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a pretty little party

Last summer, i teamed up with a lovely woman in my neighborhood —>someone that i wanted to get to know a little better, and we decided to create a “pretty party”. it was really born of the need to take time out and invest in getting to know some of the ladies that i knew a little better. We had so much fun planning and putting together this party… it was SO much fun! and i will tell you now that the friendships that were made during the pretty party have added so much to my life! I have been softly encouraging my team members to host a party of their own! and TODAY Jennifer Evans shares her “Pretty Party!”… i wish i could have been there:

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-3_web

I am so excited to share with you the Pretty Little Party I held this last weekend with my sister, Becca. If you remember Heidi’s first Pretty Little Party, Jamie’s daughter’s Little Girlie Pretty Party, and Maggie’s Pretty Little Party they all had the same theme: Inspire those we know to get their pictures off their phones and get them printed! Heidi inspired me when she said,

“Sometimes you have to do stuff ‘just because’. To create memories; to live! I think that sometimes, LIFE gets in the way of living… at least it does for me. Earlier this summer, in talking with some of the women in my ward (church group) and neighborhood, I found out that with the exception of 1 or 2, NONE of them print out their photos. Their pretty, happy pics sit on their phones and if they are lucky only make it to insta or FB and are never seen or heard from again! That night, I started planning my ‘pretty little party’. The idea for my party grew, and grew – and consumed more than

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a few of my thoughts.”

When I shared the idea with my sister, Becca, the desire to use this Pretty Little Party as an excuse to get to know some women that we knew, but wanted to get to know better, grew. We actually decided it would be fun to invite someone we knew well and have them invite someone they wanted to get to know better. So, our Pretty Little Party was born with the two of us, three of our friends, and each of us invited a special guest. This guest didn’t need to be crafty at all. In fact, the only reason we invited our guest was because we wanted to spend more time getting to know her.

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-4_web

Next, using Heidi’s invitation as inspiration, I created my own using Becky Higgin’s Digital Project Life Teenage Girl Theme Pack. It was the perfect kit to add some Heidi’s digital elements to customize it! What I loved most is that it actually was this small and fit perfectly in the palm of my hand!

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-5_web

I added travel directions by placing a QR code and my own text and digital stamps right over the journal cards in the digital kit to dress them up! On the “Awesome Day” page we asked for our guests to RSVP Becca to let us know if they were coming. I also had my email information on the page to let them know how to send me 10-12 photos of their family. It was with these photos that we would be making a Memory File to take home.

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-6_web

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-7_web

On the “Best Things In Life” page, I asked everyone to bring 10 of their “favorite thing” to share with everyone just like Heidi did at her party. Some of our guests got creative with their “favorite thing” (it had to be inexpensive).

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans_web

Becca loves to stamp and so she found these tiny stamp sets and then created everyone a tiny-itty-bitty card using Color Shine and her brush pen. Our friend, Jessica, loves coffee and made the little tiny tags with ribbon that said, “Favorite Things.”

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-13_web

For the rest of the party, we kept it very simple! I wanted to share with you how easy it really was!

Decorations -

1. Keep everything with the same color scheme. This way you can reuse it for your next Pretty Little Party, a baby shower, or even birthday party!

2. Create pom poms by folding tissue paper accordion style, tying it with ribbon in the middle, and rounding the ends.

3. For a quick hanging banner, fold doilies over colored napkins and staple to ribbon.

4. Use flowers that are on sale. We found bunches of daffodils on sale at Safeway for only $1.99 each!

5. Use dishes to store supplies in. It looks pretty and it matches!

Food -

1. Use Heidi Swapp products to decorate paper straws.

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-8_web

2. Place Sugar Chic Pennants in the food to decorate the plate (or make your own). Everyone thought it was so beautiful!

3. Use bambo skewers to make more bunting for treats and cake using Banner Delights.

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-9_web

4. Put doilies on paper plates to serve guests. It looks nice and easy to clean up.

Project –

When Becca and I talked about making the project, it needed to be easy enough for beginners, we needed clear instructions, and we wanted to make something where if we ran out of time, our guests could go home and add their pictures later. What better way to do all of those things than using the Free Memory Files Online Class, just released?! Not only are there free downloads, but we were able to show our guests how to find the class page to watch the video at home if they wanted.

1. I printed the instructions from online and used products I had on hand.

2. I had help making the kits. (Thank you Becca!).

3. We trimmed all the paper ahead of time so we didn’t have to teach a beginner how to use a trimmer. All supplies they needed were inside the kit.

4. Instead of purchasing a Foto Stack, Becca used this video tutorial to make our own ahead of time.

5. I printed all the photos emailed to me at my local Costco. I decorated little envelopes by folding velum in half with stamping. I added tags from the Hello Today Ephemera Pack with a brad to the top.

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-10_web

Color Shine Station -

1. Becca covered a table in her living room (yes, you read that right!) with a table cloth.

2. She used serving trays as a place to lay the paper towels on. She also had baby wipes, cosmetic sponges, and a vase to place the dirty things in when we were done with them.

3. We only used three colors. Blush, Primrose (Pink), and Gold Lame’ (Gold). These three colors are perfect for beginners. All three colors can be mixed and look great together. They also match most of Heidi’s collections.

4. When finished, place the table cloth into the washing machine on cold. The Color Shine washes right out.

Ice Breaker -

We used the gift bags of “Favorite Things” as an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-11_web

1. I found these K&Company set of eight bags at Target for a little over $3!

2. I used Heidi’s Free Color Magic Card Class video and used the stencil and stamping techniques. It was easy and so much fun!

Heidi Swapp Pretty Party by Jennifer Evans-12_web

We took turns pulling an item out of the bag and whose ever items was pulled got to introduce themselves and share their “favorite thing.” I made sure I went last. My favorite thing in the bag was a little frame. It was at that time I shared why photography was my “favorite thing.” I pulled out this box and shared the story of when I found this box in my in-laws’ home.

I shared the inside of the box where my father-in-law’s entire childhood negatives are sealed by month in envelopes. Can you believe he hasn’t even seen these photos and didn’t know they existed until I found the box in his spare room closet? What is the difference between this box packed 70 years ago and the phones we hold today? At the party I actually opened my father-in-law’s 1st birthday negatives, that was sealed in an envelope, and held them up for us all to see for the first time.

After I shared my story of why it is important to print our pictures, I shared the project we were going to create! It was so rewarding, beautiful, and such a wonderful time. Everyone was using Color Shine like pros by the end of the event. The best part was that we started the project not placing photos on our pages, just in case we ran out of time. We finished the project so quickly because of having kits done in advance, that we spent the rest of the time adding photos, stickers, and embellishing our pages.

Here is a video that I made and I hope it inspires you to have your very own Pretty Little Party!

today is the first of April! download the free April Memory File Planner printable by clicking right here!


I FEEL INSPIRED! i am ready to put together another pretty partY! JEN and BECCA~ this was a beautiful celebration! (These 2 are the wonder twins for sure!)….


happy MARCH

we are well into march… and life has been heavy on the crazy…and i am just NOW realizing that i need to

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get a MARCH printable together for the Memory Planner!! i hope that you have one! -a memory planner, that is! :) i hope that you love it! i just LOVE mine! –i love how i manage to write little things that would otherwise be forgotten! so far… this month has been FULL of things i want to REMEMBER…

#heidishouse March 1st we officially moved into our new home! i love it so much! the whole move and new home purchase along with EVERYTHING that goes with it… has an amazing, wonderful and very unexpected story — and we are feeling so blessed! i am thankful that i have a daily note of all the little details that have combined to get us to this place. our place…

in light of this month being “St. Patrick’s Day”… of course you just can’t help but think of lucky leprechauns, and general overall LUCKINESS! i like to think of “LUCKY” as actually: b l e s s e d !

HS_MARCHmemoryplannerso here you go! print this out on white cardstock… or you know what i did? i cut a piece of pattern paper from the Hello Today paper pad down to 8 1/2″ x 11″ and printed it on the BACK (the white side) – that way i ended up with a double sided piece that would slide right into the pockets! so awesome! what are you writing in your Memory PLanner?… i have been noting the daily projects, and progress… it’s funny how quickly little details slips from your mind! i LOVE how easy it is to document just a little bit each day!



today i’m kicking off a ‘lovely’ little campaign around here… it’s called “Say I love you”… i am joining with my fab team for a good ole “BLOG HOP”! that’s right… starting right here, right now… i am going to be sharing some fun ideas to get your creativity up and running! then i’ll send you off on your way…simply follow along and your cyber journey will visit each member of my team!

ready? set… GO! lets kick off with something super simple but way “wow”!

hs_V2i just grabbed a frame i had handy- this one is from Ikea… printed out one of my handwritten phrases… i created a FREEBIE download:

HS_webprint2 size it to fit whatever frame you have on hand! would also make a super cute notebook cover!


i used the same art, sized just exactly right for my Color Magic cards! — of COURSE the heart cards are the ultimate for this occasion! i sprayed the inside with Black Color Shine, and adhered the printable to the front cover.  I added just a bit of stamping to the front, and tucked it into a glassine bag.

hs_V9so easy to just stitch it closed with a sewing machine!

hs_V8so simple, but so fabulous to  add a glittery word sticker to the front! this is where my FREEBIE printable #2 comes in!! these are sized 5″ for the Color Magic cards:

HS_webprintcthe Color Magic cards come with 2 envelopes and 2 cards in each package. So, here’s what did with the second printable:  (well, it’s inside this cute little envelope!) i sprayed the flap with pink and blush color shine did the same to the ribbon. (the little card on the front is from the Memory Planner printable that was on the blog last Saturday)

hs_V10i did just a little bit of stamping with the handwriting 6″ background stamps (handwriting), and the little dots stencils 

hs_V12i added an envelope liner (used new favorite things paper, so cute!). I sprayed the front of the heart with Black Color Shine…and then layered up the banners and clipped on a vellum tag and acrylic heart with a mini clothes pin.

hs_V13i placed the printable on the inside and added just a bit of striped stenciling on the back of the heart.

hs_V15i pretty much love it all!!

last card i created also called for another PRINTABLE:

hs_webprint1this can be printed on white  or any pattern paper! i just folded it over and created kind of a long, tall card, and added more stenciling sprayed with Color Shine. (i used the stencil that comes with the stars)

ENJOY THESE !! I had so much fun creating these!

hs_V17here’s what you will need:

Blush, Pink and Black Color Shine

Heart Color Magic  cards

dot and diagonal stripe stencils

Hello Today banners

silver glitter words

ok, time to send you off to Maggie Massey for your next stop on the journey! Have a great time and be sure to tag any projects you create with:   #heidiswappSayILoveYou


paper cones for valentine’s day…or any day!

I am a VALENTINE’S DAY LOVER!!! (which apparently, but not obviously the opposite of Maggie who created the stuff for this fabulous post)! so, i am curious? are you a handmade Valentine maker? i think its the pinks and reds… and frilly ribbons and bow… doilies and for sure tons

of hearts. I quite love it! it’s only a few weeks away! so… just get your wheels spinning, Maggie is here with such a fun and DIFFERENT way to ‘deliver the goods’ (all those yummies) to those who have your heart! Ok… Maggie... take it away!

I’ll admit it…I’m not a super-huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Not because of any bad experiences…I’ve just never been all that “into” it. I don’t decorate my house for it, I don’t bake cute little heart-shaped brownies and cookies, I don’t send darling little love notes to my husband and kids. And, the truth be told, I’m the Mom that doesn’t buy my kids’ Valentine cards for her kids’ friends until the last possible moment (and yes, I said “buy” the cards…I don’t hand-make them).

This year, however, I decided I wanted to do something a little different (you have to keep ‘em guessing, right?). So I whipped up some really fun little paper cones for my kids and their teachers and a few of their friends…cute little paper cones that hold yummy yummy Valentine’s Day CANDY! Yay!


For each of the cones I started with a piece of Heidi’s paper and cut it to 8″x8″.

I wrapped the paper into a cone shape, hot-glued the bottom flap and stapled the top to keep the cone’s shape. I grabbed my wax paper (my absolute favorite), made another cone and slipped it into the first cone. I folded any excess wax paper over the top of my cone and hot glued it down.

I cut a variety of Digital Banner Delights out of a number of different papers and hot-glued them over the wax paper at the top of the cone.

On each of the cones I added a Vintage Chic Note with the name of the recipient, and then I just embellished those babies up…

I punched a hole on either side of the top of the cones and tied on a length of seam binding that can be used to hang the cone.

On a few of the cones I attached a fun little dangle to the bottom. To do this, I first threaded a length of monofilament cord through the cone (before I added the wax paper), I attached my little embellishment to the bottom of the cord and then hot-glued the top of the cord to the inside of the cone.

I had so much fun making these little cones…

…and I’m amazed by the possibilities with this project…

…I switched things up a bit on Owen’s cone and put the Banner Delight on upside-down…

…honestly, these can be made so easily for boys or girls, for any occasion, in any combination of colors. I dare say this may be the very first Valentine’s Day I’ve been excited about in years…


OK… Maggie is right! these are an ANYTHING GOES thing! any party, any day… any COLOR but FOR SURE—>>>all Heidi Swapp! I’d love to see what you come up with! be sure to share it on Facebook!!



Freebie Day 3…and Semi-Handmade Christmas Cards

hello again, and for the 3rd Christmas freebie… just take a look at all the amazing inspiration

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served up by MT member: Maggie Massey… k, she is a total crack up!

There was a time when I envisioned myself sitting at a gorgeous desk with a stack of handmade Christmas cards on one side and a stack of envelopes on the other, lovingly writing each and every card a personal message…a time when I envisioned my children sitting at my feet while I wrote, quietly putting together puzzles and giving each other words of praise and encouragement when one of them fit in a piece…a time when I envisioned the magic of the holidays filling our home until we were full to bursting with love and peace and faith. And then I actually HAD children and realized that, yeah…none of that other stuff was going to happen. ever. Of course, I still send out cards each year, but they are ordered online, and are usually just shoved into an envelope and addressed with a pre-printed sticker (anything to save a minute or two, right?). Not exactly the gorgeous handmade beauties of my dreams, right? So the past few years I have done something just a little different with my cards…I’ve made them Semi-Handmade. Sure, I still order the basic cards online. Sure, I still use pre-printed address labels (usually). But I’ve started adding just a little personal touch to my cards…a little something that makes them completely unique and memorable. This year Heidi made my job super-easy with her 12 Days of Digital Freebies. What a fantastic idea! All I had to do was print and cut out the graphics! Then I just played around with different ways to dress-up my basic cards! Woo hoo! Here is our Christmas card for this year…

And here are the ways that I used “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” freebie to make them extra special…

In this example, I simply printed out the graphic onto cardstock, cut it out and rounded the corners, and attached it to my card with baker’s twine. So simple! But really, doesn’t that little extra touch just make the cards stand out? It’s almost like a little gift that your card recipients get to open in order to see the card. Here’s another idea…

For this one, I printed the graphics out onto vellum, cut them to fit around the card…

and attached them in the back…again with baker’s twine.

If you’re not into changing the look of your card, you can also add a little something to your envelope to make your card one-of-a-kind…

I left the actual card alone in this example, and added the graphic to the back of the envelope (after I inked the edges and added little “ribbons” to the bottom). I love this look…wouldn’t that actually make a darling little gift-topper, too? Now what if you already make your own cards? (and, if you do, I salute you. and worship you. and want to know how you manage to get it all done). Do you buy your envelopes? Or do you make them? What if you suddenly run out of envelopes? Or you just want to change things up a bit? How about something like this?

Little paper bags are a fun, easy way to dress up your card at minimal cost! Here I just printed out Heidi’s freebie onto the bag, and sealed it with some baker’s twine and washi tape. This would be a great idea for cards you can hand to neighbors or teachers or friends…OR, simply seal the bag a little better, address it and send it in the mail! Now, if you are not a card-sender, you can still give your neighbors and friends something special…a “card” of sorts…

I used the paper bags again, but this time I used my photo-editing software to add our family name to the bottom…and then I filled the bags with yummy treats.

Now, when you give these away, you’ll be giving a gift AND a card in one! awesome…

So there you go…a few easy ways to make your cards (and even gifts!) using digital graphics. I hope you love them!

**For a wonderful tutorial on how to print onto paper bags, click here**


don’t you just love Maggie!? and i must say, my kids certainly don’t sit at my feet and play puzzles and speak kindly to each other either! i just LOVE her ideas of adding something special and unique to a regular photo card…and HOW CUTE are those paper bags! i just LOVE it! oh, and … pass me the cookies! this is what today’s freebie looks like…

Click here to download today’s freebie!

and this is what today’s installment looks like sitting pretty on the Memory Display Stand!

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