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Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & Photos

Today I am excited to share the newest addition to my home with all of you.

It combines my favourite things in the world.  Heidi Swapp Marquee Love and Photography.  Does it really get much better than that?

Gallery walls are everywhere.  And they are awesome.  I think what I love about them the most is how unique and personal they all are.  Not matter what, no two are alike.  I love that.  For me, my home is a place I love to fill with things that mean the most to me.  I love personalization.  So when the new 12″ Marquee Love arrived in my hands, I could not wait to begin decorating my home with them.  The size looks amazing, and the font?  Well…it’s seriously the best.

Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & PhotosOften with new projects, I can find them very overwhelming.  However, with this one…I kept things true to me, my vision and what I wanted most to represent upon my wall.  Most of all, I kept things simple and the focus on what my Marquee Love letters represent: #LIFE.

I want to fill this gallery wall with LIFE.  And so it is.

Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & Photos

I collected some basic black frames in various sizes and filled them with some of my favourite images.

Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & Photos

I transformed the 12″ Marquee Love letters using 2 mediums.  First, I applied the Faux Rust Distress to each letter and symbol.  I then used each marquee template with 2 styles from the paper roll collection and traced out the letters (and symbol) from each.  Place the new template inside, along with the faux rust medium and voila!  Vintage distressed Marquee.  I love how they look hanging on my wall.

Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & Photos

One of my favourite things to do with the Marquee is mix and match the patterns of paper from the rolls.  They are so fun to coordinate.

I also added some of the gallery wall prints onto a magnet board I had lying around.  I love how gallery walls give new meaning and life to pieces that I have been hanging onto but just had no “place” for…until now.  I even had to add in some of my favourite Instax photos along with this super cute Heidi Swapp Instax banner kit that was released last year.  Again…new life! LOVE!

Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & Photos

I also found a new home for this super cute “one day at a time” free printable Heidi posted on her blog a few weeks back.  I simply printed and placed it into a 4×6 frame.

Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & Photos

I love my new gallery wall so much and am very thankful for how it fills my home with such love and celebration.  I am also obsessing about how much I am enjoying my printed photos!  Seriously…they look good on a screen…but amazing when printed and hung up.

Marquee Love - Celebrate Life & Photos

I hope you are inspired to look at the walls in your home and see the creative possibility and potential they hold.  “Let your LIFE be your ART”.


Supplies: 12″ Marquee Love Letters, 12″ Paper Rolls, Faux Rust Distress Kit, Gallery Wall Prints.  All can be found and are now available (and exclusive) to Michaels stores.

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