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project runway: pocket page style

one of my favorite new #HSProjectLife Becky Higgins Project Life Value Kits is the glitter kit!!! tell me it is yours too!?! there is always room to sprinkle a little fabulous to any project! i have asked my media team to show off this fun kit in different ways! Lindsay is up first with a pocket page and she doesn’t disappoint. in fact, the kit seems to make her photos POP!

Today I am SO excited to share a Project Life layout/spread that I created using just the Project Life Glitter Value Kit as my base.  Now, this kit happens to be one of my all time favourites, so this assignment was nothing but pure fun for me to put together.  In keeping true to my “keep it simple” style, beginning a Project Life album (and maintaining it) has worked for me.  I definitely think that is part of the key to success with any type of memory keeping project-making it work for you.  So today I will share a few (very simple) tips and techniques that I have used in my spread using the oh-so-fabulous Glitter Value Kit!

So, as you can see I have kept things super simple.  A focus on the photos, with some fun extras thrown in.  I also used the Panoramic Page Protectors for this spread so that I was able to include some extra photos and cards.

One thing I LOVE to do lately is add stamping directly onto my photos using black archival ink.  The images go on so crisp and do not smear.  I love how they add just that bit of extra something onto the photos to help tell the story (plus it looks so pretty!).

I used the awesome Project Life Sheer Stickers as little label captions on some of my photos as well.  These are another fantastic option for adding some sentiment to your page, or even using them as prompts for journaling as well.

For these cards, I actually mounted the photo directly on top of the card and trimmed off the remainder.  I love how the glitter edge serves as a fun border and then as you can see in the ‘funny story’ card, I added some stamping as well.

For the photos above, I added some of the label stickers directly onto my photos, mixed in with some simple stamping.  Again, these are just some of the very quick and easy ways to customize your photos for your PL spreads and pockets that virtually take no time at all.  I just love how they add that little bit of “extra” to a page.

I hope that you are able to have some fun and play around with these super simple tips and techniques on your next Project Life page.  Mount a photo directly onto a PL card, add some stamping onto your photos, mix your stamps and stickers together onto a photo.  SO many ways to capture your photos, keep it simple, yet still create amazing results!  Man, I LOVE these Value Kits!

i love how classic and beautiful this page is Lindsay!!! keeping your photos black and white helped those little details stand out. you can find this kit at your local Michael’s store. make sure to check your store for their shelves will be restocking soon to prepare for an upcoming HS Project Life class in Michael’s stores! Details about registration will be announced soon!

Supplies: Project Life Panoramic Photo Pocket Pages; Project Life Glitter Value Kit; Project Life Sheer Stickers; Project Life Love You Stamp & Stencil Set; Project Life Cherish Clear Stamps Other: Black Acrylic Ink

hybrid heidi: dreamin’ organziation

organization doesn’t come easy to me. it takes me a while to know what i need to organize and how it should be done. it’s posts like this one by my hybrid specialist, Maridette, that inspires me! i would LOVE to add this MINT GREEN organizer to my studio! not only is it beautiful, but functional too!

Hello creative people!  I’ve been organizing and purging my craft room. So I’m in an organizational mood right now. I find that when I clean out my room I get inspired to create.  I’ve been creating with Heidi Swapp’s fabulous #HSProjectLife collections available at Michaels.  Aren’t they amazing?  I’m so in love with all of them.  Since I’m in that organizational mood I came across this wooden decor, from Hobby Lobby, which would be perfect to house my HS Project Life cards.  I decided to paint it mint green using Martha Stewart’s chalkboard acrylic paint.  I gave it about 2-3 coats and let it dry.

While that’s drying,  there’s a quick way to dress up your project life cards using Heidi Swapp’s Dreamy digi collection by using the print and cut feature on the Silhouette Cameo.  You can also watch the video Heidi created here.

Here’s what I did. Open the files you would like to use into the Silhouette canvas.  Since I have a regular printer make sure your canvas is set at 8.5 x 11.  Once you have all the digi elements onto the canvas.  Click onto the TRACE WINDOW which is that yellow square at the top left.  Highlight all of the images.  Unclick the HIGH PASS FILTER then adjust the THRESHOLD like so. Then click TRACE OUTER EDGE.

As for the words SELECT TRACE AREA, highlight all images unclick HIGH PASS FILTER,  click LOW PASS FILTER and adjust the THRESHOLD so that the images are all yellow.  Then click on TRACE.

For both canvases make sure you have the REGISTRATION MARKS before printing.  Once you’ve printed them then place them onto the 12×12 Silhouette mat and feed it into the machine and send to silhouette to cut.

You now have all sorts of embellishments and words at your disposal at any size you want whenever you want.  How awesome is that?
Now to embellish your wonderful Heidi Swapp Project Life cards.

I hope this inspired you get organized so you can get those everyday memories into those pretty albums. Enjoy!

thank you so much Dette! what a great way to keep those digi cuts organized, contained, but close to reach when it comes time to create! it would be so great to even carry that organizer to a larger crafting space when working on your pages!

SUPPLIES:  Heidi Swapp Dreamy Digital Collections, Heidi Swapp Becky Higgins Project Life,   Martha Stewart Chalkboard Acrylic Paint, and Silhouette Cameo

scrapbooking 101: what do you want to remember?

whether you are new to memory keeping or have been telling your stories with photographs and paper for a while now, we can all learn a little something from Sarah Bargo today. she reminds us to continually be telling our story on our pages! she could have totally wrote “first day of school”  on her the page she shares today but she didn’t. she gets us thinking about what we should write other than the obvious. what did you see, what did you do, what do you feel? what do you want to remember? that’s what we should all be thinking about when documenting…. ‘what do i want to remember?’

Well hello there paper peeps! Sarah here and I’m so happy you stopped by today! If you are new to the wild world of scrapbooking, welcome! Welcome to Scrapbooking 101!

Scrapbooking means something different to everyone. For some it’s a way to document important events, others like to document their lives on a more daily basis, while capturing the precious little moments that make up our day to day. Then you have the artists who use scrapbooking as a creative outlet to play and paint and make a pretty mess! It’s all awesome, everyone has their own wonderful unique style, and at the end of the day, it’s all good! I personally like to do a little of each! It keeps things fun and interesting!

If you are a beginner scrapbooker, you are in luck because today I’m going to take you through 5 easy steps to creating a fabulous layout, and document a memory, and play with pretty stuff! (Pretty stuff as in the new September Skies Collection by Heidi Swapp woot woot!)

This is what we’re going to make.

Alrighty?! So fun! Okay here are your steps!

1. Gather the supplies and pictures you would like to use.

2. Decide on the size of your layout.

3. Decide on the design of your layout.

4. Embellish your layout.

5. MOST IMPORTANT THING; Journal to document your memory!

Grab your goodies and follow along!

Step 1.~ Gather the supplies that you would like to use. I usually start with a picture or memory that I want to document and remember, but being a patterned paper addict,  I may or may not have been known to take a picture just to match the awesome paper I just bought. Are my children trained to know when to pretend like they’re sleeping? You better believe it. Perfectly normal. Right? Yes ok moving on ;)

Step 2.~ Choose the size layout you want, then trim accordingly. Sometimes a 12×12 layout can be a little overwhelming and you just want to whip out an 8 1/2 by 11 page. That is perfectly fine, that’s what I did here! Sometimes you just need to switch things up a bit to keep your creative juices flowing! I trimmed the awesome 12×12 Star Gazing paper down to 8 1/2 x 11 to use as my background.

Isn’t that so cute?! I love to layer and I love to have a little border around my layouts, so I took a piece of the green & white striped paper (which by the way is on the flip side of Star Gazing) and trimmed it a little smaller than the background paper and just laid it on top. Now there’s a nice border around the edge which adds some more depth.


Step 3.~ Now go ahead and lay your picture and other elements you would like to use onto your layout, such as a piece cut out of the Afternoon Breeze paper! I also like to cut off the corner of a piece of paper and use it as a photo corner! Just to be on the safe side, I don’t usually adhere my pieces down right away. I like to slide things around a little to see where exactly I would like to place them! I’ve been known do this from hours to days on end really…lol! Just kiddin..but seriously…

In this case I didn’t matte my photo down onto cardstock or patterned paper,  but you can do that if you would like!

Step 4.~ Now we’re ready to add some embellishments, or as I like to call them, “sprinkles!” In this case I chose a September Skies “Journey” wood veneer word, a striped section of the washi tape,  some adorable stitched banners, pieces of ephemera, and word strips!

I love this speech bubble! I’m sure that’s what all teenage boys are thinking while being forced into enjoying their first day of school photos…

Step 5.~ Tell your story! Do some journaling! Don’t be scared! Even if you hate your handwriting! It’s a part of you! Don’t just say, “this is their first day of school.” Instead, say what your thinking or feeling! On this layout I only put a few words down, but they know what I’m thinking! And they know what I’m feeling! If you absolutely detest the thought of writing on your layout, maybe write it on the back when you’re all done! That way at least the memory is documented somewhere. For instance, something I could journal on the back of this layout would be; “I was trying to get a nice picture of the boys on the first day of school, but Beeb made an inappropriate noise with his body which resulted in an eruption of giggles and kinda put a damper on the whole proud mommy moment.” See? Real life documented, aka, keepin it reals.


And that is how easy it can be to create a wonderful layout!

I hope you followed along! Scrapbooking is such an awesome thing! I love that you can preserve your memories in such a beautiful way! You don’t have to stress about it, or worry that your layouts aren’t “perfection,” or that so & so down the street made a whole album in just 7 minutes! Keep up your own pace, document your memories, and don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Sarah, thank you for that!!! that story of your boys will be laughed about for years because you wrote it!!!! again, what do you want to remember? years from now, some stories will fade. yet, what ones will be remembered forever because you took the time to write them down? 

Supplies: September Skies Washi Tape, September Skies Wood Veneer Shapes, September Skies Stitched Banners, September Skies Ephemera, September Skies Word StripsSeptember Skies Afternoon Breeze Paper, September Skies Star Gazing Paper


make PRETTY pockets week 1

hello friends… today i am launching a brand new blog series called “make pretty pockets”! — for the next 12 Thursdays, we will be sharing 3 tips/ideas for you to TRY … complete with a little downloadable cheat-sheet just for your pocket page enjoyment!

today i wanted to share how i have incorporated some of the Heidi Swapp Project Life stuff right into my Memory Planner! I absolutely LOVE my Memory Planner! i have said it before, i LOVE how this helps to “stop the blur”. Totally captures the daily crazy right here in one place and just makes me happy! SO much happens in one month, and it’s here that i focus on the BEST parts! and acknowledge all the happs!  as you can see, it’s not super “neat”…  i have picked up different pens, and added all kinds of stamps and embellishments. For me, it’s so FUN, and ‘in the moment’.

here’s what my planner looks like in August. This features some lists, my favorite beachy selfie and some of the memories from Capri’s 8th bday party.

this month features 6 – 3×4 pockets. I used a gold foil clear insert from the new photo pocket pages, and layered the sheer stickers over the top of the pockets.

this calendar pages is FULL to the BRIM with everything that was happening all month! i love having this #onelittlethingeachday for my whole month, my whole YEAR!

we are about 1/2 the way through September (i can barely believe it!) i added a bunch of the stamps from the September Skies stamp set, mixed with some of the mini stamps etc. The whole first part of this month really revolved around Capri’s baptism. You might also recognize the ‘interchangeable’ stamper from my Project Life stuff … love that thing!

September is filling up! you can see the invite to Capri’s baptism as well as a little envelope that holds a super sweet note that she wrote to me. i have some personal goals i am working on this month with school starting and me trying to achieve a better work/life balance … this has been a great place for me to DOCUMENT those goals, and keep myself on track. I am pretty proud of myself, i have been making some tough changes to my schedule and my priority list.

in this month’s pocket pages, i added 2 of the interactive cards from my Project Life collection.  There is 4 interactive cards in each package.

First off, i combined the FREE PRINTABLE from SEPTEMBER, so that when you open this cutie camera, you position the freebie (i used the 3×4 card that says ‘you are my happy’) right behind it –


i simply stapled the freebie to another 3×4 card — you can grab the September Freebie here!

i also used the 3×4 wheel card in my September page — i took a fine tip black pen and added more words and descriptions for a typical day! it made it super personal and fuN!


i just had to include this picture of Q… i was trying to capture her ADORABLE freckles. i just love that girl! 

for my 3rd pretty pocket idea… i wanted to include a trick i use A LOT… it’s SUPER simple, takes only a couple seconds… but it’s pretty! hopefully, you have had a chance to take a look at the 3rd issue of “MAKE PRETTY STUFF” (the 3*ideabook)

this layout is one of my MOST FAVORITE – i used the Color Magic Value kit, along with the Dreamy Core Kit and an overlay… these colors…favorites for sure. here’s a little closer look:


what i wanted to focus on is that card in the TOP CENTER POCKET…


the card is one of my favs… and really it doesn’t need ANYTHING, but what fun is that?! (wink) SO… i just added a light touch of Seafoam Color Shine along with the 3×4 dot stencil to give it kinda a tone on tone pattern – because the card itself is kinda ombre, the dots fade too… and i pretty much love it!


so much fuN! right? so here’s this week POCKET PAGE ideas! 3 fresh ideas of you to try NOW!  you can also download this little instruction/ idea sheet and hang onto it for when you sit down to create! click here to download and print!

i’d love to see your creations! be sure to tag me (@hkswapp); and add a couple tags: #hsProjectLife and “HSprettypockets  – we will be back next Thursday with 3 more fun, do- able ideas for Pretty Pockets!


scrapbook generations and september skies

I am so excited to be able to announce some amazing news today!!! my NEWEST collection ‘September Skies’ is shipping to independent and online stores NOW! To help celebrate, Scrapbook Generations has released their newest e*magazine “Create” today featuring my products including September Skies! i am elated that they have invited me and my team to be a part of their unique FREE magazine! SO much work goes into a project of this magnitude! I am so amazed that they do this EVERY MONTH! this feature is a true honor!

If you haven’t heard of Scrapbook Generations, they are an independent scrapbook store that was created by four talented women! Since opening their shop four years ago, they have opened an online shop that ships products around the world, developed a kit club, and began publishing an awesome 200 page monthly digital magazine! Their magazine is filled with amazing inspiration filled with tips, new techniques and it always includes layout, card, and tag sketches to help kick off your creativity. let me just tell you this… TRUE CONFESSIONS: i have never really used a “sketch” to create, and it’s SO MUCH FUN! in fact THIS double page spread was created thanks to SUCH a great sketch! (these are 2 of my FAVORITE papers in the September Skies collection! hello Citron for Fall!)

A big thank you to Scrapbook Generations’ Debbie and Allison for inviting me and my media team to be a part of this amazing digital magazine. Also, thanks to the SG media team for going above and beyond to create beautiful projects! I love them all! I just read through the whole magazine, and i am inspired but the “letter to the editor” as well as all the pages and cards! totally making me want to CREATE!!

as i answered the questions and prepared my contributions for this e*mag, i wound up looking through old scrapbook pages, and i decided to share an old page of each of my kiddos…

I won’t share them all here… you must go READ and SHARE the mag – but this page- my baby. I just love him so much! can he possibly be 7? and in First Grade? he has made my day now for over 7 years!  ok… so GO and take a peek:  Click on this link to read Scrapbook Generation’s Create Magazine and I hope it inspires you to ‘make pretty stuff!” (please share on your Facebook, Twitter and insta!)

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