We have all heard about the unexamined life and its worth… when Socrates taught his students to challenge the norm and question the world, the outcome was his death – a high price to pay! Are you ready to challenge your norm and look at your life in a new and exciting way?

Questions are the creative acts of intelligence. It is through asking questions and figuring out the answers along the way that we learn to value and cherish the life that we live. Novelist Thomas Berger said, “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”

Asking questions and making observations in our life and in the world around us will help us to appreciate the beauty and wonder that is our everyday. Life is CRAZY! It’s busy and full, and complicated and dramatic! It’s up and down; there are beautiful triumphant moments, and heartbreaking disappointments—somehow, all combined, they equal something wonderful and worth remembering?

Heidi’s 12-week observation workshop is all about seeing the value, the wonder and the GOOD in your life, and in you! In The Art of Observation you will be asked questions like:

  • What amazes you?
  • Where do you find joy?
  • How do you show love?

Heidi will help you test unique observation techniques and record your thoughts, feelings and discoveries… she’ll then help you combine your findings with photos and her trademark “fabulous” to fuel the creative process. Each week will begin with a clue and a question. An observation assignment will follow, and you’ll work together inside the BPC community to combine them with favorite photos and creative techniques…to better and more thoroughly document your life!

a note from heidi:

“In The Art of Observation we will be trying NEW things! I will be teaching some totally new and exciting techniques – incorporating the new “Memory File” concept, we will be using file folders and super interactive components to capture our observations in a very unique and fun way! Class will include PDF step-by-step lessons, instructions and videos! Some weekly lessons will include bonus content such as printables and digital cutting files that students may add to their projects. We’ll plan a couple of LIVE web show meet-ups and online chats along the way as well!”