Today is one of those days that I want to remember.
I want to remember how excited-giddy excited- the kids were as they were filing out the door for school today, donning brand new uniforms, backpacks, and anticipation! I want to remember how grateful I was feeling today:
1. that they were SO excited and ready to go back to school… totally appreciating that school structure and environment, and feeling lucky to have that again.
2. so grateful for the group of very passionate individuals that make up the staff at Daystar Academy. So grateful for their desire to meet the student’s needs on a very individual basis and for clearly understanding and empathizing with their fears, and worries- and yet holding them to a very high standard of excellence.
3. so thankful for the time I had with just the babies. Just being on their level, and focusing just on them.
4. so thrilled to have almost perfect silence as the babies both napped at the same time. gasp!
I have gained a tremendous respect for educators in this last year. motivating children to learn, getting them excited and keeping them interested and engaged is no slight thing. I think that the magnitude of shaping little minds, and knowing the diversity of the outcomes that are possible just from the type of teaching opportunity, the teacher and the environment (including peers) is a little mind blowing. In this last year, my perspective has wholly changed. I have learned so much… so much about myself, and my kids. I have learned that they are capable of far more than I actually expect of them. I have learned that they need structure and thrive with a little comparison… it’s important for them to know how they are doing compared to something or someone. I have learned that you can teach so much through playing games. I have been truly humbled this year, in many areas, but with regard to my children’s education- that has perhaps been the greatest humbling experiences. I am so grateful that they get to go to this school. And even more, how grateful I am that all three of them came running off the bus, with big smiles, and oozing every detail of their day. it’s going to be a good thing! the photos I took today were so lame… I might have to try again tomorrow! I am like T-12 hours until I am on a plane. I should pack.

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