marquee love: stripes and polkas

black and white will always be my favorite. it is classic. so when i saw Jamie Pate’s project for today, i fell in love with it. it is perfect…

How terrific are these Marquee Love letters? So. Much. Fun. I love how easy these kits are to diy them anyway ya want.

Today I am going to walk you through a quick tutorial of how I diy-ed my letter “J” to mix and match two of my favorite patterns: stripes and polkas.

the supplies you will need:
a Marquee Love letter…of course. (I suggest a J)
Patterned Paper Pad
Black Glitter
Black Stripe Washi Tape
Marquee Love Glue

1. First, I used the black glitter and glittered the insides of the letter using the Marquee Love glue.

This is how I glitter: I use a plastic box to ‘do glitter in’.
My tip is to do a little section at a time.

After the glitter was in place, I took a silver metallic sharpie and colored the top edge to give a bit more of a finished look.

2.  Next, I used the enclosed stencil to trim out the black and white polka dot paper for the inside of the letter. Trim paper. And place inside the letter. You may or may not need to clean up some glitter. I’ll leave that for a little surprise.

3. The last thing I added was the 2” black stripe Marquee tape. This to the outside.

And this is how it looks when it is all done and the glitter is cleaned up.

And this is how it looks with the lights in place.

Hope this gives you an idea or two to diy with polkas or stripes or whatever pattern and color strikes your fancy.


marquee love…with watercolors

i think my favorite part about my Marquee Love collection has been seeing each finished project. every one has been different and it’s so fun to see what everyone is spelling out! today Maggie Massey customizes her’s even more with watercolor! it is adorbs! 

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSmarqueelove #hsatmichaels #diy #HomeDecor #marqueeletters #marqueelightsWe commonly refer to “marquee lights” as the big, beautiful, colorful, wonderful, lighted letters that began adorning theaters and hotels almost a century ago…

click photo for source

Oh my gosh…aren’t they so wonderful? I love the look of these letters…they just scream vintage glam to me…

So I was so stoked when Heidi released her new “Marquee Love” collection this past January. And, in true Heidi fashion, she designed a ridiculous amount of items you can use to customize your letters. (Click HERE to see the entire line of products).

I knew that when I was decorating my letter “M,” I wanted to do something a little different…but something anyone could do. So I dug out some watercolors, my waterbrush and a piece of Heidi’s new Wanderlust Lace Paper and got to painting.

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSmarqueelove #hsatmichaels #diy #HomeDecor #marqueeletters #marqueelights

Now one of the neatest things about Heidi’s Marquee Love kits is that not only does each letter contain exactly enough light covers and lights for your design, each kit also comes with a stencil of the letter/symbol you have, making designing backgrounds for your letters sooo much easier.

I grabbed a piece of white cardstock, traced around my letter stencil, set my laser-cut paper down and started painting…using a piece of the floral lace paper as another stencil to help me paint my flowers.

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSmarqueelove #hsatmichaels #diy #HomeDecor #marqueeletters #marqueelights

If you’ve never really watercolored anything, you’re in for a treat. It really is so fun and so forgiving…and you can achieve lovely results without too much effort.

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSmarqueelove #hsatmichaels #diy #HomeDecor #marqueeletters #marqueelights

Here are a few tips:
*Use a variety of colors. Watercolors, in particular, blend so wonderfully and easily…

*Use darker or more saturated colors closer to the middle of an object and spread the color/lighten it as you go out

*Don’t be shy. Go for it! Get that color on the paper! Don’t worry about going outside the lines…

*HAVE FUN! Because, seriously…isn’t that what this is all about?

I continued to move my paper stencil around the cardstock, adding flowers and leaves, until I liked the way it looked.

I cut out my letter with a craft knife, used an old-school hole punch to cut out the holes for my lights and popped my new background right into my letter.

Next I grabbed some of Heidi’s Marquee Love Gold Glitter Tape and decorated the inside edge of my “M.”

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSmarqueelove #hsatmichaels #diy #HomeDecor #marqueeletters #marqueelights

My final steps were to push the globe light covers through the light holes and to add the bulbs to the back of my letter.

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSmarqueelove #hsatmichaels #diy #HomeDecor #marqueeletters #marqueelights

I love how soft and feminine the background looks. It just feels like spring to me…

@heidiswapp @MaggieWMassey #heidiswapp #HSmarqueelove #hsatmichaels #diy #HomeDecor #marqueeletters #marqueelights

And it’s even better when it’s lit. The lights are so warm and lovely…and I love they way my “M” looks after dark…

Have you picked up some of these wonderful letters yet? We’d love to see how you’ve been dressing them up! Post your photos and tag them #HSmarqueelove so we can see what you’re creating!

SUPPLIES: Marquee Love Kit – M, Marquee Love Gold Glitter Tape, Wanderlust Lace Paper Pack, Watercolor Set, Water Brush, Hole Punch

insta-love: stop and smell the roses

thank you for having us share our love for Instagram this week! this weekend is Instagram’s 11th Worldwide Insta-Meet! an Insta-Meet is where you get together with your Instagram friends to meet, maybe for the very first time! Sarah Bargo is up today showing how easy it is to make your photos look so good at the touch of a button in her favorite app! i also think every day we need to find time to ‘stop and smell the roses!’…

Well hello there paper peeps! Today I am sharing a fun little project that I created with a picture I shared on Instagram! When asked what I love about Instagram, all kinds of things ran through my mind… But I think what I love most about it is that it can turn a normal ordinary phone picture into a beautiful extraordinary moment! Personally? I believe there is no such thing as an ordinary moment, and you can find beauty anywhere you look for it! Which is why on Valentine’s Day, as I was running through Jewel Osco, I spotted these stunning roses in the cooler and did as I like to call a “drive-by” with my phone where you take a picture but never stop moving?  It was kinda funny because all of these guys were standing around picking out bouquets for their hunnies, and they all stopped and looked at me like I was nuts lol! That’s ok, I’m sure I’m not the first “crazy lady” to take pictures in the floral section somewhere ;)

The picture was beautiful on it’s own, but when I uploaded it to Instagram and started playing with all of the filters, the colors of the roses just popped and I was like wowza they are so beautiful?! I’m SO thankful I got the shot! Now I can print it out and make something pretty with it!

The picture on the left is just normal with no filter that I printed directly off of my phone, and the square on the right is the Instagram shot that I printed off through the Walgreens app.  I used the Lo-Fi filter, it really made for some vibrant blooms! That’s another reason I love Instagram, you don’t have to be super “techy” to use it, and your pics still look amazing!

Stop & Smell the Roses Altered Clipboard by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the beautiful Memory Planner line, Hello Beautiful! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsmemoryplanner #hshellobeautiful #instagram

I am currently in the process of moving, which means my scrap-happy studio is going to be needing some pretty new things decorating the space.. A fresh new start! I love having things around me that make me happy and that are inspiring, so I’m going to hang up all kinds of artwork and papercraft projects, like this one here!

Stop & Smell the Roses Altered Clipboard by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the beautiful Memory Planner line, Hello Beautiful! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsmemoryplanner #hshellobeautiful #instagram

I scored this cute black & white clipboard in the bargain bins at Michael’s, and I thought it would be perfect with Heidi’s gorgeous new Memory Planner line, Hello Beautiful.. I am obsessed with these colors right now!


Stop & Smell the Roses Altered Clipboard by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the beautiful Memory Planner line, Hello Beautiful! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsmemoryplanner #hshellobeautiful #instagram

I covered the “remember” wood veneer piece with the Marquee Love Glue and Gold Glitter, it looks super sparkly! Love! The black chalkboard arrow sticker is from one of Heidi’s sticker sheets at Hobby Lobby!

Stop & Smell the Roses Altered Clipboard by @sarahbargo for @heidiswapp using the beautiful Memory Planner line, Hello Beautiful! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsmemoryplanner #hshellobeautiful #instagram

I absolutely love Instagram, it is an awesome place to grab some inspiration, no matter what you’re looking for! Even some roses that you may or may not be buying for yourself at Jewel-Osco :)

SUPPLIES; Memory Planner 12×12 Paper Pad, Memory Planner 6×8 Paper Pad, Memory Planner Fabric Flags, Memory Planner Gold Alpha Stickers, Marquee Love Gold Glitter, Chipboard B&W Stickers


insta-love: pockets and photos

this coming weekend is Instagram’s 11th Worldwide Insta-Meet! an Insta-Meet is where you get together with your Instagram friends to meet, maybe for the very first time! in honor of Instagram’s Insta-Meet coming up, I asked my media team to share some Insta-Love! all week they will be sharing their newest Instagram projects along with some of their favorite things about the app! Jamie Pate does it again by creating a beautiful WANDERLUST album – perfect for adding your phone photos to! it is stunning!

Hello everyone…Jamie here and this week we have been celebrating all things Instagram and most importantly what we do with said Instagram photos to document and celebrate the story.

Sharing this photo on Instagram, I was getting ready to embark on an album celebrating a recent girlfriend trip . This album started with Instagram photos. My photos are printed out at home. I size the photos to 3×3. Then print them on 8 1/2 x 11 photo paper.

Some of those photos did not make it to our Instagram feed, but even so, the whole little vacay was taken only using our phone cameras. Thus inspired Instagram sized photos throughout the entire album.

Using the Wanderlust Gold Foil Vintage Binder was sort of an obvious start for me and this story telling. But what I really want to rave about, is the Assorted Page Protectors that can be home to your 3×3 photos. Perfect!

World Wide Insta Meet | Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsWanderlust #instagram #pocketscrapbookThese page protectors are the base of this album. I really like the cute size included in this assortment pack:  two pockets stack on top the other, and that I don’t just have to put photos in them.

Here is how this book starts. A Minc Mini Calendar Card is included to highlight the date. Clear acrylic page is layered with the Best Ever Wood Veneer that I had spray painted metallic gold.

Just underneath the clear page peeks my new favorite pocket page protectors that measure 3×3. The top pocket holds a cut of Lace Paper. And a photo sits in the bottom pocket.

The next page is another of the same pocket page protector.

This time I kept the top window open so the page beneath could show. Sort of like a clear page element.

And that is just one way to document your Instagram or phone camera photos, simply slip them into pocket protectors. Get those photos off your device and bring them to life and record those important moments in an album or layout.  And have a happy Worldwide InstaMeet Day!!!

p.s. For a look at the album in it’s entirety, click over to my blog and you can see more details there.

supplies: Wanderlust Collection: Gold Foil Vintage Binder. Assorted Page Protectors. Adventure Wood Veneer. Make Pretty Stuff Flea Market Pouch Kit. Together Gold Foil Sticker Kit. Best Ever Wood Veneer. Memory Dex Monthly Cards. Lace Paper Pack. Hexagon Metal Charms. This Moment Stencil Set. Patterned Paper Pack. Minc Collection: Minc Machine. Reactive Foil: Light Pink, Gold. Chipboard Shapes. Mini Calendar Cards. Labels. Stickers: World Jumbles Vintage. office supply tags. gold metallic spray paint.

create to remember: multipurpose laser cut papers

hello and welcome back!!! today i wanted to show you my new laser cut Lace Papers from my Wanderlust collection! i LOVE how detailed these turned out! they look beautifully against pattern paper, as journal pages, or used as a stencil!

Multipurpose Wanderlust Laser Cuts @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsWanderlust #colorshine #stencil

watch ‘Create to Remember’ on My Craft Channel to see how i used them with my NEW Color Shine colors!  

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