Project Life cards + magic medium; VIDEO TUTORIAL!

midweek! already? my younger 3 started school today, and it was a little bit heartbreaking for me. Connor started 1st grade, and he and i will both miss each other tremendously. can he really be that old? Capri was literally jumping out of her skin with excitement as she takes on 3rd grade! and Quincy was off to 8th grade. She told me last night that her goal for this year is: “to be a total nerd, and get straight A’s”.  Nothing could make me happier than for her to focus on nerdiness!   I am a little emotional as i consider this new chapter of all the kids in school – all day.   I have created a new schedule, chore chart, and set some goals. WELCOME to the NEW school year.  Let’s rock this thing

wednesday means NEW episode of Create to Remember… and today on my show i am sharing a little discovery i made using Magic Medium, Color Shine and the BEAUTIFUL watercolor die-cut cards in the Color Magic Value Kit.


if you are BRAND NEW to all things “heidi” … you might not be totally sure what this “color magic” stuff is… but it really is quite magical! The 4×6 cards in this kit have been die cut and printed with a clear “varnish” that resists the COLOR that you add to it… causing it to show WHITE. It’s so cool! check out THIS VIDEO here if you have never seen it in action!  The pristine white, creme and natural elements of this kit are actually So beautiful all by themselves… so if you choose, you can just leave them like this!


but with just a little SPRITZ of color… you can also customize them to coordinate with ANY color, ANY core kit and ANY occasion! which is also kinda magical!

Today’s Create to Remember video tutorial is for those who love the process of a little mix media! if you LOVE some inky fingers… and some creative experimentations! TODAY’s show is just for you!

let me just show you some of the BEAUTIFUL results i got when i was just playing around!

i chose to use colors that were complimentary, and even look good when they mix and blend.  when you look close, you can see that AMAZING texture of the watercolor cards, and it’s SO awesome with the Magic Medium! i played with both the Clear and the Opaque to get different results- but always mixing it with a little color shine first!

Heidi Swapp Color Magic Cards with Magic Medium @heidiswapp @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife #hsprojectlife


when looking closely, you can see that the pink – which is the color i mixed with the Magic Medium doesn’t blend with the colors added afterwards, because the Magic Medium LOCKS in the color. When you apply the tinted Magic Medium, be sure to dry it with a heat tool before adding more colors!

each card turned out totally unique. i couldn’t replicate them… it’s almost just this amazing marble-ing result! i even added just a little bit of the dot stencil – love that little detail!


its fun to pull some of the colors out of your photos, and use them to create the pallet for your card- then it will be such an amazing addition to your page!


they also make incredible statement pieces on the front of a card!  can you tell that i had some fun creating these! It’s just so nice to dedicate some time to some  ‘creative PLAY”!

OH.. and just a reminder!! this FRIDAY we will be selecting our 25 LUCKY winners of the cutie phone case that i designed! SO if you haven’t yet entered… get your face in front of the Heidi Swapp Project Life stuff and Michaels and take a SELFIE – tag me (@hkswapp),  Becky Higgins (@beckyhiggingsllc) and @michaelsstores.  Then be sure to also add the hashtag: #HSPROJECTLIFESELFIE   (winners will be announced MONDAY)


project runway – merci project life card

my Gold Foil Value kit is so much fun!!! you just can’t go wrong with a bit of gold!  i have challenged my media team to make something from it and Jamie Pate is up to send her project down the “runway”…

So I have been playing around lately with the Heidi Swapp Project Life Collection…um….loooooove it….(said in a sing song manner). And from all the attention I am seeing around the cyber cropping table, I am a thinkin’ a whole lot of you love it too. I mean are you kidding me??? Gold Foil…Glitter….Canvas…more stamps!!! and can we talk about those little adorable mini cutie Color Shines? It all just makes me a little giddy.

So…can I share with you some thing that is NOT Project Life…can I share a card with you? Say yes, please!

TADA! Yep…it’s the Gold Foil Value Kit turned into a card…with a little help from her friend the Glitter Value Kit. I love glittery friends like that.

I attached 2 3×4 cards, one from the Gold Foil and one from the Glitter set, to a 4×6 card. I wanted that gorgeous ‘merci’ sentiment to peak out over the top of the other two cards. I love how this allows the recipient to look at several cards all at once. It has such ‘bling’ personality. And did I say recipient…oh, funny me…that would require me to actually GIVE this card away…hmm…need to think about that one.

Inside shows how the cards are attached to the main card with a little sandwich technique. Two cards sandwich around a flap that is attached to the back of the  4×6 card so that it does not show. Do ya like?

I took to embellishing each panel as seen:

notched a trimmed 3×4 card

die cut another card to a heart shape

trimmed out a word from a card

and added those fun gold foil dot chipboards pieces. Swoon worthy.

For the other side:

altered a glassine bag to make a pocket

stashed a trimmed down 3×4 card inside

punched a small heart shape and made a tag of it

and lastly made a tag from a Sheer Sticker by attaching to card stock and punching a small hole

All tied up in a bow.

So do ya love it? Hope it inspires you to think outside the Project Life box and make other pretty stuff to give away (or hoard for yourself, cause that’s o.k. too). Just shows that the new Project Life collection is Project Everyday and can inspire your inspiration in many directions.

i DO! i totally am inspired to create some beautiful cards with it! i think whoever receives this one, Jamie, would feel extra special! remember, if you create anything using my new Becky Higgins Project Life kits available at Michaels Stores, take a picture and use the hashtag #hsprojectlife so I can see! 

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Project Life: Gold Foil Value Kit. Glitter Value Kit. Sheer Stickers. Cherish Clear Stamps



project runway heidi style

i hope you had a fabulous weekend! mine was SO full- so much going on. And for our family… it’s the last weekend before school starting up again! and what a wonderful summer we had! do you ever just find yourself with a few extra minutes, and just scrolling through the photos on your phone? The memories of this summer are still fresh! my challenge to YOU is to PRINT those photos and use my newest collection of Project Life to TELL YOUR STORIES! NOW is the time! I have invited my team members to put the Gold Foil Value kit to work … Take a look at the small bits and pieces that Jennifer Evans added to the cards of the gold foil value kit that makes them even more fabulous, (is that even possible!)? 

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife

Welcome to “Project Runway – Heidi Style!” I am first up for this new blog series! Heidi gave us the challenge to use her new Gold Foil Value Kit and I took on a pocket page layout! I am using classic Design A by Becky Higgins Project Life which is the most used design – which means, if you have this kit – you can get this layout done today!

To get this look, I used the following:

2 6×4 Gold Foil Cards

4 3×4 Gold Foil Cards

1 6×4 Dreamy Core Kit Card

1 6×4 Dreamy Core Kit Journal Card


Tips to getting your pages some style without sacrificing time:

1. Use the chipboard pieces as titles on your card. Add your date in chipboard stickers.

JEGoldFoilProjectRunway_3_web_ new

2. Crop part of your photo to add to a 6×4 Core Kit card and let the card be the title for that pocket. Add stickers and stamping to draw your eye to the title. Don’t forget add your journaling too!

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc  #projectlife

3. Fold a journal card in half and add a sticker and stamping to the front. Slice the left side of the pocket with a box knife leaving the very top of the pocket uncut. This will allow your card to slide in easily (since this pocket is top loading).

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc  #projectlife

4. But before you put your card inside the pocket, staple a gold chevron card to the inside! Add QRs to link to videos that tell more of your story!


5. Make this card shine like it should with a matching gold glitter star from the Glitter Value Kit. Just staple it to the Gold Foil 6×4 polka dot card. Then emboss a wood veneer word with black embossing powder to give it a bit of glam! Cut a “blessed label” from a card in the Favorite Things Core Kit! Duplicate cards are perfect for fussy cutting.

Project Runway Heidi Style Gold Foil @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife @beckyhigginsllc  #projectlife


6. Add a bit more to this “Adore” card by adding stickers and stamping! Crop your 4×6 photo to 2.5×4 and staple it!



Supplies: Project Life items available at Michaels StoresGold Foil Value Kit, Dreamy Core Kit, Color Magic Value Kit, Glitter Value Kit, Sheer Stickers, Cherish Clear Stamps, Color Magic Resist Stripes Alphabet Stickers, Glitter Stickers Gold, Other: American Crafts Stapler, American Crafts Zing Black Embossing Powder, Black Ink


captured: my right now.

yesterday i talked about the “memory keeping spectrum” … here’s a little illustration: 



we ALL have photos. memories. stories.  we all have HAPPY times that we love to revisit and cherish… and sad, hard times that we carry with us because they make us who we are.  the STORIES and the MEMORIES… even the little moments MATTER.   ideally, everyone needs to be somewhere on this spectrum. (notice that i don’t include FACEBOOK or even INSTAGRAM on the spectrum! even though we use those channels to store and share our memories, i don’t count them as MEMORY KEEPING.) I have written a few words that describe the ends of the spectrum – and they have to do with the approach, the motivation and the end result of YOUR STYLE of memory keeping.  No point of this spectrum is HIGHER or BETTER.  Each and every POINT is equally GOOD, and Necessary. NOW — depending on things like: TIME, KNOW HOW, DESIRE,  one might fluctuate from the left to right and back again…. and that’s OK!  

but the stories; the HISTORY… the GROWTH should be documented. kept. remembered. enjoyed.  Time stands still for no one, and the journey is savored by looking back and remembering. I love Memory Keeping –  i love the creative, and the artistic! I am motivated by the extreme right of this spectrum. i encourage YOU to find YOUR place. and DO IT YOUR WAY! it’s worth it! and there is endless possibilities for every point on this spectrum! where are you on this spectrum?  

My sweet Media Team member Lindsay Bateman , and her husband are having so much fun with their first child who was born earlier this spring. She lives in Canada, but even in photos, i can see her RADIATE from the happiness that this little guy brings! She crafted a mini book to hold the photos that she has snapped and even shared on social media – using the ‘My Favorite Things’ memory files, and one of my most favorite tools: The Cinch by We R Memory Keepers.  I love how great this turned out !  take a look:

Today I am so excited to share a very simple and easy way to enjoy all of your “right now” photos and memories using the Heidi Swapp Favorite Things Memory File Kit.  I have made it a personal goal of mine to print out my photos on a more regular basis.  It is so easy to take photos these days and enjoy them digitally (on iPhones, iPads, computers etc) but I think when we print them out, and hold the physical copy of a photo in our hands, that is truly where the magic happens.  Photos are precious and NEED to be printed.  However, of course that does not always happen!  Because of that, I decided to create a Memory File project that celebrates and documents all of my most current and favourite “right now” photos that I have taken.  If you follow me on Instagram (@lbateman9442) you will recognize a lot of the pictures I am going to share in this project.  Most of these are current Instagram photos I have captured.  The reason I LOVE using Instagram photos in my projects the most is that I think they just look SO darn cute and fun in scrapbook projects.  So I thought it would be fun to to share an inside look how you at home can create this very simple and fun mini album using primarily just the Favorite Things Memory File Kit, a few extras you may have hidden in your stash at home and your favourite “right now” photos.  Of course ANY memory file kit you are lucky to have in your stash will work just the same.  They are all so awesome I think the most difficult part of the process is deciding which one to use! :)

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile


Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile


Heidi Swapp Favorite Things Memory File Kit

Bazzill White Card Stock

Favorite Photos

Cinch Machine

Cinch Coil

Add Ons: Heidi Swapp Acrylic Stamps (Numbers Stamps, Word Stamps, Mini Stamps); Favorite Things Ephemera; Favorite Things 6 x 6 Paper Pad, Favorite Things Word Stickers, Favorite Things Glitter Frames

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

The construction of this memory file album is super simple.  What I did to maximize all of the files in the kit (and to create all my album pages) was trim them all in half so they serve as separate pages.  There are even a few longer memory files in the kit so depending how you trim those, you can really add in a lot of extra pages as well.  As you will see in my photos, I created extra pages within my file album by adding in plain white Bazzill card stock.  You can add in as many extra pages as you desire, I only added in about 5 pages.  Some I left the original size (8 1/2 x 11 inches), others I cut into smaller sizes.  However, the bulk of my album is primarily the files that are in the kit.

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

Another trick I did was deconstruct the foto stack that comes inside the kit.  I simply pulled out the staples and trimmed those in half as well.  I was able to get extra pieces to use not only as pages, but as photo mats within my project.  You will notice in the photos above and below that the “hello” foto stack piece that I took apart I used as a fun die cut tab along one of the pages.

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile


Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

Above is one of the white card stock pages I added in.  Super simple.  Added a photo, some stamping, stickers along with some journaling.  Voila!  The memory is captured, recorded and left to enjoy!

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

Another great tip I would love to share in my construction of this album is how I adhered most of my photos and paper.  I was running low on adhesive (gasp! I know ;) lol) so a really great trick is to use a stapler.  It is very low cost, and a super time saver!  A couple simple clicks and your memories are there!  To attach all of my photos and loose embellishments I used the American Crafts Mini Stapler.  It is such a fabulous tool and a must have for your scrapbook collection.  I love this simple strategy to adhere photos.

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile


I loved to use the border stickers that come as part of the sticker sheet in the kit as fun edging (as you can see above).

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

More inside pages:

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile


Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile


On this page below, I used the folded edge (of the above folder) that I trimmed off to act not only as a decorate element but as a pocket to house in one of the mini memory files that are included in the kit.

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

I have not yet added anything inside my mini memory file, but my plan is to add in some journaling and more photos about what is going on in our life “right now”.  I think this is a great way to store even more into your memory file projects and especially things that you may wish to have tucked away instead.

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile

Favorite Things Memory File @LindsayBateman #heidiswapp #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings #scrapbooking #memoryfile


I have been working on filling this album with more journaling and reflections on the weeks that have past.  Summer has been flying by….wouldn’t you agree?  Now more than ever I am so thankful to have just a little glimpse recorded of my “right now”, and for a memory file kit that helps to make this super doable and achievable!  Hope you have been inspired by this little book of mine to do the same.  Life is here, it is now and memories are truly one of the most precious things we have.  So grab a kit, print out some of your latest photos and make your own “this is now” mini book.  I know you will have just as much fun doing it as I did!

No matter where you are on the “memory keeping spectrum”, my goal, and the goal of MY TEAM is to INSPIRE YOU!! we want to give you ALL KINDS of excuses to create, to document and to Make Pretty Stuff! You are invited to learn, try and lift our ideas! We love seeing what you make! Like Lindsay, and all my team members, we love to do a little bit of EVERYTHING!  so whether you love traditional 12×12 pages, Project Life spreads, art journaling, calendar based documenting, or mini books… we love it all! and we invite you to be part of the ON GOING Memory Keeping fun! —- Thank You Lindsay for sharing that sweet face! It will be a blink and he will be playing football under the ‘friday night lights’ and you will look back at this very mini book, shake your head, and feel infinite love for this boy, more than you will ever imagine! 



Supplies: Favorite Things Memory File Kit; Favorite Things Ephemera; Favorite Things Glitter Frames; Favorite Things Word Jumble Stickers; Numbers Stamps; Word Stamps; Other: White Bazzill Card Stock; Cinch Machine; American Crafts Mini Stapler

Create to Remember: Color Magic Value kits!

it has been so much fun to see everyone be SO happy and excited about the NEW Heidi Swapp Project Life collection!! it’s pretty much awesome! what’s really cool is that there is SOMETHING for EVERYONE in this collection! whether you are a STRICT “PLer” and you stick to only tucking cards and photos into your pockets OR, maybe you like to play with adding extra STUFF to embellish… this works for everyone! I got to spend the last couple days with Becky Higgins at a conference where we got to talk about our collaboration and share the details with Michaels’ store managers – as we talked, we discussed the fact that Becky and i represent two VERY opposite ends of the “scrapbooking” spectrum. Becky keeps it simple, quick and thrives on getting it DONE. I love to explore and play around with CREATIVITY and always try new things! — so YOU probably fit in there somewhere in between us! THAT is what makes this so fabulous, is that this can work for everyone! if you haven’t watched the little video we put together to announce our teaming up on this project, you can see it (click here)> 

It’s Wednesday, which means that there is a Brand New Episode of my weekly webshow “Create to Remember”. Today, i am sharing some really FUN tips for using the Color Magic Value Kit, and incorporating them into your Project Life spreads!  ok, so take a look at the Color Magic Value kit:

oooh, la, la…. this makes me so happy! : wood veneer words!?  Color Magic 4×6 cards? (2 of each w/ die cutting!)!! and the most fabulous WATER COLOR die cut 3×4 cards. They are the cutest!

now, if you are NEW here to my BLOG … first of all WELCOME! let me tell you that i LOVE To customize my projects with COLOR! and i LOVE to use my COLOR SHINE sprays to make that happen! SO…in  this kit everything is WAITING to be COLORED! (note: they pretty much are so awesome that they even look great with NOTING done to them! they love to be layered over other PL cards as well!) You will also find that in this program set, for the first time i get to offer a “multi pack” of mini-color shine sprays!  Now, Canada, please forgive me because i don’t know your actual retails… but for example, a regular Color Shine bottle is 2oz. and $5.99 retail. This 3-pack is $9.99, and these are our TOP 3 favorites! THIS is an awesome little value and a great way to give it a try!


there are also 2 stencil/stamp sets that are PERFECT for use with this kit! both are SO versatile!



in today’s episode, i share one of my MOST favorite Project Life spreads so far – now, i am a newbie to PL… but i love it. I combined pre-designed cards from the Dreamy Core Kit, and then colored some of my own to coordinate!

ok… here is today’s VIDEO:

be sure to add the #hsprojectlife hashtag to your projects as you upload them to social media… i’d LOVE to see what you are creating!  pull out your Color Shine bottles and have FUN with this amazing kit! here’s a little peek into another video that is coming soon:

how YUMMY are those?? see you on INSTA! and don’t forget to post a photo of YOU with the new Heidi Swapp Project Life end cap at Michaels, and add the hashtag: #hsprojectlifeselfie … contest to win the cutie phone case i designed. You have until August 22nd. Winners will be announced August 25th.

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