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scrapbook kit spotlight: my true 2

today you are in for a treat!!! Sarah Bargo WOWS us with the way she used my Scrapbook Kit, now available at local retailers and Michaels Stores! i am in awe of all the little details… i don’t want to spoil it for you, so i will let you see for yourself!

Well hello there! Today I am sharing a very special mini album that I created using the Mixed Media Scrapbook Kit! This kit is loaded with really fun different pieces, like canvas, chipboard, and my favorite out of the kit, printed transparencies! So cute! The possibilities with this kit are endless!

Recently someone in my family had a very scary health issue, like a really really close call.. It was super scary to say the least, but everything’s ok now thank the Lord ;) but it was a fast reminder about how precious life really is. It only takes a second for things to be turned upside down, which is why it is so important to document and write things down! This was what inspired my project.

Occasionally I will write a letter to the boys or do a page or something, but I never really made a whole album devoted to just us 3, so that was my main goal. It isn’t finished of course, it will be an ongoing journal type of album with lots of little notes, pictures, pockets with ephemera we collect along the way, our favorite Bible verses, maybe some little bits & pieces of advice for their journey. We’ve had a rough road at some points, which has brought us super close and I don’t want to leave anything unsaid. And I can’t tell you how many times I got so choked up while writing letters to them! If you haven’t written a special letter to a loved one, you should!  It really makes you dig deep. Not only is it awesome to give something that was hand written for the obvious reasons, but when you’re in the process of writing it can really reveal a lot about your relationship with that person, can reveal so many emotions and memories that you have forgotten or just maybe lost along the way!

So here is my book. The kit comes with 2 honkin pieces of chipboard for covers, they are in the cutest shape of a Memory File! I love them! I wanted the tab to stay at the top, so I sliced the front cover down the middle and created a gate fold album.

Here’s some details on the front cover, just mixed a bunch of pretty things I have in my Heidi Swapp stash ;)  The “true” heart is from the Make Pretty Stuff die cut tags pack at JoAnn’s! If you have this heart and would like to do the same thing-

1. Lay down strips of washi tape on the white stripes to mask them off.

2. Apply a generous layer of Magic Medium to the purple stripes, pouncing down on top of the tape edges so the glue doesn’t sneak underneath the tape.  Coat the Magic Medium with gold glitter.

3. Let this set for a few minutes, then peel off tape.

4. Voila! Turns out super sparkly and cute!

I used a mixture of so many different products lol! I pulled from the Dreamy Collection, Mixed Company, Vintage Chic, Hello Today, and Color Magic woohoo! I’m a mixer what can I say.

Ok so here’s how to muck up your cover and add some awesome texture! This might look tricky, but it’s actually super easy and of course it’s so much fun because you’re making a mess ;) Now I am hooked and will be making textured albums in every color….

K so here’s the dealio:

1. Create a mixture of Opaque Magic Medium and the Color Shine of your choice, and using a sponge applicator smear it all over the plain chipboard cover. Let dry.

2. Lay a Heidi Swapp stencil over the top of the cover, and scrape modeling paste over the stencil wherever you want your design to be, & let that totally dry. (scrape off excess and put it back in it’s container) I totally covered my cover with the pattern, but you don’t have to! Sporadic stenciling looks awesome too!

3. Create another mixture of Magic Medium and the same Color Shine you used before, and lightly go over the raised paste stencil pattern. I think I did mine a little lighter than the first time…

4. When that was dry, I sprayed some of the Gold Color Shine in a few spots and then wiped it off. It looks really pretty in the sunlight because it really shines in the cracks, it’s neat!

5. It was still a little too dark for me, so I lightly brushed some gesso over some of the cover and it gave it this really fab shabby chic look, which I love! Really brightened it up!

Here’s a look at the inside!

This is what you see when you “open up the doors..”

I trimmed the edges of the Dreamy Photo Stack so it would fit on the right door, then put some pictures of the boys and I on our adventures.

I have what they call an “offroad family” and we have been going to the dunes to ride ATV’s forever and we just have a really great time, it’s beautiful up there!

Honestly I don’t know where he gets it…

Ok. Maybe many of you have seen this picture on my Instagram, well the boys ran into the drug store to get something and came back with SILLY STRING AND ATTACKED ME AS SOON AS THEY GOT IN THE CAR!!!! I absolutely had to make this the first picture that you see when you open this book because I have never seen them laugh as hard as they did at that moment! It was just the funniest thing. Never a dull moment ;) And yes there is still some in my hair.

Some lovely layers, which made the gate fold album awesome because if you alternate sides with your pages, then you just keep peeling them back one by one! It makes it a little more interactive and fun for people to look through it!

The kit has some smaller white die cut tags that are adorable! I covered the front of mine with paper and left the back white so I can journal on it. I haven’t decided what to put in that little window yet…

Here’s one of the transparency pages in the kit, I love it! The glitter words look awesome on them! Just adds another interesting page to peel back ;)

I took a piece of patterned paper from Hello Today, trimmed it to the height I wanted it, then folded it in half. If you adhere the left, bottom, and right side of it, you just made yourself a pocket! Use a large circle punch and punch it halfway into the top to create the little dip in the top!

Ok don’t make fun of my preggo picture. I was 7 months here, but by the time I hit 8 people were telling me I looked like an eclipse. I was like yeah? That’s awesome.

Another way I love to hide journaling is by mounting a picture to the front of a plain white card, then you just have a nice little spot to write a whole bunch of sweetness!

Here I created a page by using one of the Color Magic banners! I sprayed one side with Coral Color Shine and covered the other side with patterned paper from Mixed Company. Just a fun little shaped page to add rather than a square ;)

And finally the back cover, just made a little page on it. I can’t wait to add more pages to this album! I felt like I could’ve put 20 more in while I was making this! It’s going to be one chunky monkey!

So that’s my mixed media journal, I hope you are inspired to grab your amazing Mixed Media Scrapbook Kits and document something special! The possibilities are endless!

see?!!!! what did i tell you?! Sarah, this album is so touching! the photos and letters you write your boys WILL make a difference when they grow up. it is so important for us to write to them now, things that they might need to hear – later. I love your gate-fold album and all the “gold” touches so much that i am ready to go and #makeprettystuff right now!

SUPPLIES; Opaque Magic Medium, Die Cut Tags,  Scrapbook Kit, Watercolor Tags, Color Magic Striped Alpha, Glitter Stickers Gold,    Hello Today 12×12 Paper Pad, Mixed Company 12×12 Paper Pad, Coral Color Shine, Georgia Peach Color Shine, Embossed Jumbo NumbersJumbo Pennants, Dreamy Ticket To Ride, Dreamy Clear Words, Dreamy Jumble Word Stickers, Mixed Company Ephemera

scrapbook kit spotlight: mixed media tag book

this week i have invited my team to feature the Scrapbook Kit perfect for mixed media! you will see some awesome inspiration for using this kit! there are so great pages to make you own mini book like Maggie Massey did here!

Hey everyone! It’s me, Maggie – here again to share a fun little tag book I made for 11 year-old daughter…yayayayay!

As a team we frequently discuss just how important it is to us that we let our people know how much they mean to us…that we actually write it down. We talk about how necessary it is that they be able to see and read just how much we love them. So when I was asked to create a project using Heidi’s Mixed Media Scrapbook Kit, it took only a minute to decide what I wanted to create…

The Scrapbook Kit is loaded with different pieces and and textures (chipboard, acrylic, paper & canvas)…and can be completely customized to get the exact look you want. I decided to use only the canvas, smaller paper & acrylic pieces in my little book…I wanted to save the chipboard cover and larger pages for a different project…

I also printed out some of Heidi’s recent free printables to use as pages in my book…(I’ll link those up at the end of the post).

Wanna see my pages? Let’s do this…

I used an acrylic tag for the cover of my little book…but to dress it up a bit, I added some little pin dots. To do this, I mixed some modeling paste with a bit of Citron Color Shine and, using a palette knife, spread a thin layer of the mixture over my pin dot stencil (from the Bracket Stencil Set). I let this layer dry and then added the Favorite Things Puffy Alphas…

For my next “page” I used the little window tag that comes in the kit. I added another of Heidi’s printables to the back…and sewed around the edges of the window.

I used the herringbone patterned stencil from the 3×4 Mini Stencils and my very favorite pen in the entire world (the American Crafts Precision Pen) to create the pattern on this tag. Then I simply filled in the pattern (and around the window on the tag) with some Color Shine (Citron & Teal) and a waterbrush.

My next tag is just one of the printables…I highlighted the words with some Teal Color Shine and my waterbrush…and I added a little glitter frame in front of the tag.

I created a little envelope for my next page. I’m planning on adding little quotes, notes and encouraging words for my Kate in here. The Favorite Things Ephemera I added to the front are acting as a way to keep the envelope closed…the flap just tucks under the pieces, and can be pulled out to add more notes to the envelope.

For my next couple tags I played around with a couple mixed media techniques…first I mixed some of Heidi’s Clear Magic Medium with some Blush Color Shine and painted over the “SPECTACULAR” 3×4 Mini Stencil. When that was dry I painted over the pin dot stencil with some white acrylic paint. Next I sprayed the entire tag with Mustard Color Shine.


For this little layered tag, I used the striped pattern from the 3×4 Mini Stencils and the same modeling paste/Citron Color Shine mixture I used on my cover. Then I placed the polka dot acrylic tag on top and stapled the two tags together…along with the little black & white XOXO circle (from the Favorite Things Ephemera pack).




Next up…another printable. Heidi’s handwriting is so beautiful just on it’s own…so I just painted in some color…

A little reminder to “dream BIG” (from the Dreamy Ephemera)…

I created a little pocket out of one of the pieces of canvas that was included in the kit. To do this, I simply folded the canvas in half and sewed along the two sides and the bottom…keeping the top open. Next, I used a black marker to trace around one of the little 3×4 Mini Stencils…

Some Citron & Teal Color Shine and my trusty waterbrush are all the tools I needed to add some color around the stencil…

I dolled-up this tag by adding paper behind the tag and a few pieces of Favorite Things ephemera to the front of the heart…

I had a little fun with this piece of canvas. I folded this one, too…and turned it into a pocket…but before I did that I mixed white acrylic paint with Color Shine and used a number of different 3×4 stencils to add come decoration. I had no plan at all here…I just kind of grabbed whatever was close and just started painting. As I was sewing it closed, I tucked in a piece of Favorite Things Ephemera.

I used a 3×4 Mini Stencil and black marker to add the LOVE LIFE sentiment…and then I used a gold marker to highlight the words…

This printable pretty much says it all. I added more color here…and a little piece of ephemera.


For the back page of my book, I turned the large acrylic page into a little pocket. I cut a piece of Dreamy Dreams Come True Paper and sewed it to the back of the acrylic. Then I simply tucked yet another printable into  the pocket…so cute, right?

I’m so looking forward to filling this little book with notes and stories for my girl. And I’m hoping that as she reads through all of these messages to her, for now and for years to come, she knows just how much she means to me…and she feels just how much I love her. Because really…that’s what it’s all about, right?

i love this Maggie! so many fun details!!! i also love what you did with the free printables! so… i hope you can get a hold of one of these kits to try a few of these techniques yourself!


SUPPLIES: Scrapbook KitStencil Set Brackets, Favorite Things Puffy Alpha Stickers – Teal, Favorite Things Glitter Frames, Favorite Things Ephemera, Dreamy EphemeraDreamy Ticket To Ride 12×12 paper, Dreamy Dreams Come True 12×12 paper3×4 Stencil Mini – Patterns, 3×4 Stencil Mini – Words, Color Shine – Citron, Color Shine – Teal, Color Shine – Mint Green, Color Shine – Blush, Color Shine – MustardClear Magic Medium

OTHER: American Crafts Precision Pen – .01 – black, American Crafts Mini Stapler, Wink of Stella Gold Glitter Brush,  white acrylic paint, water brush

ever have the need for speed?

summer is rushing by! when it comes to scrapbooking during this busy season, we need all the shortcuts we can get! today Jamie Pate introduces a new blog series called “Need for Speed!” she shows us how to create a quick and easy layout – check it out!

The need for speed. Sometimes you just need to get a page done. Either you have just a bit of time to be creative. Or you want to quickly get a page in an album. Or you just want to challenge yourself to get a memory documented in no time at all.

There are a few ways I employ going about this when I want to get a page made quickly. Today I want to share a few of those methods with you on a traditional scrapbook page.

So this is what we are going to do:
use a photo template clipping mask.
use a grid layout of photos.
limit supplies.
and use pre-made embellishments.

Here is the grid template clipping mask that I used:

If you have never used a clipping mask before, click this link for an easy tutorial: How To Use a Clipping Mask. You can get this free clipping mask right here to download!
It might take you a little bit to learn to use. But once you get the hang of it, I think you will really enjoy the ease of creating a grid.

o.k…a few more things than we are ready to go:

Create your grid of photos in your photo software and then print. (or send it as an 8×10 to your favorite photo printing service).

This is what mine looked like in photoshop elements before printing it out.

And after it was printed and trimmed ready for my layout.

Next, gather your supplies, and limit what you use:

For this project I am keeping it simple as well as sticking to one collection:
a 12×12 sheet of Hello Today patterned paper
a couple sheets from the 4×6 Mat Pad
the Awesome Title Cluster – this would be my pre-made embellishment
some Gold Glitter Words
a few Acrylic Hearts
a piece of flair
don’t forget a journal pen because ya need to journal.

o.k…you ready? let’s go:
1.  Trim background paper to 8 1/2 x 11-inches.

2.    I left the the very middle of the grid square empty. Trim that out. Glue photo sheet to the background paper.

3.   Trim pattern paper from the 4×6 Mat Pad to a square shape and insert in the middle square. Add hearts and words.
QUICK TIP: I always only add adhesive to the very middle of my paper/embellishment. So here I was able to lift up the pattern paper and staple the hearts to that piece.

A close up view.

4.    Add the Title Cluster next. Trim it down if you need as I did here. Just because it is 9-inches long does not mean it has to all be used. Add gold glitter stars from the Gold Glitter Stickers to keep the theme congruent.

5.    Trim pattern paper to about 3/4-inch wide. Notch end. Distress edges if you wish. Tuck under the photo sheet next to the title to add a bit more interest.

6.    Lastly, add a few more stars from the Title Cluster sheet or the Gold Glitter Stickers, or both.  As much or as little as you want. Go ahead. You got time. This layout was speedy, so what else are you going to do with yourself? oh…and don’t forget to add some journaling.

One more thing, for those of you who prefer to scrap 12×12, simply place the finished layout on a 12×12 background. Glue it down. Call it done.

love it Jamie! great tips on keeping it simple! love those pictures too! what a great time and such good memories!

supplies used: 12×12 Hello Today Paper Pad. 4×6 Mat Pad. Awesome Title Cluster. Gold Glitter Stickers. Acrylic Hearts. other: Precision Pen. Mini Stapler. adhesive. scissors. paper trimmer.

4 ways with a memory file kit

so, i am experiencing some definite “summer crazy” going on here, and i just can’t believe how fast time is flying and how much is constantly going on! yesterday on my ‘Create to Remember’ webshow, i shared a little mini that i had created using the “My Favorite Things” memory file kit and photos of our family beach trip last summer. As we are getting ready to go again, it was fun to look back at these photos and marvel at all that has happened in just a year!

TODAY… Kim Jeffress is sharing 4 WAYS to use the elements of this amazingly fabulous kit in a TOTALY different way! watch this: 



You know those once in a lifetime instants when you see your kids and their friends together and all you want to do is rush for your camera to capture that moment right there and then…well today I am sharing one of moments!

Recently I  visited Movie World here on the Gold Coast in Australia with my boys and their little friends and the 4 of them  had on their Super Hero capes. As we were walking through the streets towards the rides suddenly they all came together and there was that melt my heart moment… so I grabbed my iphone and snapped some photos.

I knew I wanted to create a special layout to celebrate this memory. As I had several photos from that moment and several more from the day I decided to create a layout with a bit of a twist. I used the Favorite Things Memory File kit on my layout to add an interactive component. I am  going to share FOUR ways to use the Memory File kit on my layout.

I totally love the layers I have created on my layout using these 4 techniques !

To begin with a I used a  sheet of the Rainbow Rounds pattern paper from the Favorite Things collection and matted it on some white American Crafts cardstock.

ONE-I then grabbed the black and white striped Memory File from the kit and and hung it over the top of my layout. I then taped the  back of the memory file to the back of my layout, leaving the front to act as a large flap.

I then went ahead and embellished the front of the memory file.

I began by matting my photo with the back side of the  glitter cover  from the Hello Glitter Cover from JoAnn. I used this misting technique that Heidi shared on My Craft Channel recently, using Gold Lame and Sweet Cherry Colorshine as well as the Mini striped stencil from the Mini patterns set on  my Embossed Jumbo Number 4.

TWO- I then added in stickers from the Sticker sheet in the Memory File kit as well as Epoxy words and shapes from Favorite Things.


I then laid the 6×6 polka dot stencil over one of the Water Color star tags and misted it with Citron ColorShine. I added the glitter 3×4 card from JoAnn and one of the Color Magic arrows also misted in Gold Lame. To complete I stamped stars from the Mini Party Stamps, added epoxy stars and arrows from the Puffy Sticker sheet, more stickers from the Memory File Kit and I added that circle from the  Favorite Things Ephemera pack.

THREE- Once the Cover is flipped up you can see I added in the long green triangle/floral Memory File.

FOUR-Add the  Hello Photo stack also  from the kit. To begin with I pulled apart the photo stack to leave just the one flap. I then adhered the back of the photo stack to my layout and then layered over and adhered  the long floral one. The photo stack now acts as a closure to the memory file. I embellished it with that sticker form the kit  and a punched glitter arrow.

Once the photo stack is opened I layered a piece of vellum and the Mixed Floral  pattern paper onto the front of the long Memory File. I then used a sheet from the Favorite Things 6×6 pad to create a pocket. I simple added adhesive to the sides and bottom of the pattern paper. I matted my photo with another sheet from the 6×6 pad and added some fun embellishments down the side including Word Jumble Stickers, Puffy Stickers, Stickers from the kit and that Color Pop  chipboard word.

Tucked into the pocket is the Water Color Tag misted with  Gold Lame and the 6×6 Polka Dot stencil. Once dry I rolled it through my typewriter to add my journaling. I’ve also added an extra favorite photo as well.

Lifting up the Memory file I have more photos inside. This time I adhered the Seeing Stripes pattern paper to act as a mat for my three photos.

I embellished each photo with Puffy Stickers, Ephemera pieces, Epoxy Words and sequins. I also added the tab to the Memory file and Used the Best Day Ever set to add my stamping element.

Finally I added in a little home made shaker box. I laid a piece of clear acrylic over the back of the window of the glitter frame and then  added some foam tape around the window. I tipped some punched stars and sequins into the area where I was going to place my frame and then adhered my frame on top.

To recap my four ways to Use the Memory File kit on a layout are-

ONE- Use the black and white Memory file as a large flap on the top of the layout.

TWO- Use the Stickers from the sticker sheet to embellish the layout.

THREE- Adhere the long green/floral Memory File  to the layout to add extra photos.

FOUR- Add the Hello Photo stack to act as a closure to a Memory File.

There you have it. A way to add extra photos to a project without creating a mini album or adding photos into a photo collage. A super fun and interactive layout that I can now cherish long into the future when those littlies are too “proud” to wear those Super Hero capes any more!

I was just thinking, Kim, as i was looking at these photos – what a tremendous treasure this will be in just a few years! Last night i pulled out some old pages as my big boys had some friends over… everyone LOVED seeing the pages, reading the stories and we all had a good laugh! taking time and energy to create these memory masterpieces is SO well worth it! LOVE this today. thank you so much for sharing! 


Favorite Things- Memory File Kit, Seeing Stripes pattern paper, Mixed Floral pattern paper, Rainbow Rounds, 6×6 Paper Pad, Puffy Stickers, Glitter Frames, Ephemera, Jumble Stickers, Epoxy Stickers,

Color Shine- Citron, Sweet Cherry, Gold Lame,

Color Magic- Stars, Embossed Jumbo Numbers, Paper Goods, Water Color Tags,

Stamps- Best Day Ever, Mini Stamp Party,

JoAnn- 3×4 Glitter cards, Hello Glitter Covers,

Color Pop- Chipboard words, Friends Bright Epoxy Stickers

Stencils- 6×6 Polka Dot Stencil, 3×4 Mini Pattern stencils

heidi homemade holiday – glamping first birthday




birthday parties are some of my MOST favorite memories to create! I LOVE to make them special with homemade touches and handcrafted details, so when i saw this party that Jen Evans threw for her beautiful daughter’s 1st b-day… it just made my day!  first of all, can she really be ONE already?? time flies!! she is just a delight, and absolutely will LOVE looking back at her adorable self! Take a look at all the amazing bits and pieces that made this party not only beautiful but MEMORABLE for everyone! 

Every time I mentioned what I was planning for my daughter’s first birthday I got a lot of surprised looks followed with, “Why would you go to so much work for something she isn’t even going to remember?” I would answer back with, “What do you mean she will never remember it? It is going to be completely recorded for her to remember forever.” My husband answered, “I didn’t think we were doing it just for her. Aren’t we all coming together to celebrate her life with food and fellowship?” I am grateful for the gift of photography and scrapbooking. These two things will preserve our lives whether we remember them or not!

So we prepared a darling little Glamping Birthday Party to celebrate! Here are some of the beautiful things we did to make this party memorable for all!

Taking Heidi’s “Happy Birthday” Stamp to Target napkins and adding rhinestones to the end of the spoons gave the table just the right amount of bling needed. Such a quick and easy way to personalize napkins too!

Have some numbers not being used from your Ephemera packs? Put them to good use and make a tag for your vases. Then when you are finished with the party you can add it to your scrapbook pages!

We created the perfect photo booth for our Glamping Party which included a DIY Tent we hung from the tree along with strung lights and antique chandelier.  A Heidi Homemade Holiday wouldn’t be the same without some homemade bunting! I cut these from the Favorite Things collection and sewed them into a garland with my sewing machine.

At night the lights were just magical as you can see below…

All this hard work wouldn’t be worth it if I couldn’t enjoy it during the party. So I kindly asked my niece if she would help me take pictures during the party. She made sure to use my phone camera to get pictures of all the guests with Bethany. Then, I taught her in minutes how to print them from my Canon Selphy 4×6 photo printer. Jessica was such a help that she made sure everyone went and wrote a special note for Bethany on the cards I had pre cut.

The party was all over and because of my husband and niece’s photography I had not only the most beautiful memories captured but I also had half the work of the scrapbook already finished!

Pre-party I prepared the 6×9 Canvas Album by misting it the colors of the party. I did an “ombre” look by misting it with Sweet Cherry, to Blush, and then to Gold. It really is stunning!

I stamped “Happy” along the Gold edge and added a Color Magic number one to the front.

Then, I began to easily fill the album with photos and embellishments! Here are some “keep it easy” tips and tricks…

1. Create a title page for the album.

1. Use embellishments outside the pocket.

3. Stamp on the large tags and staple them directly to the pocket.

4. Add acrylic words to the top of the pocket page and add some stickers to accent.

5. Cut stars in half and use them on different pages to keep the book cohesive!

6. Add the notes from the party next to the pictures from the photo booth.

7. Have a note facing the wrong way for your pocket page? No worries! Staple it to the front of a large tag!

8. Add clear pages in between pocket pages.

9. Print your photos also in black and white so that some of the mixed matched photos will go well together in the album.

10. Let your family see your photos and enjoy your album! If you have any extra photos, send them in your thank you cards! They deserve to know how much it meant to you that they were there celebrating with you!

It’s SUCH a great idea to create an album to use as part of the party! how AWESOME is that? plus, makes it so easy to document when all you have to do is add the photos! Jen… you are a wonder! i LOVE this so much, and what a treasure it will be when Bethany gets just a little older!  the only problem is this: next year, how will you out do YOURSELF!  hahaha!! 

Supplies: 6×9 Canvas Album, Coral Jumbo Numbers, 6×8 Page Protector Refills, 6×8 Paper Pad, Hello Glitter Covers and Clear Pages, Clear Words, Die Cut Tags, Enamel Confetti, Word Stamps, Glitter Gem Bows, Happy Birthday Stamp, Favorite Things 12×12 Paper Pad, Favorite Things Ephemera, Embossed Color Magic Jumbo Numbers, Color Shine Blush, Color Shine Gold, and Color Shine Sweet Cherry

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