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create to remember: minc foiled notebooks

on today’s ‘Create to Remember’ episode I am combining my favorite things into a notebook! i LOVE notebooks, don’t you?! i always need a good notebook whether i am taking notes, using it as a journal, or giving it as a gift! i have created inspirational quotes and went to my local Staples to have them copied with a laser printer so that I can then run them through my Minc Foil Applicator.

if you want to print your own, you can use this free “decisions, determine, destiny” quote i gave last month!

first, you will add foil to the top of the quote. with the paper and foil in the carrier sheet, run it through the Minc on a 3 heat setting.

now, it is time to use the WeR Memory Keepers’s Cinch to bind the cover and inside pages together! i have a little surprise for you in today’s episode too!!!

here is a SNEAK peek of my NEW Cinch machine!! isn’t it so much fun in black and white stripes with square holes?!!! watch and i will show you how to use it to create the finished notebook below!


as I mentioned in the video, i have done a lot of testing with different laser printers to find which ones work best with the Minc. i have had lots of questions about what laser printer i use and I found this one – HP LaserJet Pro P1102W Wireless Monochrome Printer. it is what I am using from home and it is under $10o! it makes it convenient when i am crafting in the middle of the night! ha! i hope you were inspired to make pretty notebooks of your own!


create to remember: lighted signs

I am so excited to share with you a fun DIY lighted sign that will surprise anyone that sees it! I have created artwork that I then have turned into a marquee sign! here is one i did for this sweet bedroom makeover! I created the artwork on my computer, and then sent it to my local Walgreen’s to be printed on a poster board print in only an hour!

I used my Marquee Love light up kits that you can find at Hobby Lobby or Michaels Stores to make it shine!

Here are the supplies that you will need:

Box cutter

Nail driver

IKEA deep shadow box frame

Craft Mat

Marquee Love Light Kit: Small Bulb Caps .5″ 24 piece

Art Work

Painters Tape


1. With the box knife cut an X on the 24 places marked on the artwork.

2. Use the nail driver or pencil to push through the Xs you have just made through the board.

3. Place the bulb caps inside the holes from the front of the artwork.

4. Add the light bulbs from the back of the artwork. You do not need to push them hard because they just sit inside the bulb cap.

5. Use a low tack painters tape to tape the battery pack to the back of the art.

i have to share the one i created for team member Kim Jeffress! i made a yellow one because it’s her favorite color!!!

watch my video below to see how i did this and then the tricks to adding it to the IKEA frame!! i can’t wait to see what art you add lights to! if you would like to make one using my artwork, you can find it in my Etsy shop right here.  then you can print it and make your own!

create to remember: multipurpose laser cut papers

hello and welcome back!!! today i wanted to show you my new laser cut Lace Papers from my Wanderlust collection! i LOVE how detailed these turned out! they look beautifully against pattern paper, as journal pages, or used as a stencil!

watch ‘Create to Remember’ on My Craft Channel to see how i used them with my NEW Color Shine colors!  

create to remember: adhesive foil

it’s Wednesday, which means i have a NEW episode on ‘Create to Remember’ on My Craft Channel! one of the most exciting and fun trends currently is adding gold foil to any of your paper crafting projects! i love it! don’t you?!! i wanted to share with you today a new product in my Wanderlust collection – it is my Adhesive Foil Kits! There are several kits to choose from, some are double sided foam and the others are rubons!

these foam shapes and words are so easy to use!!! here’s how in 4 quick steps:

1. Place the adhesive shape on your project.

2. Remove the top adhesive backing

3. Place your foil color side up on the adhesive. Smooth with your fingers!

4. Lift the foil to see the results!

in today’s episode, i show how easy it is to create this look but to also get a perfect application by using my Minc Foil Applicator machine on the zero heat setting! This cute portfolio also is in my Wanderlust collection and i wanted to apply the rub on on the top of the cover!

watch below how i placed the rubon onto the cover and then ran the entire portfolio through the Minc!!! the Minc gives the perfect pressure and gives it a seamless look!


whether you like that distressed or seamless look of goil foil on your projects, my adhesive foil kits are a perfect way to ‘make pretty stuff!’

create to remember: glitter clipboards

on today’s NEW Create to Remember episode I show a way to take a plain, super boring, clipboard into something that adds so much pizzazz to a room!!!! last month, when i was getting my decorations ready for my CHA booth, i wanted to create a display with clipboards of layouts and Minc wall art. after i spray painted them gold to match my booth, i was so disappointed that i almost didn’t bring them! all i could see at the top of the clip was the office store brand name – ha!!!

at the last minute – yeah, it was probably at 2am, i realized i could glitter the top of the clip with my Marquee Love Glitter! and you know what?!! it looked amazing!!!


here is how easy it is to make your own:

1. Prime your clipboards. Then spray paint the clipboards the same color you are using for glitter. It will be easier to hide any imperfections.

2. Use my Marquee Love glue and a foam brush and cover the metal clip.

3. Pour glitter on generously. Lift clipboard up and let the loose glitter fall on a scrap piece of paper. Repeat adding more glue and glitter to any places you might have missed.


i showed this bedroom makeover last month where i also used them!

watch the video below to see how EASY and custom it can be!

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