so fun!

I had such a good morning!We finally got to view the final versions of all the ‘CREATIVE ESCAPE’ class projects.Dang.Good stuff! I am thrilled..The coolest thing about the format of this event… is that we have been able to plan the event as a whole. We have been able to give direction and create a […]

happy mother's day

Yikes…It’s been a long time since I have BLOGGED…There has been so much going on the last week… blogging was not an option. What did I accomplish? I don’t really know. Seems like I was in a lot of meetings… had a lot of decisions to make and well- quincy turned 5.  That resulted in […]

women to womenos

Hey… i keep forgetting to post this info about a fund raiser that i am involved in… Karen Russell… the amazing woman that she is … has been putting together this huge project that has already hit about $10,000… TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! essentially, you pay a dollar for a chance to win… you […]

just for fun

well, this is what i did last night… i just wanted to scrapbook.i do like it… i messed around with it for a long time it seems like. usually i am so decisive, and i just basically ‘glue and go’… but i kept looking at it, and feeling like there was something missing, and not […]


i am tired. i’d like to know where the burst of energy last week came from! but, sadly… it’s gone. this week, i have felt tired and unmotivated. i guess it’s a good thing that i capitalized on it while i had it!! i have still been trying to get a little jump on the […]

happy may day!

today is not only the first day of the week (monday-i love), and not only the first day of the MONTH!! (welcome MAY)it’s also the first day of my 35th year of life. i totally love new beginnings… a chance to let go the old stuff, and look ahead- plan and be excited about the […]

bed time yet?

end of day three: operation morning person. i have had 2 more exceptionally productive and good days. (today, got up at 4:50)… i am only mid-week into my experiment…but so far, i am finding pros and cons. pros: seeing the sunrise quiet morning time increased ‘house-work stuff’ productivity i feel like since i am up, […]

good monday morning!

i woke up at 5:04am. i did set the alarm so that i could snooze once. do real morning people hit snooze? they probably don’t really even need an alarm!  it was dark and cold when i got up… i washed my face with my new anti-aging face system! (i hope that starts working as […]

10 pm- lights out

tonight starts my week of being a morning person. i have 10 minutes before lights out! i have already made my list for tomorrow. i want to see how much stuff i can get done before 8am, the time i usually rise. i will post more tomorrow (blog post is on the list)… about what […]

beautiful morning…

this morning when i woke up… (and same thing yesterday)… i was so amazed at how beautiful it was looking out the window. it really is the best time of year here.  the desert is blooming, the air is cool and crisp and the sun is so radiant… lights up everything. and all i can […]