my favorites! the new Michaels sticker collection…

Hey everyone! Maggie here…

Did you see Heidi’s post yesterday?

I am FREAKING OUT over the new sticker collection now available at select Michaels stores!

And today I’m going to share a layout I created with some of my very favorite items from the new collection…so, if you haven’t done so already, go back to yesterday and check out all of the brand new products…then come back here and I’ll show you the ones I love the most!

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

OK…so now that you’ve gotten a good look at what’s available, I’m assuming you’ve picked your jaw up off of the floor and I can go ahead…

These are my faves…in no particular order:

*those word jumbles…holy moly.

*the dipped tags…I’ll need like 20 packs. In every color.


*the acetate words…especially the teal pack.

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

And here’s the layout I created:

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

I started my page with my photos and a large word (fun) from Heidi’s recent Mixed Media collection (also available at Michaels)…

I sprayed the letters across the bottom with Mustard Color Shine and then added a layer of Butter Color Shine about mid-way up. I left the tops of each letter white to give the word an ombre look.

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

Next I placed my photos and my letters onto my cardstock and then filled in the rest with stickers from the new set…

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

Really now…those acetate words! And I love how the new number stickers all have different patterns on them…

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

And who says the tags have to be used as tags?

I used mine to help embellish my page…and I love how the neutral kraft with just a touch of color adds so much to my layout.

A fun layout created by Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp using the brand new Heidi Swapp sticker set at Michaels stores

I, for one, still love the whole ink blot look. And I rarely create a page without at least a few. The new icon and enamel stickers are just perfect for adding those finishing touches…without the mess of real ink.

And, in true Heidi fashion, the mix of colors and patterns in each pack work together beautifully for any kind of project you’re working on!

Soooo…now I’ve shared my favorites…how about you? What are you crazy about in the new sticker collection?

SUPPLIES: Acetate Words Teal, Puffy Number Stickers Black & White, Word Jumbles Mint Gold, Label Stickers Teal, Glitter Enamel Shapes Metallic, Glitter Enamel Shapes Black, Dipped Tags Blues, Color Shine Butter, Color Shine Mustard, Color Magic Alpha Dot

new at michaels – stickers!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

we love new goodies to play with! am i right?? and pretty much… when there is something that we LOVE, we want one in EVERY COLOR!  of course you just have to have BLACK and WHITE – basic enough to work with everything!! and  for sure, metallics all the way!  i can’t get enough of the silvers and golds! Bring on the PINK and TURQUOISE!! and well, there is no living without MINT!!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

bull dog clips, flag paper clips, bow stickers and glitter frames? yep… i used these over and over!  But don’t forget alphas, labels, random word stickers and adorable puffy stickers… ALL of which are just easy to use! they are BASICS! These are essentials for every paper crafting need!  So you make cards?? the bows and clear words are necessities!! You love Project LIFE? check out the word jumbles and epoxy shapes in every color!!  You are a planner addict?? just wait until you see my newest WASHI TAPE sets!! oh, and you will want the colorful and glittery tag sets! OH MY!!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

yes… these are real. $9.99 for 7 different styles including 2 glitter rolls! (gold might be my fav)

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

i can never get enough of these – clear word – sized for titles and have about a million uses!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

all these fun paper clips? they are functional and adorable!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

i can’t resist theses… they are flat enough to place inside pockets, and add delish details to cards, envelopes and baby’s  heads!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

look at all these cutest colors! you can never have too many bull dog clips!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

frames and tags are just those bits and pieces that you love having on hand – easy to use. great for layering… and double as gift tags!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

you can’t really tell… but these are sparkly, pretty touches of sparkle! epoxy in so many shapes!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

are you an instax fan? cute little poloroid style frames… so cute!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

all these lables are just perfect for planners and organization! there is a hoarding warning on these…

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

these are just the cutest little booklets – sets of 2. great little gifts and places to capture ideas!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

and these titles are super cute- they are metallic on top, but colorful foam inside. they just are the cutest!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

look at these mini note pads? i couldn’t love them more! (more hoarding issues with these!)

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

fun, and happy puffy stickers!  you can never have enough numbers!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

these word sets are a combination of raw and colorful… super cute, super easy to use!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

and really… these are super useful. these practically craft themselves!

Sticker collection by @heidiswapp

all of these little happy elements have been created for your paper crafting pleasure! ESPECIALLY for you! and specifically to MAKE PRETTY STUFF!! i hope you can get your hands on them! :)

Click here to see the list of selective Michael’s stores that will be carrying this collection!

no pattern paper…no worries!

Have you spied the brand new Washi tapes, Wood words, Bows and other delish goodies at Michaels?  Hi, Kim here and I am totally in love with all the newest bits and pieces and I have chosen a few of my favorite items to create a layout to share today! Now when I first started I was thinking how could I create my layout without pattern paper? I found that strip of paper in my stash from an older Heidi collection but I wasn’t sure how I could get some colour  onto my page without pattern paper!  However once I got started and I began layering the  tapes and that darling map Art screen from the Mixed Media collection my layout came together so easily!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiiswapp #heidiswapp@michaels

I began with the Silver Art Screen Ink and Map Art screen from the You are Here Screen Kit and added it to the top a piece of Bazzill cardstock.

Once dry I started with the yellow ( of course) striped frame from the 4×4 Bright  frames pack and layered over the glittery wood  word from the Lucky pack and the prettiest little gold and white spotted Fabric bow! I then tucked in and around a few of the Jumble clear stickers with gold words, these are to die for!


312265_HS_WoodVeneer_Glitter312245_HS_WordStickers_Gold@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidiswapp@michaels

Then I grabbed my packs of Gold and Silver Washi  and began layering!

312262_HS_DecorativeTape_Gold312261_HS_DecorativeTape_SilverIMG_6471 copy

I really love the contrast between the gold and silver. I must admit that wide white tape with the Dream Big words might just be a hot fav of mine! I can see myself using it A LOT!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidiswapp@michaels

To finish off I used some of the  Glitter Puffy Alphabet Gold stickers  and the Black and White Puffy number stickers  to add my final touches of embellishments. To complete my layout I added some splashes of Ocean  Color Shine and my layout was done!


@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidiswapp@michaels

Next time you are at Michael’s, be on the look out for these gorgeous new items to add to your stash, they really help you Make Pretty Stuff!


Fabric Bows Gold, Puffy Number Stickers Black and White,  Wood Words Lucky, Washi Tape Gold, Washi Tape Silver,

Glitter Puffy Alphabet Stickers Gold, Word Jumbles Clear Gold, 4×4 Frames Bright, Color Shine OceanSilver Metallic Screen Print Ink , Screen Kit You are Here


create to remember: die cuts and glitter tape

Welcome back to Create to Remember, Heidi’s weekly Craft Channel! I am Jen Evans, Heidi’s media team lead and educational assistant, filling in for Heidi this week! Heidi filmed this episode at the first of July and I have been just waiting for the chance for it to go live! It is one of my favorite new techniques to do with Heidi’s Marquee Love Glitter Tapes! Design team member Sarah Bargo posted this technique on her Instagram and we all had an “ah-ha” moment!

Diecuts and Glitter Tape by @heidiswapp

Heidi has a collection of dies that are in her handwriting. We all love to have Heidi’s handwriting available at our fingertips! If you use the Marquee Love Glitter Tape, that is designed to go along the outside of Heidi’s Marquee Letters, you can create custom glitter stickers! Let me show you how!

Diecuts and Glitter Tape by @heidiswapp


- Any Marquee Love 2″ Glitter Tape

- Wanderlust Metal Word Dies

- Manual Die Cut Machine like We R Memory Keepers’ Evolution Advanced


Diecuts and Glitter Tape by @heidiswapp


1. Cut glitter tape to the length of the die

Diecuts and Glitter Tape by @heidiswapp

2. With the Evolution Advanced use the setting on the dial to “Thick Paper”, place the dies on the shim. And run through the machine.

Diecuts and Glitter Tape by @heidiswapp

3. Remove the word from the die

Diecuts and Glitter Tape by @heidiswapp

4. Place your sticker on your project!

It is really that easy! To see Heidi do it herself and how easy it is to use the We R Memory Keepers Evolution Advanced, watch the video below! Then, have fun making your own custom glitter stickers!

NEW 2015 Heidi Swapp PROJECT LIFE!

There is no right or wrong way to document your memories! All that matters is that you DO SOMETHING! Yes… I am talking about those PHOTOS. Uh, yeah… THOSE photos… the 6,492 photos that are on your computer; the 1,233 on your phone and the 14,367 photos on that hard drive that you aren’t sure where the cord is that will connect it to your desktop! (oh, those….) yes! How do I know? Because I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! I have a million photos myself! They tell wonderful stories, and hold treasured memories. Isn’t it amazing, that even though a moment has passed, you can still hold it? even relive it?

You don’t have to be artistic or creative to document your memories! I want to share with you my newest collection of products designed to keep the process SIMPLE! I have teamed up with Becky Higgins – creator of “Project Life”. You can learn more about Project Life here. Basically, you combine photos with information about those photos into clear pockets designed to hold pre-designed cards and pictures. Lucky for you, I make sure that those “pre-designed” elements are SUPER cute! The designs help you tell your story- by prompting you to share details about the events.

I have been so excited about all this new stuff! I hope you will love it too!

“Core Kits” and albums are the building blocks of Project Life. These kits include sets of 4×6 and 3×4 pre-designed cards for titles and journaling. You get like a million cards in each set, and multiples of individual cards (to minimize hoarding, and to promote sharing). This collection includes 2 new Heidi Swapp Core Kits: Prismatic and Picturesque. The Prismatic set is super colorful, bright, happy and FUN! The Picturesque has a really cool laid back vibe, with neutral colors and photo-real elements throughout!

There are also 4 “value kits”. These also include 3×4 and 4×6 cards, but each set also includes a stash of embellishments that will integrate and add a little ‘somethin somethin’ to your pockets of fuN!


I also decided that I like to keep my cards handy… (true confessions, I use them for cards, tags and notes all the time) SO, I decided it would be awesome to have some little clear boxes to store the cards in! BOOM. These make me happy!

And….another confession: I love 4×4 photos. I blame instagram. I love it! SO, I decided that it would be fun to create some cards and albums dedicated to my love of 4×4 photos! Allow me to introduce these cutest little 4×4 albums. These are all about gettin’ the memory keeping job done. FILL these with PHOTOS!! Oh, and you can also get little 4×4 refills with gold foil printed inserts! Cuteness.


And, in case you want to step up your album game, don’t worry cause there are a bunch of supremely awesome 8” albums. I even created some way cute dividers – there a combo of chipboard printed and clear with gold foil (BOOM!) (heart eyes)

I created a bunch of mini-kits with 4×4 cards just perfect for these 4” and 8” albums. Die cut cards, clear, wood veneer with glitter, frames, numbers…. Oh MY! Plus, you can always trim down a 4×6 card to fit! #makeitwork

Now, even though Project Life is designed to be SUPREMELY SIMPLE, you can always complicate matters by picking up these freakishly cute little booklets: washi strips, clear stickers, alphas, puffy words…

And for the EXTRA crazy, creative types… I couldn’t resist whipping up some NEW #colorshine colors! HOT PINK!? PEACOCK blue!? BRIGHT yellow? … happiness in a little 1oz bottle.


 Don’t forget the interactive cards (perfect for hidden stories)…

and the Frame kit that includes rub on’s and cute mini puffy stickers!

This stuff makes me happy! These items have been in the works for a long time, and it’s exciting to finally see them HERE! I hope that they will inspire you to CAPTURE LIFE! I have been using cards from this collection to create the daily prompts for the #HSCAPTURELIFE challenge that’s been happening on my instagram feed. It’s been so amazing to see all the photos, and read the captions of the photos being shared. MEMORIES matter.

I believe holding onto the best memories will strengthen bonds between loved ones. I believe they will inspire gratitude and love. As you look through the memory albums, you can’t help but smile, and feel a connection that refuses to be forgotten!

Even though this is all super cute and fun stuff… and I love it… nothing compares to YOUR photos, and your stories… no matter how you choose to document them, START NOW!




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