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my memory planner: my journey so far.

can you believe March is here?!!! in a blink of an eye it’s a new season! for those of you that were in my Capture 30 class, did you know there is a Capture 30 Facebook group you can join to gather ideas and inspiration from others? team member Kim Jeffress is the admin for that group and she would love to have you! I have asked Lindsay Bateman today to let us peek inside her Memory Planner so that we can see how she is capturing “one little thing everyday”…


Today I am SO excited to share a little glimpse into my memory planner world with all of you.  For as long as I can remember (and I am sure most of you out there can relate to this) I have always been obsessed with notebooks.  Journals.  Scribblers.  Binders.  Really ANYTHING that had to do with journaling, writing, sketching…. fresh blank paper and a new set of pens.  Yep, that was (and is) heaven to me.  After my journey in 2014 with the first edition of the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner, you could officially say I was hooked.  One place to document, write, dream, place favourite photographs…all wrapped up in beautiful coil binding? Yep, completely awesome.  Enter 2015…wrapped up in black and white stripes?  Stick a fork in me people.  I am DONE.  Swoon….right?!?


So today I am just excited to share with all of you a sneak peek look into my memory planner.  A look into my process, what I choose to document in here, some of my favourite little “go-to’s” and where I find 2015 taking me so far.

I find that my 2015 approach is differing from my 2014 approach.  I find I am pushing myself more to tell more stories, capture more things down on paper and intentionally document.  Not that I wasn’t doing that last year, but I think I view my planner as more of a “journal” this year and I am loving that I have more space to write things down with this format.

I love keeping some of my most favourite “go to” items readily available.  This really helps keep me accountable and on track when it comes to my documenting.  It really is super helpful when you keep a pen handy! :)

One thing that I did last year in my memory planner that I am carrying through to this planner is each month having a favourite quote or phrase serve as a “starting point” or “focus” for the month ahead.  I love how this helps me mentally set the stage for the month, and helps to remind me every time I open my album (regardless of the mood I am in) “ok…let’s reframe, refocus…and do this!”.  I love using these divider pages as title pages.  Each month I look forward to decorating them up a bit.  I find that there is definitely an “art journal” element that is evolving with my planner this year.

One thing that you will always find in my planner and is a common thread throughout how and what I choose to document will always be favourite photos and quotes. Always.  This beautiful quote is from Heidi Swapp’s Capture 30 class she taught through Big Picture Classes last month.

So far this year I love filling my pocket pages with confetti bits, colourful patterned paper, stickers, chipboard pieces and ephemera.  There is no real plan here, just what I am loving and/or feeling at the moment.  You will also notice that yes, some parts of my album thus far have been left blank.  I am completely OK with that.  The art journal element in me will come back to this place when I am feeling inspired and ready to fill in these spaces.

My monthly calendar pages are filled with little notes.  Not too many (something I want to work on…wanting to fill my calendar more) some stickers, stamping and a quote or two.

Since this particular planner is a new format for me, I am still sort of “finding my way”.  Right now it is a home for favourite photos, quotes, journaling, self-help information.  Kind of an “all in one” and I am loving the eclectic feel.

One thing I LOVE about my planner is how it is encouraging me to really use up my stash and mix and match some of my favourite products together.  I absolutely LOVE using my acrylic stamps in my planner.  I also love colouring in little details with pencil crayons.

I love how the binder rings allow me to add in other favourite elements and inspiration pieces such as the quote below from Ali Edwards blog.

More fabulousness below from the Capture 30 class.  Plus a pretty inspiration page on the left, just cause…

Because I LOVE my photos I am including a summary of my favourite months photos as my “last page for the month” in my planner.  I love how this recaps the month for me and includes a “birds-eye-view” of the memories we created.  I have always been inspired by Stephanie Bryan and was so thrilled when I saw how she is including collage pages in her planner as well. Love like minds! :)

Goodbye January.

Hello February.

Beautiful foiled Heidi Swapp Minc card from the Ephemera pack welcomes in February with this beautiful quote.

I love adding stamping to my pages.  I also love adding chipboard ephemera simply by stapling them directly onto the photo pocket page protectors.  One of my favourite little techniques I carried over from my last years planner.

Beautiful Heidi Swapp freebie quote that was featured on her blog a few weeks back definitely found a home in my planner this month.  I added some extra embellishments from the Hello Beautiful collection, the gold chipboard arrow and floral sticker.

My calendar page.  I embellished with stamping, washi, die cuts, sticker and a photo.

Again more stamping, words, a photo and card.  Keeping it simple and going with the flow.

I love incorporating additional elements into my planner (such as cards, mail and special keepsakes).  I also am LOVING that black and white polka dot washi tape that I used to adhere one of my favourite moments of the month with my son.  Doesn’t it look SO cute?

This beautiful “dream it, believe it, do it” card I received as part of an album from the most amazing friends in the world, my fellow media team.  It’s things like these that I will forever cherish and treasure in my book.

Still continuing on my journey for the rest of this month…more notes, more quotes.  The “stuff” of everyday life that make me happy.  The extraordinary ordinary that makes me feel inspired and blessed.

My favourite photos of February have been selected and placed as my final page.

And just like that we are 3 months in to 2015.

I am feeling excited and in a bit of astonishment as we enter March.  March welcomes not only Spring, but the 1st birthday of my first baby.  Honestly, when they say “it goes by fast”…I cannot even begin to describe just how fast it goes.  I am still trying to grapple with it all.  However, I am grateful.  Time is completely out of our hands, but with tools such as planners and scrapbooks we can work to document and somehow in just a little way “press pause” if just for a moment.  That is what this journey that I shared with you today is all about for me.  It is about taking that time to write things down.  Printing those photos.  Placing them in books.  Reliving the moments, in our hands tangibly over and over again.  To bring us back, and propel us forward with hope, gratitude and love.  So whatever your method and means may be (planner, scrapbook, notebook, journal) I hope that I have inspired you just a little to capture your life and celebrate “one little thing everyday”! :)  It is just amazing how fast it all adds up!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Memory Planner 2015 & Accessories

color fever: wanderlust

color fever. do you have it?!! i have it ALL THE TIME! we are always inspired by the color around us! i invited Jamie Pate to share with us what her latest color crush is…

This is the part of the show where we share a #colorfever inspiration board and then jump off it and create pretty stuff with the colors, hues, and textures found on that board. Are you in? Jamie here and I am so happy you are here. Let me show you what I am talking about.

photo credits: 1. the glitter guide. 2. the perfect palette. 3. modcloth. 4. world travel.

 The color fever photo collage above came together when I first discovered the large photo with the bogainvillea scattered on the ground and the yellow hued buildings framing in all that beauty. Talk about Wanderlust! I wanted to dive right into that photo and explore the scenery so badly! Well the rest of the photos just sort of found me. So let me show you how the Wanderlust collection came into play here to make this inspiration board come to life.

First, you want to collect all your embellishment ideas. I start with a photo almost always. And then based on the photo collage, I gather all items that fall in line with the colors in the pictures. I don’t really think this process through too much. I just gather. For this layout project I stayed with all things Wanderlust and let the beauty of the collection go to work for me.

and TahDah! This is what I came up with.

The background paper is a retelling of the buildings in the large photo. It is also part of the photo of the girl in the dress. The butter and florals play so beautifully against the wineberry.

The middle photo and the chairs…they really pulled me in. I have to be honest, it was a fluke, but when I used the Tea Color Shine on the Wood Veneer ‘Beautiful’, it was just about a perfect match! The Tea perfectly matched those chairs and I love how it played against the rest of the colors on the page.

I wanted to pull out some of the subtle salmon color found throughout all the photos. There are little hints of it here and there. The flair as well as the die cut flowers from the Make Pretty Stuff Flea Market Pouch were an ideal addition.

Lastly was to make sure I added to this layout was the gold. The vase of flowers represented the need for polkas for me. So I added just a few here and there from the Dots Rub On Foil Kit, only I used gold instead of the silver included in the package.

And that is how the Color Fever Wanderlust came together. Just paying attention to colors and shapes and textures can translate beautifully onto a layout or even a mini album project. Just perfect for making pretty stuff.

Supplies: Wanderlust Collection

insta love: the good life

the day is finally here!!! i am going away with my favorite guy to my favorite place for our 20th anniversary! a REAL  actual vacation! i need to recharge and refresh! i couldn’t be more ready! Sarah Bargo is here sharing her latest Instagram vacation photos! her album inspires me to make sure i get some great photos this next week to document my trip! 

Well hello there paper peeps! Welcome to a fresh new week yayy! Did you take any pics with your phone this weekend? Did you happen to Instagram them? I absolutely love Instagram, it is so fun! You can connect with people with the same hobbies and interests, you can write as little or as much as you want about your pics, you can be super inspired, the list just goes on! You’re going to think I’m a big dork when I tell you this, but I just recently started getting hard core with printing off my Insty pics. I don’t really know why, I’m not sure if I was just too unsure of how to do it, or just intimidated to I don’t know? But. I heard Heidi explain how easy it really is to print them off, and I thought I’d give it a whirl. Sooo needless to say I’m hooked now! This is what you do, (or how I did it anyways):

1. Get the Walgreens app on your phone.

2. Upload your pics to the app, choose your nearest Walgreens location, (on the corner of Happy & Healthy), enter your info.

3. Hit Submit.

4. Pick them babies up in an hour and you have a fresh stack of scrappable  4×4 Insta-licious pictures!

That is it. For reals. It’s so easy and they turn out super cute! So that is why I caught the “Insta~Love” bug here lately! I actually printed out some of my Arizona vacay pics here recently, and I wanted to put just some of the highlights of our trip into a mini album for us to look at when we’re missing that sunshine.. Do you want to see it?! Woohoo!

I used Heidi’s fabulous new Wanderlust Collection! It’s so perfect for vacay pics I just love it! It’s got so many delicious colors and patterns, and so many different goodies to play with! Like the Portfolio, did you see it? Ohhh is it awesome. Here’s what I did with mine;

I was thinking of painting that black elastic, but I decided to let it go :)

There’s lots of layers and foily goodness in this mini!  I hope you got your hands on some of the foam stickers where you apply the foil to the front?! They are awweessommee I love them! So fun!

In the Make Pretty Stuff Flea Market Pouch there is a roll of Gold glitter tape, so I applied it to 3 of the foiled stripes just to spice things up a bit..


Okeedokee lets open this baby up! I love the portfolio because it has nothing inside of it, which allows you to stretch your creativity! You can add a journal, you could just put a picture on each side, you can sew in your own pages, whatever! I chose to do a homemade photo stack on the left and a mini tag album on the right lol! Kinda random right? I know.. I couldn’t decide on which one to do, so I just did both lol! What can I say, I like to party.

Lets take a look at the photo stack! I am still in love with these things! I chose to do one of these because I knew I was going to have a lot of pictures to go into this book! This is how I did it;

1. Take a 12×12 white piece of cardstock, trim 2 pieces out of it that are 4 1/2″ by 12.”

2. Lay them on top of each other, then slide the top one down about a half inch or so, depending on how many layers you want.

3. Fold that in half until you see a cascade! (Crease really good with a bone folder!)

4. Cover all of the sections with the pretty papers of your choice!

**You could also use double sided patterned paper, it works the same way just without the cardstock and it’s a more random pattern design, which is fun too ;) **

I punched 2 holes in the center of the stack  and tied it at the top with the pink & white bakers twine from the Sparkle & Shine Flea Market Pouch!


I hid some journaling underneath the top picture, all you have to do is stick it down with the glitter tape at the top! Then lift!

Did you see the Assorted Envelopes Pack?! It’s one of my favorite things in the collection! One is cuter than the next! I stuck a gold glitter heart on there just so people will know to open it up! I wrote inside about how I got to visit Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa, that was pretty cool! I love visiting scrapbook stores, I don’t have many around me ;(

On this next one I actually layered some things onto the gold glitter tape from the Marquee Love Collection! That tape is awesome!

Ohmygosh look at that photograph.. I want to go back there right now!

Ok onto the right side of the portfolio, the mini tag album! This was a lot of fun! I just punched a hole towards the top of the portfolio shell, then started layering fun stuff onto the ring! I plan on adding a ton more pictures, this is gonna be one chunky monkey!

Lots of foil… so pretty…

I took the “My Happy Place” sheet from the Watercolor Paper Pack and applied some stripes using the new Patina Color Shine with the Happy Place Stamp & Stencil Set! I wanted it to look “watercolor-esque” so after I cut the paper down into a tag shape, I sprayed it with water before I Color Shined it. I love how it turned out! That color is gorgeous!

Sorry if you’re not a foot lover.. lol!

Really cute printed clear acetate sheets!

Then for the back I just adhered down the large envelope, I’m going to put extra pictures and ephemera in it from our trip!

This is my ma, just chillin. relaxin. I love to see her like this. She deserves to relax by a pool more than anyone I know. I always say to her “You need to take time for yourself, you need to take care of yourself. You need to be good to yourself.” Buuutt you know what? I do the exact same thing. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why aren’t we taking the time to be good to ourselves? It’s terrible. So go ahead! I give you permission! Go lay by a pool, go get your nails done, go buy yourself that glittery eyeliner you’ve had your eye on.. It’ll lift your spirits I promise ;)

So there ya have it! While you’re out treating yourself to a White Chocolate Mocha, stop by Walgreens and pick up those Instagram pics you just ordered! Don’t be scared to try different avenues of printing your Insta-pics! Once you figure out your favorite way, you’ll be like woohoo this is so awesome! They are the cutest little pictures, I just love them. And as you look through them, you’ll have a whole stack of daily memories to document! Now get scrappin!

WOW!!! talk about inspiration overload Sarah!!! it makes me want to have some creative play — maybe when i get back from Mexico…. the hammock is calling me instead.

SUPPLIES: Wanderlust 12×12 Paper Pad, Printed Clear Acetate Pages, Wanderlust Patterned Paper Pack, Wanderlust Lace Paper Pack, Wanderlust Watercolor Paper Pack, Wanderlust Together Gold Foil Sticker Kit, Wanderlust Make Pretty Stuff Flea Market Pouch, Wanderlust Flea Market Pouch, Wanderlust Sparkle & Shine Flea Market Pouch, Wanderlust Printed Watercolor Tags, Wanderlust Assorted Envelopes, Wanderlust Bliss Window Slides, Wanderlust Flag Paperclips, Wanderlust Happy Place Stamp & Stencil SetWanderlust Portfolio Gold Folder, Patina Color Shine

how to – a wanderlust mini

when i asked Lindsay Bateman to create a mini book using my new Wanderlust collection, due to ship to independent and online stores soon, i had no idea how completely over the top GORGEOUS her album would be!!! it really shows off so many different elements of the collection. there are these little albums that i know her family and son will cherish as they grow up. it is such a documentation of Lindsay’s thoughts while you can also see how much love goes into the process of creating this kind of keepsake. see what i mean…

Today I am SO excited to share a little something I have been working on.  A little “happiness project” so to speak.  Factor in that I am showcasing the beautiful new Heidi Swapp Wanderlust collection and voila…magic happens!  This all new collection is truly so beautiful.  Full of beautiful colour palettes, geometric patterns, feminine touches, wood veneer, gold metallic…it truly is jaw dropping.

January was one of those months.  Cold, dreary, emotional…my heart was begging for some happy.  I decided to really stop and look around for all of the beautiful and good that filled my life daily. I needed to get out of this funk!  I could not think of a better way than doing what I love…taking photos and writing down words.  After capturing my month with memories that made me smile, I wanted to compile them all in a cute little mini album.  Enter Wanderlust.

To create this album I used the beautiful Wanderlust Binder Insert Gold Foil Chipboard Tab Dividers to form the base of my album.  Even though they are intended for inside of the binder albums, they are just so fabulous left “as is”, so I left them that way.  I kept the construction of my album quite simple, yet eclectic.  I used some of my favourite go to techniques also.  Here is a look inside my ‘happy 2015′ album featuring Wanderlust.

To create my cover, I used one of the beautiful lace papers from the Wanderlust Lace Paper Pack and placed it over top the floral chipboard foil tab dividers.  This paper is absolutely beautiful and very delicate and detailed.  In order to adhere this paper to the chipboard I ran it through my Xyron machine transforming it into a large sticker.  The Xyron machine works so beautifully with elements such as these when wanting to adhere them to projects.  I then used the “happy” wood veneer from the Wanderlust Dream Wood Veneer set as my title.  Beneath that I snuck in a few favourite elements from the Heidi Swapp Minc Collection as well as the Hello Beautiful collection from Heidi Swapp.

This paper from the Wanderlust Water Color Paper Pack served as a perfect title page for my album.  Behind it I placed a piece of beautiful gold foil Bazzill Basics paper so that the metallic gold would shine through.  I love it.  I also punched out a gold star and adhered with some simple machine stitch sewing.

The ‘hello sunshine’ is also from the Wanderlust collection. I further embellished this beautiful acetate transparency by adding a gold foiled ‘hello’ that is from the MINC collection. I also added a Wanderlust Gold Foil Label Sticker, where I added the month using the Heidi Swapp Project Life Roller Date Stamp.

By far the Wanderlust Assorted Envelopes are my absolute favourites  of this collection…so I incorporated a few into my mini.  The patters and metallic shine are so cute.  I cannot wait to fill them with more photos and journaling.

Another amazing component to this collection is the Wanderlust Together Gold Foil Sticker Kit.  What makes it so amazing is that it is a DIY foiling sticker kit…that does not require the MINC machine! They are ready to be foiled ASAP and are SO easy to use.  Basically they are a double sided sticker.  Place the sticker on your project, remove the top sticker backing revealing adhesive.  Lay your foil over top, apply light pressure with your finger and remove the foil revealing a beautiful foiled sticker.  Awesome, right?!?

Here is another envelope I used from the Wanderlust Assorted Envelopes.  I love this one because it has a transparent opening on the one side so you can fill it with photos, confetti elements…whatever you like and it will show through!  I loved using it as a frame for my photo.

Behind the ‘you make me smile’ Wanderlust Watercolor Paper I placed some of my favourite patterns from the Wanderlust 5×7 Paper Pad.  I love how the patterns just pop.  Behind the ‘smile’ I used the gold foil Bazzill Basics paper.

Another piece of the fabulous Wanderlust Lace Paper also found it’s way into my project…this time the polka dot.  This paper is seriously SO gorgeous.

I added in some of the Wanderlust Page Protectors into this album.  One of my favourite things to do with page protectors (especially multi photo ones) is add a simple embellishment onto the pocket.  Here I added the word ‘smile’ that is found in the Wanderlust Flea Market Pouch Kit simply by using my tiny attacher and stapling it right onto the pocket.  So easy and so cute.

On this spread, you can see I used the ‘love’ wood veneer card and added a little extra something.  Here is a super quick and easy technique I am so excited to share which enables you to add some metallic shine to your wood veneer pieces using the fabulous Heidi Swapp Wanderlust Foil Rub Ons.  For the card below I used the Wanderlust Geometric Foil Rub Ons.

Super easy right? I just love the added pop the metallic rub ons add to the wood pieces.  Definitely a repeat technique that will find it’s way into more of my projects.

On the Wanderlust Kraft Tag above you can see how I used the negative image from the Wanderlust Alphas Sticker Foil Kit.  I think it looks super cute attached to the tag.  To attach all I did was use my tiny attacher and staple both sides.

More inside pages:

Below is one of my favourite pages in my entire album.  It may be for a variety of reasons (love of words, love of gold foil, etc. etc.) but it just came together so quickly and easily.  Seriously the Wanderlust Alphas Sticker Foil Kits are so much fun to play with.  Super easy too!  And the results? Flawless!

I also included a package of the Wanderlust 5×7 paper into my album where I can add even more photos and journaling into my project.

Well I hope you enjoyed a little “inside look” into how I have fallen in love with Wanderlust and used it for one of my very first mini albums for 2015.  There are so many amazing elements that make up this collection I know you are all just bound to fall in love too.  It truly is the most perfect collection and using it definitely brought the sunshine and joy I was needing.  :)  Cannot wait till you are all able to get your hands on it and see what you create.

Lindsay, i wish i could hold it in my hands and touch the detail you put into this album!!! you are amazing and thank you for all the inspiration today!!!

Supply List: Wanderlust 5×7 Paper Pad; Wanderlust Watercolor Tags; Wanderlust Kraft Tags; Wanderlust 5×7 Lace Paper; Wanderlust 5×7 Printed Clear Sheets; Wanderlust 5×7 Foil Chipboard Tabs; Wanderlust 5×7 Watercolor Paper; Wanderlust 5×7 Page Protectors; Wanderlust Binder Punch; Wanderlust Memory Wood Veneer; Wanderlust Dream Wood Veneer; Wanderlust Flea Market Pouch Kit; Wanderlust Window Slides Bliss; Wanderlust Painted Bulldog Clips; Wanderlust Flag Paper Clip; Wanderlust Flocked Acetate Pink; Wanderlust Assorted Envelopes; Wanderlust Geometric Foil Rub Ons; Wanderlust Label Chipboard Stickers; Wanderlust Speech Bubble Puffy Stickers; Wanderlust Alphas Sticker Foil Kit; Wanderlust Together Sticker Foil Kit Other: Bazzill Basics Gold Paper; Tiny Attacher; Book Rings

scrapbooking 101: layering

new to scrapbooking? Sarah Bargo makes layering easy with today’s layout!!! she explains every step of her process today that it is almost like you are scrapbooking with her at home!!!! plus she uses September Skies which is in stores NOW… so grab your supplies and lets “make pretty stuff” with Sarah!

Well hello there paper peeps! Whether you are a seasoned scrapper or just starting out, we’re always looking for fun and simple ways to jazz up our pages right? Well something I really love to do is layer! I loooove layering, especially if there are so many awesome patterns in a collection!Hey if you can’t decide on which pattern to use, use them all baby woohoo!!

So here is my layout, I used the September Skies papers! I adore the colors of this collection, they are so striking and beautiful!

It’s got lots of luscious layers! It might look tricky, but it’s so so easy really! I’ll show you my process. And really when I say process, I just mean that I choose the papers I want to use, make pencil marks, trim them, then layer them lol! No measuring here ;)

Here are the steps I took to create this layered look, I thought it’d be easier to just show you so you can play along!

But first, I have to let you in on a little trick that I do, it’s pretty much because I’m cheap lol! Ok maybe that’s the wrong word… thrifty maybe? Frugal? I love to put a small border around the perimeter of my page, so what I do is slice a big square out of the middle of the paper that I’m going to use for my border, then I put the background piece on. This way, instead of wasting a whole big sheet of paper, I’m only using the outside! Which is what you’re only going to see anyways!! Then I have a large square left over that I can use in my layering! Does that make sense? See here’s my border piece with the hole cut out of the middle;

Then I put the background piece on!

And here’s the big blue square piece that was left over yay! Just a fun little tip, does anyone else do this?

Then just keep layering! I don’t measure, but you can if you’d like!

See?! Easy peasy! I kept things real simple, didn’t add many embellishments, just a few sprinkles from the September Skies Collection ;)

I love to cut apart those cute squares from the patterned paper and tuck them into little places!

So there’s a little insight on how to add some layers to your projects! I hope you play along, maybe you’ll discover a hidden passion for layering that you didn’t know you had… Also don’t forget to look for the September Skies Paper Pads coming to Michael’s stores soon!

Sarah, your layout is PERFECT! i love your process, it was really like i was right there in your craft space watching you play. thank you for that!

SUPPLIES: September Skies 12×12 Paper Pad, September Skies Attachment Kit, September Skies Ephemera


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