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HELLO!! i am back with another round of inspiration and ideas for using my exciting new products available at Joann Stores! and today i am featuring the WOOD items, and sharing some fun ways you can create really custom and stunning projects for your HOME, and even for gifts! Both of the projects that i am sharing today are available with Free Project download sheets that you can find HERE!


Shhhh… i think that this on is my favorite!! and really… it’s the big black and white stripes that do it for me! and combined with some bling?! oh, yea… i’m in! I made this SUPER easy project for Quincy’s room. We had just ordered her a black and white striped duvet cover from overstock.com and i wanted to create something that would sit on her desk in her room… now, the awesome thing about this item is that you can do pretty much ANYTHING to it!! (spray paint, color shine, stencil, mod podge, etc etc). The clip actually allows you to place the wood in the stand horizontally or vertically which opens the door for even MORE possibilities! and when you get it, it already comes with a little overlay piece that can act as a ‘photo mat’ even if you were just clipping a photo on to the base. click HERE for the free instruction sheet for this project!



so…i painted the whole thing with white acrylic paint… spray paint would work too! after it was dry, i actually used Chalk Board paint to make the black stripes.  Then i used the glitter album cover “dream big” to create a mini book to clip on! I made this to be a little ‘journal’ of sorts – for Quincy to write in there her long and short term goals. She is very goal oriented, and at such an important age to really believe in herself! I stamped the word “remember” (from the stamp set) onto a long piece of paper, and then added a mini bull dog clip from the ‘hardware kit’ onto the front of the mini book.  She loved it, and it was the perfect addition to her room! THAT is what is so awesome about this item… TOTALLY customizable!  her room is not all finished (the decorating part) … it’s a work-in-progress… looking forward to sharing how it’s all coming together! but lets say there are a lot of fun “memory” projects finding their way into her decor!

Next up is this gorgeous and intricate 6×6 wood frame album – i call it a ‘wood frame’ because the front is really like a frame- with a big opening in the front. This one can be used in a million different ways. When you buy it, you get the wood frame, a chipboard backer and a few white pages with a clear overlay! the white paper is PERFECT for stenciling and color shine… or to use as a template to cut other papers.



Again… the wood is SO versitile! in this case, i sprayed it with a combination of teal and white Color Shine. You can see here the very delicate nature of this piece… so pretty and unique! you will also notice that hidden into the design are some holes that are perfect for using book rings to bind an album (or also for hanging this on the desktop display stand) it’s also so lightweight that it can easily be added to the front of a mini book or onto a page even!



from this view you can see how i layered up some tags for the cover…and tied them on the frame with Color Shined ribbon!  the water color tags might not look amazingly exciting in the package, but they are at the TOP of my list! you will be amazed at how beautifully and immediately they soak in the Color Shine, making them absolutely ideal for stenciling! you can see that i only sprayed Color Shine on the bottom portion of the large tag. The ‘adore’ and pink striped tags are from the set of 3×4 glitter tags. Don’t hesitate to cut them into the shapes you need! they certainly don’t have to stay rectangular!

HS_woodalbum3those little bow jewels are SO sparkly… you will be amazed! i love them. they bring just the right touch!   – also.. you will notice that there are some “glitter” markers in the set. talk about sparkly! seriously amazing!  but you can color on the wood as well with the markers (and if you have any wood veneer embellies) — looks awesome! Click here for the instructions for this project! 

As always i love to see what YOU are making! please tag me up on instagram with your projects and your hauls using the hashtag: #heidiswappatjoann

you can click HERE to find the locations that are carrying this product line!



Canvas Album inspiration!

Hello everyone!

today my cute little sister gave birth to her 4th baby… a girl. today as i took my family to the hospital to meet our newest family member, i was reminded YET AGAIN how quickly time passes! and, how critically important it is to document along the way.  i swear that every time that i hold a tiny baby in my arms, i swear that mine were never that small!? they grow up so fast! and everyday holds just wonders that you want to remember!


i guess that for me, that is exactly why i LOVE scrapbooking so much. the way you can freeze time. how you CAN remember… how the pictures and words take you back and let you have those feelings again! it’s such a gift to look back and see!

TODAY… i want to share one of the projects that i created with the “Make Pretty Stuff” line at JoAnn Stores. When you see this in the stores, you will see that there are 8 project sheets that hang at the top of all the products … each one a little different and uses a mix of all the fun stuff you can buy! The instructions for this project can be downloaded for FREE here... but i thought i’d show a few more photos!  This is the magnetic canvas album that measures about 6×9.  When you purchase it, there is a set of page protectors that are a variety of divided configurations so that you can build the inside however you like! there is a binder mechanism on the inside, so you can add as much as you like! This is an album you can build on (refill pages are also available). For this project, i combined the “hello” glitter album kit right into the inside… i used the star and diagonal lines stencils along with Teal and Seafoam Color Shine and some white acrylic paint.



There are 2 stamp sets in the collection, and i combined them to create this little stamping collage on the front… can you see how it’s layered over the subtle star image?

HS_album9you may also be able to see the little polka dots … i just added a few with the paint/shine mix for a little extra texture.



the front flap is magnetized, so it will hold it’s shape and protect whatever is on the inside! i drilled some holes in the soft areas next to the spine to add ribbons- one that i sprayed with Seafoam, and one i left plain.

HS_album7So, i am here to tell you that the diagonal stencil is just AWESOME! it’s like a 7×10″ so it fits exactly over the album so you can get full coverage. you can see here that i used it on the back of the album (which wraps around to the front) and the inside… notice how i used kindof a tone on tone effect- on the outside i used the Seafoam and Teal combo, and the inside i used the Blush and Pink combo… it was SO easy and fast!

When you open the album you are greeted with that very HAPPY and sparkly  HELLO paper! i LOVE that! you can punch the holes where you need them with this cover as well as the clear tabbed pages that are included!

HS_album6the glitter DOES NOT come off this paper. it’s amazing. i am telling you… this might be #3 on my list of favorite things in this collection!!



then i added papers from the 6×8 pad and cut them at varying lengths… so some of the papers are just in the binder, and not in sheet protectors… and then i added a few of the divided page protectors in and tucked glitter cards and papers inside…



This album is easy to bring together, and offers TONS of possibilities… you can continually add to this album, or complete it for an amazing gift! This size is perfect for a baby album or a travel album.. and the canvas front allows you to create ANY look you need!

HS_album4just a word of warning… these products won’t be there for long! and this week they are 40% off at JoAnn… so you MUST check it out quick!  you can click here to see ALL the products as well as more project ideas and a store locater so you can find out which stores are carrying the line!





classes at Hannah’s home accents!

hello friends…  in just 2 weeks from now, i will be heading back to one of the most FABULOUS scrapbook (& and so much more stores): Hannah’s Home Accents to teach 3 classes!  April 25 &26th!  The store is located in Antioch, IL  and is really super close to the Chicgo area, as well as Milwakee – ish… if you LIVE CLOSE BY… LISTEN UP!! i am really excited to teach these fun classes that feature my some of my NEWEST collections:

here’s the class info. there are very limited seats left, so ACT FAST! i’d love to see you there!

the first class is:

Life is Beautiful Mini Album


Using the Dreamy Memory file kit, we will be creating an  8”x8” (approx size) mini books with different types of pages and elements inside!  We will be combining Color Magic elements with Color Shine and the newest “mini- stencils”!

next is:

This is NOW Mixed Media Journal:


I love to mix collections and types of materials to create “pretty” places to tell my stories.  In this class I will be introducing a different approach to writing in a daily “journal” and inspiring stories with prompts and lovely layers.  This class will combine mixed media techniques, embellishing tips,  layering strategies and ideas for daily documenting that is effective and unique.

and the third class is:



Have you heard of #100happydays? There is a movement happening online on Instagram and Facebook that anyone can join in (it’s free). The challenge is to look for one thing that makes you happy everyday for 100 days! What a fantastic challenge. It inspired me to create an album that would house the photos that I took each day. This class will embellish the cover of the new 6×8 chipboard album from the Favorite Things collection and get started creating places for your happiness each day!  Techniques include Color Shine, stamping, painting and texture paste with Stencils, and coordinate with my new “favorite things” collection!


you can get a hold of Hannah’s Home Accents on Facebook or call them at: (847) 395-3355  or emai: [email protected]  Here is the actual address in case you have never been there… it’s a MUST SEE store!  455 Lake St.  Antioch, IL 60002 

ANNOUNCING: new products at JoAnn!!


I have a little secret project that has been in the works for quite some time! But it’s been a DREAM for a lot longer! I have wanted to create items that would make the PERFECT “project starts”. These are items that are impossible to FIND, and can be transformed into ANY project for ANY occasion and ANY event!  They are SO unique and fun, yet super functional and EASY to build on! There are 8 of them… once i designed the ‘project starts’, i created papers, stamps, stencils, tags,  alphas and ALL KINDS of stuff to all mix and coordinate! and guess what?? it’s all available at *select* JoAnn Stores!


A 6×9 canvas mini album with a binder mechanism and a magnetic closure. Comes with divided page protectors inside!


A wooden mini clipboard with a stand – this is totally raw, and waiting to be sprayed, painted, stenciled or collaged… it can be displayed both landscape or portrait!  It’s the PERFECT little size for ALMOST anything!  (insert wild imaginations!)


A color magic easel with clip and stand… oh, I have wanted this for so long! It’s so sturdy and can be made to match ANY décor!! And you can just totally change out it’s contents!! Ooooh the happy possibilities!


An intricate 6×6 wood album with clear, tabbed pages that include words printed on the sheets. This includes book rings to put it all together, but it can also be combined with other items and sit inside the album or one the stand… again, I am boggled by the ideas!01207_WoodFrameSquareAlbumFanned

GLITTER ALBUM STARTERS… these are super unique items. There are 2 of them! One is silver and says “hello” and the other is HOT pink and says “dream BIG”. Both come with a front & back and 3 clear, printed, tabbed dividers! They aren’t punched or drilled with any kind of holes, so you can combine them with other projects, or make them into albums of their own!   They are 6×8 so the size works perfectly with all the different projects and components!  (like the 6×8 paper pad and 6×8 canvas album)


Desktop  Display Stand:  OK this is similar to the little memory display stand that I had a couple years ago…  but way bigger AND the RING goes all the way over the top! So as you fill it with pages and photos,  you can lift the pages up and over to the back so it can show any page to display! It’s clear acrylic so it will go with ANY paper, design, theme etc.  I actually designed a set of recipe cards and a set of calendar pages to go right on it for a beautiful desk/counter top display!


The Desktop album is such a cool and UNIQUE piece… it’s made from clear acrylic and has tall rings that attach from behind- It comes with chipboard dividers with the MONTHS on them… but they can be used for anything! It would be fun to add a “photo a day” or journaling  – or just creative play! It sits on just a slight angle to be open all the time on your desk.  I designed 3×4 mini photo sleeves to tuck in mini creations, photos or whatever!


There is also a  TOTALLY COMPLETE mini book that each page is a pocket, that houses oversized tags… all you have to do is add photos and journaling and you are DONE!!


IT is with these “project starts” that it all BEGINS… but that is NOT ALL!!! I have designed this whole collection to mix and match! It ALL COMPLIMENTS each other!!  Let me explain!!


  1. I created 4 fun brand new stencils that will work with the different projects!  There is a heart and a star  that are approx. 4-5” and a brand new dot and stripe stencil about 6×8”. These can be used on the wood, canvas, paper and tags.  Use with COLOR SHINE!!STENCILS
  2. There are 9 of my TOP colors of Color Shine in this set.  You can use them with the stencils, Color Magic banners, a BRAND NEW 6×6” set of Color Magic papers that are complete with DIE CUT WORDS and shapes! (they fit right into the 6×6 wood album), the water-color tags, the ribbon ( hello, 2 sizes of ribbon!), the wood album, canvas album and wood clipboard!01214_ColorMagic_8x8ResistPapersFannedCOLORMAGIC
  3. To help create the projects, you may need some ‘hardware’, so I included a set of colorful book rings and mini bull dog clips!! (love this little set)01210_AlbumHardwareKitPackaging
  4. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the SPARKLE!!!  To go with the GLITTER Album starts, there are some FABULOUS glitter 3×4 cards that will WOW and delight!! There are Glitter PENS! (in 5 colors) and some super sparkly clear circles and turquoise bows!  And… everyone’s favorite is ALWAYS the ephemera packs… and this one will NOT disappoint with a variety of glitter die cuts included.  OH< almost forgot 2 mini glitter alphas in pink and turquoise!01196_3x4GlitterCardsFanned
  5. 2 stamp sets will be absolute necessities for your collection! Clear. Numbers. Words. Textures. Icons. FABULOUS!JO-STAMPS
  6. I love to create with NUMBERS so there are 2 sets of numbers- black dots, and peachy stripes! They are a great size, and can be used on ANYTHING but are so great for cards, dates, ages, numbers in a group … they are the perfect embellishment!NUMBERS
  7. And my 2 FAVORITES:  1.  the clear words.  They are LARGE and in charge! I love them. 8 words in my handwriting. Different colors and printed on a heavy acrylic.   2.  FABULOUS die cut tags! These are printed, they have words and patterns die cut out. Perfect to add to ANY of the project starts! They coordinate with the 6×8 paper pad!clearwordstags


Is that all?  Did I miss anything?  You will just need to go and see for yourself!! All this is available at SELECT Joann stores, and online at Joann.com.  (i think i may have missed a few!)

But, wait, there’s more!

Because I designed these items to create really cool OTP (off the page) projects, we included 8 different project sheets that will get your MIND going! These are FREE!  It’s just so you can see how I mixed and combined elements from the different packs to create!  i will be sharing up close pics of these later this week here on my blog!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 4.38.10 PM

We have put together this webpage so that you can see the projects, ALL the different products as well as link to all the participating stores. And we have way more inspiration in the works!  Yes… an E*ideabook is on the way!  New video tutorials and LOTS of sharing on my blog and on instagram! So buckle up and get YOURS! if you find it… and BUY it… be sure and take a pic and share it on insta!! add the hashtag: #heidiswappatjoann      HAPPY HUNTING!

happy birthday create and craft!

WAVING A BIG HELLO to VIEWERS of Create and Craft in the UK today!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to “Create and Craft”!!



i am SO excited because for this big BIRTHDAY BASH… we are offering my NEW “Dreamy” Collection during the 20:00hr.  I will be calling in LIVE during the hour to chat on air !!   The colors are so soft and pretty… i have gathered up a bunch of images so you can see what they look like!


CLICK HERE and you can go and see the kits that are available and also some of the other HEIDI SWAPP product that is available on the CreateandCraft.tv website!

I also thought that i would share a few bits of inspiration so you can see the amazingly lovely things you can create using this collection!










dreamy 575px

Don’t miss out on today’s special offer! time and quantities are SUPER limited! so DON’T wait! (you can even order NOW!)

hey, Create and Craft… hope you have a great birthday!!

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