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RelaxEven on vacation, I thrive on staying up late so that I have quiet time alone to myself. To just think and …yea, think. It’s extra nice with the ocean breeze blowing through and the sound of the waves crashing. I wish I weren’t tired. I wish I had my scrapbook stuff…I am feeling creative.
today we went to a place called ‘kings beach’ that isn’t far from where we are staying. It was a beautiful beach-great sand, and had a shallow, flat surf where the kids could walk about quite far, and still only be about waist deep. The boys  both stood up on Chanel’s surfboard (help from dad) and both tell me that they are ‘naturals’ (of course). Quincy found oodles of shells, and Capri and Connor managed to scatter them back into the sea.  After we got back mid-afternoon, the little ones went down for naps, and eric and I took a chance to relax on the beach while the older ones ‘babysat’ the sleeping babes. I think that we might have had at least 9 minutes of peace!- before Colton was launching water balloons at us from the rocks above. –better than nothing! Eric and Gary rode 114k this morning starting at 5am. E is loving the good biking weather, and a good biking ‘mate’. Our evening ended with heating up chicken nuggets for the kids, and ordering in Thai food that was DELISH!… followed by a rousing game of ‘FARKLE’. 
As the aussies would say: good fun!
It’s funny how you can get a fed ex package anywhere… I got a fed ex pk today w/ some final CHA product. I think that all my booth samples will be of beach photos! I am feeling inspired…love that.

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