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My older son Addison  is in Grade 4 this year, living in Australia we are half way through our school year and his homework schedule is starting to become more complicated.   I thought he needed a more dedicated area rather than our kitchen table to complete his homework and today I want to share what I have put together for him. It is only a very small area for a small desk and chair but I think what I have created is  going to work and he will be inspired to get his homework completed every night.

I started with the 12 inch  A and J Marquee Letters available from Michaels. I wanted the letters to be masculine but yet boyish so I went with two simple 2 inch washi designs to cover the outside edges of the letters, the red and white stripe and the black and white star designs from the Celebration in Lights collection.

 Boys homework station using Gallery Wall collection

On the inside of each letter  I used the template that comes with each letter and simply painted on that silver paint from the  zinc distress kit in a cross hatching fashion. I have a quick Step Out at the end of my post to show exactly how I dressed up my letters.

Boys homework station using Gallery Wall collection

Then  I added in that large  Marquee Love arrow from the Celebration In Lights collection and added my own motivational sign that I adhered to the front of the arrow.

 Boys homework station using Gallery Wall collection

The arrow points directly to the  Celebration In Lights Star Lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

 Boys homework station using Gallery Wall collection

I hung a couple of the Star Lanterns from the ceiling and they add a fun dimension to his homework space. I also created that motivational Poster that I hung on one of the DIY clipboards from the Gallery Wall collection.

Boys homework station using Gallery Wall collection

To another DIY clipboard I added in his homework schedule so he knows exactly what to do. Below that I added in that chipboard word that I found at a local dollar store.

 Boys homework station using Gallery Wall collection

I painted it with the zinc distress kit and It gives the impression of metal without the weight!

Heidi Swapp distress kits

When my son  came down stairs and saw his new  homework area he was pleasantly surprised. I hope he finds it a motivating area where he can spend time reading, writing and honing his academic skills.

 Boys homework station using Gallery Wall collection

Heidi Swapp Marquee Love 12 inch letter tutorial

12 Inch Marquee Love Letters step out

  1. Cover the outside of the letters with your choice of 2 inch washi.
  2. Paint the template with the silver paint from the zinc distress kit using the foam brush in a cross hatching fashion to create texture.
  3. Once the template is dry add it back into the letters and push the bulbs that come with the kit into the holes.
  4. Following the directions add the string of lights into the back of the bulbs.
  5. Finally add your batteries into the battery pack and your are done!


The whole set up only took me half a day to set up, it was so easy with the Marquee shapes and I’m looking forward to Monday to see how he starts to use it!


Celebration In Lights -Marquee Arrow, Star Lanterns, 2 Inch Washi Tape, 12 Marquee Love letters,

Gallery Wall-Marquee Love zinc distress Kit, DIY Clipboard Pack



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