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happy Wednesday! yay for a BRAND new episode up on my weekly webshow “Create to Remember” on ! today i am sharing a fantastic HIGH-impact project that can be created using the ADORABLE Minc Mini Machine! 

One of my closest friends’ son recently graduated from High School, and she recruited me to help her throw a little graduation party for some friends and family! I love to use my “Marquee Love” letters and numbers right along with the Minc Machine to create the perfect party decor! Creating a banner such as this one, is something that can be used over and over once you have made it once!

The Minc Mini is a 6″ Foil Applicator machine – it’s just like the 12″ machine… with 6 different heat settings and 4 rollers.  There are SO MANY of the pre-designed items that you can still use with this little cutie… in today’s episode i share a few ideas!


if you haven’t been quite ready to dive into the large 12″ machine… this little MINI version is the perfect place to start!  we have even created the foil rolls in this cutest 6″ size! and whats fun is that it’s all basically half price! All this MINI stuff is just now finally SHIPPING! yay!

Click below to this week’s show… i share a few quick tips, as well as some basic HOW TO info on creating a banner just like mine!  i will admit, this is pretty much a “go to” banner idea of mine… i used it for my cute niece’s party too,

and even for my 4th of July party!  

i just love that you can create such different looks by changing the background paper and the color of the foil! yes! i am getting quite the collection of these!  click play here:

ok… also… if you are looking for more ideas for using the Minc and the Minc Mini… check out the #hsMinc hashtag on instagram! i am constantly inspired by projects people post there!  Another great place you can check out for ideas and info is my YouTube channel…i am always adding new videos there! take a peek, and get inspired to Make Pretty Stuff!!

sneak peek! target diy marquee

I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to share a secret that has been in the works for a very long time! (not to mention at TOTAL dream of mine to have my products available in TARGET!) Ever since I created my first DIY marquee sign,  (although Eric did most of the hard work from the cutting/drilling and figuring out how to MAKE them from scratch!!) I wanted to make it easier. That is how my Marquee Love collection was born! Then i wanted  to create a cuter, smaller version marquee. A marquee that would be fun to create longer words, names, and fit perfectly in a small space. I wanted to make it so easy for EVERYONE to get in on the action—->kids TOO!  That’s how my collaboration with Target Stores started!  YES!!! Welcome my newest collection for Target Stores – DIY Marquee!

In this collection, you can find papers, rub ons, and stickers Everything needed to create the PERFECT letter or word for YOUR space!! Each 6″ letter kit comes with it’s own strand of lights that fit perfectly. The difference between these NEW kits, and the current collection is that they are made from a hard plastic material and not chipboard. This makes them a little more sturdy! perfect for STACKING! … and each of the letters AND shapes have hangers built into the back, that allow them to EASILY be hung ANYWHERE! on the wall, or even inside a LOCKER… They are still super lightweight and ready to CUSTOMIZE! They come with a template for inside shape of the letter, a strand of battery operated lights (2 triple A batteries are required but not included).  Look how FUN it is to DECORATE them!

Each letter is small enough to personalize any home decor space! I created this vignette using Target’s Wooden Slat Shelf where the letters fit perfectly inside! This is actually in my own home office… the “E” “&” “H” stand for “Eric & Heidi” (that’s my hubby’s name). The letters come with a little template inside that allow you to trace and place ANY of the papers inside the background of the Marquee. I put silver glitter in the E and the H, and i put a black and white zigzag paper in the ampersand – you will find all these styles AT TARGET ONLY.  This little collection of stuff makes me happy!

They are small enough to get a personalize a room or space too! My daughter couldn’t wait to have her name in lights! She has a pegboard in her room to help her stay ORGANIZED! i actually placed a shelf on the pegs to make it really easy to turn the battery pack on and off. Oh, and i couldn’t resist the hashtag Marquee!! it’s PERFECT in gold glitter!

You can find my collection in the Back-to-School section of Target stores! Think dorm, work space, or even locker! Not to mention AWESOME gifts for teachers, friends and ANYONE on your list! it’s such an EASY way to be totally THOUGHTFUL!

Since these letters are smaller and made from a durable plastic, they are much more stable to stack! it’s so fun to make them super colorful! That way they look fantastic whether the lights are on or off!

I can’t wait to see what you create with your DIY Marquee letters!!! Post photos of you in Target or your own DIY on Facebook or Instagram and tag me @heidiswapp along with #TargetDIYMarquee so I can see!  lets LIGHT IT UP!!

create to remember – fuse inspiration

Welcome back to “Create to Remember”!!! Today I am going to introduce you to the most amazing little tool by We R Memory Keepers called the Photo Sleeve Fuse!

I can’t believe that I now don’t have to pull out my sewing machine every time I want to make interactive pockets for my projects! I can now use the Fuse!

On today’s My Craft Channel ‘Create to Remember’ episode I show you how to use this genius tool to make my own pockets on this pocket page. I also show you how I made them for my Memory Planner too! Watch the video below and you will be hooked like I am!


If you are looking for the Fuse, HSN has it on special today! Click here to link directly to it and my Project Life collections on special too! 

create to remember: memory planner reset

Can you believe that half the year is almost over?!!! I am so glad I have my Memory Planner to help jog my memory on all that has happened these last six months. I wanted this episode of Create to Remember be an encouragement to you if you have been documenting your ‘one little thing everyday’.  I wanted to share tips to help keep you documenting until the end of the year whether you like to use your planner in a basic or embellished way!

I also answer some of your most asked questions in this episode like:

1. What do you do if your planner is getting too full?

2. How do you add photos to your planner?

3. What embellishments do you love to use and put in the on-board storage in the inside cover of your Memory Planner?

4. How do you add memorabilia to your planner?

Watch today’s episode here! If you don’t have a Memory Planner yet, it isn’t too late! My Memory Planner isn’t dated which means you can start at any time of the year! July is perfect to begin writing #onelittlethingeveryday!

create to remember: 3 ways to use texture paste!

Hello Wednesday. Hello Texture Paste!!! Here is the ‘Create to Remember’ episode I have been waiting for so long to share with you!

I have four different colors of new Texture Paste that is in Michael’s stores right now! They have a beautiful shine and dry dimensional on your project. There are four colors – gold, silver, pink, and teal (not pictured).

I don’t want to get into too much detail in today’s blog post because I want you to watch the video to see how EASY it really is to use! Anyone can use them – no artistic background needed! In today’s episode I show 3 ways you might not have thought of when using the texture paste.

1. With a Stencil

2. As Decorative Adhesive

4. With My Lace Paper

Watch the video below and I hope you are inspired to grab some texture paste and ‘make pretty stuff’!!!

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