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I almost can’t believe that it’s FRIDAY! today i am heading to San Jose to teach at a store called “Scrapbook Island”! i am looking forward to seeing so many of the ladies that i know, and sharing 3 brand new classes! i am excited… one of the classes i am teaching features the Mixed Company “Memory File Kit” which you are seeing being used by  the ladies on my team this week! This has just made me so happy to see the amazing bits and pieces all served up in just a little different way. i am convinced that there is an infinite number of combinations to use this fab little kit! 

that is the best part! i am just blown away by the project that Jamie has created today! really, i have just bee completely inspired by each of my team members who have shown very different looking, yet totally breath taking and fabulous projects… all with the same stuff!  makes me happy!

I will tell you that i can completely relate with Jamie as she describes a week in her life with the following summary: “i am one busy mama”… take a peek into one week in Jamie’s life! 

Recently around the memory keeping world an activity called Week In a Life took place. So I decided to participate. Well, let’s clarify that by saying, I took more photos than normal and purposefully observed our life better. And something I observed…I am one busy mama. There was no way I could keep up with the number of photos others were taking daily to document their life in a week. That said, I am thrilled with what I did capture, be it small. And more importantly than the photos, was that I took the time to write a page for each day of what was going on in our family life, right now. This little project became very personal as I went along.

So this week here on Heidi’s blog we are sharing our love of the new Mixed Company Memory File Kit.  What a fabulous kit! You have seen some A.Mazing projects these past few days. I mean seriously amazing. I think you can see how versatile and fun this kit is. I know i love the kit idea for having  everything work together all in one place. I used the kit and a bit more. Mine is filled with what I call my Right Now.

I took a very simple yet journal heavy approach to this memory keeping project. but to start, I want to share what the ‘bones’ of the inside looks like.

The approach taken here for this Memory File is pretty straight forward.

1. You see the parts used for this project: the bracket shaped folder was used as the main folder. The staggered paper album, (also known as a photo stack) was used, as was the plain shaped mini memory folder.

2. Inside the mini folder I made a back to back bound mini album that will hold the main part of my photos and journaling. Heidi shares by video here how to do the back to back binding, a technique I put to work often inside my Memory Files. It’s fun to go back and look at these ‘vintage’ Heidi videos.

3. To assure that my back to back and mini memory file are going to stay put, I usually hot glue the folder to the back page of the main memory file.

So when the inside of the memory file is complete, it’s time to tell the story.

My approach for this  “Right Now” project was to really take time to put in one place what is going on right now in this crazy little life of ours, from my perspective.

The left side is a traditional sort of layout. I took one of the Color Magic Pressed Paper Frames  and added vellum to the back of the frame.

Behind the frame is placed a little selfie of me on Sunday of that week.

The frame is attached to the page with a brad, and can turn down to reveal the photo behind, and better access to the shipping tag placed behind my photo. The tag holds journaling stating the why of this project in a bit of detail.

One of my favorite pattern paper in the Mixed Company collection is called the Good Life. It’s the one with all the circle icons. I cut several of them up to play along with the circle shape of the frame. Above those you can see the “best days’ rub on from the Kit. And I even snuck in a Pink Paislee Color Wash Watercolor Tag and bathed it in Color Shine Coral. The ‘today’ is from the Mixed Company Ephemera pack. Those clear words are so fantastic and awesome to layer over other elements.

The right side tells the story. The staggered photo album is adhered on top of the mini memory file. The top holds a tag with more journaling about our right now. Trying to relay the cRazY that is our life right this minute. I know I will look back and say, wow, that WAS crazy…but why was this time crazy? What was adding to that noise? What is helping me to survive it all.

So the tag is inside a Clear Pop Bare Pocket which was a perfect place to add some of the Kit rub ons and a vellum arrow from the Ephemera.  The Xyron Sticker Maker helps apply adhesive to those little vellum pieces in an effortless way. The journaling is typed on an office supply shipping tag. A piece of vellum was stenciled with Color Shine Seafoam and a bit of Mod Podge using the 6×6 Polka Dot Stencil. You have seen us all play with the Epiphany Shape Tool with the 25 Round epoxy embellishment. I thought the typewriter icon from the 6×6 Mixed Company pad was appropriate here.

Part of what I wanted this memory file to have is sort of a random feel. My life is by no means random. Every day is scheduled out and has it’s due tasks to dive into. That said, wanted a sort of ‘smash’ feel to how the paper album was embellished. There is no rhyme or reason to these layers. I played with LOTS of the Mixed Company Ephemera and punched pattern papers plus layered in the labels from the kit. The Journaling Spots are some of my favorite pieces to layer more than I journal. So have fun here with layers and things peeking out behind other things. The staggered paper album is a PERFECT piece to allow that fun creative play to happen.

Inside the paper album is where my daily schedule was placed. As much as I could, I typed out each day by hour. I did not spend too much time on this. I just wrote how our schedule flowed during the week in an effort to document the Right Now. This will be such an important insight in years to come.

The week begins when the mini memory file is opened.  Photos from Sunday were designated using letters from the Color Magic Resist Alpha to spell SUN. This page here highlights a little of our family’s recent photo shoot and does not have much journaling.

The rest of the inside pages are very similar in format. One page is my journaling and thoughts on that particular day of the week. This was typed out on vellum and attached to one side of the pages. The other are photos from that day. Let me emphasize here, because the Week In a Life project could be overwhelming: I just took photos of my day as I could. I know this project in no way can capture every essence of our day. But I am thrilled that I took the bit of extra time that I did to take them, print them, and have them here in one place with my immediate thoughts on that day. So I kept this very doable for me.

Tuesday is the same thing. One page of journaling. Another page of photos.

And let’s not forget plenty of pretty stuff poking out from the sides or sitting on top clustered together adding lots of interest to these pages.

This project is so very doable that I know I will not be intimidated to do it again when the feeling hits. The format of words on one side and photos on another side, even though not perfect or completely comprehensive, it still tells our story. Our story Right Now.

The chance to be mindful of the everyday with our photos and then remember it with our words plus to make it  pretty and inviting with these beautiful papers and embellishments causes me to fall in love with paper crafting all over again. Even in the here and right now. I truly hope you are inspired to do the same.


As always Jamie presents with such great color and pattern combos… and LOTS of unexpected but perfectly placed embellies! alright! i hope that you have managed to get your hand on this stuff! it is making it’s ways to stores and sites near you! go ahead, LAYER IT UP, print your photos and MAKE pretty STUFF!


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