So I have decided that I hate being illiterate.
I have to learn the language around here… it’s stressing me out that I can’t communicate with people. I wanted to order a pizza tonight. There is a Domino’s pizza here really close believe it or not! So I thought I’d call… we were getting together with some couples to play games tonight…so I figured that would be a good Friday night thing for the kids! So, that seems easy enough… right? So first, I realized I didn’t know how to get the number…so I called around to a few different people that I know, and even sent the kids to the main office here where we live…I had them take a phone, and call eric when they got there to have them talk to eric to try to get the number. No luck. So, after a few different trys, eric ended up stopping by there, placing the order and then having them deliver it rather than waiting for it.  so in the end, we did get the 2 large cheese pizza’s!! so that was good news. Last night, in order to keep the kids up past 7pm, we decided to try to find McDonalds close by and get ice cream cones… it was raining, and within about 5 minutes from the house, of course everyone but Cory was asleep… but when we got there, I walked up and the girl immediately handed me a card with the English translation for everything.. and when I said “chocolate” she understood that… so that was good! However, no diet coke there…
But getting back to my point… as we drive around in the JINBEI van that we love, there are all these places… like little stores, and shops and restaurants and who knows what on the sides of the roads….it’s kind of strip-mall-ish, but without all the development of parking lots, and entrances etc. They are just far enough off the road, with trees in between usually, that I can’t really see into the shops to tell what they are. Most have signage, in all Chinese… and I wish like anything that I could read it! I just wonder like crazy what’s back there. I want to just walk up and down the street and explore… poke my head into all the stores and check it all out. From what I understand, there is a big “wet” maket that has fruits and veggies… and a “daily goods” market… and a “flower” market just near by… I can’t wait to go and chcck it out. But I am being told that for now, it’s not a great place to take little blonde kids. Bottom line, is that I am a little hesitant to head out without eric… I should be more brave… just carry along a Chinese/English dictionary, and make hand motions… we’ll see. I want to learn the language. I really want to put the effort in… I am sure that the kids will learn way faster than me. I need to find a tutor. But just looking at the Chinese characters on everything… it just feels so impossible. The communication barrier just seems so huge.
So tonight, we had a game night with a bunch of couples from the branch…it was so fun to get to visit and talk about all the different reasons people are here, and their strategies for all the stuff you have to figure out. Anyway… we played this super fun game… that I had never heard of…it’s British I guess, but it’s like pictionary but with clay! instead of drawing the word, you mold it out of clay. When we were talking about it, I was thinking it would be a really slow game, cause in my mind, it would take a long time to mold something to the point that someone could actually make guesses at what it is… not true! It was so fast… so we did it in teams, and there were 7 couples-girls against boys… and we were getting so loud and unruly! If you loose a round, you loose a portion of your clay, so the last one w/ clay wins. I will find out the name…it was a blast. I guess there is a part of Cranium that uses clay too. SO fuN!  Would be fun w/ kids. I have had a ban on play-doh in the house, cause I hate the mess so much… but I might have to lift the ban so we can play that game as a family! Ok. Wow.. I am up late!  Going to bed ..

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