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paper cones for valentine’s day…or any day!

I am a VALENTINE’S DAY LOVER!!! (which apparently, but not obviously the opposite of Maggie who created the stuff for this fabulous post)! so, i am curious? are you a handmade Valentine maker? i think its the pinks and reds… and frilly ribbons and bow… doilies and for sure tons of hearts. I quite love it! it’s only a few weeks away! so… just get your wheels spinning, Maggie is here with such a fun and DIFFERENT way to ‘deliver the goods’ (all those yummies) to those who have your heart! Ok… Maggie... take it away!

I’ll admit it…I’m not a super-huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Not because of any bad experiences…I’ve just never been all that “into” it. I don’t decorate my house for it, I don’t bake cute little heart-shaped brownies and cookies, I don’t send darling little love notes to my husband and kids. And, the truth be told, I’m the Mom that doesn’t buy my kids’ Valentine cards for her kids’ friends until the last possible moment (and yes, I said “buy” the cards…I don’t hand-make them).

This year, however, I decided I wanted to do something a little different (you have to keep ‘em guessing, right?). So I whipped up some really fun little paper cones for my kids and their teachers and a few of their friends…cute little paper cones that hold yummy yummy Valentine’s Day CANDY! Yay!


For each of the cones I started with a piece of Heidi’s paper and cut it to 8″x8″.

I wrapped the paper into a cone shape, hot-glued the bottom flap and stapled the top to keep the cone’s shape. I grabbed my wax paper (my absolute favorite), made another cone and slipped it into the first cone. I folded any excess wax paper over the top of my cone and hot glued it down.

I cut a variety of Digital Banner Delights out of a number of different papers and hot-glued them over the wax paper at the top of the cone.

On each of the cones I added a Vintage Chic Note with the name of the recipient, and then I just embellished those babies up…

I punched a hole on either side of the top of the cones and tied on a length of seam binding that can be used to hang the cone.

On a few of the cones I attached a fun little dangle to the bottom. To do this, I first threaded a length of monofilament cord through the cone (before I added the wax paper), I attached my little embellishment to the bottom of the cord and then hot-glued the top of the cord to the inside of the cone.

I had so much fun making these little cones…

…and I’m amazed by the possibilities with this project…

…I switched things up a bit on Owen’s cone and put the Banner Delight on upside-down…

…honestly, these can be made so easily for boys or girls, for any occasion, in any combination of colors. I dare say this may be the very first Valentine’s Day I’ve been excited about in years…


OK… Maggie is right! these are an ANYTHING GOES thing! any party, any day… any COLOR but FOR SURE—>>>all Heidi Swapp! I’d love to see what you come up with! be sure to share it on Facebook!!




Thanks… AND giving… that’s really what this season is all about!  my thoughts have been with the folks that were effected by the Hurricane Sandy, and I think that I have sort of sat- so far away… watching the devastation and wondering what I could do to help!

(this is jodi)

A good friend of mine who is from Washington DC, Jodi Cantrell,  came to spend a couple days with us and shared her experiences going into some of the areas that were hit the hardest, and helping to clean out … well more like gut out… basements and cleaning out homes, and literally trashing EVERYTHING. In fact, one of the guys that was with their group created a video about the day they went to help, please watch this sweet video.

Ok… so one of her friends has been spear-heading a project to gather up 20,000 blankets and beanies to distribute to those Sandy victims over the next few weeks. I knew that this would be a great way to get involved, and contribute something- Jodi kept telling us how tremendously grateful everyone was for ANY help at this super difficult, crazy time.

We purchased some full sized FLAT sheets, and I thought this would be a great time to teach my kiddos how to tie a quilt!  My mom has quilt frames, and I recruited my sister and her kids to help out as well!

We had so much fun! Capri and my niece Aspen loved using the needle and yarn and learning how to tie a knot! It was so awesome.

In about 3 hours we tied 2 full sized quilts!

Today, I want to invite you to get your family involved!! Would you help to spread the word? Whether you are tying a quilt, or sending a fleece blanket… or even pick up a few beanies when you are out… this is something that EVERYONE. ANYONE.

ALL OF US can do!!

1) Make or purchase a blanket or beanie.  follow this link for some ideas and instruction

2) Write a note -
Write a quick note to the family that will receive your blanket and/or beanie. If you want, you can also attach a picture of you and those who helped you.

3) Mail or drop off your blanket/beanie to one of these several locations:

Ok, so here’s the details:

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
52 Featherbed Lane
Flemington, NJ 08822

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
3917 E. Des Moines St.
Mesa, Az 85205

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
343 W. 300 N. #4
Provo, Utah 84601

Comfort Sandy’s Kids
54 Maplewood st.
Watertown, MA 02472

4) Continue to pray for all of those families who are displaced from the devastation of hurricane Sandy. And get your families, communities, and schools involved in helping us comfort Sandy’s Kids!


i am so excited to have a way to help out, even though it’s in the smallest way! have a WONDERFUL and happy weekend!! and if you are able to HELP… tag me up on insta so i can see!! xoxoxo


still time to join us for motography!

There are still a couple days to register for the newest class I am teaching with Jessica Sprague: {Mo}tography “How to Rock Your Camera Phone” We have so many cool things to share!! This is critical information if you have a smart phone!!

Jess will be instructing how to use several different apps- and then I’ll be sharing some fun ways to put your great photos (made even more fabulous with the tricks you will be learning) to use on some very quick and easy projects that even make great gifts!!  I think I might even have a great idea for your holiday cards this year!!

The class is only $19 and we are even kicking things off LIVE!! If you are wanting to learn more about camera phone photography, Instagram and sharing online via Facebook… Making custom lock screen and backgrounds and the BEST apps for photos out there!? This is perfect for you! We have so much planned! I know you will love this class!

Kick off is Thursday eve Nov. 8th and class officially starts Nov 9th. Other than the kick off- the class is always available to you, and you can take it according to your schedule and availability. You don’t need photoshop or any special computer programs- just a smart phone! (iPhone or android *some of the apps are different depending on availability for the operating systems) So go to and get signed up!! Do not miss this!

Hybrid makes me happy and NEW print & cut video

You know I am a HYBRID girl at heart! I LOVE the flexibility and instant gratification on all counts! My ultimate favorite HYBRID tool is the Silhouette cutting machine! (and look at this cutie mini version:)

now, today I want to show you some very clever hybrid concept brought to you by my official ‘hybrid specialist’: Maridette Cachola. SHE is so creative! I have 2 different project ideas to show you that were created by Maridette using her Silhouette.  I got to hang out with Maridette in her home town a few weeks ago when I visited the store ‘Art Inspired”. It was so fun to be with her, and hear all her amazing ideas! Ok, so she had created all this cool stuff… she was the mastermind behind the photobooth featured in this post- creating all the fun Heidi Swapp props and background.

Look at this cutie frame where she recreated that very background in miniature!  (I LOVE those colorful scallop ribbons!) There is even a mini book affixed behind the frame!

Maridette and her BFF Lisa worked together to create some totally fabulous aprons to wear during the event at Art Inspired…you have to check this out! Here’s what Maridette had to say about her process:

I’m having so much fun with Heidi’s digi products that my head spins with all the possibilities!  Digi and Silhouette?  Well…if you don’t own one this is a MUST HAVE on your crafters wish list.  You definitely won’t be disappointed.  I was so excited to create something that would scream “Heidi Swapp” where it would be a fun way to display a signed photo of her and my love of instax along with her instaframe. (here’s the before)

My BFF helped me sew the lace because well I’m still learning so I didn’t want to make a mistake.  (Lisa, You’re the best!)

What would a project be without a big colorful flower?  White Tulle was gathered and sewn, misted and blinged out.

It’s just so gorgeous! I cut the ‘Awesome’ and banner png from Heidi’s digi cut files into my Silhouette using Silhouettes flocked iron on transfer material. This gave it some nice soft texture to the apron.

Did the same with the  digi camera, ‘love this’ and beautiful pennant except I used plain white cardstock.  I used a skewer and cut it to the size I needed to add the embellishments.  Use the trace and cut instructions after resizing how you want it.  Watch the trace and cut tutorial video that Heidi provided.   Open up the instaframe.png file in silhouette adjust the size and print it on Rangers Sticky back Canvas by Claudine Helmuth.  I then cut and glued the page protector to the opening to give it more protection.  Hot glue gun works great!  Don’t forget to leave an opening at the top for your photo.


So, after our event was done, we went to dinner and I got a chance to sit and talk to Maridette, and she was able to telll me her secrets for using the ‘print and cut’ feature on the Silhouette. i had tried to figure it out before, but I was frustrated and hadn’t revisited… with some insight from Maridette, I was ready to tackle it again! I tried it, I LOVED it! soooo, I whipped up a quick tutorial video- it’s a game changer! (btw…watch to the bitter end, my oldest son has a very valuable contribution to the video…ha ha)

HOW to print & cut using your Silhouette! from Heidi Swapp on Vimeo.


a binding twist showcases ART in Memory File fashion

Happy Friday! this week, I LOVED the inspiration served up by 2 of my Media Team members: Jennifer Evans and Kim Jeffress.  Both ladies are teachers by profession and moms to cute little boys! As we discussed this challenge, of HOW do you manage, save, choose, store, showcase these precious little masterpieces…I think that it was more than just a project for a blog post… it was something that we all just really wanted to create, something that we really need a solution for!

I like to think of this project as ‘pre-scrapping’. Much like a plug and play, a turn-key situation,  this project is ready to capture the little art pieces as they are created.  Every  mom has a different approach to collecting and saving, sorting and storing the bits they want to keep –my approach has been less proactive for my oldest 3 kiddos, so now that I have these last 2, I just want to hang on to their sweet little drawings and their handwriting… today I want to show you what I have created for miss Capri. I have been thinking about this project for a couple of weeks—I wanted it to be full of pockets, and places to tuck pages into. Because of the size that most of her artwork comes home, the memory files house them perfectly!  I knew that this would be a FULL book, so I started out with one of the chipboard files.


I covered the outside of the book with a combo of the Sugar Chic Fabulous paper and Vintage Chic textbook…I ripped a page from the Sugar Chic ‘fotoflip’ book and used some Color Magic letter and glitter letters from Pink Paislee.  BE SURE to crease the chipboard file on the 2 score lines to open it up to ¾”.


Before you can bind it up… you have to create the inside pages. For a project like this, you have to imagine how you would choose to add stuff in.


Here are some of my tricks:

  1. I started with a ‘divider’ made from ½ of a file folder. I stole her ‘title page’ art from her magnet board, and added a few pics from the first day of school.  This section has about ten 8 ½ x 11 white cardstock papers that I intend to just adhere art to.
2. I think it will be nice to simply TUCK papers in loosely so they can be handled… for this page, I took a 12×12 piece of Vintage Chic paper, cut it down to 11” tall, and folded it over 4”. I used 2 paper scraps folded over the top and bottom to secure the side pocket.
3. I love those metal paper fasteners that you get from an office supply store, and I thought that would be a great way to harness several papers! So, I cut a piece of Sugar Chic Sparkle paper to the back of the side pocket paper, and sandwiched the paper fastener in between. Love that!
4. I simply used a Sugar Chic folder as a big pocket. but I wanted to create a little window- so I cut a freehand heart, and sewed a piece of acetate over the opening to create a way to see inside.  I also sewed along the bottom (side) of the folder. By leaving the top open so it’s easy to access the papers inside!
5. I tried another version of a side pocket, this time using a 4” piece of Bazzill plastic paper sewed along the right side.  Love the CLEAR! The Color Magic paper is great for a divider page because it’s such heavy, thick paper.
6. This second folder has more photo sleeve and clear page protectors as compartments to slide in art and keepsakes.  I sewed a baseball card sleeve to the front, and how fun will it be to have a mix of photos and drawings tucked in here!
7. By sliding a 12×12 sheet protector over the back of the folder, it created a clear sleeve on the front and back again, allowing me to tuck papers underneath. Multiple pages can be tucked in here.
8. The 2nd ½ of the folder as another divider, and this time… I placed the cardstock into some photosleeves. This will be double sided clear pockets.
9.I cut another 8×11 paper, and a 8×9 piece of Bazzill clear paper, and sewed around 3 sides, again creating a clear pocket.

10. Binding:

It’s no secret that I LOVE my binding machines! I have both the We R Memory Keepers Cinch and the Zutter Bind-it-All, and I love both of them. If you get to know them, (the machines) I think they both work great.  I used the Cinch for this project…it’s so smooth!

Take a look in your own book shelf, and find a book that has a coil binding inside a chipboard  book cover. This is the concept that I knew would be perfect! I could use a regular file folder for the inside chipboard folder and the housing for the coil.

Punch holes in each page…because they are all different in size, it’s good to punch them one at a time. Especially the sheet protectors, they are slippery suckers! I punched them with the papers inside.  I also punched holes in the file folder that will be covering the inside of the book itself.

I stacked all the papers onto the binding coil (last page first, on the bottom, and, up from there). Then the very LAST piece is the file folder that will cover the inside folder.

Place it on the coils with the sides that will adhere to the chipboard folder TOGETHER.  Adhere the left side of the folder first.  Do a great job with the adhesive! NO adhesive inside the spine on the front OR back. Once you have the inside front secure, adhere the inside back of the folder.  Works like a charm!

This afternoon I showed Capri the book, and she lit up! She went about collecting more art for me to add into the book, and went to work creating more additions. I can’t wait until it’s FULL of HER art! Oh, what stories this book will tell!

Big cyber hugs to Jen and Kim for their inspiration!  I still have one more yet to make for my Connor…after seeing Capri’s book, he brought me  in  a new drawing, and told me it was to go in HIS book, and that he wants a skeleton on the front!

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