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desktop inspirational organizer

it’s Wednesday and that means a NEW episode of Create to Remember on My Craft Channel! i just love this desktop organizer! when i was designing this product i knew i wanted something that reminded me of a calendar that i saw when i was young. it had these rings on this stand and you would flip the calendar pages over the rings every day. do you remember them?

i loved that it sat to display the day, but i wanted something to sit there and inspire me as i look at it. so i have made my desktop calendar into an inspirational piece where i can add pretty things and quotes to.


i even added the 3×4 cards and calendar pages for more detailed days of the month.

when i see a quote that inspires me, i paint it or write it down and add it to my rings.

in the video i share a quick and easy way to add pages to the rings! just punch holes and cut the hole with scissors. this will help you slip pages in and how quickly without having to work the mechanism in the back of the stand.

i love to just add pages, tags, and frames to it as it just looks beautiful all layered up!

i added lists, stamping, stenciling, and more!

you can watch the episode right here! you can find these desktop calendars at Jo-Ann Stores! click here to find a store that is carrying it near you!

ME + epiphany crafts = totally awesome!

hi … what? it’s wednesday? (that is what i just said)… holy cow, this week is already half over, and i am not done with even half of my stuff! ack! and TOMORROW i leave for ScrapFest… so i need to get some serious stuff done today! wish me luck!
BUT … today IS wednesday, so it is time for ‘Create to Remember’… and i am super excited to share today’s projects because it’s just awesomely fun and addictive!  have you heard of the Epiphany Craft tools? they are little ‘embellishment makers’. yea… so fun! so let me show you some examples where i have used my Mixed Company paper with the TOOL:
so i made this little “hello” piece above…

and this freakishly cute little camera piece…

the fun little typewriter on this card

the eiffel tower on this notebook… and a the cute little peach color pointer:

and there are ever MORE you can make with Mixed Company and with my BElieve collection: SO MUCH FUN!

CLick HERE To go straight to the VIDEO! it’s only 4 min and a MUST SEE! 

creative retreat in italy may 2014


I am so excited about the May 2014 adventure in Italy!! Laura McCullough the owner of A Kiss On The Chic hosts a creative retreat every year in an amazing destination location that will serve as the backdrop for an amazing week of excursions, lodging, strolling the city streets and of course “crafting workshops” with 4 amazing teachers.  Next year I will be teaching alongside: Rebecca Cross, Lisa Pace, & Laura McCullough.  This is so much more than a scrappy event.  It is a vacation and a true retreat in the most amazing venue:  ITALY!




This Amazing Event Includes:

  • 6 INSPIRING CLASSES with these talented teachers
  • 3 Breathtaking Excursions in the beautiful surroundings of Italy
  • 5 Lunches and 4 Dinners in beautiful locations around Lake Como
  • 7 nights lodging at the GHVS Apartments or La Limonera Apartments
  • Live music in the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni’s Music Room
  • Crop nights, demo’s & the “Night of Artists” with local artists and musicians
  • Handmade goody bags, raffles and AMAZING SURPRISES
  • Private shuttle to and from Milan airports
  • Plus time to relax by the pool or sit at the waters edge
  • Time to stroll the streets, enjoy some gelato or shop the cobblestone streets
  • An UNFORGETTABLE week long experience you will carry with you forever!

Sign ups are starting now for this event and there are TONS of details on the event website HERE that you can explore and consider.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to be able to teach at such an event! I can’t wait!

archiver’s memory file workshop

I have been so excited to hear and see photos of the Archiver’s Memory File Workshop that is going on right now! Even though I am not physically there in each class, I feel like I have been there through all your sweet comments and photos via Instagram!

can you believe it?!! stores are giving opportunities for you to take this class again, if you missed it the first time!

$29 for the 91-piece 2 project class is a KILLER DEAL! So much so that media team member, Maggie Massey, had to take the class at her local Archiver’s! I love that she took this picture of Sarah Bargo busy at work!


If you haven’t heard, during this class, I’ll be joining you via Video! My fabulous friends at My Craft Channel helped me to create a video that will walk you through some of the technical points of the class… so I’ll be popping in and out! How awesome is that??

There are 2 projects that we will be creating in this class! The first project is a full on Memory File Project using the BRAND NEW ‘Serendipity’ Memory Files!

The NEW sets of files come with both regular and mini sized in one package, so both projects incorporate both sizes of files! You will be amazed at how many cool things you can do with them! There are 2 fun interactive elements that we will be adding into the Memory File album so you an add TONS of photos inside!

The second project is a spiral bound Memory file Mini! Now, It wouldn’t be a ‘heidi swapp’ class if there wasn’t some MAGIC happening! So yea, there will be some Color Shine

in the house for you to give a whirl! You will be spraying on Color Magic and even Color POP! So much fuN!

If you would like to see what is in the kit and the finished projects close up, you can watch this little video that I filmed! (thanks again My Craft Channel!)

FIND OUT MORE HERE! visit the Archiver’s website where you can click on store locations and find out when they are having a class near you!

HURRY!!! get signed up!! stores are giving an extra chance for you to take this class!  you won’t want to miss out! (fyi:there are kits online but they are almost sold out! once they are sold out in the online store, the only way you can get your hands on a kit will be through each individual store!)

paper cones for valentine’s day…or any day!

I am a VALENTINE’S DAY LOVER!!! (which apparently, but not obviously the opposite of Maggie who created the stuff for this fabulous post)! so, i am curious? are you a handmade Valentine maker? i think its the pinks and reds… and frilly ribbons and bow… doilies and for sure tons of hearts. I quite love it! it’s only a few weeks away! so… just get your wheels spinning, Maggie is here with such a fun and DIFFERENT way to ‘deliver the goods’ (all those yummies) to those who have your heart! Ok… Maggie... take it away!

I’ll admit it…I’m not a super-huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Not because of any bad experiences…I’ve just never been all that “into” it. I don’t decorate my house for it, I don’t bake cute little heart-shaped brownies and cookies, I don’t send darling little love notes to my husband and kids. And, the truth be told, I’m the Mom that doesn’t buy my kids’ Valentine cards for her kids’ friends until the last possible moment (and yes, I said “buy” the cards…I don’t hand-make them).

This year, however, I decided I wanted to do something a little different (you have to keep ‘em guessing, right?). So I whipped up some really fun little paper cones for my kids and their teachers and a few of their friends…cute little paper cones that hold yummy yummy Valentine’s Day CANDY! Yay!


For each of the cones I started with a piece of Heidi’s paper and cut it to 8″x8″.

I wrapped the paper into a cone shape, hot-glued the bottom flap and stapled the top to keep the cone’s shape. I grabbed my wax paper (my absolute favorite), made another cone and slipped it into the first cone. I folded any excess wax paper over the top of my cone and hot glued it down.

I cut a variety of Digital Banner Delights out of a number of different papers and hot-glued them over the wax paper at the top of the cone.

On each of the cones I added a Vintage Chic Note with the name of the recipient, and then I just embellished those babies up…

I punched a hole on either side of the top of the cones and tied on a length of seam binding that can be used to hang the cone.

On a few of the cones I attached a fun little dangle to the bottom. To do this, I first threaded a length of monofilament cord through the cone (before I added the wax paper), I attached my little embellishment to the bottom of the cord and then hot-glued the top of the cord to the inside of the cone.

I had so much fun making these little cones…

…and I’m amazed by the possibilities with this project…

…I switched things up a bit on Owen’s cone and put the Banner Delight on upside-down…

…honestly, these can be made so easily for boys or girls, for any occasion, in any combination of colors. I dare say this may be the very first Valentine’s Day I’ve been excited about in years…


OK… Maggie is right! these are an ANYTHING GOES thing! any party, any day… any COLOR but FOR SURE—>>>all Heidi Swapp! I’d love to see what you come up with! be sure to share it on Facebook!!



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