a seriously long description of fabulous CE!

I am finally coming up for air! Creative Escape 2007 is over, and was a wonderful, delightful and fabulous weekend! The second annual CE was held the 6-8th at the Squaw Peak Hilton here in sunny Phoenix, AZ! i didn’t take NEAR enough photos… i get so DISTRACTED!! i wish i had more photos to […]

my crazy life.

I can’t believe it’s already after midnight. Man, I’d love 2 more hours in my day today! I don’t know where this last week went… well, ok- I do. wrapped up QVC-back to the beach. WONDERFUL time. PERFECT weather. I didn’t do much ‘sitting’ on the beach with the 2 little ones. Between naps, bottles, […]

So I am  typing from inside a ‘yellow taxi’ driving along Newport BLVD, on my way to LAX to catch a flight to Pennsylvania for tomorrow’s QVC craft day. I am leaving my Kasteler family reunion all on the beach for the quick jaunt. I can’t say that I’d rather be at QVC than on […]

good news!!!

hey! i just got great news from Scrapbook.com! all the packages have arrived, and everything is accounted for.. and we CAN open registration for the August Club Heidi kit tomorrow morning!soooooo, at 9am pacific time, the kits will be available for purchase!i am so sorry for that inconvenience! seriously… i know  how people NEED that […]

'enjoy the silence'

Ugh.. it’s almost 11 and my eyes are totally feeling so heavy. It’s time to force myself to go to bed. I have been playing tonight in my ‘art journal’…I have been trying to just a little something creative everyday! That is the beauty of an art journal. You can just dabble in it,  nothing […]

found the curls!

Everywhere I go with Capri, people comment on the curls! SO CUTE! I just love them. usually the first thing everyone asks is “where did she  get those curls”? just looking at me and eric, you certainly don’t see curls… and colton definitely has some natural wave as he wears his hair pretty long… we […]


so i have some BREAKING NEWS on the "Club Heidi" front… apparently the kits were shipped via the wrong carrier by accident and as a result didn’t make it to scrapbook.com in time for this mornings open registration! Scrapbook.com has a (very smart) policy, that they will not accept any orders for anything that has […]

baby boy scrapbooking

I have a horrible habit that has resulted in these scrapbook pages completed… when I am totally stressed out, and deadlines are bearing down… without fail, I retreat into recreational scrapbooking. i haven’t taken very many photos of Connor, nor have I taken the time to work on a baby announcement, or focus on trying […]

not lost! & club heidi update!

Don’t worry, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth… just trying to get things figured out! I think that I spent 9 months worrying about how it was going to be to juggle everything. I am happy to report that it is every bit as difficult and overwhelming as I suspected! LOL! actually, […]

color box love…

So I just have to mention a new little ‘addiction’ that I have been developing!! At preview day for  Creative Escape, which- as I have mentioned before, it’s when we get all the volunteers and teachers together and go over all the classes, so that we all know what to expect, blah blah blah… well, […]