DIY Faux Wooden Board

DIY faux chopping board

Sometimes my creations are born out of necessity. I have been searching for several months for an apple shaped chopping board to use as decor piece in my kitchen but I have not been able to find one. When Heidi set me the task of using the Gallery Wall collection exclusive to Michaels stores this week  I was searching through my stash and picked up the large Chipboard pallet! The lightbulb went off in my head! I could make my own apple shaped board my self!

DIY faux chopping board

I combined the 12 inch chipboard pallet sign  and the Rust distress kit to create my board.


DIY faux chopping board

I adore the richness the rust distress paints bring to the board.

DIY faux chopping board

You can see the beautiful detail and  authentic wood look that the pallet gives.

DIY faux chopping board

I added some yellow acrylic paint around the edge of the apple shape to give a beautiful contrast to my board.

DIY faux chopping board

My faux board adds a stunning touch to my kitchen decor and I hope you try out my step x step below to make our own!

DIY faux chopping board

1. Hand draw or use your cutting machine to cut out the apple shape to create a template.

2. On the back of the board trace around the template with a pencil.

3. Using a craft knife carefully cut around the drawn line. You will need to pass your knife several times through the chipboard as it is quite thick.

4. Sand the edges of your cut shapes until they are smooth.

5. Using your choice of acrylic paint, paint around the edge of your board. Give it two coats for good coverage.

6. Grab your Rust distress kit and using the sponge brush add paint to the front of the board with the darker paint. Allow to dry.

7. Using the lighter colored  paint and the stipple brush create a distress feel by swishing back and forth and in all directions until the desired effect is achieved.


Supplies : Gallery Wall Marquee Love Rust Distress kit, Large Chipboard Pallet sign


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