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create to remember: stamp it!

it’s Wednesday, which means i have a NEW ‘Create to Remember’ episode! today i wanted to share with you an easy solution to customizing your #HSProjectLife Becky Higgins Project Life Core Kit cards! In both the Favorite Things and Dreamy Core Kits you get 10 cards of each 3×4 design! that is a lot of cards!!! why not customize them to fit whatever project you are using them for with stamps?

i have three ways you can add a little personality with stamping…

Interchangeable Stamp

this little stamp has the cutest designs to use with this re-inking tool! i share how to to use it, get a perfect stamp every time, and clean it in my video today!

Clear Stamps

my new #HSProjectLife clear stamp set has small words that will fit perfectly on a 3×4 card. there are even cute ‘fill in the blank’ stamps to customize it to whatever you are journaling! they are fun to use when you are using them to play off the titles and captions already printed on the cards.

Date Stamp

lastly, i have my new #HSProjectLife Date Stamp with the months in my handwriting! in my video i share some tips and tricks to getting a perfect stamp every time!

watch today’s episode below, and grab yourself a Core Kit! try out some of these quick and easy ways to use stamps to add a bit of fabulous to your pocket pages!

it’s color magic!

happy Wednesday!!! today i have a new episode of ‘Create to Remember‘ where I show you my newest ‘September Skies’ Color Magic Ephemera and how to customize these diecuts! this Color Magic paper has been specially designed to soak in my Color Shine beautifully. they are printed with a clear transparent resist so that when you add mist, ink, chalk, or even watercolor it reveals the printed pattern! it really is like magic!

watch today’s video below to see how using a makeup sponge will give you more control over applying the Color Shine! i guarantee, it is so fun and easy that you won’t be able to do just one!

create to remember: spiral additions

today is another episode of ‘Create to Remember‘ where i show you one of my all time FAVORITE tips!!! have you ever bought a spiral bound book or journal and wanted to add more pages or photos? if you have a MEMORY PLANNER you know what i mean! i get people telling me all the time that they wish they could add an invitation or maybe another photo to their planner… well there is a way and it takes no time at all!

all you need is either a binding machine, like The Cinch by We R Memory Keepers or a hole punch and scissors! that’s it! (i am using one of my 4×6 Becky Higgins Project Life Clear Value Kit cards here.)  punch your holes, snip the holes with scissors, and slide into your album! it is that easy!!!

now just think of the things you could add to your planner or already bound albums! i have added an envelope to store more memorabilia…

the stamp on this envelope is from my Project Life My Heart Stamp and Stencil Set

i also added an invitation too!

watch today’s episode to see how easy it really is! then, get out your spiral bound books and ‘make pretty stuff’!!!

Create To Remember: Dreamy Mini

HELLO Wednesday! i LOVE a good wednesdaY! especially because today i get to share this really cutie “dreamy” mini on my “Create to Remember” webshow!  It’s so much fun to make! I am using just a couple pieces from the Dreamy Memory File kit! I have made it 2 different ways – 1. i used the CINCH to bind it all together with a wire binding. I folded the paper to that it hides that binding from the front view.  2. (as shown in the video today) i punched holes and tied it together with ribbon.

i filled this mini with photos that we took last December… strangely enough, we sold this fun JEEP this week, and now i am feeling kinda sad! :(

it’s so amazing how a NEW SCHOOL YEAR can make all the kids look, and seem so much older! I love having these pics all in one place!


I have created a FULL SCALE set of instructions that you can download…. so HERE’s the VIDEO, check it out—- grab the instructions and MAKE PRETTY STUFF!


desktop inspirational organizer

it’s Wednesday and that means a NEW episode of Create to Remember on My Craft Channel! i just love this desktop organizer! when i was designing this product i knew i wanted something that reminded me of a calendar that i saw when i was young. it had these rings on this stand and you would flip the calendar pages over the rings every day. do you remember them?

i loved that it sat to display the day, but i wanted something to sit there and inspire me as i look at it. so i have made my desktop calendar into an inspirational piece where i can add pretty things and quotes to.


i even added the 3×4 cards and calendar pages for more detailed days of the month.

when i see a quote that inspires me, i paint it or write it down and add it to my rings.

in the video i share a quick and easy way to add pages to the rings! just punch holes and cut the hole with scissors. this will help you slip pages in and how quickly without having to work the mechanism in the back of the stand.

i love to just add pages, tags, and frames to it as it just looks beautiful all layered up!

i added lists, stamping, stenciling, and more!

you can watch the episode right here! you can find these desktop calendars at Jo-Ann Stores! click here to find a store that is carrying it near you!

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