cold medicine and mentholatum

Shocking really… jan 15?
How can that be possible?
No time passes quicker than that before big deadlines. This is a deadline month. In two weeks we leave to go back home for the month of feb, and everything has to be done…wrapped up, good to go…prepped, finalized, submitted and fed exed. It’s not that I am not looking forward to the trip… it’s just that the next two weeks, in addition to the last two weeks are putting the ‘dead’ into deadline. I am feeling tired, and I have developed a cold. I have been running. Partly as a new-years-res, and partly to keep the ideas flowing. I love to run, and I am so grateful that my ankle is better and allowing me to start building back up my miles, but seriously… it’s been around 10-14 degrees. never before had to run with thermals under my running pants. I have been supplementing my running routine with a ‘Kukuwa’ class. A friend of mine teaches it a few times a week. I had never heard of it, but it’s really fun! It’s a mixture of African, Caribbean and Latin beats to a whole new-to-me style of dance-ercise. I am diggin’ it. I like that the music is happy and the moves are fun! Exercise is supposed to be fun, and refreshing (nothing more refreshing than 10 degrees!)
Did you get the email that the new Club Heidi kit is up? And goes on sale today! Usually the kit goes on sale the first of the month, but we had some technical difficulties that caused it to be pushed back to the 15th. February’s kit will be back on schedule. I took some of the florals from this month’s kit and attached them to my big wool hat with an XL brad. Much better! I can remember, when I was attending BYU I had several roommates/friends from Arizona and So. Calif.  I can remember them getting really depressed in January because it was so cold and grey… I remember thinking that it was just not that big of a deal-at the time I was from Utah, and totally used to WINTER. This is the first winter I have lived in since we moved away from Utah about 11 years ago. I ‘get it’ now… the cold weather depression!  I was talking with a friend here today, she has lived her for 15 years, and indicated to me that this was unseasonably warm for winter in Beijing (thank goodness!).  The upside to cold weather is how enjoyable hot chocolate is! We have one of those water machines that has a hot lever and a cold lever, and I LOVE the instant gratification of the HOT water for hot choc.
My cold medicine has officially ‘kicked-in’ and it’s hard to keep my eyes open. i have my favorite: mentholatum, clearing my airways…I am so looking forward to that dream-less, cold-medicine induced sleep. Good night.

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