My Monday got  totally DERAILED!!
All last week, almost all the members of our familiy had been struck with a pretty serious case of the flu. Now it was only a 24 hour gig- but it was a brutal 24 hours. And as the mom- continually cleaning up throw up and getting Capri to the potty – as she is completing her 2nd week of potty training (like a champ); I have been pretty much OVER IT! Friday  night, Eric started down the sick road- with Quincy shortly behind…and after being up ALL NIGHT w/ her puking- i have never seen anyone thow up that much. I know it’s so gross to talk about, but seriously- I was running out of patience and compassion, I am sad to say. (especially when it was happening in MY BED!)  I got up Sunday and took the well-members of my family to church: Capri, Colton and Cory… and had a rather nice Sunday…about  9:30pm, it hit me. I had stomach pains like I could not believe. It was unreal. All I could do was lay still and suffer! I tried to go to sleep, but I was so uncomfortable… and I just kept thinking about how I had started to loose my patience when the kids had been so sick. I finally was able to throw up after about 2 hours of excruciating pain, and then slept ok the rest of the night. I woke up so sore, and still so uncomfortable… took some flu stuff, and slept a hard 6-7 hours on the couch. This is NOT the way to start the week! the bug is going around here, and the only person that escaped it’s wrath is Cory… so we’ll see.  I hope he doesn’t get it.
I was feeling well enough last night to start my ‘stories in hand’ book from Jessica’s class. I went to the site and printed out all my pieces… wish I had one of those cute American craft albums, but I just used a book that I have here… it’s cute, and I am excited to go forward today! but I am going to lay low, maybe even scrapbook. (gasp)

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