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Heidi has always encouraged us to print our photos and document our lives. It is the core of who she is and it is her passion. Yet, with busy lives filled with family, work, children, and many other obligations that fill up our days it is inevitable that photos are hidden in closets or sitting on our phones still waiting to be printed.


Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

My daughter’s room use to be my studio. It was hard enough for me to move out of that room while I was 6 months pregnant (big belly and all) and even harder for me to clean out the closet as it stored most of my craft supplies. So, I closed the door and did the best thing I thought a pregnant woman could think of – I bought a dresser. Ha! Knowing my daughter would turn two this month, I have been slowly going through the closet trying to purge. Last week, my daughter learned how to open closet doors and I had to spend the entire day going through the what I was now calling “The Black Hole.” I hid all my un-scrapbooked photos in there! There was a lot more than what is photographed above and I realized that it was time to at least get these photos in albums.

Inspired by Heidi’s recent Instagram posts, I separated my photos into several piles. One pile was extra photos that have already been scrapped but that could be used either as special “love letter letter” layouts for my children or placed directly into a photo album for the children to have as their own. Please excuse the belly shot below as it is has been 100 degrees in our house, but I had to grab the camera! When I handed my daughter the album with photos of our family, she immediately was flipping through the pages pointing and saying, “Mamma. Daddy. Brah Brah (brother).” There is nothing more precious.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I took some of the extra photos I have of me and my children and I will be creating layouts that will have hidden love letters to them, like the one below. Also, with the events of two weeks ago, I have really tried to get back to why I love scrapbooking. For me, it isn’t just a way to document my life but it is also a way for me to be the person I was created to be – an artist. I haven’t painted or drawn anything in years. I forgot how relaxing it is for me.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

There is nothing special about the techniques on this page. Anyone can put watercolor on watercolor paper! I mixed my colors with water and painted the center of the watercolor paper. I let it dry before adding Heidi’s texture paste with her new stencil set available at Michaels.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I used Wilna Furstenberg’s flower cutting file with watercolor paper and just brushed the color on. No one needs an art degree to brush one color on the flower and then added a little more color on top and along the sides to add the “shadow”. I let it dry naturally. Enjoying the process is what was fun about this page.

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Encouraging words to help you get those photographs into albums! by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I hope you are inspired to use those photos that are sitting in your closets! It’s time to  enjoy the process of this amazing hobby – scrapbooking!

- Jen Evans

Supplies: 12×12 Watercolor Paper, Watercolor, 6×6 Stencil Set Triangle, Teal Metallic Texture Paste, Cinch Album Insta Kit, Die Cut Color Magic Paper, Wanderlust Wooden Veneer, Wanderlust Painted Binder Clips

Bazzill Basics Paper cardstock, Bazzill Basics Paper 6×6 Kraft Foil Paper Pad, Rhinestones, Starburst Punch, We R Memory Keepers Washi Tape


Photos!  The one tangible thing we have for all our memories. Heidi reminded us a few days ago on Instagram to take more photos and to print those photos off! I think we are lucky as scrapbookers and memory keepers we already know the value and importance of taking photos and for that I am eternally grateful. A few years ago when Heidi visited Australia she shared a story about how the brain and memory works. That memories were created like webs of information in our brains and if we were  to recall one piece of that web puzzle it would allow us to remember more pieces. For eg a photograph taken at a restaurant sharing a meal would trigger the sights, smells, tastes from that occasion. This concept that Heidi shared with me and those who visited with her at Spotlight struck a cord with me and continually makes me so thankful I already have a life time of photos and memories of my family and friends recorded in my Scrapbooks. Likewise this photo taken recently of my son and I on a carousel at a Fun Park, sparks not just the memory of us on the ride but then the day we spent at Luna Park, My husband taking more than his usual one photo of us on the ride- knowing I would want a great photo, riding the dodgem cars, eating fairy floss,  being rugged up against the cold, walking along the beach next to Luna Park…the list could go on. Do you see now what I mean- photos really are a path to our history. A way to recall all those memories that could be forgotten a way to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones, a way to know that we were here!

The one advantage we Scrapbookers have is that we get to make those memories that little bit more “prettier”!

Today I am sharing a layout that combines some of my favourite pattern papers from the September Skies collection and the new Metallic Texture pastes and 4×4 stencils!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

Lets break some of my layout down a little. I began with the Teal Texture paste and 4×4 Insta Words stencil set. Inside the stencil pack it comes with some pre cut pieces of card. I simply grabbed one of the cards, laid the Love stencil over the top and applied the Teal textures paste over the stencil and allowed it to dry.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

I love the subtle texture it brings plus the shine the texture paste creates. I adhered the card to my background then ran it though  my sewing machine for some extra texture. I typed my very important part of the process my journaling using my vintage typewriter then cut it into strips. I adhered the strips vertically next to this card for a fun effect on my page.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

I then grabbed the 4×4 Insta polka dot in the patterns stencil set and the Silver Texture paste and repeated my process.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

Once dry I stapled one of the gold foil inserts from the Project Life plastic sleeves over the top of the texture paste. I arranged my elements around my page and added in my ever faithful Word Strip  stickers from the September Skies collection to complete my layout.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmixedmedia #hsseptemberskies

As we all have been reminded recently how precious life is, I know my family, my friends and I are blessed that our stories, our moments and our lives  have been recorded. Each cherished  memory just as important as the last. Take those photos, print them out and in honour of Heidi “Make Pretty Stuff”!

- Kim Jeffress

Supplies: 4×4 Insta Patterns set, 4×4 Insta Words set, Silver Metallic Texture paste, Teal Metallic  Texture paste,

September Skies Beautiful Bouquet pattern paper, September Skies Light Spectrum pattern paper

Wanderlust Memory Wood Veneer, September Skies Word Stripes,  Project Life Foil Photo Pockets


create to remember : cinch travel journal

Hello, I am Jen Evans, Heidi’s social media manager and welcome back to another ‘Create to Remember‘ episode. Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement as Heidi takes some time to be with her family. The media team and I have been so encouraged to read your replies to our open discussion of “why you scrapbook” on Heidi’s Facebook page. If you would like to share the story of why you love this hobby, please do so by commenting on Heidi’s Facebook page right here. Our team has been so moved by the answers that we are wanting to compile and share some of them soon.

I am excited to tell you about this episode of My Craft Channel that Heidi taped for you last month and that is live today.

@HeidiSwapp shows how to use the @wermemorykeepers Cinch to make a travel journal

Ever since Heidi posted this travel journal on her Instagram feed from her Spotlight Tour last March, I have been waiting for her to share the details on how she created it! Heidi gave us a sneak peek inside only one page while she was away on her trip and today, we finally get to see the inside of it. I love it so much because it is a mix between a journal, planner, mini book, and travel album! It is perfect to carry with you in your purse to jot down those important “never-want-to-forget” moments.

@HeidiSwapp shows how to use the @wermemorykeepers Cinch to make a travel journal

Heidi created her journal with items from her Wanderlust collection. She used the Wanderlust Portfolio and also included a notebook, clear acetate, dividers, and the 5×7 pattern paper pad as inserts.

@HeidiSwapp shows how to use the @wermemorykeepers Cinch to make a travel journal

Heidi also shows how easy it is to use the Cinch by We R Memory Keepers, a binding machine. Honestly, when Heidi showed me how to use it for the first time I thought, “Why have I not used one before?!!!” The way she explains how to use the Cinch is so simple – you will be making your own mini albums and journals in no time!

@HeidiSwapp shows how to use the @wermemorykeepers Cinch to make a travel journal

@HeidiSwapp shows how to use the @wermemorykeepers Cinch to make a travel journal

Click play to see inside Heidi’s own album and watch as she shares the step by step process to create your own!

abc marquee love

Hello! It’s Jen Evans, Heidi’s Social Media Manager, my team and I wanted to personally thank you for all the support and love you have showed Heidi in her decision to continue having her media team inspire you to “make pretty stuff” in her absence. Our team is a special group of women that believe in Heidi’s passion for memory keeping. Not only have we worked together for over 3 years, we are the best of friends. I read a quote the other day that said, “A good friend knows all your best stories. A best friend has lived them with you.” I am thankful for these beautiful and creative women, including today’s author Kim Jeffress

It’s a funny thing – perspective. The following post was written and photographed several weeks ago before we heard the devastating news of Heidi’s son tragic passing. It has been extremely  hard for me to step back into my scrap room this past week, but seeing Heidi’s own strength has certainly given me hope and strength myself to celebrate my boys small and big accomplishments through my scrapbooks again. I also want to celebrate the accomplishments of the students in my class, make my classroom a happy and inspiring place to learn and create life long learners in themselves….perspective seems to put all those little details we want to remember become the important things in our lives, the laughter of my boys and my husband, the joy and delight in hearing the students in my kindergarten class reading and writing. All these things need to be celebrated every day!

Today I am sharing  an idea using the  letters A, B, and C from the Marquee Love collection I couldn’t help but use them in my classroom. I thought they would be a perfect decorative element to use in my reading corner!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

What makes my letters that little bit different is that I decorated the inside with my own designed paper and 3 foil colors from the Minc collection!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

Lets see how I created my letters.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

Step 1- Begin with the letters ABC from Marquee Love.

Step 2- Create  your background paper in PowerPoint or WordProcessing for each letter A,B and C. Print them out on to thin white card using your laser printer and chose 3 colors of Foil that would suit your color scheme. (You can find the templates at the end of my post as a FREEBIE download)

Step 3- Run each page through the Minc with your chosen color of foil.

Step 4- Using the template found in each box trace around it onto your foiled cardstock and  cut each shape out.

Step 5- Choose coordinating washi tape from the Marquee Love collection and apply to the outside edges of the letters.

Step 6- Lay your template back inside your letter and use a pencil or scissors to push a hole into the cardstock. Remove the template then push your bulbs into the letters and thread the lights into the bulbs to complete!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

I love how they light up in my classroom and my students adore them too! I used the Black and White 2 inch spot tape for my B, the Red 2 inch glitter tape for A and the 2 inch Gold tape for the letter C.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

The students in my class know whenever the lights are on its reading group time!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

To further add to my class decor I added a few extra elements from the Minc collection. Here I combined  one of the Signature Wall Art pieces and red foil. I hung it on a silver clipboard.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

I also foiled a Pinwheel and Banner for a touch of fun!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

I foiled the Brilliant Wall Art piece also from the Signature collection in  teal foil. I  then trimmed it to slide into the frame from Ikea and added it to my classroom display.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

I just love how my students are so motivated to get to their reading activities when they see the lights go on, however I think the lights would also be perfect at home in your child’s room or play room. They would definitely add touch of frivolity anywhere they were placed!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #hsminc

ABC – FREEBIE download here ABC

If nothing else, these last few weeks have taught me to celebrate each and every moment at home with my family and in the classroom where I teach.

Thank you dear Heidi for showing me how to be strong in times of need, you really are shining light in my life!

Supplies: Marquee Love letters A, B, C, Marquee Love Black and White Polka dot Washi, Marquee Love red Glitter TapeMarquee Love Gold Glitter Tape,  Minc 12 inch Foil ApplicatorMinc Reactive Foil Red, Minc Reactive Foil Blue, Minc Reactive Foil GreenMinc Reactive Foil Teal, Minc Gallery Wall Art Signature collection, Minc Pinwheels, Minc Banners

thank you for your prayers

Hello, this is Jen Evans, Heidi’s social media manager. As many of you know Heidi’s second to oldest son Cory passed away on July 10th. Heidi is very appreciative of the love and support she has received through your comments and prayers both online and offline.

While Heidi focuses on her family, she has asked that her media team to take over her activities on the blog and continue to “make pretty stuff” that will provide inspiration in her absence. She has asked us to move forward with the calendar of announcements she already had planned for the next several weeks. At her request we will resume regular posts here on her blog and on her Facebook page starting tomorrow.

Please continue to keep Heidi and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


Jen Evans

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