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it’s uniquely perfect timing to share this project– As i mentioned yesterday, all the members of my Media Team were able to coordinate their schedules, and arrange their lives to ALL come to the CHA show, each for the first time.  of course, my thanks to their supportive husbands and children for making it possible! it was pretty remarkable to have everyone together in real life. There is a certain magic about them. and i can’t imagine my life without them… and of course, my ‘hybrid specialist’ Maridette… i would never be able to deliver such fab ideas and inspiration all alone!  One can never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with positive, excited, enthusiastic, generous people. 

This group is so supportive and genuinely caring of one another. They feed off each others ideas and creations…it makes me happy! it inspires me! That brings me to this project that i get to share here today- created by the amazing Kim Jeffress... This project is very special to me — the way it captures the unique bond between these women who i love. (it’s fun to see some Sugar Chic again too!)

I have been wanting to create this  project for a while now, celebrating and recording the special moments about becoming a member of Heidi’s Media Team. This has truly been a dream come true for me getting to Know Heidi, Jamie, Maggie, Jennifer, and Lindsay. What better way to celebrate than to use the gorgeous colours and patterns from Sugar Chic and Vintage Chic collections? For my challenge, I was asked to use stripes and chevron in my design, well that was easy for me! Chevron is my favorite “go to ” pattern and stripes - well who said stripes had to be straight? Animals have stripes right?

I decided to make a layout that I could put in my album but also include 2 Mini Memory Files on my layout. I started off with a sheet of  Drama from the Sugar Chic collection as my base. I love the boldness of this pattern paper it really makes a statement!

For my title I combined a Note  from the Vintage Chic collection, some Black and White Letters and  some Chipboard Alphas   which I spritzed in Mustard Color Shine. Once I spritzed them I took a paper towel and some windex and cleaned off the excess Color Shine. This really brought out the white dots on the letters. While the letters were drying I typed out my word MAKING in a word document and printed it onto scrap paper first to test the size. I then used some  washi tape to adhere the card  over the top of the word on the scrap paper and ran it through my printer again and removed the washi tape.  I finished off my title by layering two Trimmings Flowers , turning up the sides and finishing off with a decorative brad.

I then grabbed two Mini Memory files and adhered them back to back so I had extra space to to place things in. Using My iphone I took a screen print of the Media Team announcement on my blog. You can do this by pressing the power button and the circular on off button at the same time to take the shot. It then saves to your camera roll. I then layered pattern paper and some gold thread under the photo. I downloaded the Chevron border from the Silhouette Online Store and cut it with my Cameo. I then layered a Sugar Chic Pennant  and some Sugar Chic Buzz Words.

The first Mini opens up to reveal my special journalling and thoughts about being on the team.

I printed it out onto a piece of Sugar Chic Sparkle pattern paper. I finished it off with a Sentiment Sticker and Buzz word.

I then created a flip down set of mini pages holding a photo and baggie of each of the girls. I did this by cutting out 5 sheets of pattern paper( Vintage Chic  Handwritten, Beautiful Songs, Just Dots, World Wide and Sugar Chic Sparkle) that co ordinated with the colours in the photos. I rounded the top edges with a corner rounder. I then used a bone scorer to create a crease(to allow each page to flip) a 1/4 of an inch from the bottom of each sheet. I backed the bottom of each sheet with double sided tape and starting with the very right side I adhered each sheet down. I graduated across the page leaving a gap in between layering the pages over the top of each other.

I printed out a photo of each member and layered it over a chevron or striped baggie. I added a sentiment sticker to each baggie as well.

I then used my cameo again to cut more of the chevron borders and used these as pull out tags for my journalling. I simply adhered the chevron strip to the back of each journalling block, this was printed onto a piece of Vintage Chic Bookkeeping pattern paper.

on the back of the Mini File I adhered 2 Sugar Chic Sentiment Storage envelopes and an Openable.I can add more journalling or photos in the future.

My second Mini opens to reveal a tag and an acetate pocket.

This tag holds a special place in my heart, it was sent from Heidi when I first made the team, I wanted a special place to keep it safe.

The back of the Mini Memory File holds a pocket I made out of some decorative acetate. I used doubled sided tape on three sides of the acetate and then covered up the tape with some striped Washi tape. Inside the pocket I have printed out various emails and messages I have received from Heidi including the Media Team acceptance email, I can now treasure these for ever and in years to come take them out and recall what an incredible experience this has been. I completed the pocket by adding some Day Glow Photo Corners and a Buzz Word.

Thankyou for letting me share a little bit of the Magic I have experienced being on this team…as I said This has truly been an experience beyond words and I look forward to the many exciting adventures and experiences being on this team brings!


this project is amazing Kim… it’s certainly an honor to have you on my team.



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