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i’ll tell you right now that i am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with the project featured here created by team member Jaimie Pate. In all it’s Jamie-style softness and absolute attention to detail, it’s just a feast for the eye! I’m just going to let Jamie tell you all about it:

Anyone who knows me even a little knows I journal. I journal all the time. I have journaled daily since I was at least 11 years old and finished The Diary of Anne Frank for the first time. The intrigue of sharing my thoughts on paper with pen found it’s way into my heart and has never left. Sometimes I write daily happenings. Sometimes it’s prayers or scripture that have profound meaning to me. Sometimes it’s quotes that have found a way into my journal.

Journaling for so many years demanded I find a way to keep it organized better. So I found a way that works for me. I keep what I call a ’90 day book’. Each of my journals now are home to three months at a time. It has made it easier to keep track and keep organized. The one I share here today starts fresh 2013. I love me a fresh month. I love me a fresh year. And I love me a fresh, empty, creatively made journal waiting to be filled with daily meanderings.

For the first book of this new year I was inspired to go a little art journal. A little mix media. But all out Heidi Swapp. This journal starts with a Mini Memory File. It was trimmed in half and then adhered to a Chipboard Memory File that was also trimmed in half so that it was my front cover, and my back cover. A piece of vellum was then trimmed to the same shape as the Memory File. I love, love that grey and cream damask. But I wanted to leave it a little subtle. All of the art journaling was then created on the vellum.

It was such a creative exercise to pull all sorts of product together and simply play. Color Magic Paper was sprayed in Tinsel and Black Velvet Color Shine and helped to create the base of the cover. Flower Trimmings added to the layers, as did Vintage Chic paper housed inside of a Mini Instaframe. Loving so much the Artisan Scallop Ribbons that too had to be added after it was sprayed in Black Velvet Color Shine, and then layered over Color Magic Banner Delights sprayed in Tinsel. Punched pattern paper and Vintage Chic Mini Tags added to the layers. There were no rules to this work of mixed media, but it was a delight to create nonetheless. Other supplies used include: Mini File Tab Stickers, Definition Stickers, Sentiment Stickers, Color Magic Letterbox Alphas, Chipboard Alphas, and Black and White Letters.

Step out details can be found on my blog.

So I leave you with two challenges. One. To journal. Daily. Create the habit. Bullet point your thoughts. You will find it even helps support your documenting of your photo creations. Two. Have fun and play. Pull out lots of your favorite Heidi Swapp product. Mix and match. And find creative therapy playing with a blank canvas.


sigh… it’s SO lovely Jamie!

I was just telling my husband that JOURNALING is part of my goal for 2013. It’s truly a way i sort my thoughts and gain clarity and vision! and it’s something i have been neglecting as 2012 wound up through the last 2 quarters. I am feeling like i MUST create something just like this… it’s SO perfect! i love it! May this kick start YOU into creating something for you to write, share, blow off steam or even be grateful! have a great day!


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