Embracing the Memory Planner

Embracing the Memory Planner by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Hello to a NEW month! I don’t know about you but last month hit hard and fast! Pretty much I feel like the month spun me around 10 times and then released me! I spun so fast that when I opened my eyes the month was already over! Thank goodness I kept up on my Memory Planner because I already forgot what I did last week.

Embracing the Memory Planner by @createoften for @heidiswapp

This year it is all about making the photos the focus and the stories to accompany them. Last month my husband got a new schedule for the first time in over 10 years. Although this change will take some time to get use to, we are writing down those moments that we won’t want to forget.

Embracing the Memory Planner by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Everyday moments are being captured along with some photos that my kids sneak on to my camera when I am not looking. Those are the best.

Those that have been following my journey here know that my husband is the cook in my family. With this new schedule, I have to cook four days out of the week. There were several times I had to take Heidi’s February 2018ex prompt “EXhale” into the kitchen. One night I made dinner and my son shared with me that the food was “a little hard”… When I told him I was trying my best and I will try even harder next time, he looked at me shrugged and said, “Ok mom.” It was his way to say “Yeah, I get you. You did your best.”

That’s what it is all about, just trying our best, learning, and then trying again.

Embracing the Memory Planner by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I have also been using the new Heidi Swapp HP Photo Paper! What I have found works for me is adding photos to the photo template in Photoshop and then sending the photo to my Epson PictureMate to print. The HP Photo Paper will work with any printer that can hold 5×7 paper.

Embracing the Memory Planner by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Sometimes there are so many photos, like these of my son with his Auntie and Uncle taking him on a day trip for his birthday!  I end up gluing 2 4×6 photos back to back or I add a photo and write the story on the backside. Both are great ways to get more photos into my planner.

Embracing the Memory Planner by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Becoming a gourmet chef isn’t ever going to happen over night. It might not happen at all. If I just get my kids to eat a full meal I have made in the month of March I would consider it a huge success. The same thing goes for memory keeping. You may not scrapbook all the photos you want to in a month. That is ok! Trying your best to tell your stories is good enough.

To read more encouraging words about taking chances, watch Heidi Swapp’s video prompt for this month and get the free download right here.

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