this is a rare quiet afternoon moment… sat: babies asleep, boys at friends, E at rugby, ky and Q painting a mural on the wall… and I have been catching up on emails and journal writing. I really appreciate the quiet, and especially during daylight hours.
Don’t you just love mail? I think I like ordering stuff just to get the mail! Well, yesterday I had an awesome mail day- usually we just get our critical mail pieces by courier every week or so, and it’s just bills. But I totally scored one of my favorite magazines, my new running shoes- both of which I was expecting and hoping for speedy delivery… but the big picture chocolate bar was totally, blissfully unexpected. It was (emphasis on was) a HUGE chocolate bar wrapped in a cute ‘happy birthday’ from big picture wrapping. What a JOY!! Chocolate in the MAIL? It’s not my birthday until the end of the month, but I guess it’s time to start celebrating! After all, these shoes were a little early present to myself. SO thank you BIG PICTURE! I totally appreciate unexpected thoughtfulness.  i think that thoughtfulness is such an amazing quality to possess and important one to cultivate. I think I am going to join the babies…

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