make pretty pockets – week 6

can you believe we are half way through my 12 week ‘Pretty Pocket’ series?! so far we have already seen 15 different ways to customize your #HSProjectLife cards! if you have missed any weeks, you can find them all right here! today Lindsay Bateman has 3 more!

Hello everyone and welcome to week 6 of the Pretty Pocket series.  Haven’t all of the tips, tricks and printables just been SO awesome to have on hand?  I love them and I find I have been referring to them SO many times lately when creating pocket pages for my album.  Part of the ‘awesomeness’ of the Project Life system is just that….quick, easy and super achievable.  So having these printables are so perfect and fitting.  They completely take the work out of the work…and make documenting memories come alive so easily. Today I am excited to share 3 of my own personal favourite techniques I love to use when documenting my photos in my Heidi Swapp Project Life album.  They are perfect when you are wanting just that “little extra” in your pocket pages.

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Pretty Pocket Card #1 – Use 4×6 Cards to Create a 3×4 Mini Book

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If you recognize this technique, it was showcased in the Make Pretty Stuff Volume 3 E-BOOK.  It is such a quick and easy way to create additional real estate for extra photos, journaling (or both) that a person wishes to include in their albums.  To create this little mini book, simply take 2 4×6 Project Life cards and fold them in half (hot dog bun style).  Place the cards one on top of the other and secure the spine together using a sewing machine, stapler or ribbon.  Voila!  A super cute mini that fits into your 3×4 pockets that can contain extra photos, journaling and memories to accompany the rest of your page.  So easy and quick right?!?


Pretty Pocket Card #2 – Create a Photo Frame Card


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I LOVE this one!  Especially since I love incorporating my punches in my projects!  To create this card, simply take a 3 x 4 card and using a punch (here I used my American Crafts circle punch, but any shape punch you wish to use will work) I created an opening in the card.  I then simply took my photo and adhered it onto the back of the card creating a cute frame around my photo.  To add a little ‘something extra’ I dug into my Favorite Things Value Kit and added some fun embellishments. This card literally took under 1 minute to create. Super easy.

Pretty Pocket #3 – Create DIY Dimensional Embellishments for 3×4 Pocket Card

I have really been into using my punches and sewing machine together lately, and creating these fun cards for my pockets has definitely made it something that I have been turning to a lot lately!

#heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife #heidiswappatmichaels #makeprettystuff #hsfavoritethings

To achieve this design, simply punch some images (I used my American Crafts star punch) out of another Project Life Card.  Grab another 3×4 Project Life card from your stash and lay your punches onto your card in whatever design you would like.  Once they are placed secure them by running some machine stitching across.  Once that is complete simply work the edges of your punched images so they curl and pop up a bit.  That’s is! Really quick and easy.

I promise you that you can create ALL of these cards in 10 minutes or less!  So have fun trying out these little techniques and adding them into your PL albums, pages and spreads.  Pretty pockets are the BEST kind of pockets! ;)

Pretty Pockets Week 6 FREE Printable @Heidi Swapp @lindsaybateman @Becky Higgins LLC #heidiswapp #projectlife #hsprojectlife

i love a fast solution to ‘making pretty stuff’! Lindsay, you did an awesome job at these perfectly unique cards that anyone can do! make sure to click here to print off your free download so that you can add it to the collection of printables. then, you will be ready to create when it is time to sit down and work on your pocket pages! i hope you can get some scrapbooking done this weekend! with 18 ways to get creative, there is no excuse!

Supplies: Project Life Favorite Things Core Kit; Project Life Clear Value Kit; Project Life Glitter Value Kit Other: Sewing Machine, Stapler; American Crafts Knock Out Punches

create to remember: stamp it!

it’s Wednesday, which means i have a NEW ‘Create to Remember’ episode! today i wanted to share with you an easy solution to customizing your #HSProjectLife Becky Higgins Project Life Core Kit cards! In both the Favorite Things and Dreamy Core Kits you get 10 cards of each 3×4 design! that is a lot of cards!!! why not customize them to fit whatever project you are using them for with stamps?

i have three ways you can add a little personality with stamping…

Interchangeable Stamp

Heidi Swapp Project Life Stamping @heidiswapp @beckyhiggins #projectlife #hsprojectlife #stamping #diy

this little stamp has the cutest designs to use with this re-inking tool! i share how to to use it, get a perfect stamp every time, and clean it in my video today!

Clear Stamps

Heidi Swapp Project Life Stamping @heidiswapp @beckyhiggins #projectlife #hsprojectlife #stamping #diy

my new #HSProjectLife clear stamp set has small words that will fit perfectly on a 3×4 card. there are even cute ‘fill in the blank’ stamps to customize it to whatever you are journaling! they are fun to use when you are using them to play off the titles and captions already printed on the cards.

Date Stamp

Heidi Swapp Project Life Stamping @heidiswapp @beckyhiggins #projectlife #hsprojectlife #stamping #diy

lastly, i have my new #HSProjectLife Date Stamp with the months in my handwriting! in my video i share some tips and tricks to getting a perfect stamp every time!

watch today’s episode below, and grab yourself a Core Kit! try out some of these quick and easy ways to use stamps to add a bit of fabulous to your pocket pages!

some oct. heidi reality!

I am so thankful for my Media Team and all that they do to keep ALL OF US inspired everyday here on this blog! I LOVE seeing what they come up with! I am so lucky to seriously have the best team ever! aren’t they fantastic!? SERIOUS thank you to each of them!

Today is my day to share here on the blog, and I had a project in mind… but I didn’t get it finished in time to share. I was feeling so frustrated with myself, and wondering what I have been doing!? Do you ever have that- where you just wonder where the time went? And what you spent it doing? So… I went back to my Memory Planner and my daily done lists…to see what I have been doing! And turns out I have been pretty busy! …so since I don’t have my awesome Halloween project done, I will share some other stuff that I did do! A little dose of ‘heidi reality’ if you will… where to start?   I am LOVING fall. It’s been the most beautiful fall I can remember. October means Halloween for me! I love Halloween… this year, I am teaming up with a friend of mine who loves Halloween even more than I do, and together we are hosting a little fright night! We have had fun creating ‘save the date’ invitations as well as ACTUAL invitations.

I was so excited with how the Save the Date’s turned out! I got the idea to incorporate a ‘countdown’ to the party right on the card! (I love me a good countdown). We printed them all out at the copy center on sturdy white cardstock. But the countdown sheet, we printed on just text weight paper and a laser printer so that we could ‘coffee stain’ them. We tag-team mass produced them with little popped up flowers on the skull’s top hat and on the frame!

The invitation had to really be a step up to keep up with the ‘save the date’ card! My friend decided to make some sinister looking carmel apples, and then we created some pennants to stab into the apples. We had some crazy fun creating those as well! Can’t wait to share pics of the party!

Another tradition that I love around this time of year is BOOing! You are probably familiar with this by now, but basically you just leave a little treat for someone, with a note attached telling them to do the same! WELL, the crazy in me, got the idea to leave a little something FUN for everyone on my floor at American Crafts. My partner-in-crime and good friend Libby just ordered a massively impressive Cotton Candy machine and so she agreed to help me!

 I wanted to make a cotton candy MONSTER that would tuck into those little clear boxes. There would be a WARNING label that would be super scary and creepy… but tried as I might, I could NOT make cotton candy look scary!  i did however make some intimidating labels… i mostly made up all this info, found some intimidating info online… and played around with it in photoshop…

LOL There has been a new law past, it’s called Prop 65 – so we have to place this warning on all the products we produce telling people not to “mouth or chew” the products. While I can understand the reasoning, quite honestly it makes our pretty packages look, hmm… not pretty. SO this was just kinda a LIGHT HEARTED nod to the challeges we are facing with these new laws passed. I think that we got a few chuckles!

Another project that I took on that I thought would be really fun and simple was a little overhaul of my home office! We have been in our new home since March, and the ‘den’ has been a bit of a dumping ground. Everyone uses the office, and I wanted it to be more comfortable, accessible and yea… pretty! I got this hair-brained idea that I wanted to PAINT the ceiling.

WELL… we had some challenges! I saw this amazing FLOOR and I thought it would make a killer ceiling design- so the vision was to paint like a double border around the outside edge. Not sure if you have ever looked very closely at a ceiling, but they do a heavier texture on the ceiling than anywhere else (at least the homes here in Utah). SO… first order of business was to smooth out the ceiling. We did that by applying mud/spackle over the whole ceiling and sanding it down. TWICE. This was not an easy, fun or tidy process. Eric and I were up on ladders, middle of the night… me trying to be positive cause this was my stupid idea, and eric giving me this look like, why did I let you talk me into this!?!   Once the surface was pretty smooth, we simply painted it twice with a nice paint + primer white paint, and gave it ample time to dry. Measuring and drawing the lines for the borders was the next hurdle, and eric is a SUCH a perfectionist, so those lines are SUPER perfect… don’t worry! We got it all taped and painted and let it dry… it’s always SO exciting to remove the tape, and when eric did so… the tape pulled the white paint up almost ALL along the taping lines. Not sure why the paint didn’t stick to the spackled surface, but it didn’t! We had to close the door on the project for a couple days (during cotton candy monster production). I finally got up enough energy to sand down all the pulled up paint, and re-touch every bit of it.   I do love it… but just don’t look too close! J I got some new desks from Ikea and placed them back to back to create 4 stations to sit at. I indulged in a new rug and those clear Lucite chairs… everyone loves to be in there now working on homework! It’s a great solution!

SO, I had all this ‘blank wall space’ (haha, have you seen this video) and I had another crazy idea that I wanted a HUGE ‘hello’ on the wall. I wasn’t for sure how I was going to do it. I was contemplating using vinyl as a mask for paint, but after the ceiling, paint was definitely off the table

! I reached out to my cousin who has an amazing laboratory of cutters and machines of all kinds, and he agreed to CUT the word “HELLO” from a sheet of wood for me!! And HELLO! I am in LOVE! And yes… I couldn’t resist some gold glitter! I LOVE how it turned out! It’s perfect…

This month, American Crafts moved into a new, larger space to accommodate all their amazing growth, and in the mix I got allotted an office! It’s the first time I have ever had a real office! I am only there part time- some weeks more than others – but I just wanted to add a little something to my office. I had found this AMAZIGN totally inspiring book called “fight on”. I loved it so much, that I wanted to have the pages up on my wall! I ripped the pages out of the book… GASP I know! But they are all so beautiful to me!… I hung them up with washi tape, and added some of my favorite new stickers (avail only at hobby lobby at the moment) and hung some banners (left over from Capri’s bday party) and LOOK how inspiring and cute! Makes me so happy!!

 The BOOK is all about acknowledging that you might have a big FIGHT (in the everyday) but that you have it in you to OVERCOME! The book immediately made me think of my little friend, 12 year old Addie, who while living in Singapore with her family (she had only moved there in July), was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

She has been so amazing, and so strong. She has inspired everyone around her. She and her mom have travelled here to be treated at Primary Childrens’ Hospital, while her 3 brothers and dad are so far away, still in Singapore… You know how you see people that are going through hard things, and you just want to do SOMETHING!? I am such a one-track mind…. So the scrapbooking always eeks out in one way or another. And I felt that she would like a journal of some kind! Maybe even just like a ‘guest book’ or ‘visitor log’… something that people could even write her little love notes in… I thought that the “Fight On” book would be perfect. I deconstructed the book – yes… cut it apart, and cut all the pages down to make it about a 9×9. I added in folders, tabs, clear pages, journaling pages etc., then used my CINCH to bind it all into a spiral book.

I LOVE, love how it turned out! I was so excited to give it to her! I took her my ZINK printer- that way she could print from her phone, and stick the little pics right into the book! I gave her some stickers and she seemed to light up! I think that memory books are so important. She printed out a pic of herself before she cut her hair… and put it right on the front. She has a long hard journey ahead of her. But she will be OK! I am thankful for her amazing example, and the example of her good parents. It’s been amazing and humbling to see so many reach out to support her.

SO… because of all that…

And a bunch more stuff that I can’t even tell you about yet…. I didn’t get my blog project assignment done. But all in all… it’s been a most amazing month.

And tomorrow… my first born turns 17. Oh, how the time flies.

But while it does… make pretty stuff!





organize it! project life storage

organization doesn’t come easy for me. i like to have everything close at hand, but for Kim Jeffress, she really has a place for everything! when i was in Australia i had the chance to be in Kim’s creative space and even had a bit of time to play while I was there too. let me tell you it inspired me! i was so inspired i got a chance to even make a mini album while i was there! 

Heidi Swapp in Kims House_web

Heidi Swapp in Kims House-2_web

that’s why i asked her to share with us how she is storing her #HSProjectLife Value Kits! i just knew Kim would have a practical but ‘pretty’ way to keep it all organized!

Some of you may have spotted this photo of mine on Instagram over the weekend, the aftermath of some serious scrapping activity in my studio! I have to say its not always this bad, in fact today I am here to share with you how a part of my room looks once I am all organized and everything is packed away from a scrapping marathon!


I have a tall ladder type shelf on one side of my room where I store all my Heidi Swapp Project Life goodies. I like that is in all the one place for easy access and use. The pieces in the collection are stored in decorative bowls and white washed boxes to add a touch of elegance to my room.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

My most used Favorite Things and Dreamy Core Kits are stored together in a white wooden box with a handle which makes it easy to pick up and move to my desk.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

I bought that cute  ceramic pineapple pen holder from Typo and they hold my America Crafts precision black pens for hand journaling.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

Another cute glass bowl from Typo holds my Roller Date stamp and the Interchangable stamp. Do you spy (at the rear of the  bowl) that clear plastic piece with the  circular holes in it, it was made to hold the interchangeable stamp pieces when not  in use.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

The extra Project Life pieces such as the Sheer Stickers sheet, Mini File Folders, Interactive Cards and Instaframes are all stacked together in that cute cloud letter stand. Again its easy for me to bring it to my table and flick through it to find what I need effortlessly!

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

Another white wooden box holds the Glitter, Clear, and Gold Foil Value Kit cards.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

I placed the  Project Life ephemera pieces into colorful bowls for easy access.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

Washi Tape and Wood Veneer shapes sit in a pretty blue bowl.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

Finally I have my 3×4 Stamps and Embossing Folders in a Vintage ceramic bowl, I love how pretty it looks.

@kimjeffress @heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlifestorage #heidiswapp

There you have it- some pretty ways to store your Project Life goodies. Fingers crossed I can keep it looking like this for a few days! ( WINK!)

i love it all Kim! i can’t wait until the next time i can come over and work in your scrapbook room! there is still time to enroll in the Michael’s Project Life Scrapbooking 101 class that i designed! talk with your local store from now until December to see when your class will be held! Or go here, click on “paper crafting”, and then add your zip code to find a store near you. as soon as you click on your store, it will have a list of classes you can sign up for! you will want to look for “Scrapbooking 101″ and there should be a Project Life Pocket Page as the class photo! Then, you can enroll! the class is FREE with purchase of supplies!

Materials- Project Life Favorite Things Core Kit, Dreamy Core Kit, Glitter Value Kit, Clear Value Kit, Gold Foil Value Kit, Roller Date Stamp, Interchangeable Stamp, Star Embossing Folder


homemade holiday: boo! buckets

so, there has been some serious “booing” around the American Crafts office!!! this week i got the most masterful BOO i have ever received… it was so well created! i believe it was made with a die cutting machine and folded to make a ‘headstone’. inside was placed a twix bar wrapped with the invitation and reminder that it’s now my turn to BOO too. i have to admit it is inspiring working with such creatives but i am going to have to up my game!!! click play to see what i mean…


if you have never been “booed” before then, you are in for a treat! Jen Evans begins this new tradition and shows us how fun it can be!

Have you ever “Booed” your neighbor? This is our first year playing along with new Boo tradition. “Booing” is like a Halloween version of Secret Santa or May Baskets. The idea is to spread some good old fashion random acts of kindness through out the days before Halloween. You leave a poem with your “boo gift” on the porch of a neighbor and they have two days to do the same. You also leave a “You’ve Been Booed” sign on their door so that they don’t get booed again!

Heidi Swapp Boo Bucket @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #colorshine

My local craft store has these clear craft paint buckets that are perfect for a “Boo Bucket.” What I love about these buckets is that you can cut the paper to size and slide it right on the inside pushing the paper up against the plastic. It goes right in place but isn’t permanent. Whoever ends up with the bucket can reuse it again for something else! I used my favorite new striped paper from Heidi’s new September Skies collection!

Heidi Swapp Boo Bucket @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #colorshine

I found these little legs by Darice at my local craft store that matched the stripes. How could I not hot glue this cutie to the front rim?! I stuffed the bucket with orange tissue paper so that everything I placed inside would peek from the top. Here are some of my ideas that I also found at my local craft store to include inside:

Orange and Black Jelly Belly candy

Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks

Pumpkin Soap

DIY Orange and Green Rubber Band Bracelets

Charlie Brown It’s the Great Pumpkin Hot Cocoa

Orange and Black Washi Tape

Orange and Green American Crafts Zap! Glitter Glue

Heidi Swapp Boo Bucket @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #colorshine

My local store has these unfinished chalkboard clips that I knew would soak in Color Shine beautifully! I just used painters tape to cover the chalkboard part and sprayed with Color Shine. I used a chalk marker to write on the chalkboard “Boo”, then added an “Adventure” wood veneer from the September Skies collection with hot glue! I sprayed it with Tinsel Color Shine and oh, my, does it shine!

Heidi Swapp Boo Bucket by Jennifer Evans-3_web

For fun, I also found these test tube containers at my local craft store. I added Chocolate covered Orange Jelly Belly candies inside along with a few pieces of Candy Corn! Yum! To decorate them, I sprayed seam binding and Color Magic Paper Roses with Black Color Shine to give it a spooky look! These Color Magic tags are a perfect fit for Heidi’s Project Life Date Stamp! Super cute as these treats fit in the palm of my hand!

Heidi Swapp Boo Bucket @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #colorshine

To add a little height, I created some paper rosettes and glued them to skewers so they could stick and sit right in the bucket. The “love it” September Skies stamp worked perfectly in the center!

Heidi Swapp Boo Bucket by Jennifer Evans_web

Now, I am ready to leave this bucket at our neighbor’s house and wait to watch the neighborhood spread some random act of kindness cheer!

this is so much fun and can start something special in your neighborhood! if you haven’t booed a neighbor yet, make pretty stuff this weekend and boo!!!

Supplies: September Skies Meadow Bloom, September Skies Aspen, September Skies Light Spectrum, September Skies Wood Veneer Shapes, Color Shine Peach, Color Shine Black, Color Shine Tinsel, Watercolor Tags, Color Magic Paper Roses, Seam Binding Ribbon, and Heidi Swapp Becky Higgins Project Life Date Stamp Other: Skewers, Chalkboard Clip, Clear Paint Bucket, Black Ink, Tim Holtz Paper Rosette Die Cut

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