Img_9131_2 So this is what I have to work with. Seriously.. this is a disaster. I pretty much just stashed all my scrapbook stuff in this sun room, and stacked everything up just so that I could have things arranged, and in their vicinity before I left for CE. Now, it’s time for facing reality. Sigh. Emily claims that she likes to organize this kind of thing… in fact she came last year right after our stuff arrived, and helped me put everything away, and get functional! And here she is again… facing this nightmare! Gotta love her. At the moment, as I type, we are just sitting here staring at the mess, wondering what the heck we are going to do about it. both babies are sleeping, and we should really be taking advantage of the lack of help from those little hands… it’s just that getting started is the hardest. Tick tock… ok… well, wish us luck!

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