not TOO different!

So it’s Friday morning, and aside from another night of no-sleep… eric took Capri for a walk this morning at 3:30am… had some nice discussions with some of the guards. Found out there are 60 guards on duty at any one time inside and on the outside of our neighborhood-I feel pretty dang safe! But the guards were definitely wondering why the man of the house was up with the baby at night, and not the hired help! LOL I am sure it won’t take long for them to get to know us, and that we are NOT the norm around here. As if the 5 blonde kids isn’t indication enough.
Eric and I have both been trying to get emails answered and breakfast made and cleaned up… Capri is just wandering around playing with toys and looking at books… Connor is enjoying the toys dangling above his head, and having a wonderful conversation with them… Quincy is breaking in her new PINK in-line skates, following behind her unruly skater brothers…
Friday in Beijing: business as usual!

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