we have for all our memories. Heidi reminded us a few days ago on Instagram to take more photos and to print those photos off! I think we are lucky as scrapbookers and memory keepers we already know the value and importance of taking photos and for that I am eternally grateful. A few years ago when Heidi visited Australia she shared a story about how the brain and memory works. That memories were created like webs of information in our brains and if we were  to recall one piece of that web puzzle it would allow us to remember more pieces. For eg a photograph taken at a restaurant sharing a meal would trigger the sights, smells, tastes from that occasion. This concept that Heidi shared with me and those who visited with her at Spotlight struck a cord with me and continually makes me so thankful I already have a life time of photos and memories of my family and friends recorded in my Scrapbooks. Likewise this photo taken recently of my son and I on a carousel at a Fun Park, sparks not just the memory of us on the ride but then the day we spent at Luna Park, My husband taking more than his usual one photo of us on the ride- knowing I would want a great photo, riding the dodgem cars, eating fairy floss,  being rugged up against the cold, walking along the beach next to Luna Park…the list could go on. Do you see now what I mean- photos really are a path to our history. A way to recall all those memories that could be forgotten a way to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones, a way to know that we were here!

The one advantage we Scrapbookers have is that we get to make those memories that little bit more “prettier”!

Today I am sharing a layout that combines some of my favourite pattern papers from the September Skies collection and the new Metallic Texture pastes and 4×4 stencils!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

Lets break some of my layout down a little. I began with the Teal Texture paste and 4×4 Insta Words stencil set. Inside the stencil pack it comes with some pre cut pieces of card. I simply grabbed one of the cards, laid the Love stencil over the top and applied the Teal textures paste over the stencil and allowed it to dry.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

I love the subtle texture it brings plus the shine the texture paste creates. I adhered the card to my background then ran it though  my sewing machine for some extra texture. I typed my very important part of the process my journaling using my vintage typewriter then cut it into strips. I adhered the strips vertically next to this card for a fun effect on my page.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

I then grabbed the 4×4 Insta polka dot in the patterns stencil set and the Silver Texture paste and repeated my process.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

Once dry I stapled one of the gold foil inserts from the Project Life plastic sleeves over the top of the texture paste. I arranged my elements around my page and added in my ever faithful Word Strip  stickers from the September Skies collection to complete my layout.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

As we all have been reminded recently how precious life is, I know my family, my friends and I are blessed that our stories, our moments and our lives  have been recorded. Each cherished  memory just as important as the last. Take those photos, print them out and in honour of Heidi “Make Pretty Stuff”!

- Kim Jeffress

Supplies: 4×4 Insta Patterns set, 4×4 Insta Words set, Silver Metallic Texture paste, Teal Metallic  Texture paste,

September Skies Beautiful Bouquet pattern paper, September Skies Light Spectrum pattern paper

Wanderlust Memory Wood Veneer, September Skies Word Stripes,  Project Life Foil Photo Pockets


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