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surviving the holidays – let your heart be light

i hope you had a blessed Christmas!!! the kids are all exhausted filled with the excitement of the day and the rest of us are trying to get over our food comas. Sarah Bargo is here to help us remember, no matter how our Christmas was, to fill our hearts with laughter. Laughter is good medicine for the soul. Sarah shares how to document memories for her boys so that they will remember those moments in life that really matter – when they are together.

Well hello there paper peeps! We made it! We survived the holidays woot woot! I know what you’re thinking.. you’re sad it’s over… all the anticipation…. all the pretties… the excitement… and you’re maybe feeling kinda empty.. and now you click on here for some inspiration and you gotta deal with this broad?! Yep!

I love Christmas so much, I am one of those freaks that prances around the house listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving even rolls around, talking to everyone in the “Target lady” voice, and repeatedly playing Fred Claus over & over & over & over… I”ve always been this way. I remember having strands of twinkle lights strung allll over my bedroom growing up! Have my Christmas’s always been perfect? Ahhhh no. Not even close. I’ve definitely had my fair share of jacked up holidays. But ya know what? Those are the ones I remember the most, and I can look back and say ohmygosh how funny how did we survive that?! I love it. I think over the years I have learned a few tricks on how to “survive” the holidays… Let me show you a little peek of how mine have been going;

Yep. That’s me. Sprawled out on the ice. All of my Olympian glory hangin out, right there for the world to see. That’s pretty much my whole life right now in a nutshell. After about 20 minutes creeping along the wall and being passed up by 2 toddlers and freaking Martha Washington, I decided to venture towards the middle and get some speed going… I was like wow I’m doing so good look at me go!!!! Boom. Down for the count. Arms flailing, legs up in the air, flying,  I made newborn Bambi look like Kristi Yamaguchi. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard! I can’t help but look at this picture and smile, because behind the scenes this is one of the greatest days I have ever had with my boys. Ever. We laughed and laughed and laughed and all these other good moms were like “no no, be careful hunny, stay by me, hold my hand.” Then there’s me screaming across the rink “YEAH GET HIM CHECK HIM INTO THE WALL!!!” The boys were chasing each other down and trying to make each other fall it was sooooo hysterical! The whole rink knew my belly laugh by the time we left that’s for sure!  Lately I’ve had this reoccurring theme in my life about channeling my inner kid again, it’s kinda weird? I’m watching the boys grow so fast right before my eyes and I’m like holy cow I want to have some fun with them before they get too busy for their old mom! Hence the genius idea of taking them ice skating even though I haven’t been on a pair of skates since I was like, 13. Now that’s a long time ago. And I’m sooo glad we went, I’m totally buying us skates now. Round 2 baby. Round 2. Someones goin’ down and it ain’t gonna be me. Might be Martha, I don’t’ know.

When I saw this picture of me that Beeb had taken, I knew that would be the cover page for my Christmas 2014 Album. I mean why not? It’ll make us laugh every time we open it ;) I’ve been using the gorgeous Pink Paislee album and Merry & Bright Collection along with Heidi’s Believe Collection, they go together perfectly!

Heidi’s black Memories sticker can be found at Hobby Lobby, so cute!

I also wanted to document our day of ice skating but in a more wintery way, so I used one of the pocket pages that comes in the album and some #hsprojectlife goodies and some fun things I had on hand. I love white pom pom trim, it so looks like snowballs to me! ;)

My favorite thing to do while working with pocket pages is creating little I call them “peek-a-boo pockets” to hold journaling and extra pics! For these 4″ pocket pages, just fold a piece of 4×8″ cardstock in half, round the edges if you’d like, and slide in. It makes it more interesting to have interactive elements in our albums! Plus that’s good for pictures that aren’t the best quality and you want to hide them yet see them too.

I cannot wait to fill up this album with our beautiful Christmas memories! The good, the bad, the epic fails. It’s all good.

So hmmm what is my main tip for surviving the holidays? Don’t so much worry about the gifts and spending money. MAKE MEMORIES. GO HAVE SOME FUN. Get out of the house, get out of the mall, and go have fun! Go do things that you haven’t done in years! You don’t need tons of money to get your kids bundled up to go outside and blow the stink off! Go trek through some beautiful snowy woods and go sledding! Take your kids to buy a bunch of hot chocolates and drive around delivering them to the Salvation Army people! It is so fun! They are always so grateful and it’s a delight seeing their faces light up! Make some cookies, read a Christmas book together, light some candles while you’re eating dinner. (I don’t know why but it makes an ordinary dinner feel special I just love it?) And bottom line, don’t get stressed out over silly things. Seriously no one cares if one of the lights on your tree is out, or your awesomely stylish sweater is missing a jingle bell. And it’s totally ok if you aim for your cookies to look like this;

But they turn out more like this;

I mean seriously do you think someone is going to turn down an oatmeal raisin cookie if they’re not all the same size? It is ok. Let it go. Let it go. (And anyways if you whip up some cinnamon roll frosting and drizzle it over top of them? Ohmygosh… they’re so delish…) Don’t spend the holidays stressed! Let your heart be light.

I hope you all have a blessed and Happy New Year!  xoxo

SUPPLIES; Seafoam Color Shine, Believe Ephemera, Believe 12×12 Paper Pad,  Project Life Gold Foil Value Kit, Project Life Glitter Value Kit, Project Life Color Magic Value Kit,


Pink Paislee Countdown to Christmas

I have a confession to make… this is the first year that I have actually, really and truly created an album in December! However, i knew that had to change when i was invited to play along in the #ppc2c event “Pink Paislee Countdown to Christmas” (check out the PP blog to see the rest of the month posts, and get tons of freebies!) and when i saw the ALUBUM… with that big gorgeous silver sequin star?? THIS would be my year! (plus, i wasn’t in charge!)

 Last year, I had the best of intentions… and I did take all the photos but LIFE and HOLIDAYS manage to throw things off sometimes. i did a little here and there,  but this year I was determined to play along. Admittedly, I haven’t been a perfect “#pinkpaisleecountdowntochristmas” girl… but I have been keeping track of our crazy amount of activites, snapped photos along the way, and even have managed to have many of them printed out! It does help that I have been absolutely in LOVE with the sequined star album from the Merry and Bright holiday collection this year by Pink Paislee! I mean, it’s gorgeous! And I love that it comes with all kinds of different types of pages inside. It’s just lovely! Even though the whole shebang isn’t over… can I share some of the photos of my album? I LOVE the cover of this album… I added a few elements from the ephemera package that were overlapping the star; along with some glitter alphas.

I couldn’t resist the white-glittery deer and that “have yourself a Merry little Christmas” tag was my favorite. I used them together to create a title page for my album.

As always, I LOVE layering with clear pages, so the different printed dividers in this album are totally awesome! When we were down in AZ for our Thanksgiving break, I managed to get some new, updated family photos (they turned out so great!) . This is also one of the photos that I have chosen to use on our family Christmas card…

I used some Tinsel Color Shine, and a 12×12 chevron stencil to create a background on one of the canvas pages (included in the book). To layer the piece over the top, I sewed a few of the snowflakes from the ephemera to the clear divder. I LOVE how it looks! this Merry & Bright collection is so great, and made it easy to mix in some of the American Crafts DIY chalkboard stickers. I love to use the chalkboard permanent markers on these… works so awesome!

The next section of my book, I decided to dedicate to our elf “Elvis”. Elvis has been a part of our Christmas for about 3 years… we love it when he comes. He has been pretty clever this year, so I thought it would be fun to dedicate a section of the book to mr. ELF!

I used one of the 6×6 wood albums. I used a distress ink pad, and clear UTEE on the wood for a fun look!

I then have placed any photos or notes that the elf has left us! Its’ just SO cute! There are some pocket pages, and tags.


And even I kept a few of the ‘elf sized’ books that he brought back from the North Pole to read. Check my instagram for some little tips and ideas and printables for these fun ELF antics!


I did document some of my work stuff and special projects that were going on this month:

1. the December Memory Planner printable beind designed on the road

2. I highlighted this #ppc2c in my album, along with the video we made.

3. another big project was being involved with the Festival of Trees, to honor Addie Napierski.

i tried to get a few decorations up by December first! but i was SO overwhelmed with everything… but i LOVE this little ‘Santa’ vignette! This was our first Christmas in our new house, so i had to figure out how i wanted to decorate! kinda a fun challenge!

we even got a new WHITE tree!! my sweet Cory was super helpful and set the tree up for me! that got him RIGHT onto the NICE list for sure! i created a little interactive Naughty & Nice card…

*I love my interactive “naughty and nice” card… these things can change right up until the last minute of Christmas eve!

the 4×4 pockets make it SERIOUSLY so easy to tuck stuff in- i even like to add stuff on top of the pockets!

I kept a little mini calendar of each days highlight! My cute MIL colored the tag, and it turned out so fabulous!

*Our church “stake” party was a big project… so I dedicated this little 4×6 mini to that special event.


It’s full of photos and journaling. But it needed it to be held closed as well, so i created a closure… i haven’t used grommets in forever! it’s way easier with my Crop-0-dile!

This event was one of my most favorite memories! it totally got us all in the Christmas spirit!

*This is one of my favorite shots of the season! (see above) When we did the photo booth with props! I was in charge of making this photo background, and I thought it turned out adorable! (thanks pinterest). Santa even came to our party, and i managed to get a Santa Selfie!


After the big party, we needed to return all the decor to my Aunt, and then help her set up her outdoor Christmas decor…

The fun thing about these “numbered” ideas and prompts, is that you don’t have to do them all.. and really they don’t have to correspond to the actual dates! They can simply be a numbered list of the fun things that you did during December! i didn’t really follow along in the

One of the exciting things going on this month is the release of my new “Marquee Love” collection -which are the most FUN DIY Marquee lights… i added tons of silver glitter to the word “JOY” and tucked it right into the boughs of  my Christmas tree…

*LOVE this gorgeous hand made gift I was given… it was left for me after a party, and i was so totally surprised! so inspiring!

The message this month for my Visiting Teaching was on the PEACE that the Lord brings to Christmas – so I wrote some thoughts about PEACE… and also added a picture of the cookie exchange I was invited to (ok, so i didn’t make the cookies, thanks LaRane!) , as well as the 3D paper tree I stuck in there.

One of the funnest memories from this December was on Dec 15th when we went as a family to the Desert Star Play house to see “How the Grouch stole Christmas”.  This was a special new tradition that my folks were starting this year! It was a super funny production, and having Cory’s remarks made it even funnier! We all loved being together!

AND of course, as we get to this… the last few days before Christmas, we have our Wedding Anniversary and my husband Eric’s birthday! I used free printables found on the Pink Paislee blog to craft a few of my days. I LOVE how it has all turned out! Only a few more days in December, which is a good thing because my album is already SO full! a BIG thanks to Rebecca at Pink Paislee for all of her work putting this fun month of Countdowns together… i have totally enjoyed it!

at this point, i still have a few days i need to add in…My Christmas Cards are not done… i haven’t even started wrapping any gifts! and there is not much time left… This is always a MOST crazy time of year… But the truth is that while I love the cards, and the glitter… and the gifts an the parties… really the only thing that REALLY matters is our Savior.  HE is the gift! He is the reason. He brings the peace and inspires the good. If you haven’t already… on this Christmas Eve (eve)… take a minute to go here to watch this sweet reminder, and wonderful tribute to the babe, His sweet Mother and brave Father… and all that they stand for. Then and NOW. and EVERYDAY!  HE is the magic. HE is the life! HE inspires, and uplifts, and is ALL that is good in this world. and I BELIEVE. #ShareTheGift


To YOU, my friends everywhere… my wish for you is a VERY Merry, Peaceful Christmas. and a New Year filled with HOPE and LOVE, opportunity and wonderful memories filled with laughter, and tears… I wish you a Merry Christmas!

holiday gifts and project life

i love sending cards! i have noticed that those that i know that claim to ‘not be crafty’ love to send cards too! that’s what makes this a great gift idea by Jaime Pate! a set of cards can be whipped up in no time, packaged, and given to anyone!!!! Jamie kept these easy enough to do for that last person on your list!

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! Are you getting it all done? Do  you still need a gift or two? Well it’s not too late! I am here to show you something you can do right at home with the supplies you already have on hand.

I made up a batch of cards to create a card set for a friend who still loves to send that old school mail…you know…like with a postal carrier and everything? Yep. For these cards I used all of the Becky Higgins Heidi Swapp Project Life Stamps in different ways. I am here today to show you just what I did and make it super easy and doable for you to do the same.

First you are going to need a few supplies:

Heidi Swapp Project Life Stamps:
My Heart Stamp & Stencil Set
Love You Stamp & Stencil Set
Cherish Clear Stamps
Interchangeable Stamp
Project Life Journal Pen
Color Shine
water color paper or card stock
paint brush
ink                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ruler

Are you ready to get started? For the most part these cards use the same supplies over and over again. I am going to give you a quick-fast-in-a-hurry tutorial on each card. So grab a cuppa, grab your supplies, and let’s do this.

To start, create several cards using water color paper or card stock. I went with the standard 4 1/4 x 5 1/2-inch size card. This keeps it simple and I can just to go work.

Here is how the first card, shown above, went:
Use the heart stencil and ‘water color’ the Color Shine Gold inside the stencil. Let dry.
Add the polka dots using the polka dot stencil. Let dry.
Use a ruler and add the dots with the journal pen.
Paint a Color Shine Seafoam circle next to the dots. Let dry.
Stamp with the ‘smile’ Interchangeable stamp.

This card simply utilizes several circles.
Paint the Seafoam circles first. Let dry.
Paint the Gold smaller dots in a random fashion. Let dry.
Stamp the “thank you so much” where desired.

This card again makes use of the painted circles and the polka dot stencil.
First paint or spray on the polka dots with the Gold Color Shine.
Next paint on the Seafoam dots at the top and bottom.
Then stamp the ‘I like totally love you’ with black ink.
Using a ruler again as a guide, make dots with the journal pen to underline the ‘you’.

For the next card: Use a bit of a larger square brush for this card.
Brush squares of Seafoam and Gold Color Shine on the card as shown.
Using the non brushed tip of the paintbrush, dip in the Gold Color Shine and add the smaller dots in the squares with the tip.
Stamp ‘cherish each day’ on the card and call it done.

You up to a few more cards?

Paint a swatch of Seafoam on the center of the card.
Paint random Gold dots with the polk dot stencil as a guide.
Add the black dots with the pen.
Stamp ‘hello’ on the Seafoam to finish the card.

This card is fun…
Add a swath of Seafoam to the top edge as well as bottom edge of the card.
Paint Gold polka dots across the Seafoam.
Add marks with the journal pen.
Stamp ‘has my heart’ on the lower edge of paint.
Using the ‘i like totally love you’ stamp, only add ink to the heart image. Stamp on the center of the card. Repeat two more times. Tah dah!

This card needs a few Gold circles painted towards the left edge of the card.
Use the non-brush tip of the paint brush, dip into the Seafoam, and dot the Gold circles.
Add a smallish swath of Seafoam to the lower center of the card.
Stamp with ‘counting blessings’ and then add marks with pen.

o.k…last card…

This card needs a large brush of Gold right in the middle of the card placed horizontally.
Three circles of Seafoam are needed in the middle of the Gold.
Stamp ‘happy happy happy’ in the middle of one of the circles.
Finish by adding marks with the journal pen.

And there you have it. A last minute gift idea if you need it. All the supplies. A simple tutorial. And photos to help you create. Hope this is helpful to you as you finish out your Christmas list. And many many blessings to you this Christmas and have an amazing New Year. See you in 2015.

i love each one of these cards Jamie! they are so inspiring that i might just make a few myself to give away this week!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Project Life Stamps: My Heart Stamp & Stencil, Love You Stamp & Stencil, Cherish Clear Stamps, Interchangeable Stamp. Color Shine

Heidi Holiday 30 Minutes or Less – Mason Jar Snow Globes

less than one week before Christmas and i have asked my team to help come up with some fun and FABULOUS gifts in minutes! Jen Evans doesn’t disappoint with these cute mason jars! i love making pretty stuff with my kids too!!!!

This is a gift that you can create in under 30 minutes! My son has a lot of teachers – 10 to be exact. So when we think of Christmas gifts we need to think of something that isn’t going to break the bank, that he can help create, and something that isn’t going to take forever! Maybe you have a group of gifts still to make and this will inspire your kids to get involved with the merry making!

1. Glue the trees inside the jars.

To make these simple Mason Jar Snow Globes, we glued trees and even reindeer to the insides of these jars. I got the 2 pack of jars from the $3 Spot at Target. You can get them anywhere, but I loved these because they had a spot for a label if I wanted to add one and the lids were completely FLAT for me to add a little snow globe to the top too!

Adult supervision is needed to add the E6000 Adhesive to the bottom of the trees, but Ethan had no problem holding the top of the tree to place it inside the jar.

2. Add snow!

Keeping the jars on the table, I placed the powder snow in a bowl and gave him a scoop to help pour the snow into the jars. ONLY a handful is needed! You don’t want too much because then it drowns the trees.  Also, keeping the snow in the bowl keeps the mess down but make sure your kids don’t breath or sneeze too hard! Ha!

3. Make the tag!

Have fun customizing a Heidi Swapp Project Life Color Magic Value Kit 3×4 cards! This one I loved because it was already cut to say “Happy”. I pre-taped the card with washi tape and Ethan sprayed it with Sweet Cherry Color Shine. When we removed the tape it created these cool holiday stripes! The “Holidays” is made with a Impression Obsession diecut. Using Bazzill Basics’ Silver Foil Cardstock, it looks amazing! It is easy to just glue everything down once it is all cut out. It was good for Ethan’s small motor skills to get to punch the holly.

4. Create the snow globe topper

This step is optional but adds so much to the jar! Half of a medium plastic ornament fit these jars perfectly! Trace the ornament on top of a 4×6 Heidi Swapp Project Life card. This glitter star card is from the Glitter Value Kit. Glue other items on the card like more punches to create garland or mistletoe, rhinestones, and a “joy” embellishment using Heidi’s freebie that you can find here and the Epiphany Crafts Studio Shape Round 25 Tool. Then hot glue the half ornament to the card.

I glued the bottom of the snow globe again with E-6000 to the lid of the jar. Lastly, I hot glued this awesome tinsel trim to the rim of the jar. All these craft items, from the trees to the trim can be found at your local Michaels store! Let the jars sit to dry completely over night.

I hope this inspires you to get creative with your kids! Ethan had a blast making these and he can’t wait to give them away!

i love this idea Jen! i can think of a million ways to decorate them! super adorbs!!! make sure to scroll down for NEW updates on my 2015 Memory Planners and an important announcement!

Supplies: Project Life Color Magic Value Kit, Project Life Glitter Value Kit, Sweet Cherry Color Shine, Martha Stewart Branch Punch, Powder Snow, Rhinestones, E-6000 Adhesive, Hot Glue and Glue Gun, Epiphany Crafts Studio Shape Round 25 Tool and Bubble Caps, Bazzill Basics Cardstock, Obsession Impression Happy Holidays Die, Target: Mason Jars, Michael’s Stores: Trees, Double Width Tinsel Trim and Ribbon

Capture 30 UPDATE!

Kick off for “Capture30”, my month long class at Big Picture Classes  in January, is less than 2 weeks away! I am getting so excited! I LOVE the New Year; I am so ready for 2015! There has been SO much excitement buzzing around about my new planners for 2015, and I can.not.wait. for you to get your hands on these beauties! (which did you choose?)

For those of you who are in the Capture 30 class, or have purchased the Planner + the accessory kit, I have an UPDATE on those items…. The good news is that the Planners are on track and will be shipping out before the New Year (dec.23rd to be exact). However, port congestion has delayed arrival of the items included in the Accessory kit until the end of January.

Instead of pushing back delivery of the planner, we decided to go ahead and ship out the planners (on Dec.23) according to plan, and separate the order. You will still be receiving the Accessory Kit from Studio Calico, but they will be shipping separately from the planner at a later date (at no charge, of course). Even though I am super bummed about this, the good news is that the planner is an ALL YEAR project- and you will have them to use for the remaining 11 months of the year (wink).

More GOOD NEWS: For those of you in the class, I have been hard at work designing EXCLUSIVE downloadable printables and cutfiles that will make it SO easy to pretty up your planner along the way!

I have also whipped up 2 exclusive, limited edition stamp sets that will only be available through Studio Calico! And if you have already ordered the kit and order the stamps by 11:59pm Sunday night, they will ship to you FREE!! Studio Calico is also giving FREE shipping to those that haven’t ordered the kit but would still like to order the stamps anyway! But you need to still order by the deadline 11:59pm Sunday, December 21st to get the free shipping! I recommend that you snatch them up! Remember, these planners are NOT ‘dated’, so you can jump in and use them anytime… but that also means that you will love having the numbered stamp set that will make it so easy to add the numbers and dates.

If you have NOT signed up for the class… you can do so HERE! It’s going to be such a fabulous way to kick off 2015! January is the right time to get motivated, and making using a planner to document everyday a habit for the rest of the year!


The planners are sold out at Studio Calico, but they will be available around the second week of February at Michaels Stores everywhere… remember, the class will ALWAYS be available to you, and you can enjoy it at your own pace, anytime… I do hpe you will join me!   DON’T WORRY, if for some reason you would like to cancel your kit, click HERE and Studio Calico will work with you to issue a full refund…

Even though I so totally wish there was something that we could do to magically get the products HERE, i know first hand that we have done all we can, and we just have to be patient. I guarantee, they will be worth the wait!! I am SO sorry for this inconvenience! Click here to see the WHOLE lovely collection!! February will be here before we know it!

Thank you so much for your understanding… we are going to have an amazing January during “Capture 30”… 30 days of ideas, inspiration and getting the most out of 2015! i can’t wait!

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