Happy National Sticker Day

Happy National Sticker Day! If you love planning, then you must have a love for stickers like I do! I am a sucker for them. It must be all the wonderful sticker memories I had as a child that keeps me a kid at heart when I see a good sticker book…

Planner Reset using just stickers by @createoften for @heidiswapp

On my 13th birthday, my mom picked my twin sister and I up from school early so that we could be at the opening of the Mrs. Grossman’s Warehouse Sticker Sale. It was the first time I got to see a group of woman at a discount sale for paper crafting supplies and it left a deep rooted impression on me. Don’t get in the way of a planner woman and her stickers! Ha! Do you remember how those stickers came way back when?! They use to come on a huge roll of about 100 and you would have to tear off a square to purchase it for 25-50 cents. Well, at this sale they were selling the entire rolls because a sticker could have been printed wrong and they couldn’t sell it in stores. So, we left with rolls and rolls… and rolls of stickers.

Planner Reset using just stickers by @createoften for @heidiswapp

We lived on a small naval base during junior high school and on Halloween they would play horns to let the kids know to start and end Trick or Treating. I still have memories of my friends coming to our house Trick or Treating and my mom dropping stickers into our buckets. I don’t even remember if there was candy with the stickers. Ha! I just remember the stickers.

Planner Reset using just stickers by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I also loved going to the mall with my mom and sister and visiting the Hello Kitty store. We didn’t get to go often so it was a special occasion when we did go. If you love stationery, pens, and stickers then I know you probably can imagine us girls going crazy for all the goodies. You probably can even remember the way the store smelled too, right?!

Planner Reset using just stickers by @createoften for @heidiswapp

So, if you are a planner girl, then I know you must have those wonderful childhood memories of being creative with stickers too – which is why this fun holiday can be celebrated! I can get excited about the little things – like a good sticker book! You can find this HUGE Heidi Swapp planner sticker book now in Hobby Lobby stores! See all the pages of stickers in this quick video here!

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