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Of course today, in my travels, responsibilities and obligations… I felt that I was walking through my day w/ a new ‘story telling’ or memory-sparking outlook as a result of jessica’s class. I am sure that many of you are feeling something similar… it’s like this amazing linking from the consciousness of what is happening today, to memories from the past. I have to share a couple examples…
Yesterday, was ‘World Culture” day at Daystar, where my kids attend school. The school is absolutely amazing, and inspiring me… and teaching me that we can expect SO much more from our kids than we even think is possible, and that doing so is one of the greatest opportunities we can give them. anyway…I could go on and on- but after the ‘culture fair’ and lunch, each child was presented their own ‘laptop’, and we had this big presentation on what they would be used for on a daily basis, and how they would enrich their learning. The kids have been anticipating their arrival, and so anxious to get their hands on the machines. As I sat listening to the presentation, and what skills and applications would be utilized and taught… it took me back to my early education technology. I sat lost in the floods of memories dating back to my first TYPE class in 8th grade on a MANUAL typewriter, my first ‘computer keyboarding class’ in 11th grate, and my first EMAIL address ( in 1996 when Eric and I moved to Canda to start a new business opportunity with Sunburst. Word processing was something I could only do at the computer lab when I was a freshman at BYU, and the first time I did a powerpoint presentation was a mere 6 years ago…for a Making Memories class I was teaching at CKU! I was trying to explain to my kids that it was ALMOST unfathomable to me that at a 2nd, 4th and 5th grader they would be creating powerpoint presentations of research papers that they did on their own laptops, while they got emails from their teachers and checked the classroom website to get directions for homework, and download the .pdf worksheets that would be turned in paperless. GASP.
My mind then raced forward as I contemplated the leaps and bounds ahead of me these kids are… what will they be capable of? What does the world hold for them? awesome. of course, when I tired to tell them how amazing it is, they just don’t get it, because quite frankly, they are video conferencing with friends and family day in and day out not even knowing what it’s like to NOT!  So cool.
this afternoon, Eric came home from work a little early as I was getting ready to go for a run, and he talked me into joining him on a Mtn. bike ride. I reluctantly agreed and after digging out my gear, off we went- today was a beautiful, clear, crisp autumn day, and as we rode that painful first couple of miles, my body reminded me that it had been FAR too long since I’d been on this bike. There I went again into my memory bank- and as I subtracted off the years, I realized it had been more than 5 years since we’d been out on a mtn bike trail. The sparks took me back to ‘fish lake in the fall’ and provo canyon rides…as well as camping in Moab and amazing family memories. I felt awkward on the bike…hesitant and uncomfortable on the way out, and on the way back, we’d picked up the pace and my confidence started to return. Just being on the bike, I remembered when I got the bike, places I’d ridden it… the time I got my clipless pedals and crashed 5 times trying to get used to them.  it made me smile. …and I was totally connecting with the memories, and by this time, we were heading back, and I was learning to draft off Eric –which means that I was riding quite close to him, with my front tire tucked up near the inside of his back tire, benefiting from his pull- we got going quite fast… around 17mph… and on quite a dangerous road w/ no shoulder and a bad reputation…I starting thinking ‘maybe I am too close’  “what if I hit his tire’ ‘what if I fell, I would get run over’ and not a moment later, I spooked, and swerved and TOTALLY crashed right in the middle of the road- and I think even rolled a time or two-my shoes released, and I skidded on my hands and knees end over end, and FREAKED trying to get out of the road before I would get HIT! LUCKILY (someone watching out for me) despite the busiest time of day on this road, there were not cars right behind us, and I was able to jump up and get myself out of the road. With bloody knees, hands and elbows and more bruises than that… I jumped back on my bike… laughing and crying about the ‘story’.  The good news is that my kids think I am totally tough. Colton says to me ‘mom, I didn’t even know you knew how to ride a mtn. bike’.  I certainly had some stories for him.

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