crap… 2am???

i am going to be hating myself in the morning… what am i still doing up? i have been scrapbooking…and throughly enjoying myself! i just created one of the finalist layouts for the water photo contest… and it turned out so beautifuL! i love it. there are 3 finalists… we got just over 3,000 entries!!! […]


it’s tuesday night… and i have lots of creative energy that my body can’t keep up with. and i always feel so boring if i don’t have pictures to share… and… well, i could walk downstairs and take a photo of something that is really exciting me at the moment… but that woudl involve stairs […]

midnight thurs

i don’t know where the time goes…i am tired! it’s been a busy day… and there is another busy day tomorrow!i did get a pedicure this morning! and i REALLY needed one… and i REALLY like the color i picked. don’t you hate it when you go out on a limb to try a new […]

*early* morning

although not by choice… i was up super early this morning!! 3:30… got up and was starving and ate a super healthy snack of fruit loops! tried to go to bed, but my brain was on a sugar-high, and i couldn’t stop thinking… working on a new class, and it’s got me all focused… lol… […]

{without fail}

seriously, i hate it when stuff doesn’t work and the dude that fixes stuff works on EASTERN time and he went HOME!!!! something is wrong with the email address… i got a few… and then it broke down???? WHY WHY WHY.. ok… send your photos to maybe it will work tomorrow!!! sorry… but […]

a little M.I.A.

ah monday… my favorite day!!i always feel like it’s a fresh start! no matter how crazy out-of-control my previous week was, monday is always a chance to take a deep breath, and start new!  last week was NUTS… so much going on! katie and aspen (my sister and niece) came to say for a few […]


i am being a really lame blogger…but i had to get that freaking newsletter thing off the ground… and maybe some of you got it!it went out today. i am so excited… i was having fomat issues, and now, it’s all good! so if you didn’t get it… be sure you go to the website […]

disney crazy

so tuesday morning… pretty normal… i am working on the holiday recovery thing…and i have one of those ‘pregnancy-psycosis’ moments… you know, the ones that reality starts to set in, and you start to realize that life is about to change drastically… especially for things like, say, going to disneyland.  i got to realizing that […]


i am not really a tech-junkie… i usually like whatever works… for as long as it works for me, then i have to be forced to learn something new. for example… my husband was trying to convince me to switch to a mac about 4 years ago…but i was reluctant. i liked my computer, and […]


so, i have a confession. i like mcdonalds cheeseburgers. i was starving at lunch and with no apparent excuse… no kids that wanted to play in the play place, no errands to run, nothing… i drove to mcdonalds… all by myself and went through the drive through and got a cheeseburger value meal. and man, […]