Img_2929With January coming to a close, with the promise of a CRAZY FEB… among other things… it means that CHA is right around the corner… little new-prod. sneak peeks should start popping up. (CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association trade show.. this year it’s in Anaheim the second week of feb. It’s not a consumer show… it’s primarily for store owners to come and check out everyone’s new release product collections and write orders…)  We are officially one week away from loading up our whole crew and taking that international 12 hour flight back to the USA. I have all these notes written to myself of things I need to pack, things I need to bring home to leave, gifts I want to bring home, stuff I need to bring for QVC and CHA… as well as lists of what I want to bring back! I have a Costco list, a Target list, and a list for what each kid is in need of.  We are in big trouble if I loose any of my lists. I feel like my head is spinning. It’s just too much to keep in my brain. Anyway, I was working on a new ad, and thought I would share this photo… at the CHA show, I am releasing 3 new collections of 12×12 paper. This is a first of this kind of release from me. I am really excited about it. I am not going to give all the secrets away before the show.. just a few of them! this photo has 3 papers from one of the collections… it’s called ‘carefree’. There are 6 different 12” papers… each is double sided.. so there are a total of 12 different designs in the paper collection alone. I have showed a few other tidbits already, and I will drop a hint or 2 each day until we leave…  new stuff makes scrapbooking SO MUCH FUN!

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