scrapbooking 101: layering

new to scrapbooking? Sarah Bargo makes layering easy with today’s layout!!! she explains every step of her process today that it is almost like you are scrapbooking with her at home!!!! plus she uses September Skies which is in stores NOW… so grab your supplies and lets “make pretty stuff” with Sarah!

Well hello there paper peeps! Whether you are a seasoned scrapper or just starting out, we’re always looking for fun and simple ways to jazz up our pages right? Well something I really love to do is layer! I loooove layering, especially if there are so many awesome patterns in a collection!Hey if you can’t decide on which pattern to use, use them all baby woohoo!!

So here is my layout, I used the September Skies papers! I adore the colors of this collection, they are so striking and beautiful!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

It’s got lots of luscious layers! It might look tricky, but it’s so so easy really! I’ll show you my process. And really when I say process, I just mean that I choose the papers I want to use, make pencil marks, trim them, then layer them lol! No measuring here ;)

Here are the steps I took to create this layered look, I thought it’d be easier to just show you so you can play along!

But first, I have to let you in on a little trick that I do, it’s pretty much because I’m cheap lol! Ok maybe that’s the wrong word… thrifty maybe? Frugal? I love to put a small border around the perimeter of my page, so what I do is slice a big square out of the middle of the paper that I’m going to use for my border, then I put the background piece on. This way, instead of wasting a whole big sheet of paper, I’m only using the outside! Which is what you’re only going to see anyways!! Then I have a large square left over that I can use in my layering! Does that make sense? See here’s my border piece with the hole cut out of the middle;

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

Then I put the background piece on!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

And here’s the big blue square piece that was left over yay! Just a fun little tip, does anyone else do this?

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

Then just keep layering! I don’t measure, but you can if you’d like!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

See?! Easy peasy! I kept things real simple, didn’t add many embellishments, just a few sprinkles from the September Skies Collection ;)

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

I love to cut apart those cute squares from the patterned paper and tuck them into little places!

A layout by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using September Skies #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsseptemberskies

So there’s a little insight on how to add some layers to your projects! I hope you play along, maybe you’ll discover a hidden passion for layering that you didn’t know you had… Also don’t forget to look for the September Skies Paper Pads coming to Michael’s stores soon!

Sarah, your layout is PERFECT! i love your process, it was really like i was right there in your craft space watching you play. thank you for that!

SUPPLIES: September Skies 12×12 Paper Pad, September Skies Attachment Kit, September Skies Ephemera


valentine gifts

i am BLOWN away by Kim Jeffress’ project today. really, i can’t wait until the MINC hits stores soon – because it is going to change the way you think of “making pretty stuff!” it doesn’t matter when you make this gift – it will be treasured forever!

Tomorrow is Valentines day and my boys and I have come up with a couple of small gifts for my husband that I hope will show him how much   we love him. He is a coffee lover so  I came up with a few  ideas that will keep him happy and wanted to gift wrap them simply but in a masculine way.  I also  wanted to include my boys in the gift wrapping and came up with this solution!

I Combined the Minc, the new Wanderlust collection  and a foiled photograph each of my boys as the key elements in my gift wrapping.

I began with photographs of my boys that I took on my phone and edited in my favourite photo editing app Pic Tap Go. I added the paperboy filter to give it a comic strip look. I then printed off my photo and took it to my local copy shop and had it printed onto thin card on their copy machine. Once I got home I had my boys join me in my scrapbooking room and we went to work with my Minc and a few pieces of the Minc Reactive foil sheets.

This video shares their fun!

My first gift holds some vouchers to his favorite coffee shop. I wrapped the box with the classic brown paper for a masculine feel.

I love the blue foil on this photo which is highlighted by that gorgeous gold glittery frame from the Memory Planner Frames pack.

I started embellishing my box by punching some hearts from the Wanderlust Pressed Flowers pattern paper and then stitching a garland with my sewing machine.

Next I  tied the heart garland around my gift.

I then laid on one of the Wanderlust Lace paper’s for some texture followed by a piece of Meadow Bloom paper from September Skies. Then I added a Wanderlust WaterColor Tag alongside a Wanderlust envelope. I added the photo and wrapped some American Crafts twine around the whole package and hot glued that Project Life Gold Chipboard Heart  to complete.

My second gift holds some of his favorite coffee pods. Again I wrapped the box in brown paper to begin. My younger son Chose to Foil his photo with Red which I then matted with a piece of 6×6 Alpine Rose pattern paper from September Skies.

I then took some left over foil from a previous project. I had foiled a piece of 12 x 12 Signature paper with Gold foil and was left with this gorgeous piece of foil left over. I trimmed it to size and wrapped it around the box.


I then laid on a Wanderlust printed Kraft tag and added a Cupcake Topper I foiled in Gold.  I tied the tag and photo with some of the September Skies Stitched Banners and finished off with some leather twine to add a masculine touch.

I cannot wait for my boys to give them to my husband I know he is going to love them!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!


Minc 12″ Foil Applicator, Minc Transfer Folder, Minc Reactive Foil Gold, Minc Reactive Foil Red, Minc Reactive Foil Blue, Minc Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers,

Wanderlust Pressed Flowers pattern paper, Wanderlust Printed Kraft Tags, Wanderlust Printed Watercolor Tags, Wanderlust Lace Paper Pack,

Memory Planners Photo Frames

September Skies Stitched Banners, September Skies 6×6 paper pad

heidi holiday: eat cake!

when i challenged Jen Evans to come up with a holiday post anyone could create from home quickly – i LOVE that she decided to use the Silhouette digital die cutting machine!!! i use my Cameo ALL the time and it is perfect to use with the products you have on hand RIGHT NOW! i asked Jen to use September Skies and Hello Today collections because these are available in stores and online …. what she has made is pure FUN!

Valentine Cupcakes @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #diy #valentine #party #cupcake

Do you know what I love about Valentine’s Day being on a Saturday this year? I feel like I get an extra day to make a few things for the kids and neighbors. These little cupcake holders can be found in the Silhouette Studio Store – and do you know what?!!! All the Valentine’s Day cut files are on sale! Can’t get better than that!

Valentine Cupcakes @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #diy #valentine #party #cupcake

I used Heidi’s September Skies collection to create the entire box. For the actual box form I used Midnight Shadows. Then, using the Aspen Trees for the “liner” since the pattern reminded me of a cupcake liner!

Valentine Cupcakes @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #diy #valentine #party #cupcake

The pink in the Beautiful Bouquet paper was the perfect icing. Yum! Instead of the file’s heart top, I used Color Shine on some Heart Shapes to create the closure. I loved the dimension it gave the box.

Valentine Cupcakes @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #diy #valentine #party #cupcake

Then before adding the cupcakes I placed Acrylic Heart Shapes to the top. My son had one and asked if he could keep it like it was one of those special cupcake toys or something ;) That made me happy. My husband and son delivered these today to my neighbors and when they said how beautiful they were, they were both very honest in saying that I made them! Let’s hope when you try to “make pretty stuff” you let the kids help so they can take credit for it too! Ha!

thank you for the inspiration Jen!!! i love how limitless the Silhouette can be!!! there is still time —-> go make pretty Valentine’s!!!

Supplies: September Skies Collection, Sweet Cherry Color Shine, Color Magic Hearts, Acrylic Heart Shapes, Silhouette, and “Heart On Top 3D Cupcake Box” Cut File

create to remember: glitter clipboards

on today’s NEW Create to Remember episode I show a way to take a plain, super boring, clipboard into something that adds so much pizzazz to a room!!!! last month, when i was getting my decorations ready for my CHA booth, i wanted to create a display with clipboards of layouts and Minc wall art. after i spray painted them gold to match my booth, i was so disappointed that i almost didn’t bring them! all i could see at the top of the clip was the office store brand name – ha!!!

Glitter Clipboards @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #diy #glitter #clipboards #home #decor

at the last minute – yeah, it was probably at 2am, i realized i could glitter the top of the clip with my Marquee Love Glitter! and you know what?!! it looked amazing!!!


here is how easy it is to make your own:

1. Prime your clipboards. Then spray paint the clipboards the same color you are using for glitter. It will be easier to hide any imperfections.

2. Use my Marquee Love glue and a foam brush and cover the metal clip.

3. Pour glitter on generously. Lift clipboard up and let the loose glitter fall on a scrap piece of paper. Repeat adding more glue and glitter to any places you might have missed.


i showed this bedroom makeover last month where i also used them!

watch the video below to see how EASY and custom it can be!

last minute Valentine’s Day cards…

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

have you created any Valentine’s Day cards yet?!! i haven’t and it is only 4 days away!!! oh my! good thing Maggie has some inspiration to help get me going!!!


Without fail, holidays always – always –  creep up on me. I mean, I know they come the exact time every year…but I am always surprised by how quickly they come, you know?

Valentine’s Day this year is no exception. Nope.

Then it occurred to me I should probably get to moving on making some cards for the people I love…

Here we are 4 days from the 14th and up until yesterday morning I had nothing done. Not one thing.

So I pulled out Heidi’s Wanderlust and Hello Beautiful collections and challenged myself to hurry up and make stuff.

For each card I started with a card base of white cardstock…folded to about 3.5″x5.”

Then I simply flipped through the Wanderlust 5″x7″ paper pack and picked out my favorite designs. I cut 3″x4″ pieces from each design and adhered those over each card base.

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

The Hello Beautiful collection has some fantastic 2″x2″ cards that were the perfect size to become my next layer…

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

The Silver Glitter Alphas (also from the Hello Beautiful collection) are the perfect size to fit on my little cards…

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

…and I always love the way some machine-stitching gives my projects the perfect finishing touch.

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

This is my favorite card of the bunch. And it was, without doubt, the easiest. I just laid a premade 4″x4″ card right on top of the 4″x3″ card I had cut from patterned paper and sewed around the edges. Done. And I love the way it looks.

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

@HeidiSwapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSwanderlust #ValentinesDay #cardmaking #scrapbooking #hsatjoann

Don’t be afraid to use non-traditional colors and shapes on your Valentine’s Day cards. The geometric design on this paper is so awesome…

I love my little cards…and here’s the best part. Start to finish – 30 minutes. And I’m not exaggerating. 1/2 hour.

I think the secret to getting a bunch of little projects done quickly (at least with the way I work) is using the same basic idea over and over.

Set up a little assembly line and get to making.

For these cards I started with a white card base and then added a piece of patterned paper to each one. Then I just shuffled through my little cards and embellishments and found one or two I thought worked well with the paper I had chosen. And that was it.

Now if I can just remember to get these in the mail before it’s too late…(smile).

what i love about these cards Maggie Massey shared today is that they can be made anytime of the year!!! my Wanderlust collection is now in select Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores! if you don’t know if your Jo-Ann store has it, feel free to go to my Facebook page and comment to find the closest Jo-Ann store to you!

SUPPLIES: Wanderlust 5×7 Patterned Paper Pad, Wanderlust Make Pretty Stuff Flea Market Pouch, Hello Beautiful Foil Pocket Cards, Hello Beautiful Fabric Flags, Hello Beautiful Gold/Silver Glitter Stickers, Hello Beautiful Clear Stickers, Hello Beautiful Foil Chipboard Shapes

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