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pretty little minc party

parties are fun. but decorating for parties is one of my FAVORITE things to do. give me a party and i will – DECORATE! this is why i had so much fun creating Minc products that would be perfect for any party – boy, girl, baby shower, holiday, retreat, wedding – you name it, you can Minc it! i asked Jamie Pate to show her stuff as she is the QUEEN of the party vignette! she can make anyone feel special with a pretty little party and a pretty little cupcake.

Not only do I love me a pretty little party, but I love me a pretty little party vignette to keep up when the party is over. But even more than that…I love me a pretty little party vignette decked out with all things Minc!

How pretty is that? And how deliciously easy it was to make pretty.
Let me show you around…

I wanted this little party service to have full focus. So I started by creating the background with old book paper. That was my canvas. Now time to create.

After my canvas was in place, I decided to stay with gold and silver foil as my theme. I just have always loved how those hues work together, the warm and the cool, and can make anything beautiful and elegant. Not to mention how on trend they are.
First the Minc Banners were foiled in gold and then just attached to the book paper. Next I put to work the Mini Banner Kit and foiled several of those and made two mini banners to intersperse with the larger banners.


After the background was set, a few banner flags were needed for a table top display. I took a Banner (wood skewers are included in the package)  and one of the Mini Banners and hot glued to a skewer. But it needed something else…

I foiled a Mini Die Cut Phrase with gold. Glued it also to a skewer. And added it to the little banner display. This was fun!

No little party is ever complete without cupcakes. And don’t ya know…the Minc Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers are perfect!

Foil the wrappers. Foil some toppers that are included in the package…

and simply make it all pretty placing the flag toppers on those pretty little cupcakes. Now try and resist eating one!!!

As a simple finishing touch, I foiled some of the 3D Butterflies. A few were added to the background, and a single one added to the tea cup. It’s just pretty. That’s all.

And that is just one way to throw a pretty little Minc party. The possibilities are endless. The prettiness is a given. The happiness received is priceless.

Jamie, i just want to come over to your house for your ‘pretty little party’ and to try your daughter’s famous cupcakes. the Minc party supplies are so much fun!!! i was ‘playing’ party at work this week too. i am filming new videos for a NEW YouTube channel that i am starting that is coming soon! i will still be doing My Craft Channel episodes, but this is just something i have also been wanting to do for a long time.

stay tuned in to find out when the channel goes live! i can’t wait!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Minc Collecti0n

color fever- pink, white, black, gold!

 this color combo that Sarah Bargo has put together is so inspiring it makes me so HAPPY!!! does a mood board do that for you too? i can’t get enough of black and white stripes… those that know me, know that. i mean, LOOK at that CAKE!!!! check out what Sarah made inspired by this month’s Color Fever mood board… i am in LOVE…


Well hello there paper peeps! Welcome to another segment that we like to call, “Color Fever!” There is this color combo trend lately that is making me ohhhh-so-happy, and I’m sure if you’ve seen the stunning new collection by Heidi Swapp called “Hello Beautiful,” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about…

Picture Credits: 1. The Perfect Palette, 2.Best Friends for Frosting, 3.Flourish Boutique, 4.Cakes Decor

Ohhhh yes… different shades of pink, white, black, and glorious gold! Sooo beautiful, I ADORE these colors together! I was literally squealing when I received “Hello Beautiful!” I couldn’t wait to create a layout with the gorgeous papers and embellies that go along with the collection! Here’s a layout I did that was on display at CHA;

That floral? Paired with black & white stripes? And gold foil? Seriously. Stunning. This is Maggie & I at one of Heidi’s classes ;)

Did you happen to notice the awesome new die cut “happy” word?! Ummm yeah. This is one of 7 new dies in Heidi’s handwriting that are out, they are adorable! And they are in mint green,  what?! So awesome. They worked perfectly cutting the gold foil!

There are so many embellishments that go with the collection! These cute fabric banners, a washi tape shapes booklet, and one of my faves is the pack of chipboard frames! I love to cut these up and use them as photo corners! Just adds a little detail to the picture without over powering it. If you look on the left of this next picture, there is a mint green label piece with gold foil trim tucked in. That is actually one of the labels from the Minc Label Pack! Some of the Minc pieces are mint green or light pink, which look so awesome with the gold foil! Love.

There is a whole sheet of these gorgeous flowers in the paper pad! I had to fussy cut them of course lol! Cut & tuck, cut & tuck.


We cannot wait for you to get your hands on these new products! They are so beautiful! & then I hope you catch some of this “Color Fever!” ;)

doesn’t this just want to make you go and ‘make pretty stuff’?!! i am looking forward to some creative time in the studio real soon thanks to you Sarah!!

SUPPLIES: Wanderlust Happy Die Cut, 12×12 Hello Beautiful Paper Pad, Hello Beautiful Flag Clips, Hello Beautiful Fabric Banners, Hello Beautiful Gold Glitter Alpha Stickers, Hello Beautiful Washi Shapes, Hello Beautiful Photo Frames, Hello Beautiful Gold Foil Chipboard Shapes

Wanderlust and my BOYS

You know how sometimes you get pictures back – and you just can’t stop looking at them?

Well… these are right in that category. My little men. GEEZE… where does the time go? I took a few minutes out of my regularly-scheduled laundry and meal prep time to create. I have been itching to just PLAY… which for some reason always translates to messy, inky fun!  I have so many EXCITING new products, and I haven’t even had a chance to play with them all and explore the possibilities! I am working on a whole series of new videos to showcase some of this new stuff… my mind is just swirling with things I want to try, and share!

Bottom line is that THESE 2 characters… the DO ‘make me smile’… and they remind me all the time how lucky I am to have them to make me laugh and help me not have such a boring lame life that I would be sure to have without them…. I am afraid that it might be true! I LOVE spending time with them… I LOVE these boys. and just like all mamas… I worry. I wonder… I hope! As I worked on this layout, I was flooded with these emotions and indeed overcome with my deep love for them…. Which is one of the true gifts of the PROCESS involved in scrapbooking!

In my new “Wanderlust”collection there are a couple really cool stencils… the size is based around the 5×7 size for journals that are also included in the collection… but they are just perfect for adding little touches of pattern onto a background!

The grey paper is actually from the Memory Planner “Hello Beautiful” 12×12 paper pad. I used Tinsel and Navy Color Shine to modify the background paper… then— this was so awesome. You know how when you use color sprays on printed paper, it tends to warp and bend a bit… I put it right through the Minc., and it totally ironed it out – dried and flattened! Awesome!

The “you make me smile” die cut page is a 5×7 piece designed to work as pages inside journals… but I love how it looks as a page element. I used a mix of Magic Medium, teal, tinsel and navy Color Shine, along with the same stencil to create a unique colorful effect.

I used other pieces from the Wanderlust collection: Shipping tags, Dex envelopes & overlays, and the super cute mini wood veneer words! The color was just right to tie in the natural colors in the photos – so I didn’t add any Color Shine there. I like to attach the wood veneer with Glossy Accents by Ranger. Hold it in place for 20 seconds for it to bond completely.

As a finishing touch, I used my new ‘adhesive rub ons’ to create a little corner-element in the upper left corner of the photo. SO there are several different skus available in this same concept- basically you rub it on just like any rub on you have ever used, but when you peel back the backer, you will notice the rub on is STICKY! Simply place a piece of ANY foil – (I used the Holographic foil from the Minc stuff). You can softy brayer the piece … OR I shoot it through the Minc at ZERO heat so it applies even pressure – the results are fabulous! (note: you do not NEED the Minc to use those… just works awesome!)

I did spend a few minutes jotting down some of my profound MOMMY thoughts… I love these guys. Even if they don’t know how much RIGHT NOW… SOME DAY I know the little notes that I have written to them on these pages over the years will mean the world to them. It’s totally WORTH REMEMBERING!

try this! diy minc foil pocket cards

i am so excited that my team has just received my NEW Minc Foil Applicator machines and Lindsay Bateman didn’t waste any time showing you how you can use it! i love that! it doesn’t matter if you have been crafting a long time or just getting started, this new foil application gives perfect results every time!

Today I am here to share an exciting and very simple way to use the amazing MINC 12″ Foil Applicator Machine to create customized foil cards for pocket pages! If you have not yet already had a chance to pop over to the products page to check out ALL (and by ALL I mean a collection that will truly knock your socks off) the MINC accessories and products that come completely ready to be customized with any of the 11 shades of foil also available….I highly suggest you do!  OK, I know….how does one even PICK?!?

I myself am still orientating myself and getting to know all of the amazing products available.  Honestly, it has never been more fun to just experiment and PLAY.  So I thought it would be cool to share a super simple DIY “try this” using the MINC and the following MINC accessories: MINC Hello Stripes Card Set, MINC Hello There Tags, MINC Ephemera and MINC Chipboard Shapes.

The 3×4 cards are simply white Bazzill card stock trimmed to size.  The ‘love this’ 4×6 card is a piece of the gorgeous Wanderlust paper trimmed to size and the ‘absolutely completely totally’ card is actually from the MINC Hello Stripes Card Set.  It already comes with the beautiful phrase laser printed so it is ready to simply run through the MINC with whatever colour foil one chooses.  To create this card I cut the card in half, trimmed down to size and ran it through the MINC using the beautiful light pink foil.

The MINC chipboard pieces are also super fun to customize and layer.  Pictured above you can see that from the collection I used the “fun stuff”, “love this”, “happy” and “polka dot heart” to add a simple touch of dimension to my pocket cards.  I also used the gorgeous foiled chipboard arrows and the ‘you and me’ chipboard piece I actually left as is.  Some of these MINC pieces just look fab black and white!  The foiled camera is from the ephemera pack.  I also used one of the gorgeous label stickers on my ‘love this’ 4×6 card and customized that with gold foil.  They are truly so beautiful and excellent layering pieces.

Once I had my cards completed I slipped them into my Project Life Pocket Page sleeve and voila!  Customized ‘one of a kind’ cards with that beautiful foiled effect.  (I kinda just want to foil everything in sight…true story).

thank you so much Lindsay!!! i love how beautiful this page is and how much it makes your photos stand out! my MINC ships to independent and online stores at the end of next month! if it has already been shipped to you because you were a UK Create and Craft viewer from my world wide launch at CHA, i would love to see you “make pretty stuff” by hashtagging #hsMinc!

Supplies: MINC 12″ Foil ApplicatorMINC Hello Stripes Card Set; MINC Hello There Tags; MINC Ephemera; MINC Chipboard Shapes; Wanderlust 5×7 Paper Pad; MINC Reactive Foil Gold; MINC Reactive Foil Light Pink

wanderlust a layout – cha 2015

time has just FLOWN by!!! i can’t believe it has been over a week since my new collections were released at the CHA Mega Show! i was able to connect with so many of my favorite retailers from all over the world! most of all, i was thankful to have five of my team members there helping demo and share the excitement with me! Maggie Massey was right there the whole time showing how to use my Minc Foil Applicator. she was foiling non-stop! she also created some samples using my NEW Wanderlust collection… here she shares one of my favorites…


It’s hard to believe that just one week ago I was in beautiful, sunny Southern California where we were soaking up the sun, laughing harder than I’ve ever laughed with some of my closest friends, and getting filled to overflowing with inspiration and the creative spirit.

This is the 3rd year I’ve been able to attend the Craft & Hobby Association’s Winter Mega show…and every year it gets better and better and better.

Heidi introduced 4 completely new lines at this year’s show (Wanderlust, Hello Beautiful, Marquee Love & Minc)…and I have to tell you – it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Each line is so completely different from the others, and they are all ridiculously amazing.

The most traditionally “scrapbook-y” line is Wanderlust. It contains items that you would “normally” find in a new scrapbook line. BUT, it also contains a number of brand new, super-exciting, totally non-traditional items as well – including binders & page protectors, rub-on foil embellishments, the entire MEMORY DEX line (oh my gosh – amazing), metal dies (in mint, of course!) and embellishment pouches that fit in your planner and hold all of your little essentials. To see the entire Wanderlust, click here.

In order to prepare for CHA, each of us on Heidi’s team were assigned samples to create with the new lines. These samples were then used in Heidi’s booth to help demonstrate how the collections can be used.

Below is the wall where Heidi displayed all of the page samples…she (and Kim & Gail) had glittered- and golded-up some clipboards and attached them to the wall. The clipboards then held each layout. It looked seriously cool and was such a neat way to show off the samples.

That’s one of mine…you know…with the giant arrow and circle?

Just wanted to make sure you could see it OK…

And here’s what it looks like a little closer…

The patterns and colors in the Wanderlust collection are so lovely. And they can be tailored to fit both feminine and masculine projects. Here I’ve paired the beautiful raspberry hue with some gold and kraft. I think it’s just lovely for my autumn photo.

I used 3 different patterned papers for my background and kept the rest really pretty simple.

I added some silver foil rub-on polka dots to a kraft tag and used that has a base for the “hello SUNSHINE” wood veneer, a transparent Memory Dex card and a darling little watercolor puffy sticker.

A few glitter heart stickers placed directly on my photo help to ground the photo and make it part of the rest of the page.

I did use a couple of pieces from the Hello Beautiful (Memory Planner) line, too (like the little white 2×2 note card I’ve tucked under the clip and ribbon).

I also dropped a few drips of both Butter and Raspberry Color Shine across the page. I really like to do this when I feel like my layout needs a little extra something, but I’m not quite sure what.

I kinda love the way this page came together. The colors are so rich and so lovely and the different collections - even though they are so distinct from one another – really do work beautifully together.

You should be seeing Wanderlust show up in Jo-Ann stores now. If you find that your Jo-Ann doesn’t carry the line (boo) – don’t fret. Wanderlust will also be available online and in independent retailer stores in the next few weeks!

Are you already making projects with these beautiful pieces? We’d love to see! Post them and tag them #HSWanderlust so we can ooooh and ahhhh over them!

SUPPLIES: Wanderlust Patterned Paper: Basket Weave, Cafe, Memory Dex Cards: Gold Foil Acetate, Hello Sunshine Wood Veneer,  Printed Kraft Tags with Gold Foil, Painted Binder Clips,  White Lace Ribbon Spool, Gold Glitter Stickers, Puffy Speech Bubble Stickers, Dots Rub-on Foil Kit, Color Shine – Raspberry, Color Shine – Butter, Memory Planner Foil Cards, Memory Planner Foil Chipboard Shapes

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