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organize it! minc style

there isn’t anything more inspiring than getting to go inside another crafter’s creative space – especially when it is Jamie Pate’s space! my NEW Minc Foil Applicator Machine is due to arrive in stores by the end of the month and so I asked Jamie to help give organization tips to how she is storing her supplies! i really need some ideas!!! plus this wall is completely amazing, don’t you agree?!!! (i see some Marquee Love on there!!!)

Welcome back to the studio. Last time you were here was back in March 2014. There are a lot of details found on that post of how I set up my studio space. But I am sort of like Myquillyn Smith and find I can re-arrange more often than I take out the garbage. So things have changed since then. But what I really want to focus on today is where and how I store my Minc machine as well as foils and all the embellishments that go with.

The Minc machine is in a word, fabulous. And since it is so fabulous it needs to stay close to where I actually do my creating of pages and projects and what not. So when it arrived it sat on my dining room table for a bit but then it was like…duh! put it right next to where you work at your table. And so that is just where it sits. Usually up against the wall, but there is plenty of room to pull it away from the wall to allow for the transfer folder to pass all the way through.

Next is how to store all the extras that are ready to foil. I have  12×12 covered boxes that Minc packages are stored in. This serves a couple of purposes. First it keeps them dust free. I am usually one to remove all packaging from my embellishments and stickers and all. But not the Minc items. I want to keep them as dust free as possible. So I keep the packaging and store them covered.

The second reason to store this way is that I can grab the whole box and work out of if when in the middle of a project. Just easy for me. I highly suggest keeping your Minc embellishments in covered storage too.

Next is foil storage. Again, I am keeping all the foils in their original packaging. They are stacked together in the bottom of this rolling rack.

When I need foil, I just take out what I need and put the rest back. Again, keep all the foils in their package to keep them wrinkle and dust free. It will just produce better results when foiling.

Let me show you my process here for ‘Minc-ing’.

1. Grab foil. Pick out an item to foil.

2.  Lay the item on the foil and trim to size. This helps me to eliminate waste with the foil as I cut only what I need.

3. Before placing foil and item in folder, make sure the item is dust free. Close up envelope with the foil over the item. And then Minc away.

Last little tip before I go, when I do have extra off-cuts of foil, I roll it back up, and store it inside the larger foil roll.

And then take those foiled items and decorate your space up a little. It will be sure to bring you happy.

thank you so much Jamie for the tour!! if i could somehow get over to your house to ‘make pretty stuff’ with you in that space… that would be even better! 

organize it! project life storage

organization doesn’t come easy for me. i like to have everything close at hand, but for Kim Jeffress, she really has a place for everything! when i was in Australia i had the chance to be in Kim’s creative space and even had a bit of time to play while I was there too. let me tell you it inspired me! i was so inspired i got a chance to even make a mini album while i was there! 

that’s why i asked her to share with us how she is storing her #HSProjectLife Value Kits! i just knew Kim would have a practical but ‘pretty’ way to keep it all organized!

Some of you may have spotted this photo of mine on Instagram over the weekend, the aftermath of some serious scrapping activity in my studio! I have to say its not always this bad, in fact today I am here to share with you how a part of my room looks once I am all organized and everything is packed away from a scrapping marathon!


I have a tall ladder type shelf on one side of my room where I store all my Heidi Swapp Project Life goodies. I like that is in all the one place for easy access and use. The pieces in the collection are stored in decorative bowls and white washed boxes to add a touch of elegance to my room.

My most used Favorite Things and Dreamy Core Kits are stored together in a white wooden box with a handle which makes it easy to pick up and move to my desk.

I bought that cute  ceramic pineapple pen holder from Typo and they hold my America Crafts precision black pens for hand journaling.

Another cute glass bowl from Typo holds my Roller Date stamp and the Interchangable stamp. Do you spy (at the rear of the  bowl) that clear plastic piece with the  circular holes in it, it was made to hold the interchangeable stamp pieces when not  in use.

The extra Project Life pieces such as the Sheer Stickers sheet, Mini File Folders, Interactive Cards and Instaframes are all stacked together in that cute cloud letter stand. Again its easy for me to bring it to my table and flick through it to find what I need effortlessly!

Another white wooden box holds the Glitter, Clear, and Gold Foil Value Kit cards.

I placed the  Project Life ephemera pieces into colorful bowls for easy access.

Washi Tape and Wood Veneer shapes sit in a pretty blue bowl.

Finally I have my 3×4 Stamps and Embossing Folders in a Vintage ceramic bowl, I love how pretty it looks.

There you have it- some pretty ways to store your Project Life goodies. Fingers crossed I can keep it looking like this for a few days! ( WINK!)

i love it all Kim! i can’t wait until the next time i can come over and work in your scrapbook room! there is still time to enroll in the Michael’s Project Life Scrapbooking 101 class that i designed! talk with your local store from now until December to see when your class will be held! Or go here, click on “paper crafting”, and then add your zip code to find a store near you. as soon as you click on your store, it will have a list of classes you can sign up for! you will want to look for “Scrapbooking 101″ and there should be a Project Life Pocket Page as the class photo! Then, you can enroll! the class is FREE with purchase of supplies!

Materials- Project Life Favorite Things Core Kit, Dreamy Core Kit, Glitter Value Kit, Clear Value Kit, Gold Foil Value Kit, Roller Date Stamp, Interchangeable Stamp, Star Embossing Folder


hybrid heidi: dreamin’ organziation

organization doesn’t come easy to me. it takes me a while to know what i need to organize and how it should be done. it’s posts like this one by my hybrid specialist, Maridette, that inspires me! i would LOVE to add this MINT GREEN organizer to my studio! not only is it beautiful, but functional too!

Hello creative people!  I’ve been organizing and purging my craft room. So I’m in an organizational mood right now. I find that when I clean out my room I get inspired to create.  I’ve been creating with Heidi Swapp’s fabulous #HSProjectLife collections available at Michaels.  Aren’t they amazing?  I’m so in love with all of them.  Since I’m in that organizational mood I came across this wooden decor, from Hobby Lobby, which would be perfect to house my HS Project Life cards.  I decided to paint it mint green using Martha Stewart’s chalkboard acrylic paint.  I gave it about 2-3 coats and let it dry.

While that’s drying,  there’s a quick way to dress up your project life cards using Heidi Swapp’s Dreamy digi collection by using the print and cut feature on the Silhouette Cameo.  You can also watch the video Heidi created here.

Here’s what I did. Open the files you would like to use into the Silhouette canvas.  Since I have a regular printer make sure your canvas is set at 8.5 x 11.  Once you have all the digi elements onto the canvas.  Click onto the TRACE WINDOW which is that yellow square at the top left.  Highlight all of the images.  Unclick the HIGH PASS FILTER then adjust the THRESHOLD like so. Then click TRACE OUTER EDGE.

As for the words SELECT TRACE AREA, highlight all images unclick HIGH PASS FILTER,  click LOW PASS FILTER and adjust the THRESHOLD so that the images are all yellow.  Then click on TRACE.

For both canvases make sure you have the REGISTRATION MARKS before printing.  Once you’ve printed them then place them onto the 12×12 Silhouette mat and feed it into the machine and send to silhouette to cut.

You now have all sorts of embellishments and words at your disposal at any size you want whenever you want.  How awesome is that?
Now to embellish your wonderful Heidi Swapp Project Life cards.

I hope this inspired you get organized so you can get those everyday memories into those pretty albums. Enjoy!

thank you so much Dette! what a great way to keep those digi cuts organized, contained, but close to reach when it comes time to create! it would be so great to even carry that organizer to a larger crafting space when working on your pages!

SUPPLIES:  Heidi Swapp Dreamy Digital Collections, Heidi Swapp Becky Higgins Project Life,   Martha Stewart Chalkboard Acrylic Paint, and Silhouette Cameo

my organization & storage tips

Allow me to ‘preface’ this by saying that I am not ‘organized’ by nature. For me, ‘organized’ is really more about having things easily accessible, and easily put-backable … (is that a word)? But I do have a few ideas to share that work really well for me!

about my studio: My Scrapbook studio is located on the 2nd floor landing/loft area. It’s not very big, but from that vantage point I can see down into the kitchen, dining, and family room to keep an eye on the goings on, so it works out pretty good. The counters/cabinets I have had for about 9 years or so; they are all modular so we just keep rearranging them depending on the space I have to set up in.

The most important thing for me is to have the stuff I use the most often, the most accessible. I have 2 counter tops set up parallel with about 4 feet in between them. I have a misting/craft mat and cutting mat on both counters so that I have multiple working areas. I added 2 plug strips which ensures I have plenty of power when I need it!

I use my misting sprays and inks all the time, so I have them both in very accessible open areas. I have the mists in a zebra print box, and the inks in an open basket on a shelf within arm’s reach. I keep my heat tool, and hot glue gun in the open drawers on top of my counter, I almost always use those!

The other must-have, easy access solution I LOVE is my ‘scrap drawer’. This is just where I toss my off-cuts and extra pieces as I go; I don’t try to file them, but whenever I am looking for something, I check the scraps first…often I find stuff I kinda forgot about!

I find myself using hot glue sticks, and white ribbon a lot! So I have a dedicated jar for each of those right on my counter top (I threw my new trimmings in there as well).

I also have my thread in a wide mouth jar I got at target. It’s home is high on a shelf, I don’t need it quite so close!

I am still beyond thrilled with my paper storage solution—the ‘shoe’ storage chest that I got at ikea. You may have seen me mention it last summer when I got it, but it’s so great- it only sticks out like 5”, and fits 12×12 paper and even bulkier items perfectly—yet looks so nice and clean! It’s fabulous!

When my new products came in, I had to figure out how to store them so they were easy to find!  i cleaned-out & rearranged some drawers to make a solution for the new bow ties, no limits stix, sugar chic sticks, and other embellies.

The ‘banner delights’ were a bit of a challenge since they are 12” long and sometime snag on each other. I repurposed a long kitchen utensils tray that used to have my alpha stamps in it. it holds the banner delights perfectly!

While we were at the CHA show, there were a number of people that mentioned that the Memory File box would be great for ‘storage’ of supplies, photos, children’s art and other stuff… and I have to admit, that NEVER once had I considered the thought of ‘storing supplies’ in it… but it’s a great idea!

I actually took one set of the Sugar Chic folders, and in pencil only, I wrote what product was in each folder and then stuck them in the compartments- it’s the greatest thing! So easy to get out, and put away- and even take with me on the road!  The box is so pretty, it looks great… and is so functional! I love it!

The biggest trick is to store stuff how it makes sense to you; and prioritize it from what you use the MOST to what you use the least!  I like it to be as easy to put back, as it is to get out! I think that it makes such a big difference to feel like you know where things are, and where they go!

I am still trying to figure out what makes the most sense for clear stamps…if you have a great idea, I’d love to see/hear about it! post a note or photo on my facebook page!! Happy Monday!


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