chocolate to the rescue.

I slept last night… so that’s no excuse.. I don’t know what my deal is today! Nothing is jiving. I feel just fine- not sick. I feel rested…the kids are back in school…I have had 2 days in a row of exercise…but I just feel off! I can’t keep my thoughts focused. I’d say that I can’t think straight… but I don’t think I ever really think straight. But it’s worse than usual! Scattered. Or I should say MORE scattered. To the point of just confusion. I have been trying to make lists and prioritize… think in steps and not try to take on everything at once. I have been trying to ‘break it down’… (can you tell that I am trying out strategies that have been offered) ha ha. I guess that you just have these days. The only answer is chocolate.
And maybe a massage.
So that is what I am doing. I have broken out my ‘Norwegian’ chocolate that my sweet friends on the cruise brought me… and believe it or not, I have resorted to dipping it in peanut butter! Could there be anything worse? (reminds you of the old reeses peanut butter commercials.. ‘two great tastes’).
I decided to take the afternoon off, and went downtown to one of the markets. I haven’t been there in over a month, so I wanted to see if there was anything new… the new spring colored purses are starting to come in. there were some hot pink, lime green and a really awesome bright yellow. Didn’t buy anything…but it made me happy to look! I did buy this really big bling-y pink ring…when I came home, eric noticed it (impossible not to notice it)… and I just smiled, and he said, ‘happy valentines’ day’! ha ha. Not letting him off the hook that easily! There has been a lot of valentines vibe around here! and then tonight, (during taco night), a package arrived … straight from the good ole USA… thank you grandma k…a bunch of love came wrapped in a mess of hot pink shreddings. Included in the box were cute pens, and those washcloths that are all dehydrated, and vacuum packed-they were a big hit! –and a brownie mix!! So we immediately swung into brownie action, and guess what… MORE CHOCOLATE!
10 minutes to American Idol! I am just going to sit and watch it. not multi-task in any way. Then I am going to take a bath. A hot scalding bath. And THEN maybe my head will be clear, and I will be able to think…that is the plan.

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