my corner rounder

In my big picture class, A year to remember (AYTR) as we all casually refer to it… (I am SO SO SO LOVING teaching at BPS…) I mean, really this on-line stuff totally rocks… I feel connected, I appreciate the opportunity and I am loving seeing the response from the women in the class… I […]

another monday eve!

I broke down and made chocolate chip cookies today.I needed the caloric therapy. (chuckle)They turned out so good. I have eaten 3… and preparing to eat 3 more… with milk. I have been asked several times for my recipe… so, I think it’s time to share:You must follow these instructions perfectly…and even still, I can’t […]

the good and the bad…

Wow. Is there any other word?I was only home for a few minutes today in between basketball games and Saturday errands…and in phone contact all day with the team trying to deal with the freakishly overwhelming registration process this morning.  I think that the only way to explain what went wrong this morning… is to […]

CHA winter (long) overview

I have now tried 4 times to blog about CHA… I tried before, during, and now that I am finally home, maybe I can gather my thoughts, feelings, emotions of it all, and not cut into my otherwise –decompression- time! I am so lame for not blogging the whole process, because it really is quite […]


WOW… I have been overwhelmed with the support, encouragement and congrats that I have rec’d! I can’t thank you enough!! Believe me… I appreciate the good vibes coming my way!!!  I have to admit to being totally stressed out, to the point of GROUCH. I really need to apologize to everyone that has to be […]

24 weeks to go.

This is not an old ultrasound picture of Capri. Two weeks ago, we got our first look at our 5th child.(gasp)… I know.I’m pregnant. Again! Today I spilled the beans to my Big Picture “year to remember” class today! So the word is out! my mom was telling me how much she loves telling people […]

the "h" word

So I decided that you can’t count holidays as Mondays, even when they fall on a Monday!no way.Yesterday was all about goofing off… I wish I would have had a better attitude, but I felt so lousy! I woke up with a headache and it never really went away. And the thrill of being out […]

ultimate napping

Today I pushed that “day of rest” thing to the limit!! I had today, what I would categorize as an “ULTIMATE NAP!”. What exactly does that entail? 1. Has to be after a meal: so I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch and since it’s so freezing here, it totally hit the spot […]

be quiet!

It’s quiet again in my house.I am loving the silence. Needing the silence. It’s causing me to think about silence… I am not your typical silent-lover traditionally! Usually, if you get in the car after I have gone somewhere alone, the stereo is cranked.  And if I am not listening to LOUD music…I tend to […]