I love it when you get to this point, and people ask you … how long until you are due? And you can say: TOMORROW!!!! And they go “OH”… lol,  shocked-ish.  It’s so much better than having to say: “15 weeks” or even “3 weeks”… YAY… I am so ready, so excited! Here’s hoping that […]

happy 4th!!

This is one of my absolute favorite holidays! To me, it means going to the Oakley Rodeo, hangin at my grandpa’s cabin…yummy food, that always tastes MUCH better at the cabin. Roasting marshmallows over a fire, fishing in the stream… and sleeping SO good in the mountains, on a old soft mattress, and waking up […]

ok… club heidi is up!

****INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE**** Alrighteee.. We are finally ready to unveil the very first “club heidi” kit, at the brand new “club heidi” website… Here is the story:When you go to, you will see a button that says “july”…when you click on that button, you will then see a photo of everything included in […]

the DIET from h*ll

wow.i am being inundated with emails and comments about em’s diet!  here is a little note from em: Thank you so much for all your nice comments. I am feeling so great and amso glad that I did it. I will tell you it was really hard, and you have to be really committed andready […]

impressed… really impressed

i am in love. i love the wall color.i love the curtain… i so love the chandelier… and i will officially NEVER get over that huge amazing frame that is making my products look even YUMMIER and more beautiful to behold!!!i can’t stand how fabulous! this is a little peek into the amazingly tasteful store […]

Oh the curls.

It’s so late, and I should be in bed. I am going to be so mad when the alarm goes off in the morning to get ready for church, but I am cherishing my alone time so much, I just don’t want to sleep it away. The boys have had cub scout day camp the […]

catch up!

So much has happened since I last posted, where does that time go? Actually … I know! Ha ha… it’s been SO nuts around here… and after the last 5 or so days, I can’t seem to convince myself to get up off the couch. I just feel so tired. I think that the 115degree […]

lucky girl.

Nothing like little unexpected surprises that just kinda make your day…. you know?The UPS truck just drove up, and … of course HONKED… which bugged me cause Capri is just trying to lay down for her afternoon nap, and that sets the dog off… etc etc. and I wasn’t expecting anything, so I wasn’t sure […]

club heidi

This is why I am getting the LOOKS from people! “that is a crazy lady” is what it looks like! And, in truth, not far off!  It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of june, time is FLYING by which is a good and bad thing! this weekend is our Creative Escape PREVIEW day! what […]

change is good!

I don’t talk about my “year to remember” class that I am teaching at big picture scrapbooking much… I guess it’s cause while I am teaching, the stuff I am actually doing is weeks and weeks ahead of what I am showing the class… so I get all excited about something I am working on, […]