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create to remember: glitter clipboards

on today’s NEW Create to Remember episode I show a way to take a plain, super boring, clipboard into something that adds so much pizzazz to a room!!!! last month, when i was getting my decorations ready for my CHA booth, i wanted to create a display with clipboards of layouts and Minc wall art. after i spray painted them gold to match my booth, i was so disappointed that i almost didn’t bring them! all i could see at the top of the clip was the office store brand name – ha!!!

at the last minute – yeah, it was probably at 2am, i realized i could glitter the top of the clip with my Marquee Love Glitter! and you know what?!! it looked amazing!!!


here is how easy it is to make your own:

1. Prime your clipboards. Then spray paint the clipboards the same color you are using for glitter. It will be easier to hide any imperfections.

2. Use my Marquee Love glue and a foam brush and cover the metal clip.

3. Pour glitter on generously. Lift clipboard up and let the loose glitter fall on a scrap piece of paper. Repeat adding more glue and glitter to any places you might have missed.


i showed this bedroom makeover last month where i also used them!

watch the video below to see how EASY and custom it can be!

NEW create to remember: marquee love glitter

Are you a glitter lover OR a glitter hater? usually you are one or another. i am a GLITTER LOVER! i love glitter and i especially love it on my new Marquee Love letters!

there are several different ways to decorate my letters – you can spray paint them, use my new Marquee Love Washi Tape, or you can GLITTER them!!!! today i have a NEW episode of ‘Create to Remember‘ on My Craft Channel where I share how fun it is to glitter them.

here are a few tips to before you get started:

1. Use wrapping paper as your surface so you can spread out on a counter top and recycle it when you are finished!

2. Spray paint the letter first with the same color you are glittering. This helps the white of the letter not be as noticeable if it peeks through your glitter job.

3. Apply my Marquee Love glue to the inside of the letter first!

4. Use a foam brush to brush the glue on while working fast! You want the glue to be wet when you apply the glitter.

5. When doing the outside, glue one side at a time before applying the glitter.

6. When you are all finished, clean up your wrapping paper and use a lint brush to pick up any left over glitter on your work space. No one will ever know you were there!

Watch today’s episode right here to see how I glitter this letter “T” in gold! If you create your own Marquee Love use the hashtag #hsMarqueeLove! I can’t wait to see you “make pretty stuff!”

introducing marquee love!

I am super excited to finally introduce you to my NEW Marquee Love collection!!! i have been working on this for what seems like FOREVER and now it is finally time to show you these fun letters!

i have been DIYing marquee signs for a long time now! it always includes wood, power tools, lots of cords, and a lot of help from my husband Eric! ha!!! Now it is easier than ever and i can’t wait to show you because i know you will love it as much as i do!

Every box comes with the letter, strand of lights, clear bulb caps, instructions on how to strand the lights perfectly, and a template so you can customize it! with the template, you can use it with my Marquee Love glitter or patterned paper!

Just trace and cut out. you don’t even have to glue the paper because the lights will hold everything in place and then you can change it out later if you want! Fabulous, right?! In this collection there is also washi tape, glitter, and glue if you want to try a different look besides the paper!

Make sure to keep the directions that are in the box. They show you exactly how to thread the lights so that there isn’t excess cords in the back – that way the battery pack and cords are completely hidden!

i had so much fun with making a few for my home! here is a photo of what i made for my son Cory for his bedroom! i used paint, a bit of black ink, and some sanding to give it a galvanized look!

you can see all the products on my website here that will be available at Michael’s stores at the end of the month! what will you spell?

today on “Create to Remember” i show you how much fun Marquee Love can be! you can watch the episode on My Craft Channel right here! if you make Marquee Love, make sure to take a photo and use the hashtag #hsMarqueeLove so that I can see! I can’t wait to see you ‘make pretty stuff!’

2015 Spiral Boxed Kit Planner

hello wednesday!!! it is time for another ‘Create to Remember‘ episode at My Craft Channel! last month, i had a bit of a disaster happen in my craft room. maybe you have been there… i had my limited edition boxed kit Memory Planner sitting on the floor and i accidentally stepped on it! i completely broke the binder!

this little disaster got me thinking… i love being able to use the We R Memory Keepers‘ Cinch to make the pages into a spiral. even if i didn’t step on the binder and break it, this boxed kit is like getting two gifts for the price of one this way! i could bind the pages for one gift and then use the binder with Becky Higgins’ Project Life 6×8 inserts to create a mini album for another!

this boxed Memory Planner Kit is different from my 2015 Memory Planners. you can see and read about the differences right here. this boxed kit is ONLY available at Michael’s (for 40% off until Saturday December 13th, 2014) and is extremely limited! they were made for Christmas as a perfect gift and can be found with the holiday boxed kits and albums in the seasonal section of your store. some stores got them right away but some stores that have been waiting are just seeing them arrive! so check your store if you haven’t seen them yet!

inside the kit you also get a pen, gold stickers, number stamps, 2×2 gold foil cards for the pocket pages, and magnetic bookmarks! watch the episode below to see how i transform these pages into a one-of-a-kind gift!

project life interactive pockets!

 i am so excited to share with you these NEW ‘Create to Remember‘ tips and tricks using some of my interactive pieces from my Becky Higgins Project Life collection. sometimes, i want to add more photos to my pocket page but the pocket openings are in the wrong direction or there just isn’t enough room to add the few extra photos i want to… here are a few ways I solve this from this week’s episode…

1. Mini Books give extra room for photos and journaling

depending on which way you face your mini book or which pocket page you are using, it might be hard to access my Project Life mini book while in the pocket. just grab a craft knife and slice along the back of the protector (as shown in the video below).

then slide in the back of the book into your pocket! now you can see all the pages when looking at your page in your album!

2. Decorate the back of a plain envelope and slide it into your 4×6 pocket for tickets and receipts!

3. Use a #HSProjectLife Mini File Folder to hold even more photos!

place something in your pocket to help you cut the page protector from behind (as shown in the video below)

then pierce a hole through the photos, front of the protector, and file folder so that you can use a brad to hold the photos inside the file folder. i created tabs on the outside of my photos so that they would be easy to grab!

have you heard?! my #HSProject products have been restocked at Michael’s Stores?!! grab your Project Life supplies and watch below how much fun it can be to have a few more interactive elements to your pocket pages! for even more interactive ideas, you can read my FREE Project Life e*idea book right here!

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