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mini minc – embellishments!

Well hello there paper peeps, Sarah Bargo here! Soo it’s no surprise that time is fah-lying. Like crazy fast…  and I SO LOVE scrapbooking and documenting my precious memories but being a full time working mama, it can be rather difficult at times! After working, making dinner, picking up around the house, laundry, tucking the boys in etc, sometimes I feel like I’m left there standing with my arms up in the air, breathless, wondering where the heck the last 6 hours went? A whirlwind! Can I get a witness?! But. Don’t despair! We can still get our memories down quickly AND make them pretty! How you ask? With the Mini Minc! It is the cutest thing ever! I keep it sitting right near my workspace so it’s always readily available! Come along and I’ll show you how easy it is to incorporate the Minc Accessories such as place cards and ephemera into your memory projects!

Go ahead and gather up your mini Minc, a couple pages out of your #hsMemory Planner, Minc embellishments, and your choice of foil! With these pages I wanted to use the gold foil. (heehee shocker!)

**NOTE** The mini Minc has these darling mini rolls of 6″ foil, I keep mine in a cute wire basket I found in the Target dollar bin! They nestle in there perfectly!

One of the boys’ and I favorite things to do is have a breakfast dinner at the little family restaurant in town here. It is so good and we always have so much fun! These are the kinds of memories I want to document. Our daily life, the funny little things they say. I just want to remember how I enjoyed each second with them! So even though these little phone pics I snuck in the restaurant are not the best quality, they totally capture what I want to remember! Like for example, my son Kyle here is a pancake fanatic. I mean, pancake junky here folks. Like I’m talkin maple maniac.  If he’s eating pancakes? DO NOT get your hand too close cuz he will literally bite that thing right off. Hence the maple syrup strategically placed in the shot. (Don’t mind the coca cola and ice cream… #bestmomeverhello)

This is a super simple page though right? It’s got a few little pics and some journaling, but still totally documented a fond memory! I also wanted to jazz it up a little bit though too, so what I did was take a Minc place card (sorta fitting for a dinner page!), chipboard piece, die cut word, and ran them through my mini Minc right there on my desk with the gold foil, then layered them on the page!  Super easy peasy AND jazzy. I love this machine!

Also, these little Minc 3×3 cards are so fun to use on scrapbook pages! And they fit right into the pocket pages in the #hsMemoryPlanner! Plus if you have them sitting on a cute little plate on your table, it’s kinda like a candy dish. A candy dish of pure happiness.

On the bottom left you’ll see that cute LOL chipboard piece, which was perfect and so simple for me to add right there. Just adds that perfect something! That is another yucko quality picture that was taken through my windshield. But I had to get it. I will look at it and giggle forever.

Here I just paper clipped this little card (one of my faves!) right to the front of the pocket!

There’s something I love about whipping out little mini scrapbook pages! My boys were recently in a mud volleyball tournament and wow did we get some great shots! I don’t know when I’ll get them all scrapped, so I at least wanted to do one little page in my planner right away!

I chose the blue foil! Have you used this yet? Ummm is it bright and it really POPS! Like wowza! I love it! I trimmed a little piece out of the Minc patterned paper that’s mint green with stars on it, then foiled that along with a few embellishments in the blue foil!

Oh man I love how bright it turned out!

Layered all my pieces, BOOM. Done. Page done in like 10 minutes, in my book it goes!

Then when you’re done with all of your delicious little bits~n~pieces? Put them into glassine bags and store them in a cute little box right there on your desk! I find that if things are accessible and in sight and close at hand, you’ll use them more often lol! (coming from the ultimate hoarder. trust me. I get it.)

The mini Minc is so fun, easy, and it’s the perfect way to add a little glam to your memory projects!

SUPPLIES: 6″ Gold Foil, 6″Blue Foil, Minc Place Cards, Minc Ephemera, Minc Die Cut Words, Minc Icon Stickers, Minc 12×12 Signature Paper

wanderlust transformed – pocket page style

Sometimes every once in a while, a page will REALLY come together for me.  I am not sure what it is.  If it’s the photos, the emotion, the products and/or colour scheme… but just every once in a while I am able to create something that I truly am obsessed with.  The pages I am going to share with you all today, are in fact, my latest obsession.

I created these 2 12×12 layouts using the gorgeous Heidi Swapp Wanderlust collection.  Ever since I first laid my eyes on this beautiful product I knew that I would want to tell many many stories with it.  The colours, the patterns, the wood veneer, the foil touches.  It truly has it all.  Today I want to share some of the ways I used a few (ok, MANY) of my favourites to pull these pages together.

I created these pages using a 12×12 page protector and my Fuse tool.  I am sort of obsessed with “building” my pages inside page protectors lately with this nifty little tool.  I love how you can layer pieces on top, secure little bits in, and add interactivity (such as flaps and additional photos).  Let me show you!

On this first layout (left hand side) you can see I used many different pieces from Wanderlust.  I knew I wanted a place to add in some:

hidden journaling (Wanderlust Memory Dex Cards Envelopes)

layer a photo with a fun transparency piece (Wanderlust Memory Dex Cards Goil Foil Acetate)

embellish with some beautiful foil touches of gold (Wanderlust Capture Rub On Foil Kit)

add in some beautiful pattern paper and texture (Wanderlust 5×7 Paper Pad & Wanderlust Lace Paper Pack).

I also love using the Wanderlust Memory Dex Cards Address Book, I am obsessed with the alphas on top!

To create this fun interactive flap, I placed my photo inside the pocket page on the top half of the pattern paper.  I then used a 3×4 Project Life Photo Pocket on top.  I simply placed the ‘cherish’ gold foil Memory Dex card inside and then fused the left hand side of the photo pocket to the page protector.  Once it is fused it creates a simple flap.

I used the same technique to include a Wanderlust Memory Dex Envelope over top a photo.

Because the envelope is tucked inside a photo pocket, I can easily slip it in and out to access my journaling.

I created another photo flap, this time using the 4×6 photo pockets and 3 photos that I took in sequence.  I love how the ability to fuse these photos in separate pockets to my page creates a story telling effect, I can include them in my page, just as I took them.  This is such a fabulous way to “tell a story” within your layout.

The right hand side of my 2 page spread shows even more of my favourite Wanderlust “must haves”.

Wood Veneer. Hello.  Enough said, right?  Seriously…I just LOVE these pieces.  I just had to include 2 of my favourite Wanderlust wood veneer words onto this page.  I love how in this collection they are available in 2 sizes.  The large words are phenomenal.  I even misted the large ‘Remember’ with Tea Color Shine to give it even more of a distressed feel.

 The little ‘imagine’ I left as is.  Both of these pieces I adhered directly on top of my page protector using my Tiny Attacher.  Easy peasy!  And I love how they are on top of the protector.  It’s fun to add a little bit of tactile interest.  I just cannot have everything hiding in pockets ;).

I used a piece of my favourite Wanderlust pattern paper (entitled Cafe) to this page.  I decided to accent it with some gold sequins.  I used The Fuse to enclose both elements to create a fun accented pocket.

I used more 3×4 photo pockets to add in another interactive element.  This time I used the Wanderlust Memory Cards Watercolor.  I placed the ‘love’ card on the top.  I just love how I can see my son’s little face peeking through the ‘o’.  Beneath that I filled another photo pocket with more gold sequin.

And then behind that is my photo.

The foil rub ons from this collection are seriously one of my absolute favourites lately.  I had to just combine all of my favourite words onto my photo as I could not decide.  Plus I just think they look so awesome together on the sheet, why not just keep the look going on my page?

I mixed them up in gold and silver and love the results.

The top right hand of the page I layered the word ‘smile’ found in the Wanderlust Flea Market Pouch Kit, a top a journaling tag that is also from the same kit.  I placed this at the top of my page protector so I can easily slip it in and out of the top opening.

On this 2 page layout I was able to incorporate 11 of my favourite photos, with no need to sacrifice on my embellishments.  I was able to use tons of my favourites as well!  Thanks to the all of the fun layering techniques and super versatile Wanderlust products I found it came together so easily, all the while complimenting each other perfectly.  I love that I did not have to sacrifice one for the other because I just could not have left out any of these photos…or embellishments!

- Lindsay Bateman

Supplies: Wanderlust Patterned Paper Cafe; Wanderlust 5×7 Patterned Paper Pad; Wanderlust Binder Insert Printed Clear Acetate; Wanderlust Lace Paper Pack; Wanderlust Dream Wood Veneer; Wanderlust Remember Wood Veneer; Wanderlust Flea Market Pouch Kit; Wanderlust Flocked Acetate Shapes Pink; Wanderlust Capture Rub On Foil Kit; Wanderlust Memory Dex Cards Water Colour; Wanderlust Memory Dex Cards Envelope; Wanderlust Memory Dex Cards Address Book; Other: 12 x 12 Becky Higgins Page Protector; Project Life Fuse Tool; 3×4 Photo Pocket Sleeves; 4×6 Photo Pocket Sleeves; Gold Sequins

just breathe

so if there is anything that i have learned in the last couple of very hard weeks…. we are all in this together! and we are ALL dealing with our own  “stuff”! even though we all have different trials, struggles and difficulties – we all have something that is hard! so whether  you are having major life altering issues, or just trying to get through the day-

i have actually caught myself holding my breath now and then! … i decided to hang up this little reminder to breathe! sure helps! it also just means to take a step back, or take a minute to “zoom out”… evaluate the circumstances from a little different perspective. you can download this free printable HERE

i included a 4×6, 3×4 and 2×2 versions whether you  want to hang it, project life it, or add inside your planner… i printed mine out using my laser printer, and added GOLD FOIL (my fav) with the Minc. ENJOY! and Make Pretty Stuff… it makes you feel good!


create to remember: diy fabric bookcovers with notebook

Hi, it’s Jen Evans, Heidi’s social media director and team lead back filling in for Heidi this week. If you are anything like me, you have been spending a little time walking up and down the back-to-school section of your local department store. I can’t help it. I love looking at all the notebooks, journals, pencils, and pens. This last week I decided I really needed some new notebooks and journals – but I really could probably make them even cuter. Now, after watching Heidi’s newest ‘Create to Remember’ episode, that she taped last month, I know I can!

On today’s episode, Heidi will show you how to customize her Wanderlust Fabric Book covers with some of her Color Shine in minutes! She will also show you how easy it is to make an insert for her notebooks so that you can enjoy those foiled covers every time you open your journal.

Lastly, Heidi takes it up a notch and shows how easy it is to add a ribbon closure for that beautiful feminine touch! I am looking forward to making several of these for gifts and for myself! What about you?!

memory dex prayer box

Prayer. Wow. What a focus that has been for this heart lately. I have to confess, the volume of prayer that the Heidi Swapp Media Team lifted up during the news of her son Cory was phenomenal. Daily we were praying and sharing our hearts with one another. And continue still. This led to then writing down prayers and even praying portions of Scripture. Which then led to a new desire for me to have those prayers, as well as those people that I want to pray for daily, right in front of me everyday to remind me. Today I share what I came up with because of that need. A Prayer Box stored in a Memory Dex Tray.

While creating this tray I really focused on the Wanderlust Collection as well as some pieces from the Minc set. If you follow this creative at all, you know how I like to keep things cohesive. The focus was on pinks and gold foil with a little bit of this and that thrown in too.

This is not a completed project. Actually I still have prayer strips as well as additional photos still on my work table. The idea is to continue this as a work in progress and to add to it, or even take away from it as needed. For now this is as complete as it is. I found that as I created the Memory Dex cards I would have an idea for another card and just kept creating. All the while praying for the photo card that was right in front of me. Often that is the way it is when I am in the creative process.

The title card is a Watercolor Card layered with a Clear Card that includes Alpha Foil Rub Ons that spell ‘pray’. The Watercolor Card is backed by Wanderlust patterned paper as well as a die cut flower from Flea Market Pouch Make Pretty Stuff Kit. How happy those kits make me.

The next card in the tray is basically a template for how the rest of the prayer cards go. This card was created by die cutting pattern paper and then vellum and layering that over the paper. A journal card from the Flea Market Pouch is included. I also added a label, a Flocked Acetate and flair. As with all the prayer cards, prayers were printed on cardstock and cut into strips and then adhered to the cards. That element is used over and over again.

This tray holds plenty of photos too. Family and friends. Not only do I feel the need to have more photos surround me, but to have them in the tray…just a bonus. To look at this little guy of a morning and have his sweet face looking at me will solicit thoughts and prayers focused just on him.

One card included is an envelope. The Flea Market Pouches include vellum pockets to hold embellishments. That was  punched with the Memory Dex Binder Punch and then layered with a few pieces, including Foil Rub On Alphas and then a prayer card was tucked inside.

This card is probably my favorite.

A Clear Card was used as another prayer card. Acrylic paint was swiped across the back (after the protective plastic cover was removed) to highlight the word REMEMBER. A cluster of embellishments were clipped to the top and ta dah! Another card!

Like I said, I first included family members in my tray. While my kids need to be prayed over daily and often, Mr. Pate has a card too. Let me show you what I did with another Clear Card.

Here’s how to create:
choose a piece of Lace Paper
adhere spray adhesive to one side
layer to back of Clear Card
trim around card
add Foil Sticker triangles plus Hello Wood Veneer plus photo to top of card

Remember the possiblitiy of creating with any paper or medium using the Tab Dies. More Wanderlust pattern paper was used here to create this card. Butterflies were punched from pattern paper and hot glued in place. A label and Flocked Acetate piece was added to the top. Adding elements to the top of the card gives a lot of interest and texture to the edge of the cards and looks fabulous when all are sitting in the tray.

The creative ideas are endless to create prayer and photo cards for the Memory Dex Tray. Once started, it is sort of hard to stop.

That’s why this project is a work in progress and will be added to on an on going basis. It sits sweetly on my desk, opened and ready for me everyday. Prayer is vital to my life to get me through the everyday, not to mention those grieving tragedies that are sure to be part of this journey. So the challenge today: Take some time to write down those prayers. Print photos of your loved ones. And create a place just for them…and for you.

- Jamie Pate

Supplies: Memory Dex: Desktop TrayWatercolor Cards. Gold Foil CardsClear Cards. EnvelopesTab Dies.  Painted Bulldog Clips. Flag Paper Clips. Gold Foil Stickers.

Wanderlust: 5×7 Patterned Paper. Together Foil Sticker Kit. Sentiment Foil Sticker Kit. Memory Wood Veneer. Arrows Wood Veneer. Flea Market Pouch Kits. Acetate Shapes. Arrow Charms. Glitter Shaker Embellishment. Alphas Foil Rub Ons.

Minc: Minc Mini Foil Applicator. Reactive Foil 6″ Gold. Reactive Foil 6″ Light Pink. Icon Stickers


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