making my holidays “APP-Y”

Christmas is approaching fast! there is so much still to do. gifts to get and wrap, lists to cross off, and parties to attend! with it all happening so fast i am trying my best this year to capture it all!!! are you?! there is nothing more precious than a baby’s first Christmas! Lindsay shares with us her sweet son’s first Christmas photos today with an easy way to document the moment in my panoramic project life pocket page!

So…just a little question to all of you out there as the holidays are quickly approaching…who is wishing they had MORE TIME??? It is the age old question, wish, desire as we all busily scramble and cross things off our “to-do” lists.  I am completely in that boat right now and all the while still wanting to take photos of EVERYTHING! I guess that just comes along with the territory when documenting my little one’s first Christmas!  So, with that…can I just say how FABULOUS app’s are?  I mean, they really are just incredible.  Especially when it comes to wanting to make something super cute (but quickly, easily and REALLY achievable).  App’s are literally sitting in the palm of our hands, just waiting to be used.  Especially for myself (when it comes to documenting) I am extremely grateful to be able to do just that and it not take a ton of extra time or resources.  One of these incredible app’s that have helped me immensely this holiday season is the one and only Rhonna Designs App.  I mean…it really is just awesome!  Her fabulous Christmas extras (that are now available) were the perfect touch in helping me get my latest favourite photos of my little guy scrapped and placed inside my Heidi Swapp Project Life album.

#heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife #heidiswappatmichaels #makeprettystuff #rhonnafarrerdesigns

I used Rhonna’s app to simply create gorgeous 4×4 cards that I wanted to use to compliment my photos in my Project Life spread.  These are all available on her app and here I included some of her Christmas/Holiday quotes and backgrounds.

#heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife #heidiswappatmichaels #makeprettystuff #rhonnafarrerdesigns

I then added some of the wonderful gorgeous gold Heidi Swapp Gitter Words Mixed Company stickers and Glitter Shapes Banners as additional accents. I even included a few of those fabulous circle decals that are now available as a free download that Heidi created for the month of December for use in the Memory Planner.  I love always printing out a few extras of her freebies as they seem to always find homes in many of my other projects as well! Gotta love versatility!

Once that was all complete, I simply placed my cards and photos into a Project Life Panoramic Photo Pocket Page.  Voila!

#heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife #heidiswappatmichaels #makeprettystuff #rhonnafarrerdesigns

#heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife #heidiswappatmichaels #makeprettystuff #rhonnafarrerdesigns

#heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife #heidiswappatmichaels #makeprettystuff #rhonnafarrerdesigns

My little one’s first ever Christmas photos are PRINTED, slipped inside my photo pocket page, made a little pretty and ready to be enjoyed this year and for years to come!  App’s are truly wonderful for adding just that little extra to our projects, and take really no time at all.  If you have not tried one out yet I really encourage you to do so!  It’s amazing what five or ten little minutes can do to create memories that will truly last a lifetime.

oh Lindsay!!! look at him!!! i love these photos so much and your sweet Madix is perfect. the one of him crying is so classic i can’t stand it! thank you for sharing a fun and easy way to document our photos quick during this time of year!

Supplies: Project Life Panoramic Photo Pocket Page; Glitter Words Mixed Company Stickers; Glitter Shapes Banners; Other: Rhonna Designs App

2015 Spiral Boxed Kit Planner

hello wednesday!!! it is time for another ‘Create to Remember‘ episode at My Craft Channel! last month, i had a bit of a disaster happen in my craft room. maybe you have been there… i had my limited edition boxed kit Memory Planner sitting on the floor and i accidentally stepped on it! i completely broke the binder!

Memory Planner Boxed Kit Spriral @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner

this little disaster got me thinking… i love being able to use the We R Memory Keepers‘ Cinch to make the pages into a spiral. even if i didn’t step on the binder and break it, this boxed kit is like getting two gifts for the price of one this way! i could bind the pages for one gift and then use the binder with Becky Higgins’ Project Life 6×8 inserts to create a mini album for another!

Memory Planner Boxed Kit Spriral @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner

this boxed Memory Planner Kit is different from my 2015 Memory Planners. you can see and read about the differences right here. this boxed kit is ONLY available at Michael’s (for 40% off until Saturday December 13th, 2014) and is extremely limited! they were made for Christmas as a perfect gift and can be found with the holiday boxed kits and albums in the seasonal section of your store. some stores got them right away but some stores that have been waiting are just seeing them arrive! so check your store if you haven’t seen them yet!

inside the kit you also get a pen, gold stickers, number stamps, 2×2 gold foil cards for the pocket pages, and magnetic bookmarks! watch the episode below to see how i transform these pages into a one-of-a-kind gift!

christmas happiness

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!!! what about you?! are you starting to embrace the season? Kim Jeffress always fills her home with lots of Christmas memories and today she shares her favorite one with us!

There’ s always one of those magic photos that takes your breath away when you see it on the screen. Today I want to share  my favorite Christmas photo I have taken this year.

The day we decorated our home for Christmas my boys were most excited about building the train track and placing the train on the track that goes around the tree. The next morning I came down stairs to find a Lego ( of course) tunnel built for the train to pass through. I ran for my camera and asked my boys to lay down beside the tunnel so I could grab some photos. This one was by far my favorite and I knew I had to scrap it as soon as possible.


I wanted to make it a Christmas layout but also stay true to the colors in my photo most specifically the boys blue stripy shirts so I turned to the September Skies collection and added in bits and pieces from my Believe stash to make it festive! I began with the Dusk and Open Air pattern paper from September Skies then added in a strip of Believe Peppermint Stix down the centre. To complete my base I added that corner piece of September Skies Open Air pattern paper which I then laid on a Pink Paislee Glitter snowflake and Wood Veneer shape also from September Skies.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #septemberskies #believe #christmas

I also needed an impact title so I used one of the new Glitter words for my title across the centre of my layout for a striking effect! Around my photo I added in some September Skies Ephemera pieces , of course I had to add that Believe paper bow as well.

kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #septemberskies #believe #christmas

For some extra Christmas shine I added in some more glitter shapes and Glitter shape banners . I thought that Clear stamp “___Days until” was a perfect addition, I simply added that paper star from the Believe Ephemera pack  and a Foil sticker from Pink Paislee to complete it . To finish off  my layout I added in some splashes of Citron Color Shine for some fun.

kimjeffress @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #septemberskies #believe #christmas

What’s your favorite Christmas photo that you just have to scrapbook straight away!

that photo melts my heart Kim!!! your boys are going to treasure this page but even more as they get older! make sure to capture your favorite moment this month and then print your photo out! document that memory so your children will be able to look at it always.

Supplies: September Skies Open Air, Dusk, Ephemera, Wood Veneer Shapes,; Believe Peppermint Stix, Ephemera, ;Hobby Lobby Chipboard Title Happiness, Glitter Shapes Banners, Glitter Words Stickers; Citron ColorShine, Clear Stamps Best Day Ever; Pink Paislee Merry and Bright Foil Word Strips, Ephemera

staying off the NAUGHTY list!

happy monday! welcome to a new week! it’s ALREADY week 2 of DECEMBER, and i can hardly believe it! SO much has been going on, and i have been having SUCH a delightful time keeping up on my ‘DECEMBER’ #ppc2c Pink Paislee Countdown to Christmas project! i am feeling super proud of myself, as i have been documenting along the way! I will be sharing my album “so far” very soon!  I did want to share one QUICK TIP for keeping up on a ‘daily’ type project – and this is just purely what makes it easier for me because i don’t love the way my printer prints photos– i LOVE the Walgreens app! have you got it? i mean, there is a corner of ‘happy and healthy’ super close to almost everyone!  Their app will allow you to print directly from your INSTAGRAM, on your smartphone – and print you out 4×4 prints! they are just so perfect for this season, and the #ppc2c project! i do hope you are following along! My december has be SUPER crazy so far… but this seems to be working for me!

do you have an elf that visits your house? well, we have a pretty CRAFTY elf! in fact, i am starting to think that in the off season, he has been watching some of my “My Craft Channel” videos, because i don’t remember him being quite so creative last year! well, he might also have taken some computer classes, because look at what showed up at our house this morning – and i think it’s such a great idea, that i had to share!

Elvis brought a little “good deed” tear off sheet… his little note explained that if anyone needs a chance or 2 to get off the “Naughty List” they might want to think about doing a few good deeds! then there are a few little strips that can be removed and performed! (He will be watching, and reporting!)

Elvis seems to have crafted himself some kind of a perch made out of a decorated toilet paper roll, so that he can have a good birds-eye view on anyone that may be working off some naughty points! clever elf!

i found the files stored on my computer… so i thought that surely he wouldn’t mind if i shared them here on my blog:

 click here to download the printable (8 1/2 x 11 sheet).  You can either use the one with the pre-designed chore list… or make up your own!  (in our house, SGD stands for ‘sliding glass door’) … hope you have a fabulous December 8th! and be sure to remember, Santa is always watching! :)

pretty pockets – week 11

it’s week 11 of my Pretty Pocket Series! i can’t believe that we only have one more week left! if you have missed the last 10 weeks you can find and download them all right here on my Pinterest freebie board! i LOVE Jen Evans‘ tips today on keeping things simple!!! sometimes we make documenting our everyday harder than it has to be! really, all it takes is a pen and writing down one thing every day…

I am so proud of myself! For the most part I continued through with my Memory Planner this year! I am not going to beat myself up that I didn’t finish September. I kept on going knowing I can always go back and fill it in later! Recently I had a conversation about scrapbooking with some Moms I had just met. It saddened me to hear the guilt in their voices, “I have so many pictures it would take me forever to start.” “I started my son’s baby album but never finished it.” “I use to scrapbook. I loved it but I don’t have time for it anymore.”

Pretty Pockets Week 10 @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner #projectlife #hsprojectlife

Shoot! I hear ya! I just wanted to hug them all and say, “Who said it was a contest?” Why is it that we beat ourselves up about not documenting something yesterday? Why can’t we just start with today? Here are 3 things I learned this year while doing my Memory Planner in 2014.

1. Prep your calendar pages ahead of time. If I had all the dates in the calendar ahead of time I did good through out the month! Just sit down and do the whole thing during a movie or your favorite tv show.

2. Leave it open and out on a desk or work space. When it was open, I had time to run over and write something really quick right when it happened. Then, I didn’t forget it later! That’s how I got all my baby’s milestones in the album!

3. Use Heidi Swapp Project Life Value Kit cards to make it easy to slip into the pockets. The embellishments match, so adding something to a card is quick and easy!

This week’s pretty pocket series was inspired by my Christmas tree lights and the Glitter Value Kit!

Pretty Pockets Week 10 @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner #projectlife #hsprojectlife

Pocket number 1 was thought out while I was taking a photo of my Christmas tree. My phone camera was trying to focus on the tree when I went ahead and took the picture. I printed it out as 3×4 and stamped Heidi’s “I like totally like you” in clear embossing ink and gold embossing powder. Keep moving your heat gun while heating on a photo. You don’t want it to melt!

Pretty Pockets Week 10 @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner #projectlife #hsprojectlife

For Pocket 2, I glued a glittered star on to a trimmed 4×6 card. The “favorite” Sheer Project Life sticker was added along with Heidi’s free printable “Merry Christmas!” You can get this month’s free Memory Planner cards right here!

Pretty Pockets Week 10 @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner #projectlife #hsprojectlife

Lastly, I customized this glitter “Epic” from the kit by adding more stamps in gold embossing powder! I love it so much! It looks so classy!

Pretty Pockets Week 10 @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner #projectlife #hsprojectlife

I hope that you are encouraged today to never give up! December is a perfect place to start documenting your everyday! Just write one little thing down a day. Just one! You will be surprised how much you will remember of your month when you do! It will be rewarding!

Pretty Pockets Week 11 @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #heidiswapp #hsmemoryplanner #projectlife #hsprojectlife

who said you had to scrapbook your entire past before you can do today?! who said you had to document your son’s first steps before you can talk about today’s day while in kindergarten? no one! there are NO rules! NO guilt! just start with today!!! here is a free printable to download and put in with the other 10 so that you can have access to it when you go to sit and create! CLICK HERE and go make pretty pockets!

prettypockets W11

Supplies: Project Life Glitter Value Kit, Project Life Sheer Stickers, Project Life Love You Stamp and Stencil SetProject Life Cherish Clear Stamp Set, Epiphany Crafts Studio Shape Tool Round 25, American Crafts Zing Gold Embossing Powder, Versafine Clear Emobssing Ink, American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Gun

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