make pretty pockets- week 5

my team and i have been having a blast this week finding ways to create for the season! Sarah Bargo is up this week with my “Pretty Pocket” 12 week series! we are on week five, so if you want to check out the other four free printables, you can find them right here on my Pinterest page! my favorite part about my Becky Higgins Project Life Color Magic Value Kit is that you can customize it for whatever holiday you are scrapbooking about! Sarah shares some of her favorite Halloween memories with her boys and her ‘pretty pockets’ are a perfect fit!

Hey there paper peeps, Happy Halloweeeeennnn woohoooo!!!! Ohmygosh is it really that time?! I don’t even have a costume yet eekk!! I know I’m so scary looking I don’t need one, I know, I know, ha! So today we have another installment of the “Pretty Pockets” Series we have goin on up in here, and as you can see it’s filled with some Halloween inspo for you!

I did a single page Project Life layout mainly focusing on the HS Project Life Color Magic Value Kit and HS Magic Medium! The theme I chose is a collection of Halloween pictures through the years, not just memories from one Halloween. Kind of a fun recap! I have 3 Pretty Pocket Ideas with fun techniques for you to try complete with a free downloadable printable pdf yayy!

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

Let’s start with Pocket #1!

This is a 2 stepper ;) First, grab the 4×6 card out of the Color Magic Value Kit with the resist stripes and your Peach & Black Color Shines! I used a little makeup sponge, but you can totally mask off the lines that you don’t want misted if you want, either way it works! Then I just alternated colors, Peach & Black, Peach & Black,  dabbing the Color Shine on, and wiping off the excess, like the ideas shown in the HS Project Life Ebook!  For cleaning up your “resistable” lines, I found it helpful to put a paper towel over my finger tip, then spray a little glass cleaner on it and wipe down the resist stripe with my finger tip.

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

Now for the 2nd step, the fun black fringe up the left side! Take a few strips of black crepe paper streamers, then fringe along one side of them with your scissors! (or if you have fringe scissors, better yet!) Using a sponge, apply a layer of Magic Medium to the left side of your card, then a piece of streamer with the fringe pointed inwards. Keep layering medium and fringe pieces like lasagna until you have your fringe thickness perfected! I like mine fluffy so I added 4 pieces. Add a piece of an orange scalloped banner delight along the edge, and embellish the rest of the card as you wish! Voila!

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

For this pocket I “water-colored” the inside of the black squares using a small brush and Peach Color Shine! Glue the glittery black ampersand from the HS Glitter Value Kit right on top! I absolutely love that piece!

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

I drew journal lines inside with a fine black pen and just wrote a little love note inside about how much fun Halloween is with the boys and how they don’t even realize that I’ve been sneaking the Almond Joys, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Tootsie Rolls out of their bags all these years without without them even noticing… gasp?!  ;)

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

Ok for the Pretty Pockets Card #2!

Super easy peasy! Take the absolutely awesome Color Magic Card out of the HS PL Color Magic Value Kit that has the stars die cut out of it, and cover the whole thing with a generous portion of the HS Magic Medium using a sponge. While it’s still wet, sprinkle the whole card with a generous amount of glitter, I used a fine black glitter. It looks so awesome I love it! Then if you would like to embellish it after it’s dry you can! I just used a little piece of a banner delight. It adds so much cuteness!

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

Pretty Pocket Card #3!

Grab your “Happy” card out of the HS Project Life Color Magic Value Kit, and the polka dot stencil from the HS Love You Stamp & Stencil Set. Lay the stencil directly over the card, and using a makeup sponge apply the HS Opaque Magic Medium over top of the stencil. Remove the stencil and make sure it dries COMPLETELY!

Can you tell my Heidi Swapp silicone craft mat is really takin a beatin?! Man that thing is awesome! There is no craft mat with it’s quality out on the market. Thee BEST, hands down.

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

After it’s COMPLETELY dry, spray the card down with the Peach Color Shine, you should see the mist just completely roll off of the Magic Medium dots! Awesome! The spray is like, ugh! Reee-jected! Then embellish the rest of the card as you wish! The striped tape is from the fab new September Skies Collection, and the black stickers were in my Heidi stash… (oh you know you have one, whatever!)

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

It turned out super festive and Halloweeny I love it! And you know what? I used too much Magic Medium while sponging it on, a little actually is better while doing this technique. But. Being that it’s Halloween? Oh yeah. It’s on. We’re rollin with it.

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

This is my Beeb and I. My mom made him this absolutely adorable bumble bee costume that we had to stuff. Ohmygosh I’m sorry but I have to gush. He was the cah-utest little fatty bee I have ever seen waddling around this side of the Mississippi.  I can’t even handle it. Pudge-O.

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

I think it is so fun to see what the kiddos want to be every year! It’s always pretty predictable though except for this year… my son Kyle said he wants to be Elvis… that was kinda weird… but so funny!  Can’t wait until they have girlfriends that I can accidentally show all of these pictures to.. #blackmail

A Project Life Layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the #hsprojectlife Color Magic Value Kit! #hsprettypockets #heidiswapp #halloween #scrapbooking

Now go make some festive cards! Hope you all have a Happy and safe Halloween! Click right here to download your free printable!

Free Pretty Pocket Project Life Printable Week 5 @heidiswapp @sarahbargo @beckyhiggins #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife


Supplies: Project Life Color Magic Value Kit, Project Life Love You Stamp & Stencil Set, September Skies Washi Tape, Silicone Craft Mat, Opaque Magic Medium, Clear Magic Medium, Black Color Shine, Peach Color Shine







it’s color magic!

happy Wednesday!!! today i have a new episode of ‘Create to Remember‘ where I show you my newest ‘September Skies’ Color Magic Ephemera and how to customize these diecuts! this Color Magic paper has been specially designed to soak in my Color Shine beautifully. they are printed with a clear transparent resist so that when you add mist, ink, chalk, or even watercolor it reveals the printed pattern! it really is like magic!

Color Magic Ephemera @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #colormagic #colorshine #hsSeptemberSkies

watch today’s video below to see how using a makeup sponge will give you more control over applying the Color Shine! i guarantee, it is so fun and easy that you won’t be able to do just one!

stencil magic: diy halloween!

i am a huge believer of using what you have! i just love that Kim Jeffress did just that and gave my “September Skies” collection a spooky look!

What do you do when you don’t have any “traditional” Halloween papers and embellishments on hand when you go to scrapbook?

Make your own of course! I’m here today to share a few tips and tricks on creating a Halloween layout using non Halloween themed scrapbook supplies! let’s start with my layout. I’ve been saving this photo from last years Halloween for the perfect paper to come along but I wanted to get it scrapped so I worked with what I had. You can see I relied heavily on the new September Skies collection, in particular that Star Gazing paper – a perfect fit for night time photos right! I teamed it with that graphic Midnight Shadows pattern paper , it  gives a bold feel to my layout. I then added in the traditional orange  and silver but also the not so traditional lime and yellow, I think it gives a really fresh feel to my layout as well. I matted my photo on some vellum that I had punched with a couple of star punches to add to the night time theme.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #halloween #septemberskies #heidiswapp

For my title I wanted to make a real impact so I grabbed the 12 x 12 Alpha Stencil,


a bottle of Citron ColorShine  and some white cardstock strips…


and misted over the letters to create the word BOO. I masked off the areas around the letters on the stencil with some paper towel so only the  letters needed where misted. I finished  off  my  letter strips with a few splashes of Black Velvet ColorShine.  I then attached them with my long armed stapler. To the right of my photo  I  added in that Wood Veneer Remember word and arrow  also new from September Skies.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #halloween #septemberskies #heidiswapp

Next I used  the Halloween Cutting Files and Brushes set  to cut out the word Halloween onto white cardstock using my silhouette cameo

. hs_cf_wordshalloween_prev_grande

I adhered it down with some liquid glue and once dry I stitched through it with my machine and then added some opal dust over the top of the white card to give it a touch of shimmer. You can see I also added in those spiders that I found at the silhouette store also rubbed over with the opal dust. I  chose a few words from the September Skies Word Strips that fitted the theme of my layout and added them in too. That yellow strip of paper from the Hello Today collection was an off cut I had used to punch out stars from that was in my stash I thought it was a great addition.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #halloween #septemberskies #heidiswapp

Finally I added in those Day Glow neon letter stickers from my stash  and another cut file from the silhouette store that I embellished with more words from the September Skies Word Strips pack.

To finish I used the Project Life roller date stamp to add in the date!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #halloween #septemberskies #heidiswapp

How cool is that! Not A Halloween paper or embellishment in sight! I hope this gives you a few ideas for your upcoming Halloween photos! It helps to think out of the (Halloween) box sometimes!

there is something classic about grey, green, silver, and navy! it gives this page that bit of Halloween flair! Kim, you made this Halloween page look like so much fun!

Supplies: September Skies Star Gazing, September Skies Midnight Shadows, September Skies Mountain Trail, September Skies Word Strips, September Skies Wood Veneer Shapes, Project Life Roller Date Stamp, Color Shine Citron, Color Shine Black Velvet, Hello Today 4×6 paper pad, 12 x 12 Alpha Stencil, Day Glow Neon Alphas

autumn gifts

for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, it is officially fall!!! i love this time of year. the colors where i live come alive! it is also the time of year to start thinking of gratitude and random acts of kindness. Jamie Pate is here today to show a beautiful package that would make anyone’s day!

Hey everyone, Happy Fall to all my friends in the Northern Hemisphere!

Today, in the spirit of the gift giving season ever so close upon us, I created a little goodie bag gift with papers and pieces from September Skies. With so many birthdays and celebrations happening in and around our family this month and next, I am in a big need for quick little gifts. But of course they have to be pretty. So this is what I came up with today…

This bag/envelope was created with papers from the 6×6 Paper Pad. They are hot glued together with a pocket space in the middle. This one is filled with sweet treats. It just makes me happy to look at it.

The embellishments on the front include Ephemera die cuts, fancy cut flowers from the Alpine Rose paper, plus leaves that I die cut and then colored with a mixture of Magic Medium and Color Shine.

To simply spray the pattern paper with Color Shine would have overwhelmed the paper and not given me the soft wash that I achieved here on the leaves. Combining the Coral and a little bit of Peach Color Shine with the Opaque Magic Medium created a soft mix of color that washed perfectly over the Aspen pattern paper. Loved how that worked out and will be doing that again. Gold Color Shine splatters completed the look.

The seam binding was dyed with a combinations of Coral, Peach and Gold Color Shine helping me get that beautiful coral color found in the September Skies hues.

After the flowers and leaves were tucked into place, with a gold doily layered in as well, a Wood Veneer piece was washed with Gold Color Shine. The the ‘autumn’ die cut word was cut out to 2-inches wide, painted with the Magic Medium and Color Shine mix, and all was attached with vintage thread to the seam binding.

Happy homemade gift giving, you all!

just WOW!!! this package is so beautiful, Jamie! wouldn’t you feel loved if you got a gift like this?!! the softness of the colors with the wood veneer and twine still gives it that taste of fall. i love it all that it makes me want to jump right into my studio to create!

supplies: September Skies: 6×6 Paper Pad, Ephemera, Wood Veneer. Color Shine: Coral, Peach, Gold. Magic Medium


trend watch: fabulous stripes!

i LOVE stripes. it’s kind of an obsession really. Sarah Bargo gets me. she knows that stripes are classic and constant. they will always be ‘on trend’….

Well hello there! Today I’m giving a shout out to a fabulous trend that we all know and love, stripes! They are everywhere! Stripes have always been around, but lately they are totally taking the scrapbook world by storm.. and I am in love with them! Candy stripes, skinny vertical stripes, big horizontal fatties, all kinds, all colors! I love all of the stripes that are popping up on Pinterest, especially the subtle gray ones that have little pops of color in them! Here are just a few of the ones that I found to be so inspiring!

photo collage by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp inspirational trends post


Sources from Pinterest! Dear Lillie Blog, The Inspired Room, herz-allerliebst on flickr,

Umm gorgeous right?! In the new Heidi Swapp September Skies Collection, there are some really gorgeous patterned papers, and there are 3 of them with stripes! But I have to say that this sharp gray and white “Meadow Bloom” paper is my favorite!

These stripes really create a super chic background on a page! I wanted to create a little cluster around the photo and leave all the rest “white space” so you could really get a feel for the stripes!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the new #hsseptemberskies collection! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #layout

Those vibrant colors of the flowers and leaves really make the stripes pop!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the new #hsseptemberskies collection! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #layout

This is a photo of my mom and Maggie Massey out to lunch at the cah-utest tea room by us! It was my mom’s birthday, she got a free cupcake, it was awesome.

So here you can see some layering, the “Alpine Rose” paper is covered in absolutely stunning blooms that are just begging to be fussy cut and layered!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the new #hsseptemberskies collection! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #layout

A layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the new #hsseptemberskies collection! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #layout

This adorable “Epic” tab is from the September Skies Color Magic Die Cuts! These tabs look so cute just stapled right on!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the new #hsseptemberskies collection! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #layout

Here you can see a little snippet of the fabulous Washi Tape that’s in the collection! Such cuteness! I am hooked.

A layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the new #hsseptemberskies collection! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #layout

Our Happy Place. I just love it that phrase. Everybody needs one. A place to make you just feel good. And that makes you smile. If you don’t have one, find one and visit often ;)

A layout by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the new #hsseptemberskies collection! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #layout

I hope you’ve gotten your hands on this collection, it is stunning! I have so many ideas?! I cannot wait to see what you all create, now go break out those stripes!! xoxo

there is so much inspiration on this page Sarah! i love that wall paper in the photo – how it matches the flowers you fussy cut. the detail in the leaves. the washi tape. but most of all I DIG those stripes!!!

SUPPLIES: September Skies Washi Tape, September Skies Color Magic Die Cuts, September Skies Alpine Rose, September Skies Meadow Bloom, September Skies Dusk, Color Shine Navy Blue

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