day at sea

Had a really fantastic day yesterday!
Started out with an EARLY photography class with Karen Russell. I really just love her, and I have never really spent time with her in real life before, and I am quite amazed at how true-to-life she comes across in her on-line class as she does in real life. I loved taking a real class from her, and it was just review on what I have been learning, but what was so cool is that as she was talking, and show her samples, I am realizing how much I really have learned, and how far I have come since beginning the class. and I am sad to say that after my jolt of a Christmas season, and the continuing saga of my travel schedule, I am so behind. But I am loving it all, and am happy to report that I did learn a few new things today. And it was totally funny, because EVERYONE was doing little things here and there that Karen had spoken about today. They were just 10 tips to better photos, and it’s amazing how just a few little things really improve your photography and the way you look at taking photos. I admire her a lot…and I like her even more.
We docked in Key West, a beautiful little beach town; the most southern town in the US. everything was so cute. I wasn’t on shore long, I had to get back and finish up my presentation for my class…after dinner (man, the dinners have been really good! I even ate fish…) dinner is really my favorite time. at my table I am seated with my parents… Teresa Collins and her husband, Donna Downey and her husband…Karen Russell and her sister, Margie Romney-Aslett and her friend Lorie Tucker…and ME! it’s been so great to talk and get to know these people that I love and admire so much, a little better. It’s been really fun and interesting. I am thankful to be associated with such amazing artists, scrapbookers and people on this ship. Right after dinner, I taught my first class. the set up was great, only 27 people in each class-and we’ll be doing 4 rotations each… can I tell you what a joy it is to only have 27 people in a class!? AS USUAL, I overplanned, and my class went over by about 40 minutes! And for a bunch of cruisers that had been in a photography class at 6am, and bopping around Key West add day, it was a little late. Next go around should be a little smoother. I really love the project that I am teaching. SMILE! That makes it really fun! Tonight I am teaching a technique class… I will be using some of my favorites: Tim’s distress inks and applicator tool, and Bazzil’s Swiss Dot… mixed with some of my NEW CHA RELEASE! Exciting. I may have to share… anyway… as I sit and type here in my bed, watching “the bad guy show” as Capri calls it… (Ironman) I have to say… ‘missing you, wish you were here!”… and seriously, this is the LIFE!
was playing with this… trying to make the best of the beach photos in AU:Beach

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