happy birthday to me!

so i am not a big fan of my own birthday- not that i don’t like a little birthday indulgence… in the form of red velvet cake.. and mint chocolate chip ice cream… or that i don’t like presents … really- i have no idea what it is, just a little aversion!  but right now… i think that i am having a pretty perfect party of my own! SMILE… i arrived late last night in Johannesburg, S. Africa and was met by my sweet friend Louise and her partner Glenda…they brought me to this great hotel called ‘Wanderer’ where i checked in to my room, ordered room service, had a long HOT HOT bath, and slept for a straight 9 hours. ALL ALONE! it’s been quiet.. i have been able to think, write, rest and relax. and man, it seems like it’s been ages…  leaving the kids and eric is so hard, even more so since the babies are still so little, and demanding…! thank you eric! for your awesome attitude and willingness to send me on my way with a big hug, and a sincere ‘have FUN’… "everything here will be just fine".  like i said, i am feeling really lucky.
it dawned on me that there is a temple here- so i am going there this morning. i don’t have the luxury of living close to a temple like i have my WHOLE LIFE…and it’s true, you totally and completely take it for granted. when we drove by it last night i knew it was all i wanted for my birthday! so it’s a FABULOUS birthday for me! a  happy good thing when as a mom, you get a chance to escape just a little from those demands, and re-charge.
it’s just what i needed!
again… thanks eric, thanks Louise…
and i have to give a big thanks and cyber hug to stephanie sassaville who works in florida at advantus, that not only just sent me a huge box of all my new products packed so cute and nice in little baggies on rings all ready for my to organize into my stash… but also packed out all the kits for this weeks event here in SA. (not just my kits, but Janet’s too) Stephanie, you are so awesome… we couldn’t do it without you! THANK YOU.
i forgot my computer adapter for the projector again.. (GRRR) so i need to find an apple store as well. dang, i have to go shopping.

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