so happy to be home! memory trends was an ABSOLUTE blast… i am having blog guilt again.. so i thought i’d post this cute photo of my girls… and our jeans! i am so happy cause my kids are off school for the next two days, and we are just going to hang out and […]


i love martha. i just think she is amazing and fabulous! i am tivo-ing the martha apprentice at the moment… and i have to wait until eric comes home from scouts before we can watch it. i can’t wait. i am pretty impressed with how she has reinvented herself… i dig her live talk show… […]

what day is it?

i feel like the days are smooshing together. i have been bad blogger… i had all this great intention to tell about my awesome trip… and now… it’s like forever later! more travels, preparations for memory trends… and spelling tests, running, frozen meals, conference, baby shower, meetings and any and everything in between! all in […]

back to normal?

i keep thinking about what to say about my trip… how i can possibly summarize that experience? so amazing. first: the event. i have never been to a more impressive, better planned and executed, organized and beautiful event. ever. there were 700 women registered. 8 classes planned. (5 of us teachers were from the US: […]

34 hours later…

whew!! if you couldn’t tell… no internet accessability for me in SA! bummer… it would have been so much easier to give the blow by blow on a daily basis! WOW WHAT AN AWESOME TRIP! yikes… but the return trip has consumed the last 36 hours of my life. hello… it was a major journey […]