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my craft channel: interactive cards!

hello!!! i can’t wait to share this tip and trick with you because every time i show someone this Interactive Camera on a project it gets the WOW factor! my #HSProjectLife Interactive Cards come in a package with two – a camera and a spinning wheel. i decided to use the spinning wheel ‘idea’ with the camera on a scrapbook page so that i could add more photos inside the lens!


I also added some other items from my other #HSProjectLife Becky Higgins Project Life products like this clear overlay gold foil quote that comes with the Foil Photo Pocket Pages

other items i used were the chipboard embellishments from the Clear Overlay Value Kit, ‘Smile’ wood veneer from the Color Magic Value Kit, paper from the Favorite Things 12×12 Paper Pad, and September Skies Word Strips!

now just turn the wheel to watch all the pictures go around in the lens! it is so much fun! it really is so easy! watch the full video tutorial right here to see how i did it!

now that you see how much fun this page can be, go and get yourself an Interactive Card camera and ‘make pretty stuff’ and WOW your family and friends!

create to remember: fantastic wood veneer!

hello Wednesday and another episode of ‘Create to Remember’ on My Craft Channel! today i wanted to share with you how to have fun customizing my ‘September Skies’ wood veneer! REALLY – anything goes when using these! you can spray paint them, mist them with Color Shine, paint them using Magic Medium, or even emboss them! you name it, it can be done!

with this ‘hello’ word, i show in the video how easy it is creating an ombre look by misting it first with White Color Shine. spraying it white makes everything blend beautifully.

for this mint ‘adventure’ word on the bottom right, i show you how to mix Magic Medium with Color Shine and paint it on half the word. when it dries the Magic Medium creates a resist! watch what happens after i spray it again with the Color Shine!

lastly, today i also share my favorite ways to adhere these fun pieces! it is easier than you think! you can find ‘September Skies’ at your favorite independent and online scrapbook store!

create to remember – project life panoramic pocket pages

let’s be honest here. i take a lot of photos. a lot. usually each one tells part of the full story that i don’t want to leave any out! today i wanted to share how to get more real estate in your Becky Higgins Project Life album by using my Project Life Panoramic Pocket Pages.

here is Design P, all 4×4 squares perfect for Instagram photos and i used it to document my trip to Italy! i love that the flaps open to the side…

so there is more room to add photos! can you believe they give you almost a page and a half more pockets to work with?!!


here is another example – Design C, flips up from the top…


and was perfect for my sons’ rugby photos! what i love about there being more room is the more space to add journaling and interactive cards like this one…


you can find out how i created this fun interactive card, along with many more tips and tricks to these pages in my free Heidi Swapp Project Life E*Idea Book right here!

photo pocket pages don’t have to be used as is! you can fold them, cut them – use them how you need them! watch this week’s NEW ‘Create to Remember’ episode to see how i customize them for these pages above!

create to remember: stamp it!

it’s Wednesday, which means i have a NEW ‘Create to Remember’ episode! today i wanted to share with you an easy solution to customizing your #HSProjectLife Becky Higgins Project Life Core Kit cards! In both the Favorite Things and Dreamy Core Kits you get 10 cards of each 3×4 design! that is a lot of cards!!! why not customize them to fit whatever project you are using them for with stamps?

i have three ways you can add a little personality with stamping…

Interchangeable Stamp

this little stamp has the cutest designs to use with this re-inking tool! i share how to to use it, get a perfect stamp every time, and clean it in my video today!

Clear Stamps

my new #HSProjectLife clear stamp set has small words that will fit perfectly on a 3×4 card. there are even cute ‘fill in the blank’ stamps to customize it to whatever you are journaling! they are fun to use when you are using them to play off the titles and captions already printed on the cards.

Date Stamp

lastly, i have my new #HSProjectLife Date Stamp with the months in my handwriting! in my video i share some tips and tricks to getting a perfect stamp every time!

watch today’s episode below, and grab yourself a Core Kit! try out some of these quick and easy ways to use stamps to add a bit of fabulous to your pocket pages!

it’s color magic!

happy Wednesday!!! today i have a new episode of ‘Create to Remember‘ where I show you my newest ‘September Skies’ Color Magic Ephemera and how to customize these diecuts! this Color Magic paper has been specially designed to soak in my Color Shine beautifully. they are printed with a clear transparent resist so that when you add mist, ink, chalk, or even watercolor it reveals the printed pattern! it really is like magic!

watch today’s video below to see how using a makeup sponge will give you more control over applying the Color Shine! i guarantee, it is so fun and easy that you won’t be able to do just one!

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