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i am so happy to see my Believe collection come out again this year at Spotlight stores! it is even better to see Maggie Massey using it to create something special for her pretty-little-party. after seeing what she has made for her friends, it makes me want to come on out for her next girl’s night!

It’s almost that time again!

The most wonderful (and busiest, and craziest!) time of the year is right around the corner…and I’m sure you’ve already started filling your calendar with parties, outings & plans-a-plenty.  I certainly have.

One of the activities I’m planning this holiday season is something I did for the first time last month…and I’m hoping it becomes a monthly “thing.” I’m hosting my second little scrap party for a few of my paper-besties! Yay! Just a couple of weeks ago I had 5 girls over to spend the evening eating and creating…and it was THE BEST! We all created a little Thanksgiving/Gratitude book and we had such a fantastic time laughing and sharing…it was really great.


Sarah definitely had a good time…(*cough* *cough* goofball *cough*)…

Just a quick little fact about me. I am a SUCKER for anything that comes in a pretty package. Make it pretty and I’m buying it.

So when I package things to give away or share, I like to make them look nice…soooo…

I thought that for our December get-together I would create a little bag full of awesome to give to each girl. This is what I did…

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #maggiemassey #believe #scrapbooking #hsprettyparty #hsbelieve

I started by pulling out all of Heidi’s Believe Collection…

And then I just set to work putting together little bundles the girls can use to help create their mini-books. I wanted each little bundle to be pretty…to not be just a stack of stuff…so I set out to make each one look like a layered tag.

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #maggiemassey #believe #scrapbooking #hsprettyparty #hsbelieve

I layered pieces from the 6×6 paper pad (which I cut into 4×6, 3.5×5.5 and 3×5 pieces) with ephemera…

…misted a few flowers from September Skies with some Christmas-y Color Shine and added those…tore some strips of washi tape (again from September Skies) and adhered them to pieces of a transparency so they could be easily removed and used on a project…and then used a fun paperclip to keep everything together.

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #maggiemassey #believe #scrapbooking #hsprettyparty #hsbelieve

Next I dressed up some glassine bags with Heidi’s Believe Buzzwords and ephemera…

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #maggiemassey #believe #scrapbooking #hsprettyparty #hsbelieve
I tucked a piece of the Believe black & white striped patterned paper into the bag first so that the embellishments I added to the outside could be easily seen.

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #maggiemassey #believe #scrapbooking #hsprettyparty #hsbelieve

And then I simply tucked a little tag/embellishment stack into each bag…

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #maggiemassey #believe #scrapbooking #hsprettyparty #hsbelieveEasy-peasy!

I can’t wait until our next little party…and I can’t wait to see my friends use up their little stack!

I love that I could give each girl a little gift that not only looks pretty…but is also something they can use to help document their holiday memories.

i hope that you start planning some “creative” time like Maggie has during the busy season to come! we all need a little time out to celebrate with friends! besides, crafting is always more fun with people we love!

SUPPLIES: Believe 12×12 Paper Pack, Believe 6×6 Paper Pack, Believe Banner Delights, Believe Ephemera, Believe Buzz Words, September Skies Color Magic Die Cuts, September Skies Washi Tape, Color Shine – Gold Lame, Color Shine – Sweet Cherry

OTHER: Jen Hadfield for American Crafts Gold Circle Stickers, Bazzill Marathon Runner, American Crafts Mini Stapler

hello NOVEMBER *memory planner printable*

yes, it’s true… NOVEMBER IS HALF OVER!  hey, november… what’s up with that? this month i have been in a bit of a tail spin! right from the beginning… there is just so much going on, which is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for not getting the monthly Memory Planner FREE Printable out there to all my favorite people!  but alas, i have finally sat myself down and FINISHED it! i am so glad that you LOVE these! i LOVE that you USE them, and share them and that you PLAN with them! November is a BIG MONTH. and so far, i haven’t even written ONE THING!  and i am the one that always says “just write ONE LITTLE THING everyday”… hello, i should be practicing what i preach? right?  well, i have a confession. i have broken my #1 rule of “Memory Planning”.  Which is: KEEP YOUR PLANNER ACCESSIBLE.  I lost it for a spell. and by lost i mean that it was under a stack of stuff that i was purposely not looking through! do you have any of those kinds of piles?

Last night, i dug it out!  i looked back through October; then back through the summer…. and all the way back to the first of the year. what an AMAZING year. I LOVE my Memory Planner so much.  TODAY i am uploading some photos to print. I found my favorite pen, and a few stamps. and i created this SUPER fun printable for all of us to enjoy!

The holidays are upon us! it’s time to be pro-active. it’s time to plan. make lists, check them off… so get out your planner! print this freebie... and write ONE little thing everyday! write what you are grateful for; focus on your blessings!  and feel the “november LOVE”


happy monday my friends… make it a great day!

CAPTURE 30 and Memory Planner!

I am SO EXCITED that I can finally reveal my MOST beautiful 2015 Memory Planner AND announce a 30 day class that I will be teaching starting on JANUARY 1st 2015 at Big Picture Classes!

This is going to be SO good! SO, if you haven’t noticed, Memory Planning is a “thing”! well, ok – so I call it “Memory Planning” because recording, planning and documenting in a planner is actually a very powerful and FUN way to keep memories! It’s actually kinda like memory multi-tasking because you are doing what you would do anyway: write down the stuff you have going on… (planning) along with stuff you need to do and remember… but also adding in some pretty embellishments and photos! It’s the perfect way to CAPTURE your EVERYDAY!

I love it!   To kick off 2015 with these beautiful Memory Planners, and to share my LOVE for ‘Memory Planning’, I have teamed up with Big Picture Classes to create a 30-day class in January called “Capture 30”.  Every day, starting on January 1, I will be sharing ideas and inspiration to use in your planner for just about 15 minutes a day! It’s something that can just slide into your life, won’t add TONS of work, but will help you FOCUS on getting where you really want to go, doing what you really want to do in the year to come! We will talk so many different topics like improving handwriting, creating effective lists, documenting daily details in creative and FUN ways, but MOSTLY making the MOST out of everyday! Choosing to be in control and creating a life you love! You can read more about the class here.. it’s only $49! That price is for the CLASS ONLY – there will be videos, a live webshow and chat, tutorials, worksheets and fun projects! It’s kinda a big deal! And it will be here before we know it!


SO earlier this year, Studio Calico bought Big Picture Classes, and of course SC is all about creating amazing KITS to make it SO easy to create! To support this class, Studio Calico is offering both of my beautiful Memory Planner albums as well as some of the gorgeous accessories in the perfect ‘starter kit’. The preorder is available NOW on the Studio Calico website.   Here is the link to see what exactly is in those kits. These kits do not contain the WHOLE ‘Memory Planner’ collection, but it does include some of my favorite pieces that I will be using in the class.


I have heard the question a number of times: “Do we need to have the kit for this class, or can I buy or use another planner?”  As this class is available without a kit, and like most BPC classes, the ideas I am sharing are universal and you can adapt my ideas to any planner!

Another IMPORTANT NOTE… and this is just slightly less than ideal… (but we are making the best of it) My whole collection of 2015 Memory Planner STUFF will not be shipping until the last week of December. And YES it’s cutting it VERY close for the starting of the new year! BLAH! I have structured the class such that we will be spending the first week and a half on stuff that won’t need to happen directly INSIDE the planner until we have it in our hands! I SO TOTALLY wish it was shipping right NOW, but it’s something that you will have ALL YEAR, so I think that the one week delay on the front end won’t be the worst thing! Studio Calico will be RUSHING the kits to you as FAST as possible! ALRIGHT… now I just want to clarify the 3 different options that are available in Heidi Swapp Memory Planners for 2015 – this way you can choose the perfect fit for you!

I created this little video just to share some of my favorite bits and pieces of the “Hello Beautiful” Memory Planner Collection. Click below to give it a watch!

The planner this year is so different from last year the albums are BINDERS, making it very easy to add in pages as needed and move current months to the front

in addition to the calendar pages, there are pages that highlight each day, as well as beautiful dividers for each month and places to write to-do lists, things to remember and record, and photos of the month! Extra journaling pages are also included

**there are a LOT of pages that ALREADY COME loaded in the planner for the whole year! Similar to last year, each month has a pocket page which will hold 4×4 and 2×2 stuff.

There are 2 very different looking planners in this collection.   First is the Black and White Memory Planner. The color palette is pink, black and white with GOLD foil touches. Second is the watercolor version which features soft watercolor effects and is highlighted by Silver Foil touches. This Memory Planner is really dedicated to following your DREAMS! Which is something that I LOVE, and I believe is such an important part of everyday! The embellishments and extras have been designed carefully to compliment each of the planners! Each accessory is useful, unique and makes me SUPER HAPPY! I couldn’t be more excited!

These items will be available through Studio Calico as a kit, and also through independent retailers for pre-order and late December/early January delivery depending on where you live! they are SO totally worth the wait! I promise!

The last option that I wanted to mention is ONLY available at Michaels.

It’s a boxed kit version of the Memory Planner. There are a few differences.

The $24.99 retail includes a 6×8 3-ring GOLD binder book (this corresponds with the 6×8 Project Life binder if you are a PLer).   The inside pages are a bit more abbreviated than the full Memory Planner book: 12 divider pages, 12 month-at-a glance, 1 journal page and pocket page per month. The kit comes with some number stamps, some 2×2 cards, sticker booklet, the cutest magnetic clips, sticky note flags and a pen.

It’s an incredible deal! I got them for my girls and they are just PERFECT! We are excited to share our journey together!!

Also, as a side note, my 2014 spiral bound “Hello Today” albums can be found at Hobby Lobby – and is SO MUCH FUN! If that I more your style!   I HOPE that I have answered questions that you might have… whatever planner you choose to use, documenting your life DAILY in a planner is a game-changer. By writing one little thing every day, about your day – you can unlock and access memories that will literally stop that ‘blur’ that we can sometimes feel as we think back on our days… PLEASE JOIN ME! This is just the beginning of a very exciting and DO-ABLE way to document everyday! Invite your friends and family to join in too! It’s so fun to be on this journey together!

app pick! the bokeh effect

today we are using our phones like never before and taking photos has never been easier! there are many apps to edit or add to your photo. it can be so much fun! what i love about Kim Jeffress is that she just doesn’t keep those photos on her phone, but she prints them out and scrapbooks them! here is one of her current favorite layouts using a favorite app…

Are you addicted to your phone? I am ! I use my phone every day , not for phone calls , not for texts but for taking photos. There isn’t  a day that goes by that I do not take one  or twenty photos on my phone!

Today I want to share one of my favorite photo editing apps that I use all the time on my phone, well 2 apps actually.

Lets start with my layout shall we. I took this photo last week (using my phone) of my youngest at school after receiving his very first award at assembly. As a base I used a sheet of  September Skies Open Air pattern paper.

I wanted to make my layout pop so I used a number of pattern papers from the September Skies collection  as photo mats for my photo. I used the Star Gazing pattern paper to give a school theme, plus the fun stripes from the Light Spectrum paper to represent his happy bubbly nature.


Do you spy those 2 apples cut  from the Star Gazing paper!   I used my silhouette to cut them out using an apple cut file I  downloaded from the Silhouette online store. I then backed both apples with 2 -4×6 cards from the Favorite Things Project Life Core Kit. I embellished the apples with that cute Black and White Speech bubble sticker  new from Hobby Lobby and the silver Glitter epoxy sticker and word stickerrs from Favorite Things.


I added a cluster of embellishments around the photo to really draw attention to it. That wood veneer word and acrylic word both from September Skies, plus to further add to the school theme that Lightbulb stamp from the Clear stamp set. I added my all important  journaling to complete the cluster. In the future I want to remember not only the fact that he got his very first assembly award but more importantly  the day before when he was so excited to come home and tell me he was to receive an award the following day, that moment, that thrill in his voice I want to cherish forever!


More stamping , Glitter stickers and splashes of Mustard ColorShine complete my layout!


So lets talk apps.

My “go to” app is Pic Tap Go I use it every single day to brighten, sharpen and add a touch of color to my photos. You can see it on the top right screenshot taken from my phone below.

However when I want to add an extra  special touch to my already brightened  photos I call upon Bokehful! Bokehful allows you to customise your photos with coloured bokeh spots that mimic light and sunshine shining onto your photo.


Here’s how easy it is to use. Open your chosen photo then click on the colour wheel to choose your group of colored bokeh . You can also customize the order of the colours in your colored group by sliding it up and down.

Then gently rub over your photo with your finger and each touch of your finger on the screen adds a spot onto your photo.

If you do not like the effect  simply click on the curved arrow to take away one spot at a time or hold it down to remove them all and start over again.


How fun is that! So easy and you can do it as many times as you want till you get the effect you want!

Simply save it to your photo roll and print off!

What’s your favorite photo editing APP? Be sure to share them on Heidi’s FB page right here.


this is so much fun Kim!!! i have got to try it out! now, make sure to print your photos and ‘make pretty stuff!’ click here if you need to find some easy ways to print your photos from your phone!


Supplies- September Skies Star Gazing, Light Spectrum, Open Air, Mountain Trail, Word Strips, Ephemera , Wood Veneer, washi Tape, Clear Stamps

Black and White Chipboard Stickers, Glitter Bubble Stickers, Favorite Things Word Jumble stickers, Mustard Colorshine, Project Life Clear StampsFavorite Things Project Life Core kit



make PRETTY pockets week 9

3 more weeks left in my ‘Pretty Pocket‘ series! each week i have been so inspired and this week is no exception! Jamie Pate is up with 3 more ways to pretty up a pocket! she is using one of my favorite pocket pages from the #HSProjectLife collection. These Panaoramic pages open up from either the side or top to reveal more places to place photos! Jamie took it one step further and added a photo-stack! now that’s a lot of photos on a 12×12 spread!

As the year is quickly speeding to a fast end, I am more motivated than ever to keep up with my weekly Project Life pages. The chance to document these precious moments and then to also make them creative and pretty is so satisfying to me. For this page documenting a recent Sunday in our family’s adventures I used a Panoramic Pocket Page with 4×4 pockets.

Today I get to share a few more ways in this Pretty Pocket series to create creative and meaningful pockets for your pages.

First let’s create a calendar pocket to document the date of this page.

For the first pocket you will need:

Calendar Coloring Cards

4×6 Clear Overlay card

Teal and White Color Shine

Roller Date Stamp

paint brush


To create the calendar pocket, trim Coloring Card down to 4×4 to fit pocket.
Mix Teal and White Color Shine together, and with paint brush color the month. Stamp card with Date Stamp.
Trim 4×6 Overlay Card to 4×4. Layer it over the calendar card. Remember to remove clear plastic from back of Overlay Card.
Slip cards into 4×4 pocket.


Now for pocket #2…

For this pocket you will need the following supplies:

Project Life LOVE Photo Flip Book

chipboard pieces from Project Life Clear Value Kit

4×3 Project Life Color Magic Value Kit journal card


Use the Project Life LOVE Photo Flip Book as additional space for photos and journaling.

Embellish the flaps with chipboard pieces and stamps.

Add photos and journaling to the inside of the flip book, and slip last page into the pocket page.

Cut additional slits in pockets if needed.

I also altered one of the flip pages by adding a Color Magic die cut card and stamping it and gluing it down to that page.


Pocket #3 follows:

For this last pocket you will need the following supplies:

Project Life grid journaling card trimmed to 4×4

Project Life My Heart Stamp and Stencil Set

Color Shine

journaling pen

Stencil a  grid journaling card that has been trimmed to 4×4 with the stencil from the Project Life My Heart Stamp and Stencil Set.

Lay the stencil down on the card, lightly spray with Color Shine.

When dry, add journaling to only the heart image.

And there you have it…three more pretty pockets for your Project Life pages.

Pretty fun, right? Pretty doable? and just plain pretty. Hope you too find a sense of satisfaction and creativity creating your Project Life pages especially with the help of pretty pockets.


Pretty Pockets Week 9 FREE Printable @heidiswapp @jamiepate @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife #hsprojectlife #scrapbooking #diy

i LOVE all these ideas Jamie! especially that photo stack! look at how many extra photos you were able to get in there! download week 9′s printable right here! and get even more ideas by checking out my FREE Project Life e*idea book right here! 

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Project Life; Color Shine

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