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iphone wallpaper freebie!

i-phone wallpaper….How much do you love your ***insert favorite mobile device here***? I can’t even begin to imagine where I would be without my iphone! (and neither can my 4 & 5 year olds who want to play ‘jet pack joy ride’ all day)!  Here is something to make you happy everytime you take a look at your phone or tablet! (have you ever wondered how many times a day that is??)

This freebie image is inspired by the Sugar Chic Pennants… and when you download it to your mobile device, it works just like a photo would for your wallpaper

CLICK HERE to download the full size image. Just right click the image and save it to your desktop or photo library then follow the instructions below.

I only have an iphone, and this method also works on an ipad… so here goes:

1. Download the Freebie Sparkle background

2. email it to yourself and open it on your phone.

3. tap the image to ‘save’; it will save in your ‘camera roll’

4. go to your ‘camera roll’ and select the iphone wallpaper

5. select the icon in bottom left and the menu will pop up; choose ‘use as wallpaper’

6. move and scale

7. select set

8. you can then choose as ‘lock’ screen or ‘home’ screen

that’s all! ENJOY! And … sparkle!

and congratulations to our NO LIMITS GIVEAWAY WINNER Sue Chaw! we’ll be sending you an email to get your address for shipping your prize

stay tuned …. did somebody say there was a MEMORY FILE giveaway up next??

silhouette tutorial & freebie!

I have been a HUGE fan of the Silhouette digital cutting machine for a couple years now! I think it’s such and amazing tool! I use it as often as I use my printer almost, and for sure when it comes to scrapbooking!!

RECENTLY, I learned something that made me even MORE in love with my Silhouette, (which I didn’t even know was possible)!! I learned how to turn a regular PNG file into a digital cutting file in an instant!! Silhouette just released it’s 12” Cameo cutter, which I don’t have yet, but it’s on my wish list… my new site will be full of fabulous cutting file possibilities in the future… but for today – so that you silhouette owners can give this a try… here is a FREEBIE with 3 words. These are both PNG files as well as a brush set. The words are in my handwriting: cherish, enjoy and favorite. (some of my most used words)… and now you can CUT them in any size, and any paper!

here’s a little tip:

If you are planning to color your words with glimmer mist… cut them out of manilla file folder! Takes the color great, and really holds up!

check out the video, and try it for yourself!!

Silhouette PNG tutorial from heidi swapp on Vimeo.

 want to try this technique for yourself?

Click the image above to begin the zip file download or CLICK HERE

did you get a chance to enter the day glow giveaway last hour? our randomly chosen winner was Tammy Griffin! Congrats! We’ll email you to arrange shipping details.

stay tuned …. we’ll be talking COLOR MAGIC next hour, along with a color-magical giveaway ;)

site is live!

I am so excited that this day has finally come! The new design and all the plans for my ‘new’ version of started out in pencil sketches months ago! What a fun exciting process it is to create a new site! There are so many possibilities! And so much to share!

when I really sat and brainstormed all the things that I’d love to have access to on this site, I wanted to think of all the ways that I could share what I love!  there would have to be a place to capture projects—lots of photos in the gallery! Of course, video tutorials! And don’t forget freebies, downloadable classes (coming soon), hybrid projects, and inspiration available around the clock!

Kinda tricky to accomplish everything I saw in my head all at once, but this is a pretty awesome start! I can’t wait for you to check it out! It will be a growing and evolving site as we learn and play! This is just the beginning!

are you on facebook?

yes? then be sure to “like” the Heidi Swapp fan page! check out this awesome FREEBIE I designed for you to use as your new facebook cover page; now you can just drag a few personal photos into this template and you’ll be stylin’ your new facebook profile (just CLICK HERE to get the full size image)

we will be starting our first official giveaway in about an hour (check back here at 12 noon eastern) but until then, have a look around the site, explore all there is to offer and then head over to Facebook and change your facebook profile pic to this one (SEE BELOW) to help us celebrate today’s launch party! we’ll be trolling facebook to randomly selecting a few super fans who are sporting this special profile pic to win an extra prize or two. Just right click the image, save it to your desktop and upload it as your profile pic for the day!

See you back here in about an HOUR for today’s first GIVEAWAY!  we have lots of great giveaways and blog posts planned for today and each giveaway is only open for ONE HOUR so be sure to checkin regularly and hustle to enter right away each time for maximum chances to win.

~back soon! – heidi

free printable card…

birthday’s SNEAK UP! isn’t it crazy! i’ll remember birthday and then think, ‘oh, it’s a month away’… and then the day of, i am freaking out and kicking myself for not just taking care of being thoughtful when i thought of it! do you have that ever? i am a thoughtfulness-procrastinator; which really just means, not-thoughtful. well, or at least it gets stuck in the thoughts. well, here is something for just such an occassion!

YES… it’s Wednesday, and yet another new episode of ‘Create to Remember’ … my crafty little show on www.mycraftchannel! This week, i wanted to share with you my LOVE for hybrid crafting! by ‘hybrid’ i mean, that this is something that starts as a digital (computer) file, and then you can print it out onto paper, and with a little scissors and glue, WALAA… you have made something from *almost* nothing! FUN!

this card was made from one piece of cardstock that i printed 2 digital files: one front and one on the back!  as i mentioned on the show today… the backgrounds, and files that i used on this card came from a collection called “winter wonderland” that i designed with Jessica Sprague. You can check out the whole collection HERE, it’s such a versitile collection! i love it!

Hybrid Card WISH – inside (pdf download)
Hybrid Card WISH – outside (pdf download)


on today’s show you will see me combine some simple items you will have avail like a toothpick and string… and foam dots

make sure that you watch the video so you can check out my fun little tips and techniques to create this card including how i like to use the fiscars circle templates and  even some GLAM by Tattered Angels for making this cute yummy bow! (above)

you’ll see me work with this cutter and template from fiskars (i swear by it!)

those that took the very first “Mouse, Paper, Scissors” class with Jessica Sprague and I at last year will recognize this template… it’s such a fun one!  here’s what the front and back will look like when you cut it all out.

i love how this turned out! be sure to print onto white CARDSTOCK!

have fun making something from (almost) nothing! pass it on!!

ps: i mention on the video that i have something special from for my viewers… check back for more info! it’s coming! xoxo

happy new year wallpaper…

i did post one of these on my facebook wall…but i thought i’d share them here as well! there’s just something about having a fresh and fun wallpaper on your mobile devices! i had posted one or 2 for Christmas, and so here is one to celebreate the NEW year!?

here is another one… i like to change them up! these are high enough res so they will work on the tablets as well:

you can pull them right from here, and if you need instructions to load them to your iphone or ipad, click here … if you have some of the other devices, maybe you can google for instructions to add them. i only have an iphone.


these just **might** be a little sign of something to come for  V A L E N T I N E S   D A Y from THE jessica sprague and me!

new years, new years resolutions get a bad rep!  you know… yea, i think that it’s normal to get caught up in that ‘NEW YEAR’ feeling, where you want to fix ALL the things that are wrong… you want to be BETTER!! last night i was at the gym for one of the classes that Eric and i like to attend, and even the instructor was illuding to the fact that after a week or 2 things would be ‘back to normal’ at the gym (since the class was packed with those who maybe this instructor considered only in it for the ‘resolution’ grace period of what, 2 weeks?)  i love ‘the middle’… do you watch it? it’s on before ‘Modern Family’ on ABC Wed nights. it’s a favorite of ours for sure! last night, the family went so far as choosing RESOLUTIONS for each other! (anonymously) and then were rewarded when they went a week KEEPING that resolution!  so funny! it made me wonder what my family would encourage ME to do for a resolution!  i have setteled for sure on TWO resolutions.  and i have resolved NOT to make weight loss one of them! ….. :) never works fo me!… however, one of my resolutions is to take 4 online classes this year. I want to take them from 4 different people, on 4 different things that i WANT to learn. SKILLS that will push the envelope for me personally.  online classes are awesome– do at your own pace, in your own home. i LOVE to teach classes online- i love being able to film in my studio, and do things that you just can’t do in one or 2 or even 3 hour hands-on-workshop!  i have been in full swing working like crazy on my next online class “The Art of Observation” that will kick off in April –that will be a 12 week course. i hope you will plan on joining me!

for this first quarter of the new year, i have signed up for Jessica Sprague’s Digital Art Journaling class.


this i copied from her website:

Art journaling is the process of creating a visual diary – a very personal look at your own inner landscape, but also a place to experiment with art and mixed-media techniques that you can use in other projects, or that become an art form in and of themselves. For the first time ever, Jessica is teaming up with renowned artist & designer Nancie Rowe Janitz to bring you a class that combines traditional art journaling techinques with the ease and sophistication of a digital format! In this four-week instructor-led class, complete with an exclusive 200+ piece kit designed by Nancie, you’ll jump-start your creativity and learn gorgeous mixed media techniques to add to your digital projects.
In our class, we’ll experiment with adding brushwork from various media, including acrylics and watercolor, as well as combining traditional mixed-media techniques such as painting with bubble wrap with our all-digital format. At the end of class, you’ll have 12 artist journal pages you’ve created yourself using brushes, stamps, vintage and modern collage imagery, stitches, type, photographs, as well as a special surprise! You’ll be adding your own handwriting in a font we’ll help you make in class!
As a framework for the class, Jessica will provide journaling prompts for each project to help guide your writing and sharpen the focus of your pages.
What You’ll Learn in Class:
  • Writing journaling using prompts
  • Design theories related to art journaling
  • How to Install & stamp brushes
  • Blending multiple layers together
  • Digital painting
  • Create a font from handwriting
  • Use painterly backgrounds
  • Create a font with your own handwriting

Prerequisite: I strongly recommend that you begin your Photoshop journey with the Up and Running with Photoshop class, which walks you through the basics of Photoshop and will make this Instructor-led class more enjoyable for you with those skills under your belt.

*** the $48 class also includes a 200 pc digi kit. designed by Nancie Rowe Janitz (HELLO!)


**the reason i am taking this class is because i want to push what i know so far of photoshop. Photoshop is an amazing LIFE SKILL– whether you use those skills for digital scrapbooking or for every other area of your life (making cards, handouts, announcements, advertisements, business cards, note cards, calendars, chore charts, invites……and the list goes on…) Photoshop is a daily use operation for me, and not just in my work, but in my life! i LOVE learning each and every new thing. i am not really a ‘digital scrapbooker’…hybrid, yes… i like to make things i can USE on a scrapbook page. but  i feel that my photoshop skills are some of my most valuable. for 2012, i really want to grow my photoshop skills!  sounds like the class will be rewarding and challenging– but more important to me- valuable in the CREATIVE skills of photoshop. Jess is an amazing teacher. This class starts January 9th and goes until the 29th. Frankly, with CHA this month, i won’t be able to keep up with the class. but the beauty of the classes on… is that they are ALWAYS available to you- you can do them REALLY at your own pace. anwyay… i think that learning these skills are going to totally up my game. it’s a resolution i can’t screw up!


i must admit…i have seen the class samples, and i am looking forward to the creative push!  take a look at it, and consider jumping in! 2012 is looking bright!  This year, for me is all about having Courage.  2012 is Courage Bright!


oh… jessica is giving away a FREE CLASS on her blog… go enter to win!


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