day 2.

Every time we have guests come to see us in Beijing, we just love showing them around and playing ‘tour guide’, so this whole having the ‘china tour’ through SCRAPMAP has been such a blast. we had another FULL day, and I am exhausted, and trying to fight off a cold it feels like. Img_9431
Today we met at 9am for a little lecture from me, and then we had arranged to have a local artist come to show us some traditional Chinese watercolor painting. It was SO FUN to watch him paint, and have him tell us the history of the art. Right as he started painting, i whipped out my camera and found that i forgot to reload my CF card. (crap!) so i quickly borrowed an extra from Ross.. (thanks Ross) and went to snap away, and found that my BATTERY WAS DEAD!! i was so mad at myself. not to worry, Susie had an extra battery (thank heaven for prepared scrapbookers!!) i got a few shots, but not until he was all done. He brought a bunch of art that we could buy, and even painted some stuff ‘on demand’ or added to the pieces he had… (added Chinese words or more elements in the painting). This was something I was SO looking forward to.Img_9436
I love the ‘plum blossom’ imagery, and today I learned what it represents… our guide (Charlie) told us that the plum blossom is the very first fruit to flower, even before leaves have a chance to grow.  They are literally a winter flower… and so symbolically, the reminder of the plum blossom is to be a Strong Determined person, and blossom against all odds. I loved that. After lunch, we went to visit the National Performance Theatre.Img_9470Img_9488
It’s such a spectacular building. I can’t wait until I can see a performance of some kind in there.  We did more shopping… this time for beautiful pearls and more purses etc. Of course all the ladies are LOVING the shopping! It’s so much fun, and totally a challenge to bargain down to the best price. You really have to work for your purchase!  For dinner, we were escorted to the oldest ‘Roast Duck’ restaurant in Beijing. I thought it was amazing. it has been re-done (for the Olympics) and it’s awesome. the whole area it’s in is being built up and it’s going to be a gorgeous shopping district with a great Chinese look and feel. Dinner was delish, and we had fun eating and laughing. Eric was able to meet up with us and it was so fun to have him around. there are 4 husbands on the tour, and Jim and Charlie… they are good sports, putting up with 28 scrapbookers! can you imagine? Good times… Img_9539

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