fun invitation idea!

so long story that goes with this party, but i will suffice it to say that despite it being really cute, and really fun and even a little clever invitation, the party sort of fell through, and i am bummed… so we have re-vamped and  have something else going on tomorrow night involving pizza and night-time ‘freeze ball’.  but the idea might spark one for you. the boys were pretty stoked on them… and anything that impresses an 11 year old has to have some merit. maybe they thought that i didn’t know how to fold one of these! (do you remember these little things that you used to fold, and then write ‘fortunes’ inside under the flaps, and the tops were numbered, and the inside was numbered, and you would pick your birthdate or whatever… and inside it would tell you what your fortune was? hours of entertainment………
the indoor snowboarding will have to wait! (sad face)Img_9950 Img_9951_2

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