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Oh what a day… I am beat. We are back at the hotel with our feet up and eating room service. Today was the Joburg event…I took a bunch of photos because this venue was absolutely STUNNING. It was an old home built by one of the most wealthy south Africans…it has been converted to a convention center- for special events. It is gorgeous. And it was a beautiful day- it had rained last night, and it was a crisp, beautiful fall day. just awesome. We were ‘fetched’ at 7am…and classes started at 8am. There were 4 classes all 2 hours each, with quite impressive tea and lunch in between! The food was so good. There was even a bit of a breakfast, my favorite were these peach yogurt smoothies. YUM. The day started out with 8 cards from Amy and Adriene at MSE (my sentiments exactly). I had never met them before, so it was fun to get to know them a bit. They are so cute… mom and daughter… cool that they get to work and travel together! They have some really cute stamps and gave some amazing kits for the class! Louise was next and she did this amazingly intense page with serious cutting and stitching, and beading. It was over the top- very cool, and beautiful to look at. After lunch, Janet was up- I love her class… it was a 12×12 album with some pages that were made from clock overlays and other bits that were inserted into the album by using that punch that makes a spiral punch. So cool.  We both got to teach using new product- so that is always fuN!
I taught a variation of the project I taught at Scrap ETC. event…it’s really nice to teach a class you are really familiar with and have had experience knowing what works and what doesn’t… and I love the mirror album!  It was a fun day. Louise and Glenda have a way of really creating beautiful events. This was nothing less. It was fun to see some familiar faces!  In the morning we leave for Cape Town where we are teaching on Saturday…doing the whole thing again! We get a bit of a sleep in, so that will be good!
UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t have a card reader for the camera I have been using. So I will have to wait until I get home to post photos… or maybe I can find one to buy.  Good night!

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