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Welcome to the weekend!  It’s been quite the week for us! I have been battling a big cold turned sinus infection that really slowed me DOWN! School started for everyone except my Kindergartener. Everyone did great, and we are getting back into the swing of things.  This week has also been full of my kit+webshow class ‘Color Magic Live’! it’s been so much fun connecting with everyone in this unique and LIVE way!

In addition to the crazy everyday challenges of this week, earlier this week, my Grandfather passed away.  This is a scrapbook page i made at least 12 years ago...He was 94 years old, and lived a wonderful, amazing life! His passing, along with the many challenges and opportunities I am juggling personally, and as a family… have given me a lot to think about.  My maternal Grandparents had 8 children, and 42 grandchildren… and I am not sure how many great-grandchildren but there are a lot!  The impact that this man had on me in my life has been SO significant. He and my Grandma had this ability to make all of us feel like we were their favorite! I have been writing down my memories and my feelings, and focusing on the things that I have learned from him. Death can be a wonderful time to evaluate life!  i feel so full of gratitude…for my family, for LIFE.

This year i have turned 40 and it’s been an amazing adventure (so far). And I wanted to create a project where I could capture little snippits of some of my travel this year, and also document some of my observations and ideas. I made a Memory File Album to do just that. This project is a little bit selfish… and honestly it’s been awhile since I created a project or even a scrapbook page just about ME.  But I want to remember my journey. This project is far from complete…but so is my year! I thought I’d share some of it today…  this project represents the FUN aspects of this year… my travels… I LOVE to travel, and I want to remember!

i used the map paper from my new Vintage Chic line, as well as a Chipboard folder and cut it apart and bound it back together…i actually think i may have to take it apart and add more pages to it …


i added some compartment photo sleeves and tucked mini instaframes …

gathered up a bunch of my favorite instagrams … i can’t believe how much i love those simple shots captured with my phone! what did we do before instagram???

I probably can’t pick just one thing that i love most from my new release… cause i pretty much LOVE it all… but the masking tape vibe definitions and sentiments are fabulous. i can’t get enough of them…

There is also a set of note cards that are different patterns and shapes, and they are so easy and perfect and useful.

like i said.. it’s not even close to done, but it’s a good start…

and the adventure continues!!!  i like having a project that i can add to, and spend a few minutes here and there on… this is a fun and introspective place for my journey!  what about you… have you captured your crazy adventures?!

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