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introducing ….. my media team!!

introducing ….. my media team!!

oh my goodness! what a crazy, fun, inspiring yet stressful time it has been looking at your media team entries and making final selections. Oh the amazing inspiration you had to share!!  i never dreamed how hard it would be to actually CHOOSE!  the good news is that from the beginning, i knew i needed a very small CORE team to work close with …. To get to know and rely upon …. . so I had some parameters to keep me in check! the bad news is that i knew I’d said I could only choose 5, and that was SO HARD to stick to!

thank you so much to everyone who applied for the media team role at Heidi Swapp. I’ve bookmarked several of you who weren’t named to the team …. that we will definitely be inviting to be our guest. so many great ideas & fabulous approaches out there!

SO …. for the “official” team announcement…. here we go!

i’m super excited to present to you my first Heidi Swapp media team! these girls ROCK and we’ll be sharing more about them with you over the course of the next few days ….

heidi swapp media team 2012-2013

Lindsay Bateman

Jennifer Evans

Maggie Massey

Jamie Pate

Kim Jeffress

thank you ALL! i’m so excited to work with you!

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