HOW to spray stuff!

Happy Friday! This  week blew right by!  I loved to be able to share some really fabulous projects FEATURING my new COLOR SHINE sprays!  Lindsay shared several different techniques for spraying, as well as different types of materials you can add color to—

We continued talking about the importance of ‘creative play’ … whether you are doing that in your own personal Art Journal like Lindsay made, or sharing the experience and creating with friends as I talked about in my newest ‘Create to Remember’ episode on My Craft Channel.

Maggie just HAD to bring up CHRISTMAS!  Already!?  I just barely started pulling out my Halloween decorations!  BUT… how cool were here ideas?  And actually, are great ideas for ANY holiday (even Halloween)!

SO… hopefully, you have  gotten your hands on some of the fabulous Color Shine, and I wanted to make a QUICK video that just gives some spraying tips.

How to spray stuff! from Heidi Swapp on Vimeo.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to swipe your hand across your project as you are spraying to get a nice uniform coat of mist.  In the video I show you how to spray onto the Color Magic paper, (clean the resist w/ Windex if necessary), ribbon and paper die cuts/or elements that you cut from your Silhouette or Cricut etc.

Take a look! And happy spraying! … have a great weekend


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