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Img_3104Alright, I am feeling as though my sneaks are skewed a bit to the traveler line, which I think is an amazingly workable set of papers… I finished this mini-book last night when I had a few friends over to scrapbook-and yet again, I was using the  traveler paper! But I want to show it so that you don’t think that this collection can only be used for TRAVEL pages and projects. It’s got it’s masculine side, as well as some feminine touches… but mostly it very neutral and easy to use, and mix and match… this is a mini-book that the ladies from the AYTR will recognize…but with a little different take. The title of the book is “Connor’s world”.  Each fold out page has a title with the word “world” in it… for example: “welcome to my world” which has  photos of  his birth; “the world revolves around YOU” “ world’s cutest connor!” “ little guy, big world” (which is photos from some of our adventures!); “you make the world a better place”; “the world is brigher with you in it!” etc. etc. etc… I keep thinking of all these plays on the word “world”
… world’s best
world class
what in the world?
Where in the world?
World famous
World wide
Your world
Small world
In your own little world
Another world
World  news
World’s cutest, fastest, smartest, etc.
See… lots of non-travel page potential!
Connor is so photogenic.. I love scrapbooking him! So I will share one more… this is one that has new stuff, old stuff, qvc stuff, feb. club heidi stuff  and that cutie photo of connor! 6 months…hard to believe!
the best part about my new stuff, is how well it all works together with my old stuff. So if you have a stash, these new collections will help you get it out of the drawers and onto pages… where scrapbook embellishments are happiest! The Feb. Club heidi kit should be unveiled any day… so watch out for that! it’s called “SUPERSIZED”… it’s big-time.
ok, I am starting the packing process. FUN.

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