kinda cool!

first, thanks to all the kind words and comments left on my blog.. i told allison that she needed to come and read all the compliments on her work. i quite adore allison… she is amazing.  and you are all right, it will be very difficult to pick which ones… i am loving the one […]


Inspiration is really quite magical. It’s funny-and the people who are closest to me know this best, but there are times, every so often, that I totally feel like I creatively BONK. Nothing. No ideas. And pretty much, I figure that I am out of ideas forever–and.that I have had my last good idea, and […]

in pursuit of inspiration!

I am going to try to get to bed before midnight tonight… I am taking off tomorrow for a little inspiration trip. 5am. Ugh. But have to make the most of the daylight hours! We are doing the calif coast.  Newport up to San Jose.  We are flying into Orange County and then renting a […]

sat night

It’s almost 3am. I am going to SO regret this!I have been scrapbooking- thought I’d share… I love doing 9×9 pages. They are short and sweet.. and all about fun and finishing. I finished 4 layouts tonight. did one for each kid. While I scrapbook I like to watch the same movies OVER and OVER. […]

scrap happy sisters

I slept in until 10:25 this morning.There is something wrong with me. I am going to stay up so late tonight and work! I have so much to catch up on! Last night we continued our “local store tour” at a great scrapbook store called “Scrap Happy Sisters”. Em and I drove about an hour […]

goal setting.

I love Mondays… seriously.I really took the weekend off.  I think I hit the wall. I don’t think I have been that unproductive in months. Felt great. I just kept sleeping, napping, relaxing, sitting…I mean, there were a few little shining moments. I re0rganized 3 or 4 drawers in my scrapbook room. But now the […]

pros and cons of the snuggi

So Capri has officially graduated to the snuggli stage. She is more awake and really likes to be held… so I dredged that front pack thing out of my baby-archives…and tried to remember how to put it on, get her in, tighten the straps appropriately etc. she loves it. she is happily sleeping in it […]


CREATIVE ESCAPE ROCKED!!!It was so awesome… I had a blast. i only took 4 photos.. how lame is that???  Everything went pretty much as planned! Everything went so smooth! I am delighted. Seriously it was so much fun to see it in action! Those who attended were amazing too! So sweet, so kind… to appreciative! […]

my weakness

of course we all have weaknesses. those things that we just can’t help but indulging ourselves with despite the fact that we know it’s bad. i have a weakness that has gotten worse throughout my pregnancy- and i thought that maybe it would go away after i had the baby… my most vulerable times are […]

almost ready

it’s sat. i am sick.i am not really sure where it came from. eric and i are both sick…colds. i am sure that the stress, not sleeping and just being a little overwhelmed is to blame…i hate being sick. and i have to KICK IT before THURSDAY because i just can’t be sick for CREATIVE […]