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create to remember: adhesive foil

it’s Wednesday, which means i have a NEW episode on ‘Create to Remember’ on My Craft Channel! one of the most exciting and fun trends currently is adding gold foil to any of your paper crafting projects! i love it! don’t you?!! i wanted to share with you today a new product in my Wanderlust collection – it is my Adhesive Foil Kits! There are several kits to choose from, some are double sided foam and the others are rubons!

these foam shapes and words are so easy to use!!! here’s how in 4 quick steps:

1. Place the adhesive shape on your project.

2. Remove the top adhesive backing

3. Place your foil color side up on the adhesive. Smooth with your fingers!

4. Lift the foil to see the results!

in today’s episode, i show how easy it is to create this look but to also get a perfect application by using my Minc Foil Applicator machine on the zero heat setting! This cute portfolio also is in my Wanderlust collection and i wanted to apply the rub on on the top of the cover!

watch below how i placed the rubon onto the cover and then ran the entire portfolio through the Minc!!! the Minc gives the perfect pressure and gives it a seamless look!


whether you like that distressed or seamless look of goil foil on your projects, my adhesive foil kits are a perfect way to ‘make pretty stuff!’

create to remember: glitter clipboards

on today’s NEW Create to Remember episode I show a way to take a plain, super boring, clipboard into something that adds so much pizzazz to a room!!!! last month, when i was getting my decorations ready for my CHA booth, i wanted to create a display with clipboards of layouts and Minc wall art. after i spray painted them gold to match my booth, i was so disappointed that i almost didn’t bring them! all i could see at the top of the clip was the office store brand name – ha!!!

at the last minute – yeah, it was probably at 2am, i realized i could glitter the top of the clip with my Marquee Love Glitter! and you know what?!! it looked amazing!!!


here is how easy it is to make your own:

1. Prime your clipboards. Then spray paint the clipboards the same color you are using for glitter. It will be easier to hide any imperfections.

2. Use my Marquee Love glue and a foam brush and cover the metal clip.

3. Pour glitter on generously. Lift clipboard up and let the loose glitter fall on a scrap piece of paper. Repeat adding more glue and glitter to any places you might have missed.


i showed this bedroom makeover last month where i also used them!

watch the video below to see how EASY and custom it can be!

spotlight tour 2015 deets!

YAY! i am so excited to announce the DATES and EVENT times for my second trip to Spotlight stores! last year i had so much fun in Australia and i am so excited that i will be back again and this time includes a trip to Singapore!!! last week i shared on my Instagram and Facebook page that i get to go with the sweet Amy Tangerine!!! now that i have the dates, times, and places we will both be i get to share it with you! just like last year, I will be traveling around the country separately from Amy visiting different stores every day.  I will be showing my NEW Marquee Love letters and Wanderlust collection – YES, they will be in stores!! – and doing demonstrations to show you how I LOVE to use it all!!


SAVE the date!!! i can’t wait to see you again down under!

NEW create to remember: marquee love glitter

Are you a glitter lover OR a glitter hater? usually you are one or another. i am a GLITTER LOVER! i love glitter and i especially love it on my new Marquee Love letters!

there are several different ways to decorate my letters – you can spray paint them, use my new Marquee Love Washi Tape, or you can GLITTER them!!!! today i have a NEW episode of ‘Create to Remember‘ on My Craft Channel where I share how fun it is to glitter them.

here are a few tips to before you get started:

1. Use wrapping paper as your surface so you can spread out on a counter top and recycle it when you are finished!

2. Spray paint the letter first with the same color you are glittering. This helps the white of the letter not be as noticeable if it peeks through your glitter job.

3. Apply my Marquee Love glue to the inside of the letter first!

4. Use a foam brush to brush the glue on while working fast! You want the glue to be wet when you apply the glitter.

5. When doing the outside, glue one side at a time before applying the glitter.

6. When you are all finished, clean up your wrapping paper and use a lint brush to pick up any left over glitter on your work space. No one will ever know you were there!

Watch today’s episode right here to see how I glitter this letter “T” in gold! If you create your own Marquee Love use the hashtag #hsMarqueeLove! I can’t wait to see you “make pretty stuff!”

Wanderlust and my BOYS

You know how sometimes you get pictures back – and you just can’t stop looking at them?

Well… these are right in that category. My little men. GEEZE… where does the time go? I took a few minutes out of my regularly-scheduled laundry and meal prep time to create. I have been itching to just PLAY… which for some reason always translates to messy, inky fun!  I have so many EXCITING new products, and I haven’t even had a chance to play with them all and explore the possibilities! I am working on a whole series of new videos to showcase some of this new stuff… my mind is just swirling with things I want to try, and share!

Bottom line is that THESE 2 characters… the DO ‘make me smile’… and they remind me all the time how lucky I am to have them to make me laugh and help me not have such a boring lame life that I would be sure to have without them…. I am afraid that it might be true! I LOVE spending time with them… I LOVE these boys. and just like all mamas… I worry. I wonder… I hope! As I worked on this layout, I was flooded with these emotions and indeed overcome with my deep love for them…. Which is one of the true gifts of the PROCESS involved in scrapbooking!

In my new “Wanderlust”collection there are a couple really cool stencils… the size is based around the 5×7 size for journals that are also included in the collection… but they are just perfect for adding little touches of pattern onto a background!

The grey paper is actually from the Memory Planner “Hello Beautiful” 12×12 paper pad. I used Tinsel and Navy Color Shine to modify the background paper… then— this was so awesome. You know how when you use color sprays on printed paper, it tends to warp and bend a bit… I put it right through the Minc., and it totally ironed it out – dried and flattened! Awesome!

The “you make me smile” die cut page is a 5×7 piece designed to work as pages inside journals… but I love how it looks as a page element. I used a mix of Magic Medium, teal, tinsel and navy Color Shine, along with the same stencil to create a unique colorful effect.

I used other pieces from the Wanderlust collection: Shipping tags, Dex envelopes & overlays, and the super cute mini wood veneer words! The color was just right to tie in the natural colors in the photos – so I didn’t add any Color Shine there. I like to attach the wood veneer with Glossy Accents by Ranger. Hold it in place for 20 seconds for it to bond completely.

As a finishing touch, I used my new ‘adhesive rub ons’ to create a little corner-element in the upper left corner of the photo. SO there are several different skus available in this same concept- basically you rub it on just like any rub on you have ever used, but when you peel back the backer, you will notice the rub on is STICKY! Simply place a piece of ANY foil – (I used the Holographic foil from the Minc stuff). You can softy brayer the piece … OR I shoot it through the Minc at ZERO heat so it applies even pressure – the results are fabulous! (note: you do not NEED the Minc to use those… just works awesome!)

I did spend a few minutes jotting down some of my profound MOMMY thoughts… I love these guys. Even if they don’t know how much RIGHT NOW… SOME DAY I know the little notes that I have written to them on these pages over the years will mean the world to them. It’s totally WORTH REMEMBERING!

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